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Gerard Butler Goes Golfing

Gerard Butler Goes Golfing

Gerard Butler tees off with a friend during a round of golf at a course in Los Feliz, Calif., on Thursday afternoon.

It was recently announced that Jamie Foxx will be joining the 38-year-old Scottish stuf in the upcoming psychological cop thriller, Law Abiding Citizen. Foxx has signed on to play a man who is devastated when he learns that one of his wife and daughter’s murderers will be set free. He sets out to seek revenge on the killers and those who made the deal, including a successful assistant district attorney played by Gerry.

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  • Amy


  • Amy

    First, I meant

  • TJ

    Catherine Zeta Jones is rumoured o be in that movie too.

  • Spicylily THAILAND

    Love him..
    When I saw him with Angie in Lara Croft, I still didn’t know him but remembered that he was hot and great in the role.

    Now I’m collecting his movies like….
    - 300
    - Dear Franky
    - The Phantom id the Opera
    - The Game of thier Lives
    - PS I Love You

    If you’re his fan , then I strongly recomend ‘ Dear Franky’ .

  • nyob

    He looks like he needs longer clubs. Too tall for those. Otherwise, looking good.

  • nyob

    He looks like he needs longer clubs. Too tall for those. Otherwise, looking good.


    Wow, Gerry is acting like a grown up and golfing! Who knew?

  • hastobesaid

    Gerard Butler – I’m not gay, I’m not straight, I’m just me!

    Gerard Butler has played many heroic characters throughout his career. Dracula. Attila. The Phantom Of The Opera. And very soon, Beowulf. Yet being a real-life hero, he realises, isn’t so easy.
    Gerard Butler’s life story is by no means a fairy-tale.
    “When I was 16 I had terrible panic attacks about dying. At 24, I thought dying might be a relief.”
    Apparently, Gerard Butler’s pearl-white smile hides some dark truths.
    Abandoned by his father from birth, Gerard Butler endured a rocky childhood that eventually manifested itself into a rebellious period during which the young Glaswegian dabbled with alcohol and drugs.
    Gerard now admits he feels happier in himself. He says: “During some of the most miserable periods of my life, people thought I was very happy. And now that I’m actually happier, I don’t have to show it. I’m more comfortable with myself.”
    Almost to demonstrate that, Gerard Butler has gone where many of his peer actors would never venture by giving candid and open interviews.
    “My fans now know about my struggles,” he insists, referring to his failed attempts to quit smoking (he is alleged to smoke 60 cigarettes a day!) and his inability to sustain a relationship.
    One aspect of himself that he is not yet fully able comprehend is his sexuality. “I talk about my sexuality,” he says, “But it’s always glossed over. People seem to shy away from the issue. Whenever it is discussed, its distended and exaggerated. Gerard Butler is gay. No I’m not. I don’t know myself what I am so it can be bewildering to see that being plugged. I have been in relationships with women. And men. That doesn’t make me gay. That doesn’t make me straight. Its hard enough to go through these things in my mind without being scrutinised about it so there are times when you want to close the door and say my sexuality is my own personal business”
    For now, Gerard can enjoy a small level of anonymity. During the release of Tomb Raider 2, Gerard even managed to sneak into a preview screening at the Lowes Theater on 34th Street. “I was late, so I had to find a seat at the side, couldn’t see.” However, he did get to see the fans reactions. “I really enjoyed it!” he admits.
    Most likely that anonymity will dissipate with the release of Schumacher’s highly-anticipated- ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’ but Gerard remains confident he can take it in his stride.
    “At the end of the day, I’ll deal with it as it comes. I have enjoyed living an almost Earnest-like lifestyle- being able to attend movie premieres one minute and walking around London without being smothered the next. But everything has to change… eventually”
    For the meantime, Gerard Butler has a lot to look forward to. Asked how he feels about the implications of his role in The Phantom Of The Opera, Gerard replies “Frightening and exciting.” A paradox just like Gerard himself.

  • Joanna Gilby

    Hey, looking good Gerry! I thought that golf was a crap sport but now that he’s doing it, I’m very intresting. I can’t wait for Law Abizing Citizen, sorry about the spelling, I hope it’s very good and shoots his proudction in a new high. It’s a shock that Jamie Foxx is in it, Gerry’s is without doubt there in Hollywood. Good for you, sexy guy!

  • Jo Ann

    To hastobesaid. The quote you posted was never said by Gerard. It’s a quote that has been discredited for years. Try to find something new.

  • Anon

    Damn, those paparrazzi are everywhere! How distracting to be trying to golf and those jerks stalk people ON the golf course. They are like rats or roaches or something. You gotta know. Golf was invented in Scotland and is very popular there. Look it up.

    Go Gerard! Be yourself, honey. Who ever that is.

  • Brandie

    Gerry Is Still Looking Hott!
    I Would Love To Play Golf With Him.

