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Serena Williams is a Bikini Babe

Serena Williams is a Bikini Babe

Tennis champ Serena Williams and former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland hit Miami Beach together on Friday afternoon.

Serena, 27, has a book called “Queen of the Court” scheduled for release Christmas 2009.

Mike Jones, Simon & Schuster’s editorial director for non-fiction said of the book, “It’s a fantastic story about her background and how both her sister [Venus] and she were pushed into becoming winners by their father. She has huge appeal because of what she has achieved during her career. This book goes beyond tennis fans. She’s a top athlete with a really great personality and interesting story behind her.”

WOULD YOU buy and read Serena’s book — YAY or NAY?

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  • heidi


  • meeeee

    did you guys put her face on terrell owens body?

  • Bella

    She has a very masculine body, but still she is very fit.

  • Kenny

    OMG here it is, Britney´s Womanizer new video *.*


    What a manly body!!!….She may be ” fit “, but the over-all ” look ” of her body is masculine…To masculine!!!!

  • bell

    I personally think she is so fabulous!

  • uhmm..

    well at least she’s got big boobs!

  • Sol

    Serena is very feminine outside of tennis. She is really into fashion and girly stuff, but her body is so manly. So weird.

  • http://justjared kayla

    kelly looking fine

  • http://justjared kayla

    love her accesories

  • http://anongirl liz

    i wanna be toned like that!! guess i’d have to play tennis every single dya for 8 years, huh? wow!

  • nysro

    I think “she” might have some twigs and berries tucked up there somewhere..

  • chrisler 1

    She is looking mighty fine.

  • katie n

    Fabulous. I hope she will make a come back.

  • neil

    Serena is a true Amazon. Women’s tennis is so much more entertaining than men’s and the William’s sisters are their biggest stars.

  • LORI


  • Chloe

    Sorry, but she looks like Mike Tyson in drag !

  • ilovemykittyb

    this is a man!!! not a woman…..ugly

  • Trixy

    wtf! she’s soooooo damn groos soo fat so masculine sooo ugly soo ewwww so everything at least she can do some diet or maybe becomee anorexic like paris hilton xDDD

  • barbie

    I will definitely buy her book. There is actually comparatively little known about the Sisters, which is strange considering their huge talent and distinctive looks. By the way, Serena looks fabulous in the bikini.

  • wooaahhh

    what a machine! A sexy machine though!

  • Nathan27

    my eyes!!!!
    is that mike tyson in bikini???


    Wow, I would NOT want to mess with that woman, that’s for sure. She looks very strong and fit. Don’t think I would want to go there, but I can respect the work it took to get that fit.

  • chrisler 1

    People seem to have forgotten that she is a world champion athlete, not a soap actress. She needs a body like that to generate , what like 145 mph serves. Grow up people.

  • chrisler 1

    And people are not brn with such muscles. Respect the hard work, determination and sacrifices that must have gone into developing that kind of body.

  • Wild Bonhomme

    Power! Fitness! Glamour! This apply even more to Venus!
    You did a good job Richard ,but you had fine material to work with!
    Long reign to the Williams sisters….and Venus fabulous legs!

  • Thank You all here

    WOW!! Times are a changing. I see more , if not all, people here stopped bad comments about the Williams sisters. I was all prepared to post out a comeback, Yeah , Venus and Serena are really built, but that is what happens when you have to carry all of those big ole, gold and silver and crystal trophies they y keep winning.”
    Also, I am glad Serena is not likesome Black girls, afraid of wearing a swimsuit to the beach. It is the beach. Black girls, let your get wet. Wear a swimsuit.
    Kelly Williams looks cute too.

  • newport beach, 92660

    Yowza , talk about CURVES !

    Daaamn , it’s like IMPOSSIBLE to have those sick curves .

    Although it DOES look masculine , but somehow , still …. HOTT!

    ♥♥ loveee TENNIS! and Serena Williams , (although Maria Sharapova is my favourite tennis player) muaaah! ( K )

  • julia

    For those of you who say she is very Manly , you are all just jealous , she is one hot lady and an excellent athlete. You should be ashamed of your negative comments.

  • katie n

    #27- there may be few good comments but the earlier ones were sick. To call that wonderful athlete all those names…just sick. Hope she is not reading this blog. Being the champion she is she would probably not mind what those losers had to say.



  • c

    kelly rowland I love u baby, but u look a hot mess out there !

  • bitchetta

    A drag queen with tits.

  • Shalia

    Now we see why she dominates the tennis court!

  • isa

    Serena is sexy, strong, and powerful. There certainly are some Idiots in this world . . . Serena is all woman — may not be petite and skinny, nevertheless a truly exotic, sexy woman ! ! !

  • katy

    Serena looks like a man

  • julie

    From the looks of her body, maybe the book should be called King of the Court.

  • Smooth Thug

    On another post, some meathead said that Serena was built like an NFL linebacker. If that’s the case, she can tackle me anytime she wants. She’s got some meat on her bones and she’s got one gorgeous behind on her. I’m not impressed with these walking, talking bags of bones like, for example, Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria, etc.

  • Luis

    Stupid comments by closed minded people. Serena is a beautiful woman. Personally, I think she is HOT! Congratulations on her many accomplishments.

  • girl4evz

    she so..masculine..=/

  • chandu

    i really like your boobs i fuck you

  • Vincent

    Me? I like that extra meat in all the right places. I am tired of seeing these skinny Anorexic woman being called beautiful! I need to feel some Azz and Breastasises! Check out these Serena Pics for all you HATERS!!!

  • skinny girls please

    ohhh my god 50cent is a drag

  • dick


  • amd

    am i supposed to laugh or throw up?

  • duane

    Serena Williams was always, next to Maria Sharapova, the most smokin’-hot chick in modern-day professional tennis and she proves it once again here. This sister is most definitely a she-babe. If her forthcoming book is anywhere near as hot as she certainly is, it will be a best-seller for sure. Keep kickin’ it, girl; women will continue to envy you and we men will continue to ache to be with you.