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Katie Holmes Has a "Fuller Love"

Katie Holmes Has a

Katie Holmes arrives in a timely fashion at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater in New York City on Thursday evening. (She’s sporting “Donna” sunglasses in black from Sama Eyewear.)

“That was an extraordinary thing for me, Nicole Kidman told Elle magazine about her time with Tom Cruise. He taught me an enormous amount – as a girl into a woman. Absolutely I would do it again.”

Kidman said that Tom and Katie have a strong relationship and connection, much like Keith Urban and she does.

“I didn’t foresee it, that you can meet somebody who you have a deep and more profound love with. I don’t mean to take away anything with Tom, but I would hope that he has the same thing,” Kidman said. I know he has the same thing with Katie.”

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66 Responses to “Katie Holmes Has a "Fuller Love"”

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  1. 1
    botoxbride Says:

    girl needs to get over her ex husband already!

    keith is smart and tells her his private life is off limits so she goes on and on about her ex.

    run keith run!

  2. 2
    lisa Says:

    i love her hairs ! but i dont like her sunglasses

  3. 3
    lisa Says:

    i dont like her she is ugly

  4. 4
    botoxbride Says:

    ps JJ – you just turned a quote form nikkers into a katie post!

    plus looks like she’s been getting the GOOP on the fashion front!

  5. 5
    linda Says:

    i dont like her , i think she is ugly !!!

  6. 6
    arlene Says:

    yo pienso que nicole kidman y tom cruise son almas jemelas nunca devieron separarce no me los imajinos separados eran tan unidos asian muy linda pareja cuando me entere de su divorcio me dio mucho tristesa y mas lo que iso tom la dejo por penelope cruz eso fue un cantaso para nicole .tom y katie viven mucho de la publicidad y la fama y nicole no es asi ni keith pienso que haora nicole si es felis de verdad aunque nicole and tom siempre se van a amar nicole es el amor de tom y tom el amor de nicole .y ya quiero ver una foto de sunday rose de cara despierta para ver sus ojos.

  7. 7
    Louis Says:

    How is Katie is ugly? Just look at her!! She’s gorgeous… she is just not dressing very well these days, but this outfit is way better!!
    WTG Katie!! Love u!

  8. 8
    ttt Says:

    Tom and Katie are perfect couple…It seems so that Katie and Tom love each other and their children so much, hope there will be much love with time…God bless them.

    God bless Nicole and Keith and their family too.

  9. 9
    ttt Says:

    Katie is so pretty not to mention that.

  10. 10
    annie Says:

    Isn’t it obvious?
    Nicole is only saying good things about Tom in hopes of getting more access to her children with him. Tom is a control freak who doesn’t respond well to criticism.

  11. 11
    anonymous-brunette Says:

    more profound love? Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?
    how profound can love be between a midget and a robot ?

  12. 12
    eliza Says:

    Celebrities pay a high price for their fame. I would hate people snapping pictures of me every day. Katie is handling it well. She is very pretty and is a good actress, but there is nothing special about her looks or her talent. It’s all about Tom, and as long as she lets him stay in control, things will be fine.

  13. 13
    botoxbride!# Says:

    botoxbride @ 10/10/2008 at 8:58 am girl needs to get over her ex husband already!

    Trying to say something good about her ex-husband.doesn`t mean that she still loves him .

  14. 14
    sacha Says:

    Katie Holmes is very pretty…a natural beauty. Some of you seem to have unusual ideas about good looks. Nicole Kidman is a pretty woman but seems to be a neurotic one. She acts as though she was a lot younger than Tom Cruise when they got married. They were both young and, according to people who know them, very much in love and optimistic about the future. There was no pre nup. They planned a life together. Only they know what went wrong. It’s too bad that people with weird imaginations like to make up stories.

  15. 15
    NOT what Kidman SAId Says:

    Jared NEVER quotes correctly. I think the writers on this site can’t read.

    Nicole said that about her and Keith, then as a quick afterthought also said it about Tom and Katie too.

    It was obvious she was afraid it may have been made to look like an insult to Tom Cruise, so Nicole basically said, Oh, Tom and Katie too!

    There is only one reason Nicole says nice things about Cruise to the press, visitation is controlled by the cult midget.

  16. 16
    Mr. Horse Says:

    No, #10 That’s not ‘obvious’ AT ALL. You’re making things up from…nice comments and infering something negative based on your prejudices. How do you know he’s a control who doesn’t respond well to criticism?

    What control, #12?

    Right, #14.

  17. 17
    polka dots the new black Says:

    Nicole is nice to her scumbag ex-husband because she has two kids with him and she loves those kids. Something HUGE happened to make her leave them with that cult master. I’m confident that the daughter will see the light and go to ther mother when she’s old enough.

  18. 18
    NOT what Kidman SAId Says:

    SACHA !!!!! # 14

    “Nicole acts like she was a lot younger than TOm Cruise when they were marreid”

    Nicole was 21 years of age and had never been to the States as an adult. While an award winning actress in Australia, they don’t have a celebrity culture there, it just a job.

    Tom was 29 and a the most famous movie star for many years after Top Gun..

    Sacha, I’ve read several of your psots, you have no clue about reality and seem quite stupid really..

    “Nicole makes herself seem younger” !!! LMAO

    Tom brought her to the USA, put her in Days of Thunder, whisked her off her feet and they were married very quickly. Just like Katie.

  19. 19
    NOT what Kidman SAId Says:

    and……………….remember Nicole knew no one in America and her family were around the world.

    The misacrriage Nic speaks of prob tels the real story, she became pregnant, they married, and the she misscarried.

  20. 20
    Chloe Says:

    I think its nice that they both moved on and found love again. I don’t know why everyone assumes that Tom and Katie don’t love each other. Nicole Kidman is not what I would call a weak woman , and I don’t see her as ‘afraid’ of Tom. If she was she would have went along with Scientology years ago. I think she just told the truth , she found great love with Keith , and Tom found it again with Katie. Shouldn’t we be happy for them ?!

    EVERYTHING said about Tom, Katie ,and their family ( including whats said about Nicole and the kids ) are just rumors. IMO I think Tom and Katie really do love each other , and I don’t believe she is the mindless robot a lot of people seem to believe. And for the record I have never believed Tom was gay.

    Like I said JMO

  21. 21
    anonymous Says:

    very chic and classy

  22. 22
    peta Says:

    They say Reese,Aniston and Julia Roberts are America’s sweethearts but I think they are dethroned by Katie Holmes.

  23. 23
    observer Says:

    Katie reminds me of Jackie O for some reason.

  24. 24
    ninjas Says:

    Tom is one lucky man to find true love through Katie.
    May they last forever….

    thanks Jared…

  25. 25
    donna Says:

    absolutely adorable

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