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Sigourney Weaver is "Incensed by Sarah Palin"

Sigourney Weaver is

Sigourney Weaver, who guest stars on the Season 2 premiere of Eli Stone as Eli’s therapist, tells TV Guide, “The idea that they would be so bold as to create a show about faith was very exciting.”

She adds, “I’m not big on organized religion, but I wanted to convert to Judaism for a while. I went and lived on a kibbutz in Israel, but it was so lame because it was very conservative and all the women worked in the kitchen. It wasn’t a bunch of us out in the fields picking oranges and singing the way I had hoped, you know?”

On her new role as Eli‘s therapist, she says, “I actually have a therapist. She’s very smart and we try not to talk about politics because we’re both incensed about Sarah Palin.”

Diddy would approve this message.

Eli Stone premieres this Tuesday, October 14th @ 10PM ET/PT on ABC. Katie Holmes‘s will be featured the week after on Oct. 21.

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  • gabriela

    sarah sucks!

  • ANNA

    I am so SICK of hearing all of this celebrity garbage about Sarah Palin. The media and celebrities dislike her because she is a woman and on top of that she dares to be pro-life. I don’t understand this. The media treated Hillary Clinton the same way so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. How can you hate anyone based on their gender or political beliefs?? We should be more open to others and learn to Agree to Disagree.

  • anti-republican!!!!!

    Ripley ROCKS!!!!!


    OBAMA 08!!!!!

  • LRM216

    Ummm, are we supposed to care just what the hell Sigourney Weaver feels politically. I certainly don’t. Having said that, don’t really give a damn what gabriela has to say either. Such an intelligent remark – she must have the i.q. of a rutabaga.

  • Cristy pag

    Palin is a big joke, people can say whatever they want about her, but the only truth is that she is an idiot, she can’t answer a question about anything, this is so ridiculous to a person who wants to be de vp of united states.

  • LOVe her!!!!

    LOVE SARAH PALIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO CARES ABOUT DIDDY THE UNEDUCATED pansy and this Sigourney Weaver character. Celeb’s rip her down because its the in thing to be a democrat and everyone else rips her down because she is a female!!!!!!!! Hillary should of gotten the nomination but she didn’t b/c she was a female. SARAH IS AMAZING!!!!!!! They know not to talk about Obama b/c the LA RIOTS WILL BE OCCUR ALL OVER AGAIN led by good ole Al Sharpy (even though he really doesn’t like Obama)!!!!!!!!!

    GO SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ps. Jared be know your biased so go back to writing that little celeb stuff you do.

  • Sarah rocks my world

    Aww, love SP! She’s incredible!!!!!! Who cares what these idiots say!!! They don’t mean SHYT!

  • jas58

    For an Idiot Sarah Palin has gotten pretty far. I am not very interested in what all these celebrities think. Why should we be listening to these people. They are not anymore educated or know anymore then the rest of the population. I think it is sad that a group of people that are so far removed from “the real world” and what it is like to live in everyday america has been giving such a power and just spit out what is popular in hollywood and some people follow along. It is sad. By the way if you want to see someone making an idiot of themselves in a Katie Couric interview check out Joe Bidens. If you can find it!

  • Shakira

    It just shows that we should not rely on silly celebrities for our political advice.

  • christen

    ok im sick of this celebrities hating on sarah palin bullshit. Why cant a woman be conservative? Why cant a woman be a christian? Why cant a woman enjoy hunting and/or shooting guns? Why cant a woman be against abortion??? I guess your going to only receive praises from hollyWEIRD if your extremely liberal. I thought liberals were soooo open minded and into accepting others even though they are different? Oh I forgot that doesnt include conservative christian, pro-life, pro-nra peopel!!!! I mean these celebretards are really filled with hate for this woman. I admire her for going gainst the grain for once…too many of us are hiding in the shadows afraid of being ourselves ,because we might be treated exactly how sarh is being treated. Note to hollywood: We are not all like you, we all do not believe in the same things as you,we have different beliefs and morals….we do not listen to your elitist uneducated rantings, and we are HAPPY!!!!

  • tom c

    Sigourney Weaver just insulted orthodox Jews and there’s no outcry? She’s uneducated and as tacky as a clown at an elegant dinner party.

  • fair_choice


    could you please post something that is at least somewhat supportive of mccain/palin. i think it is rude that all the celebrity postings are about their hatred for them. the country is pretty 50/50 about mccain vs obama so there must be celebrities out there that support republicans. its getting out of hand and really a bother. being in biast is not cool.

  • lorenawoods

    once again, some people believe we care what those in hollywood think or perceive of the presidential candidates. and in this case, siggy thinks she should share her biased views of sarah p. opinions are like assholes, everybody has one, so do us all a favor hollyeffinwood, shut the eff up, go away, far far away. you are all null and void with mainstream america, therefore, you just don’t matter!

