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Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes -- FIRST PICTURES

Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes -- FIRST PICTURES

Here are the very first pictures of Robert Downey Jr. filming Sherlock Holmes on Friday, currently filming in Central London.

When asked what he could bring to a character portrayed countless times on film and television, RDJ has joked: “Clearly I’m going to do it better than it’s ever been done. The more I read about it the more overwhelmed I was by the weight of it and the amount of people who will be watching to see if it’s gotten right.”

Check out the pictures below–it looks like RDJ and his stunt double are conferring with each other on how to jump off the building they’re standing on. Also pictured: director Guy Ritchie.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Sherlock Holmes’ new look — HOT or NOT?

10+ pictures inside of RDJ as Sherlock Holmes…

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# 2

Charlie Chaplin

# 3

For some reason, the word ‘cute’ suddenly just popped into my mind as soon as I saw this.

# 4

Try the late Jeremy Brett.

# 5

He looks more like Charlie Chaplin! A role he already played years ago!

# 6

He seems like Charles Chaplin. I wouldn’t watch any kind of movie of him. He was arrested long time in prison. This men is a real criminal!

# 7

I agree Charlie Chaplin. I adore Robert D. It is always great to see a come back story..But he is miscasted as Holmes. I think Sasha is a better fit. I hope who ever does it will be true to the character and not try to update it with a comedic turn.

# 8

Wha Guy looks soooo cute !!!!!!!!!!
He ‘s Handsome and so sexy !!!!

# 9

I think he looks kinda good as Sherlock. I love the Sherlock Holmes stories, and I can’t wait to see this movie.
Robert is amazingly talented, and I’m sure he will bring this movie to live.

postwatcher @ 10/10/2008 at 4:21 pm

Alan Rickman (plays Severus Snape) should have been cast as Holmes.

He has a beautiful voice. Would have been PERFECT. Guy Ritchie is a moron.

Were is Dr Watson???
mr jared, we want dr watson JUDE LAW!

spike1975 @ 10/10/2008 at 4:39 pm

I like robert downey but the look is all wrong.
Unless this is a sherlock holmes disguise its bad.
Sherlock has always been dressed as a gentleman, smart suit ect.
He does look like charlie though, loved that film. Got me watching the real chaplin movies.

Could they not have found a less Chaplin-esque topper for the guy?

“se”, you are an idiot, not to mention *******.

Looks a bit off. I know Holmes isn’t above disguising himself as whomever he wants, but… I’m not sure… seems off-kilter.

FVVVVVKIN’ SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

FVVVVK MEEE ROBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



Fruit Loop @ 10/10/2008 at 6:04 pm

I don’t think he looks sexy here at all.

postwatcher @ 10/10/2008 at 6:11 pm

Who the hell is that girl in the last picture supposed to be? Eliza Doolittle.

Maybe Guy is really making My Fair Lady Instead,

or possibly Mary Poppins and Downy Jr. is a chimney sweep.

Steve taylor @ 10/10/2008 at 6:12 pm

Obviously this is Holmes in disguise……

marieanne @ 10/10/2008 at 6:17 pm

Mr. Holmes’ attire was as sharp as his intellect.
Downey in costume is comical..

Robert is Always SExy

He looks like a thug, I am sorry. My idea of Sherlock is like the one from Masterpiece Theater (OK, he might be a little bit on top; but I expect SH to be prim and proper).

Holmes-his Physical appearance.
Holmes is tall and thin-he himself claims to be 6ft tall-but his friend Watson claims he is over 6ft.
He has black hair and grey eyes, thin lips and ‘a hawk-like’ nose.
Holmes has a strident voice.
Although Holmes has never excercised for the fun of it, he is always fit and ready for the action that takes place in the stories, and is ready to see off
his attackers with either boxing or Baritsu-a form of martial art. He is also proficient at single-stick and fencing.

This is the way he was described. They did not mention what he wears though. But I don’t think he would be a slouch.