  • Aimee

    Ha, I love his hat. It’s so very him =)

  • secret admirer

    Well, i’d play around with him :)

  • ayeoh

    NYOB. Looks like he’s playing with the standard size clubs. I don’t think they’re his.
    Has anyone seen the video of him on the course? Boy, are those paps bitter after his supposed run in with their colleague, several nights ago. Now, he’s going to be a target because he ‘supposedly’ beat one of their own. Poor Gerr.

  • Jules

    LOVE the hat. I want one..As long as the man is included as an accessory. ;) He is HOT.

  • michael

    Don’t know what went down with the paparazzi, but one thing I noticed in your photos is that it looks like Butler doesn’t have a mark on his right hand. If he hit anyone as many times as is alleged his knuckles should be swollen and red.

    Maybe the photographer just got to close to all those bracelets Butler’s wearing and got his lip caught on one LOL

  • gillianfey

    Always look forward to gb at jj. Always look forward to gb at the movies. too. He’s the top.

  • lucy

    hastobesaid @ 10/11/2008 at 4:56 am

    Gerard Butler – I’m not gay, I’m not straight, I’m just me!

    One aspect of himself that he is not yet fully able comprehend is his sexuality. “I talk about my sexuality,” he says, “But it’s always glossed over. People seem to shy away from the issue. Whenever it is discussed, its distended and exaggerated. Gerard Butler is gay. No I’m not. I don’t know myself what I am so it can be bewildering to see that being plugged. I have been in relationships with women. And men. That doesn’t make me gay. That doesn’t make me straight. Its hard enough to go through these things in my mind without being scrutinised about it so there are times when you want to close the door and say my sexuality is my own personal business”


    bisexual maybe….

  • Cait

    Hi, Jared – Thanx once again for always keeping your stories and pix on GB so positive. It’s refreshing! It will be interesting to see how the latest incident (run-in) with the paparazzo plays out. On the one hand, it’s oftentimes fascinating to view pix of celebs in impromptu settings, but on the other, there is much to be said (and established) about invasion of their space or privacy. The truth will out eventually – I hope! Having seen GB in countless recorded interviews and unscripted, on-the-street settings, it’s hard to believe that he wasn’t provoked beyond the norm in this most recent incident.

  • Crowwoman

    Yup. Saint Gerard can do no wrong.

  • Millie

    He has very nice thinghs, but that’s about the only thing that is still attractive about him these days. He used to be hot though. Something seemed to happen to his looks after the making of “300″. He’s not been goodlooking after that.

  • Millie

    LOL, I meant to say thighs, of course!! Typo. ;)

  • macordovil

    Why does Gerry always have to look like old times?
    He’s different now, but he’s still Gerry!!! And I love him, He’s lovely, so manly, so sexy, charismatic, talented and gorgeous, too. He has a special beauty… in a macho way… Some people don’t understand that… Gerry is Gerry… then, now and forever..

  • Suse

    Gorgeous, thank you JJ

  • b.

    he were there with Jennifer aniston. on the german site of the Gala magazine ,you could see a vid that shows ,that jennifer aniston were there. They cut that off now. What the heck going on here.
    Mabye she also were in the car with him.

  • brandie

    gerry is NOT dating jennifer aniston. he even said it himself

  • Crowwoman

    #24 Woman, get some ice and put it on your forehead. You’re clearly in a malign. Special beauty? People don’t understand? Sigh. Gerard aged therribly in two years. How blind you have to be to not see that?

  • BBN

    #26 It seems Jennifer Aniston was there. Just seen the vid on You Tube (courtesy of IMDB)

    #27 Get real. Of course he’s going to say he’s not…what’s he going to say, ‘Oh yes, I’ve been banging her since Toronto’. I can fully understand him making the denial, but come on…

  • Tintangel

    That’s not Jennifer Aniston inthe video.

  • Me

    If you watch the Youtube video closely, it seems she drives off in the car with him. She looks exactly like the girl that is pictured with him in several photos from Toronto where they are standing in front of a hotel. Since she does resemble Jennifer Aniston a bit maybe that’s where the rumors come from. Some people saw him with this girl and mistook her for Jennifer.

    I think she’s also the girl that was with him in his dressing room at the Leno show. I taped the show and when I watched the recording I realized that there was a girl with long blond hair standing in the back of the dressing room when he walked out.

    I assume this is his actual girlfriend and now that she’s finally been exposed on the Youtube video he won’t be able to hide her away for much longer, especially with the paparazzi now hunting him after the incident last week. Maybe she was even in the limo with him and he tried to avoid having his picture taken with her.

    I don’t understand why he is so secretive if she really is his girlfriend, she looks nice and “presentable”, so where’s the problem?

  • Tintangel

    I think this is his assistant, Danielle.

  • nyob

    LOL people. Just saw the video – (a) not Aniston (b) never seen anywhere near Gerry (c) has keys in her hands and gets in the drivers side of a car we never see and (d) hard to tell but it looks like she is wearing golf shoes and there was not a woman playing with him.

