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Ryan Gosling's Dog Walk

Ryan Gosling's Dog Walk

Ryan Gosling and his older sister Mandi take his dog George for a walk through the streets of Hollywood on Thursday afternoon.

The Gosling siblings were seen grabbing lunch at Byrds Cafe and stopping off at a newsstand to check out the latest magazines. They were also accompanied by Ryan‘s BFF Zach Shields, the boyfriend of Rachel McAdams‘ younger sister, Kayleen McAdams.

Earlier this year, Ryan took Mandi with him to the 2008 Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, where he was nominated in the “Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role” category for his role in Lars and the Real Girl.

10+ pictures inside of Ryan, Mandi and his pet pooch…

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Credit: Anthony Monterotti; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Sweets

    I love him, his sister is pretty.


    Aww thats cute:) But would love to see more pics of him with rachel mcadams,they are an amazing couple:)

  • cz

    his armpits are outta control..

  • Katie

    The armpits are disgusting. His sister and dog are cute!

    Why are there never pictures or news of Ryan & Rachel? I thought they got back together but maybe not?

  • brenbren

    love these new pics, but I wish Rachel was there. She’s in London filming Sherlock Holmes. Hopefully there will be pics of them soon. Love them together!

  • re: katie

    i’m assuming they aren’t together because i don’t think they have been seen together for a few months and i think rachel is in london now filming a movie. there’s always news of ryan in la, so it doesn’t seem like he is there with her obviously!

  • lulucita

    they haven’t been spotted by the media in a month and a half so people assume they aren’t together because some can’t deal with the feact fans don’t know what they are up to all the time

  • #7

    lulucita—so do you know they are together for sure? I guess it’s just as easy to assume they are together as to assume they are not together when there’s no proof either way.

  • lulucita

    that’s is why when people ask me If I think they are back together or still togethet I say: I don’t know

    is easier not to assume anything since there aren’t any proofs

  • Jill

    I don’t know if they are together or not. Right now I’m leaning towards not because since the pictures came out, they never seem to be in the same country and now Rachel is filming a movie for a number of months on a different continent and Ryan has his own thing going on in LA, but there really is no proof either way. I wouldn’t be surprised to never hear about them as a couple again and I wouldn’t be surprised in a few years if they got married.

  • becca

    his sister is really pretty!

  • Kris

    i agree with all of that jill. if they are together, hopefully ryan gets his butt to london one of these days, but I’m sure he has his own work and life in los angeles that he can’t just ditch. i also lean towards them not being together though. it reminds me of when they broke up, actually—they were never seen together and then rachel went off and filmed a movie and ryan stayed in los angeles.

  • jen

    Cute dog, cute sister, cute sweaty armpits. I swear there is nothing about this man that I am not attracted to. :)

  • Jen

    He is sweaty! It’s kind of gross! His sister looks nothing like him, but she’s pretty. And cute doggy!

    Agree with y-all that believe he’s not together with Rachel. Too bad. They were cute together.

  • WTF?

    If my girlfriend was filming in London, I would find the way to be with her. WTF is he doing in LA?

  • amanda

    How do you know that he hasnt been in london? Just because you havent seen pictures doesnt mean he hasnt been there. or that rachel hasnt been to LA. In fact rachel was in LA a couple of weeks ago and how do you know they werent together then? No pics do not equal not together. Rachel and ryan arent Brad and angelina(and i dont mean that in a bad way) the photogs dont follow r/r around everywhere they go. We go weeks without seeing pics of Ryan and Rachel. So no photographs of them means nothing.

  • seriously?

    Last I checked, not a lot of wives/girlfriends go on business trips with their boyfriends/husbands and vice versa so how does that even matter if he’s there or not? They’re both working people, just cause their celebrities doesn’t mean they can have the privileged of joining their s/o on their business trips. Just like any other couple, if it’s an extended stay, you might make arrangements to go and meet them when it’s convenient for the both of you, if at all. Some of you guys are crazy. The fact that some of you are succumbed to the media with having to assume why celebrities are doing what they do when you haven’t the slightest clue is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Here they come!

    Oh great! The McGoslings are out! :) Don’t ever question if their favorite couple are together or not!!!!

    Nobody knows jack-s**t. Everybody who assumes they are together and have been together in London and LA might be wrong and everybody who assumes they aren’t together might be wrong too.

  • lulucita

    # 18 THANK YOU for that

    ”Nobody knows jack-s**t. Everybody who assumes they are together and have been together in London and LA might be wrong and everybody who assumes they aren’t together might be wrong too.”

    is much easier and better to live in the ”not assuming world”

  • brenbren

    amanda, seriously, and here they come: I agree with all of you. Just because there are no pics posted of ryan and rach doesn’t mean they’re together or not together. They have always been an extremely private couple. In all the time they’ve been together, they have only been photographed a handful of times (candids). They aren’t as comfortable as brangelina in the public eye.. thats just their style. I still think they’re together though, because pics of them only surface once in a long while.

  • To #18

    #18 – you said it perfectly. People want to believe that Ryan has been in London and that Rachel was in LA with him because they want to believe that they are together. And people see that they are never photographed together, never seen together, always in different cities and they believe that they aren’t together. The only people that know the truth is the people involved.

  • PR

    I never bought the R&R reunion. It was too coincidental that she had a movie coming out and the woman he’d been spotted holding hands with turned out to be married. It was a pr stunt.