Didn’t he already play Charlie Chaplin?

RDJ is an awesome actor, and I truly think Holmes fans should take a moment and be delighted that such a talented man is stepping into these shoes.
I’m going to judge the movie when I see it… Can’t tell much from the pictures, as some said this may be Holmes in disguise, or it may not be.

I can’t wait to watch this movie, either way.

He looks like a believable Sherlock Holmes, but shouldn’t he have a pipe? And be a little more sure of himself, more confidence, more mystery. I think he will do well in/with this character. It will be a great movie, probably. I wonder what parts of London/England will be featured in this film?

I can’t wait for this. I think RDJr will do a very believable French accent.

people here dont seem to recall holmes at many times work in disgused

I think he and Jude Law should switch characters..
Even though I love RDJ and despise’s seem more fitting that way.

Maybe Sherlock Holmes did look like that he is dressed the part anyway

he’s really attractive =) i’ve always admired his looks!

For chrissakes, Downey looks thin, old, and saggy faced! Come on, those clothes are ridiculous. He just irritates me for some reason.

I think Robert Downey Jr. is great, but this outfit makes him look like a slob. It is too sloppy. He should wear something more tight-fitting and less quirky, something professional. When you think of Sherlock Holmes, you think of a man who has it together. This outfit does not say that. However, I do believe that RDJ’s acting will be outstanding, as always!

Glytherdor @ 10/10/2008 at 11:25 pm

OH!!!MY GOD!!!

Enough with the Chaplin comparisons! It looks nothing like him. Jeez, you’re all idiots.

So Holmes in disguise. Can’t wait for this film <3

Wow, I didn’t know Holmes wore old skool Reeboks!!!

Oh dear me, oh my… oh.. my… how awful does this man look? He is nothing like Sherlock Holmes. A fine English Actor and gentleman called Jeremy Brett was the most prefect Holmes possible. And if this new Sherlock is anything to go by Mr Brett will always be.

I agree with Betty, Jeremy Brett was an amazing Sherlock Holmes. He had everything, the looks, the charm the intelligence and the grace both as an actor and in real life. This man is all wrong!

Yes, Charlie Chaplin :)

Read the real Sherlock Holmes first, and think about Robert. I mean, for somebody who is described as disorganized, rarely eats, called himself Bohemian, used a lot of drugs….it is a little bit difficult to be neat and fresh.

He does look like Charlie Chaplin, because he was Charlie Chaplin. Or may be because he wore the same “bowler”? And I suppose, as soon as the magic of film works, we will see it with different eyes.

And as to try Mr. Brett, is a little bit difficult, since he was dead already. And I just can’t imagine that Mr. Brett would have pictured Holmes as honest as it was written on the book. Since his Holmes was a little bit “too clean” for a drug addicted man (who Holmes was).

Definitely NOT.

We’re going to keep it “authentic” are we? By having an American actor for starters… since… you know. Actors don’t exist outside of the US. Can’t wait to see Holmes’ British Pride played by an American :D

Drug addict or not, nobody wants to hire a detective who looks like an untrustworthy bum. Besides, drug use wasn’t illegal as it is now so the idea that coke user = badly dressed tramp isn’t a logical conclusion to make (even today it’s not always the case!?).

A bad choice.

I’ve never seen so MANY idiotic comments at once.
Director launches the filming with an action scene and main character in DISGUISE. It’s so obvious… to normal people, but not to you, morons.

