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Katie Holmes is a Pink Performer

Katie Holmes is a Pink Performer

Katie Holmes heads to the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater in New York City for Arthur Miller‘s All My Sons this weekend.

The 29-year-old actress is getting set for opening night on Thursday Oct. 16th.

In case you missed it, Katie‘s daughter Suri Cruise had a fashion face-off with Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner! She’s such a cutie!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes, the pink performer…

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katie holmes pink performer 01
katie holmes pink performer 02
katie holmes pink performer 03
katie holmes pink performer 04
katie holmes pink performer 05
katie holmes pink performer 06
katie holmes pink performer 07
katie holmes pink performer 08
katie holmes pink performer 09
katie holmes pink performer 10

Credit: Jay Thornton/Dara Kushner; Photos: INFdaily
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  • newport beach, 92660

    awww ,

    why doesn’t she come back to the West Coast ?

    New York is gonna get SOOO cold !

    sorry for people who live in Manhattan , it’s just that me and cold don’t mix

    but i DO still love New York City , but only during Spring Break !

    Haven’t seen Katie with Tom in a while. . . </3 ?

  • diana

    so beautiful and talented

  • cami

    October 24th, is a Friday, not a Thursday.

  • cami

    October 24th is a Friday, not a Thursday.

  • why?

    Why is she wearing a Mexican quilt?

  • BTW

    Seems like her self-confidence is at ROCK BOTTOM. Has anyone else noticed that she’s using her phone as a security blanket? She never enters or exits the theater unless she has her phone in her hand. I guess she knows that everybody hates her.

    That’s what happens when you pretend to be someone you’re not. People see through it! No sympathy for the robot.

  • cristiano

    Hey Jared…

    Katie is 29 years old!! NOT 26!! Yeah, she is going to turn 30 years old in December,18 of this year!!

  • as usual

    Jared, edit yourself: Katie is 29, not 26, and this Thursday is the 16th, not the 24th.

  • defap

    pretty Katie.

  • Get Effin real!

    OK….It’s obvious that these people were paid to camp out at the theater trying to make it look like Katie has fans. LMAO! No one interested in Broadway looks like this group of people. These are destitutes off the streets of NYC hired by Tom.

    Damn…Tom’s going to go broke trying to keep his ho employed and in the gossip rags.

    Tom paid $$$ lump sum for her small role in the play
    Tom bought over 50% of the tickets and gave them to cult members because the play was about to close before it even opened.
    Tom hires destitutes off the streets of NYC to stand at the theater and act like fans
    Tom pays NYC Alientology members to follow KH and her keepers down the street

    Tom better get a job if he’s going to keep trying to buy Katie Homely a career! LMAO!!!

  • Fashion disaster

    Did she just grab the first bra she saw? The black bra under the sweater is a fashion DON”T.

    And the tight jeans……she needs to stick with wide leg jeans. Her huge thighs stick out with anything less.

    Does she have webbed feet? Just look at them.

    Who’s the guy in the background of the 2nd pic? He’s making fun of her.

  • to #1

    The reason you haven’t seen KH with Tom in a while is because (as someone said here) Tom has been hanging out with a blonde at the Carlyle. Someone said he/she saw them there on two different occassions and they were very, very affectionate. I’m sure the post is stil here in the archives on JJ. It’s been about 2 or 3 weeks since that info was leaked.

    Also read that it might be the new young blonde attorney that was hired at his firm??? It seems he stays at the Carlyle when he is in town. Remember, he did the same thing to Nicole when he ran off with Penelope. However, I would not hold it against him if he was seeing someone else. He might save his career and image. The right woman could get him out of the cult. He’s just never found the right woman. Nicole was close but she couldn’t save him.

  • mehh

    she looks good the jumper isnt really working for me but i love the glasses

  • gina

    The sweater makes her look way too old.

  • Mr. Horse

    I thought the official start date was October 16 not the 24th.

    What the HELL are you talking about, #6? That makes no sense whatsoever.

    You’ve gotta be pretty dumb to think Cruise pays dozens to hundreds of people to make it seem like her show is a hit, #10.

