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Shenae Grimes Eats Fresh!

Shenae Grimes Eats Fresh!


90210 starlet Shenae Grimes eats fresh as she picks up a Subway sandwich and two soft drinks before heading home in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The 18-year-old Canadian actress continues to fight talk that she has a weight problem. She recently blogged, “Now, as you all know now probably, I graced my first major magazine cover, only to be called ‘too skinny’ alongside my co-star Jessica Stroup. I would like to say once again that neither me or Jessica have issues with our weight or bodies. I happened to be very small built, and I’ve always been skinny. So I personally think that people need to stop criticizing everyone in the media these days about their issues. I’m sure you wouldnt like it if someone pointed out all of your flaws and all of your mistakes.”

10+ pictures inside of Shenae Grimes eating fresh…

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shenae grimes eats fresh 02
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shenae grimes eats fresh 04
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Credit: Jones/Butterworth; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Ina

    she looks so nice here. i like it!
    nice scarf


    That is the problem coming from Toronto.. you don’t get this kind of
    publicity.. She played a bad girl on Degrassi High the next generation..

    Saying that she is way to skinny than saying that Cheryl Burke is too
    fat.. It is all in self image…

  • zzzz

    SHenae is liying about always being skinny. She was an average, heavier weight just a couple of years ago. Hasn’t she seen the pictures of herself in the magazines?! And she is in deep denial if she thinks that she and Jessica, who ALSO used to be average weight don’t look like they’re malnourished. Those sandwiches are for show.

  • katie

    I agree, it’s none of our business.

  • jkjgjfdk

    She was always really skinny on degrassi, so i don’t know what people are talking about. I’m very skinny myself and I HATE when people criticize my body image. When you’re naturally skinny you can’t help it.

  • elizabeth

    well i disagree with her on one thing:

    jessica is WAY too skinny and definatley has something wrong with her whether it be an eating disorder or something else. just last year in ‘prom night’ she was a hell of alot bigger

  • Cayanne

    She smokes cigarettes?

  • sarah

    I wish people would stop pointing out these flaws. when I was younger i was pretty average too, I was 5″6 and 140 pounds but when i hit puberty I was standing at 5″7 and 120 pounds , I was really skinny, everyone accused me of having a eating disorder. Its really hurts when you walk in a room and people give you bad looks, or you hear the word aneroxic often….

  • lolia

    she’s not THAT skinny ..

  • naty

    In my opinion she is not that skinny I have seen worst, some people are just very skinny. My sister in law has always been very skinny(she is 85lbs) and eats like crazy.


    AGREE ” NATY ” AND ” SARAH “…..MY 14 YEAR old niece is tall and very thin, and when she had to go the emergency room last week after a field trip accident, the first thing the Dr. asked my sister-in-law, was ” is she anorexic “?……..I can see why he asked that question for medical reasons, but it upset my niece terribly……She eats everything in sight, from pizza to hamburgers and loves milk shakes….But she is so active, she just burns it off………People do not need to judge another person, until they really know the story.

  • Bella

    Why is this girl getting so much publicity.
    She is another skinny actress . . .who cares.

  • taz

    why hate on people who are skinny?? im naturally thin and eat LOADSS its just one of those things you have to get into you head.calling someone anorexic is just as bad as shouting someone is obese!

  • Suzanne

    I eat so much but am SO thin. I hate when people call me anorexic when I eat so much.

    I loved her and I like her even more because she knows what I’m going through. Hope she goes far.

  • hmmm

    She isn’t too skinny. Americans view on what is “healthy” is skewed since the majority are at least overweight.

  • jq

    omg! she is not that skinny. i guess because people are fatter nowadayz people who were considered fat 20 years ago are now considered skinny….shenae does not look anorexic, she is short and has a small build…she looks the same as she was on degrassi!


    Hmm…sounds like the exact same denial crap we heard from La Lohan and Mama Richie when they were walking stick figures…same with Keira Knightley…here’s the thing about an eating disorder…while you are in the thick of it, you don’t think you have a problem.

  • dialectic

    shes not too skinny shes just a small person! i know ,i deal with this type of shit of small build and i just dont have the huge appetite others do,its not a problem for me so why should it be anyones business? i dont walk up to fat people and ask them why they dont lose weight!

  • tracy

    neither ME or Jessica have issues

    ME don’t have issues either. but the girl need to brush up on her grammar.

  • sunshine

    Shes always been skinny.

    She looks exactly the same as she does on Degrassi.

    Ive watched Degrassi since shes been on the show and she hasnt lost any weight.

    In teh media you either too fat or too skinny or you have an eating disorder.

    Everyones diff. and people should respect that.

    New seon of degrassi comes on tonight. I think shes a better actress in degrassi than 90210.

  • michelle

    Jared, what’s the url of her blog or Myspace?

  • susan

    completley random but does anyone know where she got her shoes?? i think there vans but i cant find those pair

  • Amber

    It’s okay girl, people accuse me of not eating all the time! You look great and dont let anyone tell you otherwise!

  • forever on the dance floor


  • forever on the dance floor


  • soppy

    shes doesn’t look skinny or fat, shes average, where do people get off saying shes either?

  • ladida

    susan, they’re keds i’m pretty sure

  • Danielle e. M

    wheres her bag from

  • Kat

    shut up people, whos care about skinny. she still look great. by the way I LOVE SHENAE from Degrassi: the next generation!

  • newport beach, 92660

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being NATURALLY skinny .

    unfortunately ; when i was 14 i weighed 103 pounds at 5’4 , but then I got anorexia and dropped waaaay too much , 3 years later , people STILL think I have anorexia just cause when i yawn or lift my arms you can see my ribs completely through my shirt .

    So maybe , Shenae IS naturally skinny , and she just looks anorexic , I won’t say “oh , ewww , she’s like waaay too skinny” because I know how that feels like , and it’s not a nice feeling.

    Shenae looks happy and comfortable in her body , and that’s all that matters, whether you’re skinny or fat .

    Kisses – Audrey H. ( L )

  • Jill

    # 14 Suzanne @ 10/10/2008 at 4:10 pm

    From the time I was 13 through my 20s I was 5-6 and weighed 107 lbs and people used to tell me I looked like a POW. I ate whatever I wanted to but I had a metabolism that was off the charts. Everything I ate I burned up. Wait till you get older and your metabolism slows down, and then you will have to eat less just to maintain your weight.

  • Kristen

    She looks very happy,and she never has looked skinny to the point where she looks sick,so I think she’s fine.I think she really is built like that,like she says.

  • jughed


    she’s doesn’t look very skinny to me, but if she keeps smoking cigarettes she’ll look like skeletor in 5 years!

  • Belinda Simpson

    These children have the right to know where their grandmother (who stepped in and took them in with her love and stability at the time of their father’s sudden and untimely death) is. Imagine the pain of abandonment and separation axiety they could be feeling after losing the only parent they had ever known and now they don’t know where Miss Katherine is. This is not fair to them gown-ups. Someone in the family should show some empathy for these children’s feelings. Show some love. I am praying for this family–especially Miss Katherine (I hope she is alright) and Prince, Paris and Blanket.