Wirral Bagpuss @ 10/11/2008 at 6:29 am

I really must defend Jeremy Brett from the above comment. Jeremy Brett was a brilliant actor who portrayed very accurately Sherlock Holmes. You have obviously not watched the complete Granada series to be able to appreciate this! If you had you would have seen the mannerisms described by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle pertaining to Sherlock Holmes being used by Jeremy Brett to perfection. He strove to stick as closely to the cannon as much as possible and pulled it off brilliantly. As to the issue of drugs this was also shown in the series as well. However in Devils Foot we see this being fully explored and witness Holmes give up the drugs. Now why do i mention this particular epsiode you may ask? Because Jeremy had given alot of thought to the issue of drug use and was aware that children were watching the series. So he decided to show Holmes giving the drugs up and in doing so send a message to children that drug use was wrong. It was Jeremy’s caring and thoughtfulness that came through in this epiosode and certaintly does reflect the wonderful, caring person that he was off screen.
Sadly Jeremy Brett died on September 12 1995 after a long battle with ill health which he fought with dignity and courage. However he will always be remebered by many as the actor who gave such a definitive portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. He may no longer be with us, but he will never be forgotten by so many people all over the world. And his legacy will live on for many decades to come, and i very much doubt this new film about Sherlock Holmes will erase that. For my money Jeremy Brett will always be my Sherlock Holmes and i know there are many people who would feel the same way. RIP Jeremy Brett 1933-1995. Gone but never forgotten .

Rien, I didn’t think you could post this stupid comment of yours justifying Holmes looking like junky.

“The fictional Sherlock Holmes often disguised himself as somebody else to avoid being recognized.’(c)Wikipedia

Run! And read Sir Conan Doyle.

Read A Scandal in Bohemia
(The next morning, Holmes goes out to Miss Adler’s house dressed as an out-of-work groom and manages to elicit useful information from the other stable workers.)

HE LOOKS FAR TO THICK TO BE SHERLOCK HOLMES AND HE’S AMERICAN!!! Since when was it hard to find an English actor to play a English man! *rolls eyes*

That’s holmes in disguise! Read A Scandal in Bohemia!

Have you guys had a look at te orginal drawings of Sherlock holmes? It is amazing how close Jeremy Brett was to actully being Sherlock Holmes. This guy looks nothing like Sherlock holmes no matter how you dress him, his face is all wrong and his body lazy.Sherlock because he hardly ever eats is meant to be very slim.

I love Robert Downey, but this is not the Sherlock Holmes of the book. Rupert Holmes nailed that very complicated personae in the BBC version. Downey does look like Charlie Chaplin here, this is a shame.

Sherlock was dope addict.

barky von schnauser @ 10/11/2008 at 9:45 am

please look carefully at the entire set of pix–clearly he is dressed not as holmes but in the guise of a street busker. one of several disguises used by The Great Detective. we should use on his his famous dictums when he didn’t have enough facts to theorize:
“Data! Data! DATA! I cannot makes bricks without clay!”

This is not the way I picture Sherlock Holmes at all….I hope they get it right cause this could be a great movie.

the hat kinda sucks not gunna lie, but who cares, im sure it will be good

This is not Sherlock Holmes!!!
Russian screen and Lebanon in the role of Sherlock – these are the real Sherlock!
But..I would wait for the premiere and take a look at it, because Downey is very good and SEXY!)

Well….he’d better be in disguise, ’cause that bowler hat is totally nasty on him…..I hope he looks better in his regular ‘Sherlock’ look.

Rotenbaron @ 10/11/2008 at 1:09 pm


Remember, Sherlock Holmes is a master of disguise. He often dressed up in peddler, hobo, or whatever kind of clothes was best suited for his current investigation. The Charlie Chaplin attire, I’m sure, is that kind of thing. And while I hope they don’t put him in that silly houndstooth cap all other representations (except for Jeremy Brett’s) had placed on his head, I’m sure we’ll see the same well maintained, impeccably dressed Holmes that we all know and love.

Iron Man and the Chocolate Factory

En cualquier papel que interprete, esta optimo, asi va a pasar con este . Despues de hacer de Chaplin me enamore de sus actuaciones.

If you like this look and approve of it, off yourself now.

It looks to me as though Holmes were in disguise here. There’s no way this would be his regular dress, even in this film. Holmes went undercover fairly regularly in the canon books, also in the myriad pastiches.