    Just a passerby and he’s not making fun of her, #11.

    No. She doesn’t have webbed feet.

    She should wear whatever she feels like wearing.

    He’s not having an affair, no one knows why Kidman and Cruise broke up and there’s no one to save, #12.


    ‘ Katie has thunder thighs “…..”…Katie has webbed feet “…” Tom bought over 50% of her play tickets “….” Katie looks matronly “….” katie needs a stylist “….” Katie is pigeoned toed “…” Katie is just basically ugly “…” Katie is a robot wife “….” Katie pimps out Suri for her own benefit “….” Katie is a lazy , crazy mother “…..” Katie looks awful in that outfit “…” What on earth was she thinking when she wore THAT or said THAT “….” Katie does not care if Suri is cold “…..” Katie is so stupid; she doesn’t know that there are playclothes out there”….” Katie has an ugly herpes sore on her mouth, UGH “….” Poor Katie does not know that her Tom is cheating on her and is preparing to dump her soon “….” Katie cannot act OR sing OR dance; she should be embaressed for herself and her family”…..” Katie’s part in the play was bought by Tom….” Katie’s constant use of her cell phone shows people just how important she is; always needed by someone “….” Katie needs to be re-programmed “…” Katie needs to quit following Victoria Beckham’s sense of style; she is a copycat; has no direction of her own”….” Katie looks stupid and fake in that song and dance video”……………………..THIS COULD GO ON FOR A YEAR !!!!….If Katie DOES read these things, it’s no wonder that she has changed so much….AND YES, some of these I AGREE with, but I don’t think I have read about so much hate on one person, than Katie Holmes!!!….Not even on other posts…It is getting sad!

  • change of mind
  • kay

    i never comment but please leave her alone. she has healthy strong legs. and her reviews from fans are great. i am sickened by the negative comments about her. just let her be

  • sniffles

    I agree, there are too many negative comments about this woman. Everyone has a part of their body that they wish they could change, for me it’s my thighs. Let me tell you, I’d kill for the woman’s legs.

  • maria

    i’m sure she’s a very nice person, but is there a point to having a post of her EVERY day coming out of her apartment, going into her apartment, going to work, coming from work, carrying her daughter, carrying her daughter, carrying her daughter??????

    i don’t get the point of the posts. they’re all the same old same old. you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

  • Wtf?

    No one is to blame except Katie Holmes. I have no sympathy for her. This is the lifestyle she chose and that includes belonging to a cult. She doesn’t deserve the little girl she has because she uses her. That’s no just my opinion, but the opinion of 90% of the people that discuss her. The negative comments are everywhere on the Net….CNN, MSN, FOX, and the tabloids (TMZ, DListed, etc.) not just JJ. The vast majority of people do not like Katie Holmes or Tom Cruise.

    The comments about Katie aren’t sad #16. There are a lot of decent people who read and comment here that don’t agree with using an innocent child for PR or basically becoming an Atheist in order to have a famous name and his money. I have no respect for her. There is nothing about her that makes me sad. People that “change colors” for the almightly dollar and fame do so at their own risk.

    She is a Disgrace and an insult to all females.

    And another thing, all the silly “Free Katie” bullsh*t? No one made Katie do anything. It’s called free will. She was an adult when she made her choices.

  • ha ha ha

    She has Thunder Thighs and her calves look like Tree Trunks. That’s the truth.

  • Mr. Horse

    She DOESN’T use her daughter, #21. How could she? Why would she? And how could you even tell if she was?

    You have NO idea as to why she converted which unlikely is because she wanted fame and money.

    Not really, #22.

  • eeeaaaahhhh

    Mr. Horse,
    She converted not because she believes in that crap, but to live the large life Tom Cruise had to offer.

  • who’s the crackpot?

    Mr. Horse, you are cuckoo. Get a life and quit judging each comment. You are in the vast minority with your opinions about Katie and Tom.

  • Nanci Black

    I hate the ballerina flat shoes

  • Mr. Horse

    And you know this how, #24? She told you?

    You should get a life and quit judging TomKat, #25.