  • couldn’t agree with you more

    Such a great post!
    What’s with these mean girls?
    Now this haggard?

    ANNA @ 10/10/2008 at 1:21 pm

    I am so SICK of hearing all of this celebrity garbage about Sarah Palin. The media and celebrities dislike her because she is a woman and on top of that she dares to be pro-life. I don’t understand this. The media treated Hillary Clinton the same way so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. How can you hate anyone based on their gender or political beliefs?? We should be more open to others and learn to Agree to Disagree.

  • Mistress W

    How come she’s not incensed by Katie Holmes pimping out her daughter every time she and her husband have some lousy project to promote?

  • ganymede30324

    Who? Washed up old ‘celebrities’ figured out that bashing Governor Palin gets them a little attention. Your minute’s up, Sig. I think table 14 needs ketchup. Hop to it.

  • Bella

    I am sorry but politics in America have become a joke . . .and it is a serious matter. Honesty if Sarah Palin was some old and ugly woman, would anyone really care. Mean to say, but I feel it is true.

  • Grace

    Celebrity women hate Palin because she is everything they are not: attractive, happy with her femininity and very successful. Women who have personal problems are the ones who don’t like Palin. Sigourney just said she is seeing a therapist. Enough said.

  • Tina

    Sigourney Weaver is just trying to get some attention for herself. She is nuts thats why she is going to a therapist. Maybe she should find a new therapist that would really help her if it is possible. Sara is smart and talented and Democrats can’t stand it because she is prettier than Pretty boy Barack. What exactly has Barack accomplished? I still have not found anything positive that he has done (not one thing). I keep searching. I want more of a track record than he finished college. At least McCain and Palin have a positive track record that I can see and study. I thought Democrats were tolerant, kind and fair. I thought Democrats wanted whats best for the country. I guess I thought wrong.

  • dana

    as a jew, i just want to say how disgusted i would be if this idiot converted to judaism. if she knows anything about judaism, she would know that women aren’t normally supposed to be out working in the fields. and does she honestly believe that all jews do is “pick oranges and sing”? she would FAIL as a jew.

    and who really gives a crap about what she thinks politically? who IS she, anyway? i have never heard of her until now. this idiot should just shut her mouth.

  • Melissa

    the actresses in Hollywood are so jealous of Sarah, they can’t stand it. Woman are the worst, they will tear another woman apart if they feel threatened by her. Obviously Sarah is bringing the claws out in these ladies. I wonder if they know how rediculous they sound.

  • Kiki

    Sigourney is not the only one who feels she’s the worst thing that has happened in politics along with Bush, Cheney, and Nixon! Neither she nor John McCain deserve to be elected after their disgraceful lying, bigotry and hateful campaign.

    John McCain is not a real man but simply an old warrior who was imprisoned by the Vietnamese….we owe him nothing!

  • stefanie

    I’m getting sick and tired of celebrities (and has been celebrities) putting in their two cents with this campaign.

    It actually turns off alot of people who right now don’t have the wealth that these celebs have.

    They tried this stunt back in 2004 and Kerry lost. It might be the same this year.

  • Genna

    Lol! These pro-Palin comments remind me of the people that support Paris Hilton. Get over yourselves, and read a book or something. People just don’t have any respect for Sarah Palin –and this includes highly respected and loyal Republicans. Do you hear about the poll of pro-Palin supporters? Many of them didn’t understand how the 3 branches of the US Federal Government actually worked, what they consisted of, etc. They also didn’t know how the legislative branch works either. It’s self-absorbed twinkies like these that are ruining our country.

  • Women for Obama

    I am incensed at Palin too. She is a nasty, mean-spirited, racist, vicious woman.

  • me

    celebrities are ignorant fools..

  • Women for Obama

    That mean nasty b*tch Palin, has come in and tanked McCain’s candidacy. ..LOL…I think it is so funny, because he didn’t vet her, he didn’t know anything about her. This speaks volumes about McCain bad judgement.

    If McCain had investigated this woman, maybe he would have picked a smarter choice. She is dumb, she knows nothing about the federal government or foreign affairs. She only knows about Alaska. She is mean, she is vindictive, and she is racist.

    bwahahahahahahhahaha..thanks McCain for picking this loser for your running mate.


    That mean nasty b*tch Palin, has come in and tanked McCain’s candidacy. ..LOL…I think it is so funny, because he didn’t vet her, he didn’t know anything about her. This speaks volumes about McCain bad judgement.

    If McCain had investigated this woman, maybe he would have picked a smarter choice. She is dumb, she knows nothing about the federal government or foreign affairs. She only knows about Alaska. She is mean, she is vindictive, and she is racist.

    bwahahahahahahhahaha..thanks McCain for picking this loser for your running mate. Because I am an Obama supporter.

