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Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes -- FIRST PICTURES

Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes -- FIRST PICTURES

Here are the very first pictures of Robert Downey Jr. filming Sherlock Holmes on Friday, currently filming in Central London.

When asked what he could bring to a character portrayed countless times on film and television, RDJ has joked: “Clearly I’m going to do it better than it’s ever been done. The more I read about it the more overwhelmed I was by the weight of it and the amount of people who will be watching to see if it’s gotten right.”

Check out the pictures below–it looks like RDJ and his stunt double are conferring with each other on how to jump off the building they’re standing on. Also pictured: director Guy Ritchie.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Sherlock Holmes’ new look — HOT or NOT?

10+ pictures inside of RDJ as Sherlock Holmes…

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Credit: Big Pictures; Photos: INFdaily, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Alan mclean

    what? if anything the casting’s the wrong way around with jude looking more like the conan doyle description of holmes. it looks like downey’s just reprising his role as chaplin.

    seriously i love holmes, law and downey and will watch everything concerning any of them but what the hell is ritchie thinking, i mean his choices have been going down hill fast ever since he made the primary mistake of hollywood – “never marry madonna” and it looks like the divorce isn’t helping his movies any. plus from what i hear holmes won’t be doing any drugs in this version which is the only reason i can think of downey getting the part in the first place.

    i’m not looking forward to this one little bit

  • arcamedies

    Doyle”s visual description of Holmes is less exact then most imagine. The deer stocker hat was simply “A floppy hat” and he didn’t smoke a Calabash pipe, he smoked a briar. Sidney Paget’s illustrations in Strand magazine (where the stories first appeared) is the source of Sherlock Holmes’ popular image.
    Holmes often dressed as a local in order to blend in, it’s an action sequence, Downey’s appearance could mean anything?

  • david

    i dnt think he looks like a holmes, holmes wasnt poor looking. I also dnt think he suits the part to play holmes either. I think hugh jackman could play holmes correctly


    No one can match Jeremy Brett; he is Sherlock Holmes.

    Downey looks like Charlie Chaplin and is out of his depth.

    Hopefully he doesn’t have a cheap imitation English accent stolen from

    the stage. This role requires the skills of an original English actor and

    not an American wannabe.

    Will Watson be a bumbling fool to make Holmes seem more

    intelligent? Give it up boy’s, Granada TV got it right with Brett.

    So long.

  • Honeyrilla

    I love Sherlock Holmes. Seeing these pictures makes me wonder how well Guy and Robert will be able to pull this off. When I first saw the pictures, I too thought that he didn’t look quite like Sherlock Holmes. He does look more like Charlie Chaplin. I cannot believe that the wardrobe folks and Guy are letting him dress like this. Sherlock Holmes is dapper. He’s impeccably dressed. Everything is crisp and in its place. His hair is perfectly coiffed. His clothes are perfectly tailored. They’re going to have to do something about this. I don’t think a “dowdy” looking Sherlock Holmes is going to fly. Definitely get rid of the bowler hat.

  • rdjlover

    i cant wait to see this movie with his comeback as the great tony stark in iron man and kirk lazurus in tropic thunder he is a very talented actor i cant wait to see how he makes a mark as the great sherlock holmes and hell always look like charlie chaplin with a bowler cause he played him sherlock too me is definetly more of a top hat guy


    and dude whoever se is is such a dumbass…robert downey jr. was in jail for all that drug abuse and crap a LONG time ago. DONT YOU KNOW!??!?!?!? HE’S TURNED HIS LIFE 180 DEGREES AROUND. HE’S BACK IN THE GAME BABY!

  • veridicus12

    I’ve read all sixty stories by arther conan doyle and never did he wear a bolla hat, he wore a dear stlker (cap with two picks front and rear) nor was he slovenly dressed and he certainly never looked like he was hung over. this movie is not off to a good start/

  • Nickycanham

    I think Robert Downey Jr will make a great Sherlock Holmes, he’s a very talented actor and as he’s shown he can turn his hand pretty much any part.
    He’s already portrayed Chaplin so we know he’s good at the British accent, and we also he’s good at period films.
    I say give him a chance, I believe he will make a fine Sherlock Holmes. Go for it Rob, good on you for going there!