  • Jill

    You should drop dead dead, #27. You’re boring the hell out of everybody.

  • Mr. Horse

    I’m still right, #28. You’re alla bunch of disgussting, hypocritical, judgmental bigots.

  • eeeaaaahhhh

    No, Mr. Horse, Katie didn’t tell us she converted to live a life of luxury. She showed us. Actions speak louder than words.

  • Stop with the katie posts

    The reason everyone hates on this woman is the cheap attempt by Jared to buy her publicity and affection from the public. Never have I seen a general gossip blog post so many threads on such a no-talent, non-interesting person.
    Whoever posted that no one cares or likes TomKat is correct. Yes there are still some fans out there, but his popularity has dropped to an all time low. Check out the various opinion polls on USA today and other publications. Somewhere in that vain pea brain of his he realizes that he is no longer number one in the public eye and he is desperate to get back all of the affection he once had. Well, Tommy girl it ain’t gonna happen.
    this is not a comparison, just a statement of fact backed up by best selling magazine covers, stories etc. But Brangelina is now THE power couple of Hollywood. Not Tom. He started to lose his popularity when he divorced Nicole. It looks to many that he is trying to clone Katie into Nicole’s mold. Again, ain’t gonna happen.

  • popile

    I love Katie Holmes! Envy is very bad!

  • comment

    hate celebs who show off their kids as marketing toys…broadway must be really lacking stars, because as i remember katie used to be very hard on ears while singing. michelle williams has it- katie you don`t.

  • katie homely is FUUUUUUUUUgggg

    Katie Homely is a waste of space. She has no talent and can’t even pull off the beard act.

    Hopefully, all the negative attention that she has brought All My Sons PLUS her upcoming embarrassing performance on Eli Stone will finish her off as a wannabe actress. Hope she never gets another job in Hwood or NYC.

  • katie homely is FUUUUUUUUUgggg

    Katie Homely is a waste of space. She has no talent and can’t even pull off the beard act.

    Hopefully, all the negative attention that she has brought All My Sons PLUS her upcoming embarrassing performance on Eli Stone will finish her off as a wannabe actress. Hope she never gets another job in Hwood or NYC.

  • Toby jugg

    Why does Jared have pictures of Katie every day? Errr – he sees that he gets page views and responses in the comments thread. No baby with Katie? Oh, Katie doesn’t love her. Baby with Katie? Oh, Katie is using her for publicity. Tom is with Katie? Oh, Tom is controlling. Tom isn’t with Katie? Oh, Tom doesn’t love Katie. You get the idea … The comments on a thread like this say way, way more about the writer than the putative subject.


    HEY THERE ” WTF “………I just meant that the constant posting of hate is sad….It would be the hate towards ANYONE….Makes sense ?( LOL )….I agree with you that she ” chose this lifestyle “, but I wonder sometimes if she really knew what scientology involved, and how bad Tom was into it, before it was to late….Maybe, it is not Tom that is ” trying to dump her “, but Katie trying to leave Tom. ( as one poster stated on another site )…..I guess none of us will ever know for sure…But one thing for sure, she has LOOKED miserable for many, many months, and in one of the pictures with Tom recently, her smile looked forced and fake..( archive back to the latest event )….See ya later ” WTF “.

  • Toby jugg

    Miserable for months? I don’t think so. Way more likely that you’ve been miserable for months and are projecting. In the pictures above she looks as if she is being photographed and shouted at by various rum folk as she’s going to work.

  • the incredible edward!

    I am surprised no one has yet commented on the matching (? ha!) socks she is wearing in photo 9… What an idiotic thing to do… totally ruins an otherwise indifferent outfit!

  • runkatierun

    By far not the ugliest outfit this year, but definately the LEAST stylish.

    Katie looks like a low level bank teller on her way to the grocery in 1982, again.


    TOO say that just jared is the only one.. while try all the websites…
    she is the queen of publicity.. to all websites not just this one..

    She should be called the queen of walking up a sidewalk because that
    is all she does.. !!! Really where is the rest of the cast.. that gorgous guy that plays her boyfriend it is unfair that she an c lister actress when she met Tom… Than shot up to a A lister … Wow ..