Having said that, RDJ is still not my idea of Sherlock Holmes. He lacks the physical characteristics needed for the character, and I don’t see Jude Law as Watson either. Any Holmes production rests solidly on the casting of the Holmes/Watson team, and whenever that has fallen flat, everything else (naturally) follows suit. This film is miscast, pure and simple, and I thusly don’t see it succeeding.

Excellent cast! Looking forward to this movie very much!!

Come on everyone, this is a set of photos of ONE SCENE! He may or may not be in disguise, but let’s all wait a little longer and get more info before we all jump on the “I hate this film!!” bandwagon.

Besides, it’s not even based on Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories, it is (I believe) based on an upcoming graphic novel based on ‘classic’ herlock holmes, but updating it to be more ‘action-y’.

Everyone who has played Sherlock Holmes well in the past aside, what is the problem with trying to do a new and fresh take on a character. Do we relly just want to see what has come before all over again? Just think of The Dark Knight. I remember people absolutely HATING on the first picture of Heath Ledger’s Joker that came out, but then look……turned out to be an almost universally acclaimed and fantastic performance. Just give it time!!

Captain Average @ 10/12/2008 at 2:22 am

It seems pretty obvious to me that these pictures show Holmes in disguise. [You will remember that he does use disguises a lot.]

“I can’t wait for this. I think RDJr will do a very believable French accent.”
Just FYI, Holmes is not French. He’s English.

As for the pictures… He doesn’t look the part at all, and why wouldn’t you cast *an Englishman* to play one of the great English characters?

/Jeremy Brett FTW

he’s too short..sherlock holmes shud be tall, I think hugh laurie in house is the best match for the role..(or has he done that role before??)hmm…

Algernon blackwood @ 10/12/2008 at 8:57 am

Hey!! Take a look at this comment about the pictures posted here.

That is NOT Sherlock Holmes unless he is disguise! I love RDJ but there is no way he’ll be able to be SH better than anybody.


Asinine. Ludicrous. Holmes was depicted in the books as being of a stately, upright bearing and a fearsome demeanor. Downey’s version looks like an alcoholic drug abuser (gee, what a surprise, right?). Please tell me, in which story was Holmes described as looking like a homeless street bum?

Algernon blackwood @ 10/12/2008 at 10:27 pm

Folks I implore you. Look at the following link from The mystery behind the pics is revealed there…

Ritchie’s film will portray Holmes as more of an action hero. He will engage in martial arts combat during the film. it’s clearly skewed for a popcorn audience as opposed to anyone looking for the Jeremy Brett version of Holmes. While Downey’s version will not be in the vein of the two best Holmes (Jeremy Brett and Basil Rathbone), I’m sure it will be entertaining.

This look is all wrong. Dr. Watson wears the bowler hat… not that this movie has much hope of topping the Sherlock Holmes series starring Brett anyway.

The best ever Sherlock Holmes played by Soviet actor…

Read all the comments and here are my unsolicited and who gives a crap responses:

1) Shouldn’t he be smoking a pipe?

Well, I’m guessing that they were setting up a scene especially since I’m pretty sure that Starbucks didn’t exist back then.

2) He looks horrible as Sherlock Holmes.

This has already been talked about but let’s just say that we have no idea what’s going on in that scene or if he’s even supposed to look like Sherlock in the picture.

3) Sherlock Holmes shouldn’t be played by an American.

Now, this one really gets me. It often seems to me that most leads in movies AREN’T American at all. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine?! I was so angry. An Aussie who’s over 6′ tall playing the short, grouchy Wolverine? Guess what? He was great.

Christian Bale as Batman?! What were they thinking? Batman is as American as apple pie. Christian Bale was great.

Cate Blanchett is often cast as an American and she’s great.

Let’s see, who else has been cast as an American?

Michael J. Fox
Ryan Reynolds
Kate Winslet
Jude Law

One of America’s top show has Hugh Laurie cast as an American.