  • Jenna

    Oh, there’s cute George!! He’s so friendly! Ryan is always walking him around our neighborhood. Ryan is so nice. He always comes into my roommate’s cafe that she works at and they talk about the candidates and debates! I still want to meet Rachel!

  • amanda

    Im not a mcgosling or whatever I was just pointing out that it is crazy to say that they are or arent together based on whether there are photographs together or not. People take celebrity relationships to seriously…hahaha.

  • Maddyboy

    What’s the big deal with him sweating?

    He’s human. Can’t the man sweat?

    I think it’s HOT. I love to see a sexy man sweat.

  • Heather

    I saw Ryan last weekend at Cobras & Matadors in Los Feliz. He’s very handsome in person.

  • ???

    Jenna you’ve mentioned before on here that your room-mate sees him alot. If so maybe she could help with the debate over him and Rachel(together or not?) Why doesn’t she casually ask him about her? She could always ask hows Rachel? , or when are you going to bring Rachel in I’d love to meet her. Just to see how he responds. Then hopefully you’ll come back on here and let us know. ( Yes, I’m curious to know!)

  • lulucita

    who knows if the casual mention of Rachel would work?
    IMHO it wouln’t
    just like last year at TIFF Ryan got asked what Rachel thought of him keeping on of the dolls from Lars and the Real Girl,he just said ” she doesn’t like it”…the use of present tense made people think they still were together , when clearly weren’t

    so by a ”how’s Rachel?”
    he could simply say ”she is great”…
    or to a ”when you bring her?” a ”we’ll see about that” / ”I don’t know”

  • MJ

    I feel like this are they/aren’t they thing with Ryan & Rachael has been going on for 4 years. They definitely keep people guessing. If they are together, it would be nice to see Ryan go to London to support his girlfriend. It’s hard to keep a relationship going–especially a new relationship like theirs–by being so far apart for so long.

  • smdwh

    he is so hot and always does great movies

  • beach girl bum

    Enough already! i wish she would dump him for good. Maybe she has! She can do lots better than ryan..anytime, any day.
    didn’t he mess around on her – that was why they broke up before??maybe.

  • Met him!

    I met Ryan at Crown Bar last night! Very hot and super nice. The girl he was there with accidentally spilled some of her wine on my friend and she felt so bad about it!

  • To #32

    More details! Was he with a girl friend or did it look more intimate?

  • Luckyluke

    Oh god, get over the sweat people! Precious queens. Give the guy a day off! He looks hot: literally and figuratively!

  • Alex

    He isn’t seeing Rachel anymore unless he is cheating on her (doubt he would). I saw him getting cuddly with a skinny brunette in Griffith park while walking his dog. They seemed really happy. She was drinking coffee, he was nice enough to talk to some of the passerbys. Consider me jealous. This topic should is kind of a silly one though. Who cares who they are dating? They seem like cool people together or on their own.

  • Bree

    Cuddly as in kissing? Or as in hugging? Maybe he’s just a friendly guy.

  • Seth

    He’s really sexy, but he needs to lose those raggedy boots he’s been wearing forever…….yuck.

  • Alex

    Pretty sure that he isn’t just friendly. Not kissing publicly cause ew, but attached and not letting go of each other and using this weird looking stick thing to chuck balls for the dog to chase.

  • T

    When exactly did you see them at the park? Was this recently, like in the past week?

  • ???

    Rachel is a skinny brunette Alex.

  • Alex

    I know what Rachel looks like, it wasn’t her. I came up to them and talked about the dogs so I was face to face. I have no idea who mystery girl was. It doesn’t matter much to me though. I think both Ryan and Rachel should be happy. They are both favorites of mine. Yeah this was recent, I think Wednesday?

  • Tia

    Maybe he really isn’t with Rachel then. Afterall, Tuesday was Rachel’s birthday and if he was with someone else on Wednesday, then that’s not a good sign.

  • Holly

    Rachel’s birthday wasn’t on Tuesday. Her birthday is Nov 17. As for Alex’s story. I’ll believe it when I see it or read it.

  • sandy

    OK Alex, in your first post you say he was nice enough to talk to passersby “consider me jealous”, (so he talked to others, but not you)and now you say you talked to them face to face about the dogs (so he talked to you eventually??)….hmmm….anyway it doesn’t matter whether they’ve moved on or not, obviously things didn’t work, but it was nice to see that little show of happiness in TO in August!!

    BTW Tia her birthday is actually next month on the 17th, as has been proven by her birth announcement in the London Free Press or Post.


    Maybe it was that married chick Angel again!!!!

  • ????

    I’m was thinking about how the story suddenly changed also and Sandys right her bithday is November 17th. You here so many stories and supposed sightings its hard to figure out which to believe.

  • Tia

    Hmmm, well in this video interview with Rachel, the interviewer talks to Rachel about her upcoming birthday. She says Oct. 7 and Rachel acknowledged it.

  • sandy

    Yes the interviewer “said” that her birthday was coming up on OCt 7th…but…she never acknowledged the actual date, just her age, and that it was coming up SOON!!!

    Also ???? what you said about so many stories being told you never know whats right or wrong… so true, so true…nothing really is credible on any blog site you go to…there have been numerous stories told about Ryan and Rachel…only to find out later on they weren’t true???

  • ????

    actually the interviewer mentions her birthday coming up and rachel is acknowledging it as the interviewer mentions Oct 5th. On wipedikia there is a link to her birth announcement from the London Press saying Nov 17th.

  • ????

    Sorry meant Oct 7th