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Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli Meet in Mexico

Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli Meet in Mexico

Leonardo DiCaprio and Israeli model girlfriend Bar Refaeli are still going strong, visiting the historic ruins in Tulum, Mexico together on Thursday.

The on-and-off-again couple was accompanied by Bar‘s parents.

Leo‘s latest terrorism thriller, Body of Lies, opens in theaters TODAY and will likely take the top spot at the weekend box office. The film, which costars Russell Crowe, was directed by Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Gladiator).

10+ pictures inside of Leo and Bar‘s Mexican getaway…

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leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli mexico 01
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli mexico 02
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli mexico 03
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli mexico 04
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli mexico 05
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli mexico 06
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli mexico 07
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli mexico 08
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli mexico 09
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli mexico 10

Credit: Clasos; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • wtf

    I hate him now! Dump her for gods sake :@

    F them both!

  • Thaís

    She’s beautiful, but Gisele is the best!

  • sal

    Please for the fans and for people who love love you, DUMP HER

  • mike

    love him

  • ihb

    What is wrong with this guy to still date this dummy? Come on, Leo!!! Dump her finally – for good!!!

  • ihb

    By the way that`s Leo`s father on the pictures, Jared. Not that it matters.

  • french


  • polka dots the new black

    He’s hooked. He used to say he wasn’t ready to settle down. Lately, he’s been saying yes to having kids. The woman has given him an ultimatum. Love it!

  • manury

    i hate her..

    She doesn’t deserve leo

  • french

    bar is so ugly . Leo dump her for good please

  • tawi-tawi

    how are they still together? not that it’s my business, but they seem so different, and she looks bitchy in every single picture taken of her.

  • wtf

    Yes, she looks bitchy in every picture, but he looks stupid !.. which he is. Sorry but she is a user and its so obvious.

  • ihb

    Bar gave him an ultimatum? LOL! If there is someone in that relationship giving ultimatum that`s Leo. I`m pretty sure Bar was crawling back to him – as usual to save her career – and Leo was dumb enough – yet again – to take her back.
    By the way Leo mentioned that he doesn`t want to settle down yet, #8 must have missed those interviews.
    Leo, come to your senses finally!!! What is wrong with you???!!!

  • anti-bar

    Why is my commenting awaiting moderation? I’ve never written any offensive comments so what’s the deal?

  • why

    Leo is a loser!

  • ocean

    i am speachless. it must be easier to have Sex with than to have one stands night with girls who could speak to press. or it could be love

  • Lola

    Am I the only one who thinks a child by them will be OVERWEIGHT? They both have the fat gene.

    Oh, Jared, you spelled Rafaeli wrong,but then again, who the phuck is she again? Nevermind.

  • perla

    I love Leo as an actor and commend his dedication to environmental causes, but man he has terrible choice in women…how many more ditzy models is he going to hook up with? How about trying a woman with some substance?

  • rony

    who you can say bar is ugly?!?!?
    go and buy glasses because she is one of the most beautiful girl l ever see!
    so stops say words without thought !!!

  • ihb

    Leo is a great actor and activist. He sounds very mature and intelligent during interviews but when I look at the woman he has been dating for nearly 3 years the whole positive image turns into confusion. How can an otherwise intelligent guy keep dating these models who use him for their careers? And apparently he is fine with it. Unbelievable.

  • chrisler 1

    # 18 Perla. Very well said.

    He is known and loved for his social consciousness. Dedication for environmental preservation… Do we hear a word from this woman supporting such causes, saying anything about her own convictions..Noop.

    He had started talking about settling down and having kids. Hope it was not about this woman.

  • gina

    Oh Leo that shirt has got to go.

  • rona

    why everyone say leo is loser?
    Bar Refaeli is with him!!
    and stop say bar is ugly because if you are really believe she ugly you all need to buy glasses!!!
    she so beautiful!!

  • ihb

    rony/rona, I think the reason why most people don`t like Bar is not because of her looks. I don`t think she is stunningly beautiful but she is not ugly. That`s not the reason why I think most people want to see her out of Leo`s life.

  • curious

    Leo deserves better. I wish he and Gisele stayed together. I hope he does not marry Bar or have children with her. I love Leo as an actor, he is extremely talented person, love his movies, always great performance. May be he wants “simple” girl. Bar is a girl next door, she is not in the same league with super models, or super entertainers, etc. Probably I do not like her because she is not professional, she is famous for being famous. Simply irritating. I love individuals like Charlize Theron who got to the top with hard work and special skills. Well , anyway …

  • katie

    Seriously who thinks that it is the couple which loves itself? For me we would say even no friends (its fact for a long time that we saw them kissing itself, or caressing)

  • Mike

    “Environmental activism” is just a way for these actors to feel good about themselves. It’s a Jesus substitute for the atheists. The irony is that they waste more energy than 20,000 normal people put together.

    Leo is a great actor but as he himself has said, the film business is lonely and shallow. I think that Bar has hooked him, the way Samantha Ronson hooked Lindsay. He is afraid to go back to one night stands, afraid to be lonely, and so he’ll make a huge mistake and marry this viper.

  • katie

    Seriously who thinks that it is the couple which loves itself? For me we would say even no friends (its fact for a long time that we saw them kissing itself, or caressing)

  • Anonymousdiva

    Busy guy, Leo….all morning in NYC to tape for the “Today” show, then he hops a jet down to Mexico to spend the rest of the day there. And in between, he grows a full head of hair, given the contrast between his appearance on the “Today” show and in these pictures.

