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Vanessa Hudgens Sings With The Grinch

Vanessa Hudgens Sings With The Grinch

Vanessa Hudgens made her first appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Friday. They showed a clip of a 9-year-old Vanessa performing as Cindy Lou at a local production of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” in San Diego, Calif.

Adorable, no?

The 19-year-old High School Musical star also talked about her very first role in theater: “I auditioned for the Hunchback of Notre Dame and I wanted to be Esmeralda because that’s the girl part. I thought I could get it. But I actually got Quasimodo, the hunchback. So, I walked around with the hunchback and the crazy makeup.”

When asked if she had strict parents, Vanessa shared, “They weren’t that bad. They supported me and let me do acting. I must admit, I did get my mouth washed out with soap once. I actually, still to this day, don’t know why. I must have did something really wrong. I was 4-years-old, I don’t even know I said wrong… I honestly don’t really remember the taste.”

Watch the video below!

Vanessa Hudgens – The Tonigiht Show With Jay Leno, 10/10
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  • mel

    first :D:D:D

  • a


  • hsm3 fan!

    omg she’s got an amazing voice!
    even when she was 9 it was soooo amazing
    and she looked beautiful too!
    zac must be soo proud!

  • Mia

    Vanessa jest super xD

  • zoe

    love her

  • http://justjared angelica

    i’d seen the video of the interview, wow, she really carried herself very well, she has grown a lot, very nice personality. i can imagine her and zac together, always having a good laugh, she seems to have that bubbly character, that you never get bored being with. And i remember zac saying in one interview, that he wants somebody who is so easy to talk to……….. no wonder they stick together, they seem to be match in heaven…… perfect. i hope they will stay and stick together. And by the way, Vanessa is so beautiful in this outfit, everything.

  • viki_vikito

    she is great :*

  • hsmfan

    i have seen this interview! she’s so adorable!!! she has a nice personality, she is so bubbly which probably zac likes her sooo much!!! and she’s so cute when she was nine!! and her voice when she was younger, is much the same as now!!! im so proud of her!!!

  • Abbey

    ever since her n*de pics came out…every time i see her… it reminds me of her pics…and so even if she looks so sweet on-screen… i just don’t feel that she’s really like that in person…..

  • anne

    Vanessa’s gorgeous!! Adorable! REALLY!!!!

  • ashley

    she looks really nice i love her refreshing and charming personality
    no wonder zac loves her there perfect for each other!
    zanessa always and forever <3

  • alex

    awesome!! zacs appearing on the 15th…i really hope someone
    uploads the FULL interview!
    she looks amazing as ever!
    rock on baby v

  • Curiosity

    Love her wish it was longer….

    Thanks Jared.

  • BabiiVfanforeva

    i lo this..i just watched the interview before..she was amazing and she did an awesome her so much …shes got great style and personality. I love her dress and she looks beautiful..i love how she can do such a good interview and she carries herself well and i just love her..amazing..and she was so cute as a nine yr much talent and her was her..i really cant wait to see HSM3!!!..and wen she comes to australia for the HSM3 tour..i really, really hope i get to meet her..i would be so honoured.. :D

  • alisha

    woah nessa work it girl looking gorgeous!!!
    zac you got GREAT taste in girllss
    lmao xD

  • http://yahoo nice

    I like her

  • BabiiVfanforeva

    i love this..i just watched the interview before..she was amazing and she did an awesome her so much …shes got great style and personality. I love her dress and she looks beautiful..i love how she can do such a good interview and she carries herself well and i just love her..amazing..and she was so cute as a nine yr much talent and her was her..i really cant wait to see HSM3!!!..and wen she comes to australia for the HSM3 tour..i really, really hope i get to meet her..i would be so honoured.. :D

  • Tricia

    awww. she’s so hella cute! (:

  • mathew aka the matt man lol


  • go sox!!!

    I was so upset that I couldn’t watch the Leno show …….sorry, the SOX were on!!!! BUt, what a great interview!! She looked gorgeous, and Jay and Terry seemed to have fun with her! Very cute! And the clip of her, which I’d never seen, is JUST adorable!!! What a voice.

    Abbey, honey, you need to move on. It’s not healthy to dwell on things like that!! Forgive and forget…….everyone deserves a second chance, especially young teens. We’d all be smoke if no one believed in us, or gave us a chance to redeem ourselves. Vanessa’s handled her adversity with such grace, and poise…… front of the world. You should be so mature.

  • Vanessa_cutie

    she funny haha

  • katie90

    It’s funny how people always find something bad to say about her and make up stories that have been told thousands of times and they just repeat them over and over again when we all know they’re not true cause there are some positive stories about her with PROOF..negative stories don’t have proof,I wonder why that is..those are just words..I look at action..and what I see is a wonderful woman who’s grown up so much..she forgave herself and she wants to build a serious career being so beautiful,funny and nice as she is.
    Keep going, doesn’t matter what these people know the truth and that’s ok.

