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UNICEF to Selena Gomez: You're a Great Role Model!

UNICEF to Selena Gomez: You're a Great Role Model!

Selena Gomez stops in for a frozen yogurt treat at Menchie’s in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The 16-year-old Wizards of Waverly Place star was recently named spokesperson for the 2008 Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF campaign, which encourages children to make Halloween count by helping other children around the world.

“I am extremely excited to be this year’s Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF spokesperson,” said Selena. “I want to help encourage other kids to make a difference in the world and show them that Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF is such a great, fun way to get involved.”

“We are thrilled to have Selena be a part of the Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF program this year,” said Caryl Stern, President and CEO of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. “Young people can relate to Selena, and she is a great role model who we believe will greatly enhance the visibility of the program.”

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  • RM


  • Jewelsjonas


    Im doing UNICEF too


  • E

    ^_^ yay! Selena is the best!
    and she actually tries to join stuff to help out
    Selena is my role model!<3

  • team hudgens(ZANESSA)

    shes fat here!
    too much make up put on.

  • minji

    Sne’s really lovely

    and I think she really likes yoghurt ice cream.

  • selenahaters

    Selena is such a bicth !
    miley is way better than her…

  • mari

    i dont like selena – no me gusta selena – je n’aime pas selena

    MILEY IS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • whatever, yo

    Pfft… Selena is the Hillary Duff to your Miley who is like Lindsay!!!

    And who the hell has had more success?

    And having the paps follow you by the dozens is NOT success

  • whatever, yo

    Pfft… Selena is the Hillary Duff to your Miley who is like Lindsay!!!

    And who the hell has had more success?

    And having the paps follow you by the dozens is NOT success

  • http://justjared shamilah

    SELENA ROX!!!!!

  • taz

    too much makeup

  • gg

    shesa soooooooooooooooooooooooo skinny!!

    she needs more pinkberrys..honestly guys like CURVES!!

  • gg

    shesa soooooooooooooooooooooooo skinny!!

    she needs more pinkberrys..honestly guys like CURVES!!

  • omgsh

    she does all these things because she can’t sing and act and wateverrrr. :-<. if she can sing like miley, she wouldn’t do all these things. Lolz . She has no talents.

  • linda

    i like her but evrybody says that she is the new miley ! and i don´t think so miley is better ! i prefer miley !
    but i like her 2

  • lisa

    it´s true that she and nick broke up ???

  • rocksii

    haha you can’t compare miley to selena .. come oon!!
    miley is a stuck up girl who thinks shes 18 when shes whaat 14?15?
    shes so immature and selena is waaay mature and intelligent
    and prettier than miley. you guys are so stupid and probably so young.

  • omgits selena

    shes soo skiiny! she sould snap!

  • omgits selena

    shes soo skiiny! she sould snap!

  • gabriela

    i hate her –’

  • gabriela

    she sucks –’ fuck u selena

  • gabriela

    she sucks –’ fuck u selena

  • lfew

    being a young person, i can’t find myself to relate to selena in anyway .. except for that fact that we are both females.

  • joss

    she really is a great role model, she hasn’t done anything (so far) in her career that would make her image a negative one..unlike miley and her dirty photos

    love her!! <3

  • elizabeth

    shes stunning. and i have the cardigan shes wearing only in black! i lve it. its from forever 21

  • vanessa

    wow only jealous people would take something good Selena is doing like UNICEF and turn it around and make it a negative. Seriously Selena is a good person and a good role model and if you don’t like her MOVE ON.

  • mileyfan

    ewwww!!!!!! i hate her!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is a bad role model! whats so good about her she wants to dress like 60 year old!

  • michelle

    shes soo pretty!!!
    and shes a great role model:)
    i love herrrr<3333:)

  • kristan

    i don’t like selena but to #4– she’s definitely not fat! she’s actually really really thinnnn.

    she is pretty though :/

  • neya

    i like selena but i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee miley and i think she’s way better than her

  • yayyy =]

    I love Selena, Demi AND Miley!!
    they are all great
    i wanna meet themmm
    and shes definetly NOT fat idiot

    yay go selena demi and miley =]

  • kailyn

    no one kill be, but she looks liked she’s gained heaps of weight!
    maybe its just the camera angles??

  • nourhan

    she looks so cute in this picture she is a great role model

  • ryanne

    can people just go one day without saying how much you like miley better or how much you hate selena. and stop judging her from what you hear on tv or read about i think if you dont know her personally than dont call her a bitch and whatever else. she didnt became an actress to be like oh when i become a bigger star im going to make sure that all the attention is on me and not on miley….nobody does that…thats bullshit

  • mz Sass

    I don’t care this girl. I think she tries too hard and is desperate to be famous. However, she’s not fat! Her face is puffy though, so is Miley’s.
    Both of them have puffy faces and slender bodies. I think it’s just a case of girls growing into young ladies.

    I will say Selena’s trying awfully hard to be a “role model”.. a little TOO hard.