In summary: get over it.

Does anyone know the specific location of filming please? I really wanna get Rachel McAdams autograph!

I can only hope that it’s just a costume where Holmes is going under cover or something, and not his new look for the whole film. He looks like a hobo. Also, Holmes didn’t wear a bowler. He wore a deerstalker cap and top hats. I don’t expect anyone to ever take on the character like the late Jeremy Brett did, but… gee. So far it seems totally different from the stories. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it all comes to together. :-/

Gosh, i can never take him as SH for a second……He lacks everything that defines Sherlock holmes…..

Why can’t they just choose a Brit????

I think some have already said so but I think he looks too trashy for Sherlock Holmes. Holmes always prided himself on looking good and clean. Guy Richie directing this should be warning enough for someone to say “pass” at the theatre but maybe a decent rental.

As SImon said below .. If you have ever read the books ,
Holmes was a master of disquise and often worked at length
in this manner.

Sherlock Holmeeeeeees ♥

filmfanatic @ 10/13/2008 at 7:51 pm

hmmm…. that will be an experience won’t it?
First Iron now investigative!

I would say that this set of pics look like they are from a scene with people from the seedier parts of London. See the last photo. Downey therfore is probably in disguise as it is well known Holmes took on many parts. As far as Downey himself, yes he lacks the most notable physical traits of Holmes, but I will have to wait until more data is made available. The drug use has been discussed and those posters who are the most vocal should perhaps read the Canon and then do a bit of studying of the 19th century culture in London before making rash accusations and statements.

yeah charlie chaplin, but defintely NOT sherlock holmes

Obviously, you guys have never read Holmes stories before. He’s in disguise as a beggar or general street urchin. Holmes did this type of thing throughout Conan Doyle’s stories.


Obviously, you guys have never read Holmes stories before. He’s in disguise as a beggar or general street urchin. Holmes did this type of thing throughout Conan Doyle’s stories.


Obviously, you guys haven’t read Holmes’ stories before. He is in disguise as a beggar or general street urchin. Sherlock Holmes did this quite a bit in Conan Doyle’s stories to acquire information on the street, etc.


This appears to be one of many of Holmes’ disguises. Many, many times in the stories, he would “dress-down” just like this to fit in with the “lower-levels” of London society. That’s how Holmes would often do his recon work on cases. Not to worry.

emmy martin @ 10/14/2008 at 1:41 pm

I’M in love with him.Hi is so sexy. I love you robert.

emmy martin @ 10/14/2008 at 1:47 pm

Roberti Downey Jr……. mmmmmmmmmm…is a hot guy that can burn woman’s heart…i like his style when it comes in clothing…

RDJ is a great actor he should do well. Wish they would leave the love story out of ot though its a detective story after all. Don’t really rate Jude Law or Rachel Mcadams as actors though they could have done better there. The redhead looks gorgeous though (press conference pics) haven’t seen her in anything so don’t know about her acting. Baron Cohens version should be a hoot though !

RDJ will be great as always

Jude Law – i’ll reserve judgement

Rachel Mcadams – dont really rate her they could have cast better. Perhaps Amy Adams or Liv Tyler.?

Not sure what the redhead’s name is in the press conference pics, never saw her in anything so can’t say. She’s gorgeous though!

Baron Cohen’s version will be a hoot no doubt

Not even close to Sherlock !! The best Sherlock what i have seen is in russian movie, with Vasilii Levanov as Sherlock Holmes.

I think he will be a fabulous Holmes and feel that he brings so much talent to any role he takes on since he’s cleaned up his act. He was amazing in “Fur,the Diane Arbus story’ and I loved him in ‘Tropic Thunder’.

Personally,I couldn’t stand RDJ’s acting when he was getting high, but now that he’s got our attention I look forward to more of his work. I also think Jude Law will be a great Watson..He has the dry wit , stage presence & sophistication of the old greats,

Looking forward to seeing this movie.I ‘d like to see Ritchie have a hit for a change.