  • Sjoyyyy

    hey..he luks a bit lyk Charlie Chaplin..And Accrdng 2 d novels Sherlock holmes s tall..well lets see wat happens

  • Ray M

    Warner Brothers told Guy Richie to reshoot the film because they told him that it wasn’t good enough.Robert Downley Jr look more like Charlie Chaplain.It was teh role he played in the 1990′s and the film was a box office flop.If you want to watch Sherlock Holmes I recommend the DVD box set of the TV series starring Jeremy Brett.

  • YOJAN17

    He doesn’t look the part. Isn’t Holmes supposed to be taller and skinnier? Well, we’ll see.

  • Ted Smtih

    He is a great actor, and also handsome. The problem is that Sherlock Holmes was not handsome or charming. There has only been one screen adaption that has gotten the Holmes character right and it looks like this is going to be another in a long list of Holmes movies or tv shows that portrays Holmes exactly opposite of how he was written. Why cant Hollywood understand what made Holmes a classic and just go with that instead of “improving” it.

  • Andrea

    Robert Downey Jr. is GREAT!!! The best actor there has ever been and his comeback story makes him even better!

  • BOB

    Il a déjà joué le rôle de Chaplin, très bon d’ailleurs, mais là pour un Sherlock??…Non merci !!!
    Vive Basil Rathbone….
    Robert DJ ok, mais pas en Charlie ou en brigade du tigre à la française, je suis désolé mais c’est pas comme ça que je vois Sherlock Holmes.
    Ce n’est que mon avis.
    A chacun sa vision.

  • dzawski

    Besides looking like Charlie Chaplan, imagining him as Sherlock Holmes gives me the creeps. Such a weak person playing such a strong character.
    too bad.

  • booyah

    agreed. he looks like charlie chaplin. as i recall, sherlock holmes looks like a real gentleman, with mysterious aura. but i don’t know, robert downey’s acting is pretty good, i don’t even think he’s a superhero material until i saw iron man, and he was believable in it. soooo yeaaa why not give him another shot?

  • ademska

    Weak? Seriously? Do you know how strong a person it takes to successfully overcome an addiction and make it *stick*? RDJ’s both had and done a lot of bad shit in his life but his massive turnaround over a period of several years is I think a testament to his strength.

    Besides, it’s not like Holmes wasn’t an addict.

  • v.h.b.

    I’d have liked to see late Jeremy Brett’s and Basil Rathbone’s reaction.
    RDJ is C-H-A-R-L-I-E C-H-A-P-L-I-N !

  • http://AOL thomas

    Downey looks absurd as Sherlock Holmes. There is nothing in Conan Doyle’s description of his detective that resembles Downey’s costumes. Even when Downey is trying to look the part, I cannot imagine anything about his portrayal that will even begin to suggest Sherlock Holmes. Whoever cast Downey as Sherlock Holmes has obviously never read a Sherlock Holmes story. I am not going to ruin a part of my Christmas Day by going to see a film such as this.

  • Jonathan whelan

    You are all idiots. Read the books before you comment. Sherlock Holmes was a master of disguise. This is obviously one of his disguises – a bum by the looks of it.

    I say again – idiots!

  • helena

    This has got to be a joke in poor taste. Nothing against Robert Downy Jr. but NOT for the Holmes character. Please tell me this is a joke. Couldn’t they find an actor more like the late Jeremy Brett? Tall, slender, and classy?

  • helena

    here’s an idea…Hugh Laurie and he’s British!!