    Wonder which Thursday JJ is talkin’ about here, ’cause it’s obvious it wasn’t yesterday, LOL

  • dump the bi*ch

    can’t stand her love him

  • May

    But Leo isn’t in America promoting Body of lies these days? I heard the was in Mexico months ago with Bar. Old photos maybe

  • kattie

    Seriously who thinks that it is the couple which loves itself? For me we would say even no friends (its fact for a long time that we saw them kissing itself, or caressing)

  • soph


  • valentine

    This bitch gets dressed all the time similar and its hat is horrible (one (that is saying) model whom it is not to get dressed, we shall have seen everything, lol) Leo is completed as usual, he really has to feel alone to return with her but a question: why they are not ever alone and why they never have the loving sight?

  • Nanci Black

    I just Read Jenn Aniston Is trying to Pin him Down. She was over his Condo Filming a clip about getting young peps to vote. She was dressed to Kill Tight clingy Outfit . She thinks they weould make a great couple.

  • lilly

    They both look miserable as always. IF they have just reunited shouldn`t they look somewhat happy that they can be together? I cannot believe that Leo is still with her.

  • Paula

    Bar is a natural beauty – unlike Gisele who needs tons of makeup to come close to Bar. Bar gives Leo the space he needs while Gisele stifled him – as she now does Tom Brady. I hope Leo and Bar do get married – they make a lovely couple. They are a lovely couple.

  • Helena

    You can’t hate someone for being with someone you don’t even know. Grow up people.

  • Anna

    I so sick of celebrities like Leo and the Al Gore who preach about the environment but don’t do one thing in their lives that they sacrifice for their beliefs, I’ve seen Leo the last two months on 5 to 6 vacations all around the world one day in Hawaii on a private yacht the next in Ibiza on another private yacht then walking the streets on Paris or in Mexico, all with private jets and private yachts that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars , his two months of living is equal to one Americans life in pollution. When are people going to wake up and realize that all these celebrities with their political beliefs are all hypocrites that want you to vote for someone like Obama because they know his higher taxes are not going to touch them, they will just get better accounts to hide their money, it’s going to cripple the small business owner who is trying to get by and support his family and have a business that employee’s people , since 80% of American’s are employed by a small business owner, how do you think they will survive in this economy with a huge increase in taxes, or with huge increases in energy taxes, it’s a joke that American’s allow celebrities to preach even when they don’t walk the talk.

  • valentine

    #37 : Look at the head which they make when they are together, you always find that they have the really loving air they look miserable together

  • Ingrid

    I don’t understand why so many people hate her, yet this site worships Vanessa Hudgens, Lauren Conrad, Ashley Tisdale… God, Jared, the losers this site attracts.

  • valentine

    #41 : so many people hate her because she use Leo for her model career (who know her before she go with Leo ? no one)

  • Isobel

    Leo and Bar seem like a real couple, they don’t have a fake smile on their faces to make it look like they’re together, as opposed to Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

  • Anonymousdiva

    G neeeds a ton of makeup? Yeah – and Paula needs glasses, because it’s obvious she’s blind as a bat. LMAO!

    Anna, this is pure crap. You piss and moan about how celebs travel by jet but claim to be environmentalists, so they must be hypocrites. Well, guess what, dimwit? THEY CAN’T TRAVEL FAST BY ANY OTHER MODE!!! They do what they can to help the environment, all the while being well aware of their carbon footprints. That’s more than can be said for a self-righteous twit who probably thinks a corbon footprint is something made when you step in a pile of coal.

  • valentine

    #43 : “like real couple” , lol

    When we really love each other we cross most time together, them one once see them every 2 months, that’s right the love?

  • just sayin’

    i wonder how these two get along when it comes to politics. we all know leo is a far left liberal and bar is jewish.

  • Mr. d

    While I commend Leo on his acting ability and as was said before, dedictation to environmental causes, I must say he is one ugly mofo! It’s amazing that somebody with his affordances in life looks the way he does. He was incredible looking ten years ago. What the hell happend? Too much decadence? Senescence has not been kind to Mr. Skinnyfat. He has a bloated looking countenance and absolutely no muscle tone whatsoever. Please Leo, never take off your shirt again! Your flabby midsection and pallid skin are not enviable. I chuckle whenever people say that Bar is ugly. True, she is not the most desirable female ever, but is every bit Leo’s equal in the looks department. I know this rant is superfacial in nature, but Leo is no heart throb! Even Justin Timberlake, Orlando Bloom, etc. are better looking than him.

  • curious

    To Mr. d
    If you read others’ cooments more carefully, you would have noticed that we are not discussing the looks here, we are talking about substance. However, in case of Bar, her looks are supposed to be part of her substance because she is a so-called “supermodel”. But there is no substance in her profession as a model because she does not possess the supermodel looks/skills.

  • ocean

    haha they are pathetich bar and her mother, isn t her mother sued in Izrael? on her mother facebook picture profile,….she is even there promoting her daugher

  • valentine

    bar is not ugly but for a model she’s not beautiful and i don’t understand why peoples says she the most beautiful model in the world , for me she is just a model , not supermodel or topmodel , a real model does not need anybody to become known (bar is nothing without Leo)