Mmm, sexy. Yeah.

Chegs-HUn @ 10/19/2008 at 7:55 pm

Does anyone know who the guy (not RDJ or GR) in picture 8 is?

elliot james @ 11/08/2008 at 12:20 am

Downey is a good actor. Will he be a good Holmes. We will just have to wait and see the film. Considering the brilliance of the performers who have done Holmes before him…Brett, Rathbone, Cushing, Plummer…he has a lot of work ahead.

Okay, if this is supposed to be a disguise, why is it so easy to recognize him? Did anyone here really have any trouble spotting that this is Robert Downey, Jr.? Ah, that must be it! Sherlock Holmes is disguised as Robert Downey, Jr. as Charlie Chaplin! Brilliant!

What a joke…that 2 after the scintillating Jeremy Brett. I’d watch this movie only for its comedy element.Things couldn’t get worse for a generation hooked onto The Greatest Sherlock Holmes ever…Jeremy Brett

Alan mclean @ 11/27/2008 at 7:17 am

what? if anything the casting’s the wrong way around with jude looking more like the conan doyle description of holmes. it looks like downey’s just reprising his role as chaplin.

seriously i love holmes, law and downey and will watch everything concerning any of them but what the hell is ritchie thinking, i mean his choices have been going down hill fast ever since he made the primary mistake of hollywood – “never marry madonna” and it looks like the divorce isn’t helping his movies any. plus from what i hear holmes won’t be doing any drugs in this version which is the only reason i can think of downey getting the part in the first place.

i’m not looking forward to this one little bit

arcamedies @ 12/02/2008 at 6:21 am

Doyle”s visual description of Holmes is less exact then most imagine. The deer stocker hat was simply “A floppy hat” and he didn’t smoke a Calabash pipe, he smoked a briar. Sidney Paget’s illustrations in Strand magazine (where the stories first appeared) is the source of Sherlock Holmes’ popular image.
Holmes often dressed as a local in order to blend in, it’s an action sequence, Downey’s appearance could mean anything?

i dnt think he looks like a holmes, holmes wasnt poor looking. I also dnt think he suits the part to play holmes either. I think hugh jackman could play holmes correctly

No one can match Jeremy Brett; he is Sherlock Holmes.

Downey looks like Charlie Chaplin and is out of his depth.

Hopefully he doesn’t have a cheap imitation English accent stolen from

the stage. This role requires the skills of an original English actor and

not an American wannabe.

Will Watson be a bumbling fool to make Holmes seem more

intelligent? Give it up boy’s, Granada TV got it right with Brett.

So long.

Honeyrilla @ 12/29/2008 at 7:42 am

I love Sherlock Holmes. Seeing these pictures makes me wonder how well Guy and Robert will be able to pull this off. When I first saw the pictures, I too thought that he didn’t look quite like Sherlock Holmes. He does look more like Charlie Chaplin. I cannot believe that the wardrobe folks and Guy are letting him dress like this. Sherlock Holmes is dapper. He’s impeccably dressed. Everything is crisp and in its place. His hair is perfectly coiffed. His clothes are perfectly tailored. They’re going to have to do something about this. I don’t think a “dowdy” looking Sherlock Holmes is going to fly. Definitely get rid of the bowler hat.

i cant wait to see this movie with his comeback as the great tony stark in iron man and kirk lazurus in tropic thunder he is a very talented actor i cant wait to see how he makes a mark as the great sherlock holmes and hell always look like charlie chaplin with a bowler cause he played him sherlock too me is definetly more of a top hat guy

YEEEEEEEUH! @ 01/08/2009 at 7:50 pm

and dude whoever se is is such a dumbass…robert downey jr. was in jail for all that drug abuse and crap a LONG time ago. DONT YOU KNOW!??!?!?!? HE’S TURNED HIS LIFE 180 DEGREES AROUND. HE’S BACK IN THE GAME BABY!

