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Jonas Brothers: Posh Has The Perfect Body

Jonas Brothers: Posh Has The Perfect Body

The Jonas Brothers have been in Paris the last few days promoting their latest album, A Little Bit Longer. Kevin, Joe and Nick performed on the French TV programs “Grand Journal” and “Star Academy”. Tomorrow (Saturday), they fly to Phoenix.

Earlier today, Joe and a pal went off to do a little sight-seeing and visited the Centre Pompidou. The pair, along with bodyguard Big Rob, stopped off for some snacks at a créperie.

The Jonas Brothers reportedly picked Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, as the person they’d most like to send into space because “she would show aliens the perfect body of a woman.”

15+ pictures inside of the Jonas Brothers out and about Paris…

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jonas brothers posh 06
jonas brothers posh 07
jonas brothers posh 08
jonas brothers posh 09
jonas brothers posh 10
jonas brothers posh 11
jonas brothers posh 12
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Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Barbie

    Posh is too skinny!

  • Barbie

    Adriana Lima is the closest to having a perfect body. I don’t know what the hell the Jonas Brothers were thinking!

  • ko

    huh??? posh’s boobs are fake

  • carisrianne

    well thats just great boys.

    their fan base will now starve themselves convinced it will get them a date with them.

    they really need to watch their words.

  • hey

    DO the right thing. Don’t let racism make your mind up.

  • rachel


    Fangirls must be throwing up in toilets and starving themselves now to look like what these kids think is “the perfect body of a woman”…

  • nunny

    at least they know posh spice has a rockin body
    but i would send someone much fuller
    u know representing the evryday woman
    and by the way
    the jonas brothers are gettin on my nerves..being freakin everywhere
    its annoyin

  • maary

    i loooove theeeeeeeeeem

    please come to argentinaaaaa jonas

  • wow

    So the perfect body of a woman is anorexic?


  • michelle

    posh is too skinny!

    but watever jonas brothers still ROCK!!!!
    gosh, they all look HOT:)
    and i cant wait until lovebug video:):):)
    i love them all<3:)

    Joe Jonas<33333333:):)

  • Desire√©


  • misy

    eww seriously posh has the worst body ever. with big fake boobs are a skinny ugly orange body . srsly!



  • what?

    I agree with Barbie, if anything Adriana Lima is the closest to a perfect body, Posh is toooo skinny. Plus, Adriana is much prettier overall.

  • alicecullen

    I’m sorry, Victoria Beckham is one of the least attractive people I’ve ever seen in my life.

  • aleks

    i’m kind of surprised they said that :///
    Posh doesn’t have a nice body. she looks like a stick..
    ugh I thought these boys had better taste

  • nikki

    that’s AWFUL. what the fuck are you guys talking about?

  • k

    OMFG way to go Jonas.

    *goes to a toilet and pukes out everything I hate today*

  • holycow

    omg posh is like totally anorexic……what a great message to send to their young fans. god their total morons.

  • alien posh

    Now why would they want to send a human who looks like an alien to space? Seriously, Posh’s face, her ant-like body, big almond shaped dark eyes on a big head, and the plastic parts, I mean the woman barely looks human! They must have been joking. Most guys would say Marisa or Adriana.

  • Beatriz

    the boys are onna get eat for saying that.
    posh DOES NOT represent in ANY way what a real woman is.
    real women have skin on their bones , curves and actually eat.

  • Beatriz

    **gonna get eaten alive

  • dd

    they really do suck.

    teaching teenagers to starve themselves and have boob jobs.

  • karina

    I doubt that they even said that. they all look so hot as always.

  • RYAN



  • isaaa

    JOOOONAAAS , oh I love them.. in fact i don’t belive that Victora have a nice body… but its ok!

  • brandi

    wow. thats kinda a weird thing to say…….. like…. how was that even really relevant to the question??
    “space? hm… well speaking of space, you know there is this really hot woman…”
    like seriously? wtf!

    haha oh well…. that sucks about their choice. most girls don’t look like that.

  • Joyce

    the guy in the white is pretty cute.
    idk why, but he seems familiar.