  • runkatierun


    It’s all Jared.



    Just Jared is not the only one that uses her every day we have to see
    her walking up a side walk on all websites…

    Is it Oct 16 or the 24 the opening of her play…

  • runkatierun

    and……………….has anyone noticed Nicole has mostly vanished from Jared?

    Even when the baby was first photograhed, the pictures were ignored by Jared although front page of ecvery other site….hmmmmmmmmmm

  • No…

    The only reasons why people would have SO much hate for someone they dont know is 1. jealousy & 2. they are lacking in their own life & they feel better about themselves by putting someone else down.
    IT IS SAD! Not sad for Katie because (hopefully) shes not reading any this but sad for the people that feel the need to speak such hate for someone they dont even know.

  • eeeaaaahhhh

    People don’t like her because she joined a dangerous cult becaue it bought her a ticket to fame and fortune. “No”, you’re right that she’s seems perfectly happy twith her choice.

    If anyone here has a problem with this blog, they should direct their anger toward Just Jared who is exploiting the negativity surrounding Katie. They know people don’t like her and are using it to get advertising dollars.

  • Shauna

    The reason you haven’t seen KH with Tom in a while is because (as someone said here) Tom has been hanging out with a blonde at the Carlyle. Someone said he/she saw them there on two different occassions and they were very, very affectionate. I’m sure the post is stil here in the archives on JJ. It’s been about 2 or 3 weeks since that info was leaked.


    I remember reading that too # 12!! The New York papers carried the story also!! The Daily News said the blonde woman was seen many times going up to his room and someone caught them kissing. The paper said she is some NY socialite but I can’t remember her name right now. It was not somebody famous though. Tom is obviously having an affair and I betcha Katie doesn’t care. They’re all for publicity anyway. They”ll probably get a divorce eventually.

  • hEY mR. hORSE

    Or should I say MR. HORSE’S A**. Who the hell do u think u are?!?! You don’t know sh*t about Tomkat. All you know is what u want to believe!!

    “He’s not having an affair”

    And you know that HOW?!?!? Do you sleep with Cruise? Do you hang out with him everyday? You have no idea what he’s doing!!

    “You should get a life and quit judging TomKat,”

    You should get a life and quit judging everyone who has less than a sterling opinion of Tomkat. We all have a right to our opinions. Who the hell are you to tell everyone what to think? You don’t know anymore than anyone else here.

    “You’re alla bunch of disgussting, hypocritical, judgmental bigots”

    LMAO!! You’re the disgusting, hypocritical, judgemental bigot. You hate on everyone who doesn’t agree with you and that makes you more judgemental than anyone here. You’re bigoted against anyone who doesn’t pray at the alter of Tomkat. You’re nasty and that makes you disgusting and you’re hypocritical cause you try to tell everyone what to think and what is true when you have NO FRICKIN IDEA what goes on with Tomkat.

    Everyone is sick to death of you. Get a f uc king life and stop spending your days defending people you dont even know. You’re f uc king NUTS!

  • aLRIGHT aLREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enough with Katie Holmes!! No other site is showing pics of her. Not even the papers carry them. No body cares about her or her crazy husband!

    Anytime another site does write something about KH all the comments are about how much she looks miserable and looks like a zombie. When TC is shown, the comments are all about how everyone hates him and that he belongs to a cult, cause he does. Maybe they have a couple of fans left, but even here the comments are mostly negative. The fans need to get it thru their thick skulls that no body likes them anymore and everybody thinks they are both jokes!

    Katie looks like an ass with those socks and top. You can see her black bra underneath. She should have worn a cami and her socks look like something she should have put on her daughter. What grown woman wears socks like that! She’s a fashion DON’T.

  • Neek

    I like the striped sweater & love the color of that purple/pink sweater.
    I like the socks too but I have a thing for socks lol… I usually only wear them around the house though unless Im wearing shoes that would cover them. The striped socks with the heels are kind of cute though in cold weather… like girl cute but cute.