veridicus12 @ 01/30/2009 at 11:45 pm

I’ve read all sixty stories by arther conan doyle and never did he wear a bolla hat, he wore a dear stlker (cap with two picks front and rear) nor was he slovenly dressed and he certainly never looked like he was hung over. this movie is not off to a good start/

Nickycanham @ 02/10/2009 at 5:55 pm

I think Robert Downey Jr will make a great Sherlock Holmes, he’s a very talented actor and as he’s shown he can turn his hand pretty much any part.
He’s already portrayed Chaplin so we know he’s good at the British accent, and we also he’s good at period films.
I say give him a chance, I believe he will make a fine Sherlock Holmes. Go for it Rob, good on you for going there!

hey..he luks a bit lyk Charlie Chaplin..And Accrdng 2 d novels Sherlock holmes s tall..well lets see wat happens

Warner Brothers told Guy Richie to reshoot the film because they told him that it wasn’t good enough.Robert Downley Jr look more like Charlie Chaplain.It was teh role he played in the 1990′s and the film was a box office flop.If you want to watch Sherlock Holmes I recommend the DVD box set of the TV series starring Jeremy Brett.

He doesn’t look the part. Isn’t Holmes supposed to be taller and skinnier? Well, we’ll see.

He is a great actor, and also handsome. The problem is that Sherlock Holmes was not handsome or charming. There has only been one screen adaption that has gotten the Holmes character right and it looks like this is going to be another in a long list of Holmes movies or tv shows that portrays Holmes exactly opposite of how he was written. Why cant Hollywood understand what made Holmes a classic and just go with that instead of “improving” it.

Robert Downey Jr. is GREAT!!! The best actor there has ever been and his comeback story makes him even better!

Il a déjà joué le rôle de Chaplin, très bon d’ailleurs, mais là pour un Sherlock??…Non merci !!!
Vive Basil Rathbone….
Robert DJ ok, mais pas en Charlie ou en brigade du tigre à la française, je suis désolé mais c’est pas comme ça que je vois Sherlock Holmes.
Ce n’est que mon avis.
A chacun sa vision.

Besides looking like Charlie Chaplan, imagining him as Sherlock Holmes gives me the creeps. Such a weak person playing such a strong character.
too bad.

agreed. he looks like charlie chaplin. as i recall, sherlock holmes looks like a real gentleman, with mysterious aura. but i don’t know, robert downey’s acting is pretty good, i don’t even think he’s a superhero material until i saw iron man, and he was believable in it. soooo yeaaa why not give him another shot?

Weak? Seriously? Do you know how strong a person it takes to successfully overcome an addiction and make it *stick*? RDJ’s both had and done a lot of bad **** in his life but his massive turnaround over a period of several years is I think a testament to his strength.

Besides, it’s not like Holmes wasn’t an addict.

I’d have liked to see late Jeremy Brett’s and Basil Rathbone’s reaction.
RDJ is C-H-A-R-L-I-E C-H-A-P-L-I-N !

Downey looks absurd as Sherlock Holmes. There is nothing in Conan Doyle’s description of his detective that resembles Downey’s costumes. Even when Downey is trying to look the part, I cannot imagine anything about his portrayal that will even begin to suggest Sherlock Holmes. Whoever cast Downey as Sherlock Holmes has obviously never read a Sherlock Holmes story. I am not going to ruin a part of my Christmas Day by going to see a film such as this.

Jonathan whelan @ 04/09/2009 at 9:54 am

You are all idiots. Read the books before you comment. Sherlock Holmes was a master of disguise. This is obviously one of his disguises – a bum by the looks of it.

I say again – idiots!

This has got to be a joke in poor taste. Nothing against Robert Downy Jr. but NOT for the Holmes character. Please tell me this is a joke. Couldn’t they find an actor more like the late Jeremy Brett? Tall, slender, and classy?

here’s an idea…Hugh Laurie and he’s British!!