  • Lilly Bitches[;

    Ugh Here it Goes again……Slutina Whoremez.
    Selena Shut yo mouth Bitch, And Go Suck a Dick, That’s all Ur good 4, kause Ur a Horrible Actress! Pfft lemme Tell You, Ur show Sucks Monkey Balls! Cmon Wizards Of Waverly Place? Oh Pleaze, I’d Rather Watch Harry Potter, Even That is More Fun 2 watch. When I watch Ur show, I litterally Fall Asleep, That’s how Boring it is, Oh Wait, Its Kauze u make it Boring! xD
    And Your Singing? omg! You sound like a Fucking Cat Getting Strangled, Girl don’t Sing Don’t Even Act, Just Go Away.
    And Cmon Stealing Ur Bff’s Boyfriend? *Suck Teeth* slutina Cmon I Know You can’t Get a Boyfriend 2 save ur life, Cuz ur so Ugly, But does that mean you have 2 steal Someone elses? That’s a shame, Its Almost sad, As a matter Of Fact, it is sad.
    But Mostly Selena, You’re Sad. :D
    I hate You Slutina, Go Die In a Hole! I wouldn’t Care, as a matter of Fact, I’ll Throw a Party! :)
    And Selena Fans, Shut The Fuck Up & Go lick Selena’s Ass!! And Don’t tell me 2 get a life, Cuz I have a Life, I’m alive Dipshits. And Noone Asked u to start an argument with me, But You. So Basically Yall don’t have a life :P

    Bye Whores! xxxxxxx

  • Lilly Bitches[;

    And Also she’s not a good Role Model whores! Cmon Teaching lil girls To Steal Their Bff’s Boyfriend is a good Role Model?, Yall Obviously Don’t know What Ur saying. Go Jump off a bridge Slutina Fan, Yall are just jackasses!! :P

  • didn’t ur mom teach u better

    She is awesome!!and stop comparing herto miley -im glad she is notlike miley -miley doesnt behavelike a normal 16 year oldMiley is a little ****, she is 16and she has more exbf thana 20 year old.Selena is so down to earthshe loves her fans and sheloves to make them know howthankful she is …most celebritiesdont even care about takingtime to talk to their fans–so dont judge selena dont be a hatershe is a great person
    —-about her style -i think her clothes arelike a regular 16 year old clothes at least shenot showin her bra or panties!-i dont think a 30 year old woman woulddress like that
    –selena is the best!!–

  • sarah
  • Lilly Bitches[;

    Didn’t Ur mom Teach u better #38 Shut Yo Mouth Bitch! I’ll Put you down With the Rest Of Them! You Don’t Tell me Wat 2 do skank, If I wanna Be a Hater, Then I’m Gonna be A Hater, But I have a Right To! Why don’t Chu Stop Being a Fucking Lesbian, Damm I know You’re in love with selena, But you Gotta Cool It down, I Think Selena Likes Boys Not Girls. lol. And Miley’s The Best Dipshit! At Least She Has More talent Then That White Piece of trash Over There. Pfft Cruella da ville? WTF! I rather Go Hear The Barney Theme Song fo the rest of my life, Instead of hearing that shit. and hunny no she’s not down to earth, Cuz if she Was, She Wouldn’t Be Covering Up her Natural Beauty With all That Makeup. At least Miley has the Guts to walk Out With No Makeup, Which is a Very Good Role Model 2 me. Miley shows us you don’t have 2 be anyone other than Urself, Selena In The Otherhand, Tries so Hard 2 be Sweet, But You know Damm Right, She’s not. Just Face it Whore, Mileys More Successful Then Selena, More Talented, More pretty, More Everything, she Deserves All The Recognition. Hun One more thing If You Hate Miley Then Fine, That’s ur problem. But its better 2 be hated for what you are, Then 2 be loved for what ur not. :)
    Peace out Bitch!

  • catiey


  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    She is a great role model ♥
    Selena Rox :)

  • star

    To #35, you sound like an idiot. Since when is it a bad thing to try hard to be a good role model? She knows that she has young fans that look up to her and she goes out of her way to set a good example for them?

    To #40, No honey, I think you’re gay! calm down girl! It seems to me like you’ve watched too many episodes of Hannah Montana because you worship the ground that she walks on. You have a twisted perception of a “good role model” if you think Miley’s one. Taking semi-naked photos of yourself and dating someone that is 20 is not a good message to sent to young girls.

  • usdhifhipufsdj

    she’s gained weight

  • xoxo

    Pfft… Selena is the Hillary Duff to your Miley who is like Lindsay!!!

    And who the hell has had more success?

    And having the paps follow you by the dozens is NOT success

    Miley has had more success. She has the highest rated Disney show, three #1 albums, a #1 movie, etc. Selena only has a decent rated Disney show and a straight-to-DVD movie. Also Selena has the paps follow her too. I like both but Miley better.

  • Cynthia


  • sorry!!!

    sorry, but i cannot stand her!!
    she is SOOO annoying!!!
    and stealing you ” best friend”"s boyfriend is not being a good role model.
    i like Miley though. but i’ll admit it that i’m not miley’s biggest fan but she is still a lot better than selena and demi.
    sorry but i just can’t stand them (selena and demi).
    but i dont mean anything bad, that’s just my opinion.
    but i am glad that she is helping the kids.

  • Lilly Bitches[;

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! #44 Whoa! who are Ya Hollin At!!!!!!!!!!!!? What Happen? I Wantch u 2 Holla At me! Ima make you meet Yo maker, ima make you meet Selena Pussy!, I’ll shove ur Head so Far Up selenas Pussy You’ll be spitting Out her Pussy Juice For weeks! Watching Hannna Montana? You’re the One Maturbating 2 Wizards of waverly place! Wishing she was shoving that wand up yo pussy! Fucking Lesbians Of wavely Place! & Those “Pictures” miley Takes, Shows us, That she’s just Being herself & she’s not no fake like Slutina, Whore. So Go fuck Fuck urself with a 25 inch dildo bitch.

  • Lilly Bitches[;

    I Don’t know Who The Fuck you Think ur talking Too, Motherfucking Cock sucking Bitch! Go die in a Hole with selena! xDD

  • Sabrina Aka Lillys Bff ;]

    I Agree with my bff Lilly (Love ya Girl!) :P
    I don’t like Selena, She’s a Fake ;]
    Miley is way Better, Talented and of course prettier! xD