  • jessica

    whoops! they made a BIG mistake there… not on judgment but ethically that is just wrong. fake skin, hair, and she’s the size of a pencil. i get it guys are attracted to her, but when you’ve got fangirls who don’t look like that, well you’re an ass for saying it.

  • UM

    Most fans of the Jonas brothers are about 9 years old. 9 year olds have the same body size as Posh. I doubt anybody has anything to worry about.

  • UM

    Most fans of the Jonas Brothers will out grow them soon.
    Sort of like how some of us older people outgrew Shaun Cassidy …ha ha ha

  • spfxgirl

    OMG Jonas Brothers..
    You guys are nuts. Posh has good style but oh my she certainly doesn’t have a perfect body.

    She is far too thin & her boobs are just stuck on. When do you ever see posh with a slightly loped sided boob.

    Raquel Welsh back in the day had the perfect looking body. She was curvy in all areas. She was womanly.. none of these stick insects.

    Mel B has a better body than Posh.

    A woman should have boobs hips & butt.

    I would blast posh into space to put some extra weight

  • mz Sass

    OMG #31……Shaun Cassidy! I remember him.

    Posh is way too thin and has no ass what-so-ever. I hope they were joking.

  • girl

    Wow Jonas Brothers. I’m glad you think that a bulimic body is the perfect body. Way to give the rest of the world some self-esteem.

  • heidi

    the jonas brothers are blind, right?
    adriana is much more perfect

  • dlk

    she does have the perfect body.

  • J

    Hey the guy that was with Joe is Martin Barlan he was in the Disney Channel games.

  • CrazyDaisy

    they are so stupid and out of touch.

  • codie x

    I agree with the other girls adriana lima has the perfect body nd i fink victoria is ugly shed look better if she could smile but shes had to much botox for that nd shes way 2 skinny! x

  • Laura moore

    That is insane! Obviously they are young and immature. They are role models(supposedlly) and they should not be influencing young girls this way. How or WHY would anyone say that Posh has the perfect body? She is anorexic and nasty. Girls should not have to think they need to look like that, to be considered perfect. She is disgusting, plastic and SO fake. Not just in her looks, but her personality does not seem approachable or compassionate. The perfect woman has warmth, curves and also has the ability to actually smile and laugh!

  • Laila

    i really thought they were better than that. why would the body aspect of a women even matter? i dont think personality matters to them.

  • cakestar

    hmm….is that joe’s date?

  • sam

    adriana whatever is even skinnier than posh…
    id rather theyd just steered clear of the too skinny category altogether
    but theyre blokes…eh….eh….

  • Nomnom

    is that joe’s boyfriend?
    they seem kinda close. “close” in the 2nd pic…

  • mandy

    Nice message Jonas! The perfect body is an anorexic one full of surgeries.. GREAT!! Such an example for a perfect role model ;)

  • ashley

    Wow, I’m surprised they said this. But thats great because I am thin like Posh so maybe I have a chance! hahahaha


    uhmmmmm. lol

  • harlow is the cutest baby

    they are such superficial a$$holes.

  • Constance

    Oh good one Jo Bro’s! Now that I know you think that Victoria has the PERFECT BODY I’d better go run on my treadmill for 4 hours and eat a tapeworm! Good going boys, you just fucked with the heads of so many of your impressionalbe fans!

    “Hey Sarah, what did you do today”

    “Well now I know that my idols The Jonas Brothers only like really skinny girls, I went to the gym for 5 hours and had a glass of water for lunch!”

    “Wow Sarah, a whole glass! What a fatty. You’d better go back to the gym to burn that off!”

  • katie

    this was reported hours ago on oceanupcom and it was really sad how many girls were saying they needed to now loose 20 pounds and starve themselves and throw up! these guys are jerks! joe dumping taylr the way he did, nick supposedly being really controling over the cyrus skank, i mean, they need to get over themselves! they should never have said this. posh spice loks anoreixc and THATS what they call the perfect body?? that is an insult to everyday looking girls! im a size 4 and im offended!