    OBAMA 2OO8


    Palin is a mean vicious snake who is dumb as a box of rocks.

    “I can see Russia from my house”. Liar, you can’t see Russia from anywhere on Alaskan soil. You have to go up on the rock that is elevated high up.

  • Jill

    jas58 @ 10/10/2008 at 2:23 pm
    For an Idiot Sarah Palin has gotten pretty far.

    So did George Bush, but it doesn’t make him any less an idiot.

  • Jill

    fair_choice @ 10/10/2008 at 3:00 pm
    the country is pretty 50/50 about mccain vs obama

    Sorry, but it isn’t. As of now it’s 49% for Obama, 43% for McCain, 8% undecided, and that 8% will probably end up in Obama’s camp if the economy doesn’t rebound before election day, and that is not likely to happen.

    Obama needs 270 electoral votes to win. As of last count, he had over 300.

  • Tina

    Palin must really be getting under some of your skin. It seems it is mostly women bashing her in such a wicked way. From my experience when women are this viscious it is because they are jealous. You are jealous and you don’t even know it. LOL


    AMEN ” GRACE ” NUMBER # 18..Well said !!

  • star

    To # 33, I seriously doubt that anyone is jealous Of Sarah Palin. “I’m so jealous that she’s dumber than me”. Yeah right! People are finally opening their eyes and realizing what a BIG mistake it would be to elect McCain/Palin for office. It’s so sad, because, although the SNL Palin impersonations are funny, they’re also true (exactly how Palin acts).

    Also, you wonder why Obama has all of these great celebs backing him up, while the republicans only have Heidi and Spencer. Oh, I’m sorry, I almost forgot Elisabeth Hasselbeck! It’s because the true Republican celebs are in hiding.

  • Roninbernie

    The media reall should stop airing out celebrities’ opinions. The country is supposed to separate the Church from State. And the campaigners themselves should stop exploiting pop culture for their propaganda.

    Palin’s own actions are enough to judge her as a dubious candidate. If people can’t make up their minds without celebrities then it’s really their fault.

  • Tina

    To # 35, You can think what you want. That is what’s so wonderful about America. As far as the actors, I am not empressed as I work with them everyday. The actors that stay quiet are the ones I respect the most. The celebs that speak out are in seek of their own publicity. Don’t ever believe they are not. They are not thinking of you even if they say they are. Well, to be fare I do know several that would be thinking of you. They can’t for a minute relate to you, They live in a fantasy world. Thats what makes them such great performers. You have to love them for the entertainment they give us. I just can’t relate to their thinking although many are very smart.

    There are a lot more Republicans and Independants in the entertainment industry than you might think. Most choose to stay quiet because the Democrats tend to get quite vicious and vocal on the set. You also risk the possibility of not being hired. That is a very sad thing.

    When I weigh out the negatives of both candidates (lets face it both have flaws) I am truly more comfortable with McCain and Palin. I am sorry, I like her. McCain has the years and wisdom of living a long and full life. He served his country with pride. I don’t even for a second have to think about his patriotism. He may be older, he may walk in a somewhat stiff manner but I never feel like he is lying. you might ,but I don’t. He has experienced many years of USA ups and down. This makes me feel like he can evaluate and execute sound decisions using his vast experiences. Neither candidate can tell us at this time how we are going to fix the economy. They have to make educated guesses along with many other financiers. They are both struggling with this as things change day by day. Obama has not had many if any real jobs for a normal company.

    I think McCain is brilliant choosing a progressive like Sara Palin. An executive that has made a lot of changes in her career. She is not only beautiful and modestly sexy she has a wonderful family and a husband she calls her best friend. If you can work successfully as she has while raising 5 children, then you are a good manager. And don’t give me the typical response about her daughter. How many of you prayed that you were not prego when you were 17. Was it your parents falt? I don’t think so. Unless you had parents that were not so good. Sara is fresh. I happen to like her speaking style because it is not stiff and so formal. It is refreshing. Sara has youth, beauty and carisma which enhances McCaine. She is exciting to listen to and McCain has many years of experience. I like the the combination.

    I think the picture on the cover of Newsweek is HOT. She should not worry about it at all. If they were trying to make her look bad I think they missed their mark. Just wait, people are going to start dressing like her.

  • Tina

    Edit on my comment #37 The sentence-Unless your parents were not so good. I was trying to get across, unless your parents were abusive and made you do things you did not want.

  • Jenn

    The more a celebrity spouts their opinion about politics, the more tempted I am to boycott their work. I don’t care who they support, just because they have a bigger platform (and influence) than the average American does not make their opinion any more or less valid.

    So sick of Hollywood trying to tell us how to live.

