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Violet Affleck's School Pick-Up

Violet Affleck's School Pick-Up

Jennifer Garner picks up her daughter Violet Affleck from school in Los Angeles on Thrusday.

Ben Affleck and Jen are expecting their second child this winter, and while details about the sex of the baby and the due date have not yet been released, the couple will reportedly not go with anything out of the ordinary.

Ben put his foot down and said no way to trendy Hollywood names,” a source told The Sun.

The source added, “If it’s a boy, he likes the name Benjamin, not just because it’s his name but it’s that of his hero, Benjamin Franklin.”

10+ more pics inside of Violet Affleck‘s school pick-up…

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jennifer garner violet affleck school pick up 01
jennifer garner violet affleck school pick up 02
jennifer garner violet affleck school pick up 03
jennifer garner violet affleck school pick up 04
jennifer garner violet affleck school pick up 05
jennifer garner violet affleck school pick up 06
jennifer garner violet affleck school pick up 07
jennifer garner violet affleck school pick up 08
jennifer garner violet affleck school pick up 09
jennifer garner violet affleck school pick up 10

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  • joannie

    i prefer her with adam brody.
    they were so godddamn cute.

  • Jesii

    but that would make the kid Ben as well….

  • joannie

    oops commented wrong article.

  • Julie

    So refreshingly normal……Katie could take some lessons.

  • Sweets

    Love them, Violet is a cutie.

  • Daniel Kemp 4 Earth Emperor

    Violet is kind of a Hollywood name, like Apple.

  • pinkydoo

    It’s so funny how Jen is so casual in her jeans and sneakers, yet she will throw on her huge diamonds and expensive purse. I’ve see other people do that and it works, but not for her so much.

  • Hey jared! it’s me again!

    Hey #1!
    Dentists love teeth like that. Plenty of room for big permanent teeth to grow.

  • zeze

    I’ve never seen this girl walking! <_<

  • Sweets

    She don’t walk because she is probably afraid of her running. Some of you people focus to much on these children being carried. They are children they like to be carried.

  • RM

    why make fun of a 2 year old’s appearance! Also they’re only her baby teeth!

  • Louis

    She’s very pretty, but i prefer little princes Suri

  • Hey jared! it’s me again!

    Hey #14
    Hate to burst your Republican bubble, but that said “terrorist” will be your president in about a month.
    Can only be an improvement over the dictator we have enjoyed over the past 8 years. Look what a mess he left us with.
    Change is needed for sure.
    Have some more hate-mongering Republican cool-aid.
    Cheers to Obama and youth!!

  • Ha!

    #1, if Obama wins he will become president in JANUARY at the inauguration, genius.

    #2, Violet is a “Hollywood name” like Lily or Rose is. So not at all.

    #3, Jen Garner is indeed a natural beauty, but to each his own I guess.

  • adam

    is she in the same age with suri? how come she goes to school and suri doesn`t?

  • Love Jen :)

    cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

  • eliza

    Adorable little girl

  • boogie

    Violet is cute!

    Her purple overalls goes nice with her skin.

    Soon, Jen won’t be able to carry her so much…..:>

  • gina

    She is one cute little girl. I love Jennifer.

  • Mel

    I love these two! i think they are down to earth, simple and HAPPY! and i LOVE that violet spilt paint or whatever it is on her clothes! i taught pre-school, and those things tend to happen (more to some kids than others… too cute!!!). and to the person that says she has no fashion sense… she is picking her kid up from school, not going on the red carpet…

  • Scarlett

    #14 – your sick comments are all wrong. What a whack job you are!

  • regina

    Too big to be carried…..

  • Women for Obama

    I love the Afflecks. One of my favorite Hollywood families.


    AGREE NUMBERS # 11 AND # 12….It is a shame when people pick on a child’s baby teeth….and to the people who are worried about her being carried, I’m sure it is the reason that Suri and Shiloh are carried around alot……..Both Brad and Tom have stated that if they let their little girls walk on their own, ” the paparazzi get all over them and actually will knee down to their level”, and try to take a picture or ” scream their name for them to look at the camera “……Brad onced said in the French Quarter one photographer actually stepped ” on Shilohs foot “, as they were clamoring trying to get the best shot…He said it scared her and him to death, even though no injuries occured and she did not cry…..AND, the photographer was heart broken, so he asked the others to back off the children…and they did….I read this on another site called many months ago….Jennifer seems to be a laid back mom and I love that about her.

  • Mimi

    … you’re the one who is FUG. Only a fug person would talk about someone’s looks on the internet. Jen Garner is beautiful, you wish you looked that good without make-up. She has her own fashion sense, it’s called casual wear.

    Louis who compare two babies? It’s pathetic.

    shiloh’s a boy, still cute, they’re only her baby teeth.

  • Mimi

    And about her walking, you clearly can see her walking in some of these photos.

  • me

    Thank goodness we wont have an Apple or Zuma Affleck then!

  • Adoring Fan

    Oh come on JJ are you kidding? I doubt Jennifer would ever give Ben reason to “put his foot down” on a name for their baby. For the record, Violet is not a trendy Hollywood name. Violet was named for Jen’s dearly beloved grandmother. It is a real old fashioned name. Since Jen is so real and down to earth in the traditional sense, I’m sure they will give the baby a real solid name. Trust and believe.

    Where are all those beautiful pics of Violet running and walking to shut the mouths of some of the negative bloggers?

  • Rita

    Pinkydoo, what expensive diamonds? She’s wearing her wedding ring. It’s not funny. Some people prefer to wear casual clothes. Whether she has an expensive purse or not doesn’t matter. She looks nice.

    There were photos of Violet running, that weren’t posted here but as soon as Jen saw the paps she picked Vi up to protect her.

  • Heather Angel

    Aww, Violet is adorable. Love her overalls. ^_^

  • marie

    Cute photos! Violet and Jen are a cute pair.

  • Jules

    Yes & The Sun is such a “reliable” source…. Lol. Don’t take anything they print with a grain of salt. — Anyways, I’m sure he/she will be as cute as Violet. And there were photos of Violet walking posted before to the uninformed.

  • Adriane

    Cute! :)

  • flora

    So adorable..She got paint on her overalls too.

  • flora

    And I agree with Jules… anything from the sun isn’t worth quoting.

  • Syd

    Good on them for not releasing private information about their babies. Too many attention-seeking celebs would have. Love this cute family.

  • Syd

    ** I meant to say baby.

  • Mr. Rabbit

    I love Violet and I think she’s the cutest baby girl.