These photos are from informal between takes. The preview shows RD looking sharper and mores Holmes-like. In the stories, Holmes is occasionally unkempt, either because he is in a drug-induced stupor or he is relaxing in his chair, or because he is in disguise, for Holmes loves acting a part in his investigations. I think Downey is a brilliant choice for the role. He has the background to understand the depths and heights of Sherlock Holmes, and the professional integrity to study for the part by actually READING the source material.
This is my next must-see movie.

I like their choice of Downey Jr. for Holmes.
They put a comedic twist on a serious character but I think he’ll do well.
I hate the fact that people are saying that Robert is a wrong choice for Holmes. This will be a second Iconic Role for him. First being Iron Man.

D: Sherlock Holmes is supposed to be clean shaven and tall!

…Ah, well. I guess I’ll judge this movie when it comes out, rather than gawk at pictures and complain.

Holmes is supposed to be clean shaven

I truly think Holmes fans

he preview shows RD looking sharper

Christian bale @ 07/23/2009 at 10:18 pm


Christian bale @ 07/23/2009 at 10:25 pm

sorry I meant *DOWNEY

Great series. Watched it as a kid, and recently re-discovered it and watching it again as an adult… Still just as awesome.

RDJ will have to step up to this one.

Commentee @ 08/01/2009 at 4:48 pm

So… I checked out the trailors for this. Very dissappointing. Doesnt seem sleuth-like or intellectual at all… looks more like a James Bond film. Boo!

Hey no way is this a sherlock holmes attire.. he’s definitely holmes in disguise.. i hear christian bale is gonna play watson.. he’s ok.. downing’s a great guy but i think holmes is more f a hugh jackman role.. that intensity is definitely lacking in RDJ.. not refuting he’s damn good of course.. just maybe slightly out of place as the inscrutable sherlock holmes.. but definitely looking forward to it!! :)

Go to Las Vegas and put down a bet that this movie will be one of the big movie bombs of all time……………..

I’ve always liked Downey as an actor EXCEPT in “WEIRD SCIENCE” but as Sherlock Holmes RIDICULOUS !!!!! I have seen the trailers ,whoever wrote the screenplay and whoever cast Downey should be cast into the CINEMATIC GARBAGE HEAP never to do another travesty. Arthur Conan Doyle is spinning in his grave. Looks like it might have been good as something other than Sherlock Holmes.

RDJ is a fabulous actor he takes his character and makes you beleive he actually exists, iron man, SH, etc. some actors always do the same character you know what i mean?? Like George Clooney, he does the same type of character in every movie hes been in, i think RDJ is good because you know what ever movie hes been in is gonna be good:) cant wait for IronMan 2!!!

Obviously this is Holmes in disguise… exactly

I really loved this movie a lot. I like this actor and I loved him in the movie Iron man, he was kinda cool looking dude.

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I loved Sherlock Holmes. The books were great and saw was the movie. Good work RDJ, good work

Sherlock Holmes is really excentric and Robert is a little too,even out off his role of Tony Stark ( iron man) ( you can see that in the interviews)I think He can play this role with success, I love his work. Yeah,indeed he looks like charlie chaplin, but people in the XVIII have the same costumes…But that[s all,I will watch that movie before saying anything,I don´t wanna look prejudice.Good luck,Robert!

Thank you for the good info.

Maksudl Haque Arif @ 02/11/2011 at 2:52 am

I have read all the books of Sherlock Holmes.And I think RDJ is the best Sherlock Holmes.I love this man and for me,He is the Sherlock holmes.

Somehow Robert Downey Jr. lacks something about Sherlock Holmes. He doesn’t has the X factor nad mysterious look.

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They did not mention what he wears though. But I don’t think he would be a slouch.He does look like charlie though, loved that film. Got me watching the real chaplin movies.

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