    Average American

  • sick of u

    its incredible that all you palin supporters are so similar : uneducated, narrow-minded, rascist and plain stupid. you make us all embarrassed to be americans.

  • lee

    wish these celebrites (has beens) would just shut up and do what they are paid to do. No one with any brains gives a crap who these idiots will vote for.

  • rick

    Sarah Palin is a religious fanatic, a freak who believes in the “End Times”. She doesn’t have the right to represent all of us who are rational people who want to make this planet a better place. She is mean-spirited, racist (calls Eskimos “Arctic Arabs”, for example), homophobic, and a superstitious nutcase. Just look at the knuckle-dragging mobs that attend her rallies.

    Caribou Barbie sucks.

  • boo

    all the joe-brokes who say that celebrities should just keep their mouths shut about politics should shut it themselves. you know why? cuz they pay more in tax than any of us internet commenters put together. I mean oprah paid $250,000,000 in taxes… what did you pay? they have supported our economy more than the under-employed williamsburg ‘designer’ or high school baby momma ever will.

  • Leona

    Sara Palin suck big time! I’m glad the women of Hollywood are coming out against her. Women with real brains hate dumb @ss Palin.

  • Jan

    Why is Weaver afraid of Sarah?

  • eeeaaaahhhh

    And I should care what Sigourney Weaver thinks because?

  • Roninbernie

    To #46,

    They expect you care because it’s on the website. It’s like they expect us to care what Britney Spears is doing despite her lack of talent and decency.

  • JOHN

    There are people who can tell that there is something very wrong with Sarah Palin.

  • celebfan(not!)

    I think it’s quite humorous how much vitriol and unbridled hatred there is from not just Hollywood, but from Dems of all walks of life against Gov. Palin. They bash her for a myriad of reasons, but the truth is most of those attacking her are doing so because she represents what they’re not. She’ articulate, intelligent, and acccomplished. How many in Hollywood can claim the same? Most can’t claim any form of articulation, unless they’re reading it on a cue card from someone else who wrote it. Intelligent? Well, many of them come out calling her names. When someone tries to shore up their side of the debate with name-calling, that shows weak-mindedness, not intelligence. Accomplished? Most Hollywood types (and showbusiness for that matter) would be nowhere if you stripped away their sex appeal. Most of these actors/actresses can’t act to save their lives; (Megan Fox is a perfect example; pretty with no acting ability).
    Yes Sara’s against abortion. Good for her. It’s time a woman in the spotlight stood up and said killing babies is wrong! Of course, for now, it’s an immoral legality in our nation. So, the Hollywood type can still kill as many of their babies as they want, as long as they’re still in their wombs. I thought we were a society that protected the weakest amongst us. Go Hollywood! Not only do we have so many in Hollywood attacking Palin, we have some down-right traitors. Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, Naomi Campbell go down and hobnob with Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, Hugo Chavez, and then they claim to support human rights. They’re being disingenuous, because they’re leaving out a word. They support human rights ABUSERS. They rant how Bush is so evil, and they hang out with good ol’ Hugo. Even though Hugo closes any newspapers and tv stations that stand against him. Bush hasn’t done anything of the kind. Hugo sent out his “Chavenistas” to shoot at protestors. I think if Bush did that, we would have heard about it. “Democracy Lovin’” Hugo locks up his opponents. THe last I heard, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid were still free to spout their stupidity. Yet those celebs are considered pro-American. Hmmm. Now, let’s talk about the shining knight, Obama. Yes, he “pals around with terrorists” (a very good way of phrasing that). His tax plan will throttle the American populace. And as far as his foriegn policy “experience,” that’s just plain scary. If Obama wins, the Pakistanis will call him “Obomba.” Putin already calls him “Obambi.” (no joke). He couldn’t even answer a simple question about Israel, if they were attacked. Any Jew (and I’m one) who wants a secure Israel, is stupid if they vote for him (I’m not one). His lack of an answer to Tom Brokaw’s question made it very clear that he has no idea of what he would do if such a thing were to happen. However, when one looks at his middle-east advisors, one of whom is a former PLO spokesmen, I don’t think Obama’s going to be overly interested in helping Israel. Now, I know Obama is an American, and a Christian. Personally, I wouldn’t care if he was a Jew. With the shady friends he’s surrounded himself with, purposefully, it’s not his religion that bothers me (I’m very religeously tolerant.) It’s his judgment. It’s his lack of experience. Yes, people. Experience does matter. It would matter if I was going in for surgery. It sure as heck matters to me as to who is going to lead this nation. We all have a choice to make in less than a month. I’m voting McCain-Palin. One thing I think we should all be able to do. We should be able to agree to disagree without being disagreeable.

  • Agent69

    Sigourney Weaver is an Avatar of God. If she thinks Sarah Palin sucks than it is a divine truth.