  • caro

    aaaaawwwwwwww shes so cute and adorable

  • Dino

    aThony? YOU are such a jealous liar and loser. If she is so talentless, why do you want her autograph so bad?

    You SUCk!!

    V RULES!!

  • maria

    I thought Vanessa was GREAT in this interview!!! She was gorgeous (OMG), funny, sweet, and just sparkled with personality!! I was so proud of her, remembering how she had to cancel last year’s appearance. Our girl has come SOOO far, and has become a beautiful woman!!! It’s amazing watching her bloom!!!!

  • Maya, ISRAEL

    From where her SHOES and DRESS ???!?!?!?!??!??!

  • nathalia

    vanessa very sweet, a charm
    vanessa leslunbrante in black dress
    vanessa with their legs maravolhosas, zac you are a man of very lucky
    vanessa wonderful

  • gin

    she is so cute!

  • http://justjared alcas


  • suzy

    she is so cute.

  • Naomi

    Oh gosh! Love, love, love, this girl! Can I keep her?!

    How adorable and cute was she, singing so beautifully as Cindy Lou? I want to steal her and run!

    She looked sleek and utterly stunning in the interview and was so adorable…’ I…I don’t wanna lie’, that part was hilarious!

    I loved that even though she is generations away from Jay and Terry, she could interact with them so confidently and pleasantly.

    I keep replaying this clip in between work. What a lady! We’re slowly seeing her warm, compelling and entertaining personality emerge from her shell.

    Yeah she’s a late developer that’s why people tend to underestimate her. She is not one of those that burst in and burst out with much fanfare rather she is the one who emerges slowly but is more enduring.

  • Gwen

    Omg anthony, hasnt ur mom thought u that if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it..
    Gawd.. these people will be MORE famous than you will ever be.
    And besides if u hate them soooo much why do you even post a comment about them? It shows that u wud actually spend time to write something about them
    Who’s the hypocrite now?

  • Boji

    Yup, Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, vivacious and her 9 yr old self so so adorable and voice so angelic. I can only describe her personality as bubbly and warm. No wonder Zac is so into her. She was so natural and I’m sure Terry and Jay found her so entrancing. This is the Vanessa we love.

  • carol ;)

    love her!


    how dumber could she get
    dont u guys get it?
    this is all a act just so people actually like her
    shes a big bitch in life with fat ugly legs
    she should throw herself in the dumpster
    since it looks like her= GARBAGE

  • sam

    She’s so beautiful.

  • jade

    SHE LOOK STUNNING LIKE ALWAYS!!!!!aww that grinch clip was so cute….her voice is so amazing!!!SHE ROCKS

  • Jennifer W.

    vanessa was a pretty little girl and was cute playing in the grinch. vanessa was great on Jay Leno and I can’t wait for High School Musical 3.

  • justjaredfan

    im so glad she is all smiling again. she deserves more credit then most of you give her,she is an amazing actress and she has an AMAZING voice. you people need to stop looking at the past that was a mistake and move on. if you give her a chance youll see what an amazing girl she is. she is beautiful and a very talented person,just wish she could go to bigger movies. i saw one comment on here talking about how you dont like her cause she wouldnt sign an autograph for you. would you if someone was waving paper all in your face? i dont think so. and you people that say she needs zac is a lie. i think she was more famous before she was with zac to tell you the truth but she is still high up there. vanessa is amazing and if you dont think so then dont read or look at her things on here,you negative people are the ones we DONT need in this world.


  • http://justjared angelica

    she is great, really amazing, no wonder zac loves her. i can see her real personality in that interview, no dull moment at all.

  • http://justjared angelica

    and by the way, i am a fan of zanessa BIG TIME.

  • Lilly Bitches[;

    Well I can’t deny it, But I love her. :D

    And Those N*de pix she Tooks Just Shows She’s Being Herself & Not pretending 2 be something she’s not. Well You guys can hate on her all You want, I’ll always Support her. Kauze Its better 2 be Hated for what You are, Then 2 be loved for what your not. :P



  • nadine

    Vanessa is the best!! she’s soo sweet and funny!! and ofcourse beautiful like always!! Vanessa 4-EVER!!

  • smdwh

    She interviewed well she is so cute

  • smdwh

    She interviewed well she is so cute

  • misty

    she is great and beautiful as allways i love her and i hope more movie,s will come out with her she is great.

  • »ire.sweet~

    I LOVE HER!!!!

  • kITTY kAT*

    she looks great and has an amazing voice even at nine years old.
    “my wife would add about 50 ft of bungee cord” haha i laugheddd hes funnny and i love him =)

  • 8v

    Way to go V! I love this interview! You were lovely, poised, easygoing and adorable. Forget your detractors. They pretty much spew the same recycled garbage everytime which leads them nowhere anyways. Whilst you V have definitely bounced and have come a long way!