  • Chris

    These photos are from informal between takes. The preview shows RD looking sharper and mores Holmes-like. In the stories, Holmes is occasionally unkempt, either because he is in a drug-induced stupor or he is relaxing in his chair, or because he is in disguise, for Holmes loves acting a part in his investigations. I think Downey is a brilliant choice for the role. He has the background to understand the depths and heights of Sherlock Holmes, and the professional integrity to study for the part by actually READING the source material.
    This is my next must-see movie.

  • Bullet

    I like their choice of Downey Jr. for Holmes.
    They put a comedic twist on a serious character but I think he’ll do well.
    I hate the fact that people are saying that Robert is a wrong choice for Holmes. This will be a second Iconic Role for him. First being Iron Man.

  • Locke

    D: Sherlock Holmes is supposed to be clean shaven and tall!

    …Ah, well. I guess I’ll judge this movie when it comes out, rather than gawk at pictures and complain.

  • abercrombie

    Holmes is supposed to be clean shaven

  • abercrombie

    I truly think Holmes fans

  • abercrombie

    he preview shows RD looking sharper

  • Christian bale


  • Christian bale

    sorry I meant *DOWNEY

  • asdfasdf

    Great series. Watched it as a kid, and recently re-discovered it and watching it again as an adult… Still just as awesome.

    RDJ will have to step up to this one.

  • Commentee

    So… I checked out the trailors for this. Very dissappointing. Doesnt seem sleuth-like or intellectual at all… looks more like a James Bond film. Boo!

  • abercrombie and fitch

    thats so cool~~~~
    ed hardy women’s

  • Ankush

    Hey no way is this a sherlock holmes attire.. he’s definitely holmes in disguise.. i hear christian bale is gonna play watson.. he’s ok.. downing’s a great guy but i think holmes is more f a hugh jackman role.. that intensity is definitely lacking in RDJ.. not refuting he’s damn good of course.. just maybe slightly out of place as the inscrutable sherlock holmes.. but definitely looking forward to it!! :)

  • Larry

    Go to Las Vegas and put down a bet that this movie will be one of the big movie bombs of all time……………..

  • FAS

    I’ve always liked Downey as an actor EXCEPT in “WEIRD SCIENCE” but as Sherlock Holmes RIDICULOUS !!!!! I have seen the trailers ,whoever wrote the screenplay and whoever cast Downey should be cast into the CINEMATIC GARBAGE HEAP never to do another travesty. Arthur Conan Doyle is spinning in his grave. Looks like it might have been good as something other than Sherlock Holmes.

  • :)

    RDJ is a fabulous actor he takes his character and makes you beleive he actually exists, iron man, SH, etc. some actors always do the same character you know what i mean?? Like George Clooney, he does the same type of character in every movie hes been in, i think RDJ is good because you know what ever movie hes been in is gonna be good:) cant wait for IronMan 2!!!

  • hotgossips

    Obviously this is Holmes in disguise… exactly

  • christmas toys

    I really loved this movie a lot. I like this actor and I loved him in the movie Iron man, he was kinda cool looking dude.

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  • John Gamings

    I loved Sherlock Holmes. The books were great and saw was the movie. Good work RDJ, good work

  • oh yeah

    Sherlock Holmes is really excentric and Robert is a little too,even out off his role of Tony Stark ( iron man) ( you can see that in the interviews)I think He can play this role with success, I love his work. Yeah,indeed he looks like charlie chaplin, but people in the XVIII have the same costumes…But that[s all,I will watch that movie before saying anything,I don´t wanna look prejudice.Good luck,Robert!

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  • Maksudl Haque Arif

    I have read all the books of Sherlock Holmes.And I think RDJ is the best Sherlock Holmes.I love this man and for me,He is the Sherlock holmes.

  • Sylves

    Somehow Robert Downey Jr. lacks something about Sherlock Holmes. He doesn’t has the X factor nad mysterious look.

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    They did not mention what he wears though. But I don’t think he would be a slouch.He does look like charlie though, loved that film. Got me watching the real chaplin movies.

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