    Maybe, just maybe, the paps shot a short clip of a hot woman while waiting on Gerry to leave.

    There are no conclusions to be drawn from this other than that there was a woman at the golf course at the same time Gerry was there – and even that is not 100% clear.

  • me

    No, I’m not talking about Danielle, I know what Danielle looks like. The girl at the golf club is not Danielle. In the photos from Toronto I was referring to you could see Danielle standing a little aside with a white dress and white boots I believe, but the girl was standing right in front of Gerard, I think she was wearing blue jeans. Also, it definitely wasn’t Danielle at Leno. I’m pretty sure it was the golf club girl.

  • dianel

    Gerard is hot no matter what

  • shy girl

    # 31 and # 34~ no. not the same girl pictured with him in Toronto.
    # 32 ~ no. not Danielle.

    He knows the paps will be there so why bring his gf when he is secretive about her? And what happened to the PYT he tried to pick up last week? LOL!

  • Tintangel

    It’s a new week. He’s probably moved on to the next PYT. LOL!

  • me

    #36: How do you know it’s not the Toronto girl? Do you know who she is?
    And what about the Leno girl? Did anyone catch her?

    How do we know he knew the paps would be at the golf course? Maybe he thought nobody knew, LOL.

    The PYT thing was kind of weird but I don’t think he’d seriously try to pick someone up in front of so many paps. Maybe he thought she was a fan who was too shy to ask for an autograph and realized too late that she probably didn’t even know who he was ;-) To me it seemed she saw all the attention he got from the paps and figured he was some kind of celebrity obviously, so she eyed him constantly until he finally called her over.

  • Shygirl

    #38 true, he did look surprised to see the paps.
    The paps KNOW his car and maybe saw the both of them get out but didn’t get a chance to tape it, so they waited for her to came back. She didn’t look like she was playing golf, maybe hanging around the golf course somewhere. After he noticed the paps following him, he probably sent her a text to leave without him.
    Wonder why it’s not on TMZ? LOL!

    The PYT was weird. I think he was trying to be nice to her. It looks like he was telling her, “sorry but I have a gf .”

  • me

    #39: Yes, you’re right, I don’t think she was dressed to play golf, I rather thought she might have gone for a run in the park or something in the meantime.

    It’s weird she’s not on the TMZ version of the video but maybe they had a reason to edit her out other than her actually just being a random bypasser?

    I’ve noticed a lot of times even the paps sometimes leave or edit out people who actually were with Gerard, and then you see other pictures where these people are shown and you wonder why they were simply edited out of some of the shots. Maybe some paps have more decency than others, LOL.

    I’m sure after the beating the guy made sure all the paps now know his car, LOL. BTW, whatever happened to the Lexus he used to drive? Bad timing to get a new car, LOL.

  • macordovil

    Gerry is so charming… But I won’t stop loving him just because he’s looking older.. My love for him is strong, loyal and so true… Just like the love of Elvis Presley’s fans… eternal, unconditional, undestructible… This I can say for sure…

  • Luciana

    She’s getting in on the driver’s side. I wonder why the video is spliced that way? They don’t seem to have anything to do with each other. Are they supposed to be together? The guys making the video had enough time on their hands to sit through his entire golf game. Where is the money shot of the two of them getting in the car together? That would be WAY more interesting than pictures of a fat furry Gerry playing golf with some dude. Where are the pictures of him and the girl? They had to be seen together when they got in the car to drive away.

  • Anonymous

    I have come the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter who this girl is, nor is it any of our business.

    I think (in my own lack of knowledge about this complete stranger’s personal life) that when and if he is in a relationship, he will disclose that information when the time is right for him. He probably doesn’t want anything to spoil said supposed relationship.

    Why would he want to have his S.O. exploited by the media? We all know how possessive and petty some of his more extreme fans can get.


  • bla85

    That is not Jennifer Aniston in the video on utube. Jennifer is too old for Gerry. He doesn’t want his own kids because he would prefer to date girls young enough to be his kid. Just look at any of the videos of him at the bars, which he is seems to be constanly at…seems to have replaced each addiction he gets rid of with a new one, maybe he and David Duchoney should start a support group…must admit like the car!

  • snickers

    I don’t think she is with him at all…..that video was spliced together. She may even be a valet. You can’t even tell who is driving the car.

  • Tracy

    #9, Gerry is from Scotland, Golf is one of the main sports there, this is just the first time he’s been seen playing the sport in the US. He probably grew up playing the game, #40, Gerry actually has more then one car, he’s had at least two for several years now. and the video of the group of four girls, where one came over to his car in front of the paps, just wanted to give him, her number, Gerry didn’t write anything down, she did though, while with her group of friends and carried it over to him, before he left. and I didn’t see him mouth anything about a GF! and in any case the “sorta dating someone” is from New York ,not Cali, Gerry actually just joined several other celebs in investing in a restaurant called, Shin. in Cali.

  • zzz

    Those aren’t even his golf clubs…pleeease..
    Their too short..