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Ellen Pompeo Gets Fred Segal Sassy

Ellen Pompeo Gets Fred Segal Sassy

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo has lunch with a friend at the Fred Segal Cafe in West Hollywood on Saturday.

After lunch, the 38-year-old actress saw a cute dog on the way out and started laughing!

Ellen has really been enjoying her married to Chris Ivery and recently said, “We enjoy our life so much. We go to Europe and sleep in. So when I have the baby, I won’t feel like we’ve missed any fun, reckless times together, like staying up all night drinking champagne and having sex until five in the morning and not having to get up until two in the afternoon!”

10+ pictures inside of Ellen Pompeo getting Fred Segal sassy…

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ellen pompeo gets fred segal sassy 01
ellen pompeo gets fred segal sassy 02
ellen pompeo gets fred segal sassy 03
ellen pompeo gets fred segal sassy 04
ellen pompeo gets fred segal sassy 05
ellen pompeo gets fred segal sassy 06
ellen pompeo gets fred segal sassy 07
ellen pompeo gets fred segal sassy 08
ellen pompeo gets fred segal sassy 09
ellen pompeo gets fred segal sassy 10

Credit: Matei; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Katie


  • kayla

    she looks her age. maybe older.

  • reva

    when she has what baby?

  • i

    I think she looks cute!

  • ismael

    omg, I love you Ellen, but that’s just way TMI! Ew. Your husband is fugly.

  • tammy

    Darn i wanted to be 1st, lol!!

    Gah love her…i really cant believe they followed her to her house or from her house?? Thats kinda weird i understand them taking her picture at the cafe but following her to or from, weird :)

  • Stefanie

    yeah what baby? I heard her say she wants to have a baby, but not that she’s already expecting?!

  • ellie

    yay im gald she looks nice…

    usally in her pics she looks pretty crap…


  • Lexie

    ohhh, cute :D

  • TJ

    She’s pregnant?

  • nikomilinko
  • MD

    Love her
    she looks great as always. :)

    She was amazing in this weeks epi.
    she always is

  • kathastic

    JJ ask her pr if ellens pregnant!!!!

  • X0x

    OLD and UGLY!

  • annefan

    great pics of Ellen, love the outfit!!

  • Anna

    She’s so obviously had face fillers. Looked awful at the end of Greys this week.

    And do we really need to know about her having sex with her convicted drug dealer at 5am ? Talk about sharing too much. So trashy.

  • XxX

    FUGLY. Sex with her McFelon. Puke

  • observer

    I couldn’t care less about this woman, but I guess some people do. Actually, I’m surprised the paps bother.

  • Matt

    Like someone said upthread, she always looks crap in pictures. No exception here.

  • Lee

    You know it’s a slow news day when this bitch passes for news !!


    AGREE WITH YOU GUYS !!!!…..What baby?…..I checked other sites and archived her back a few weeks with them, and there is no mention of a baby anywhere……..I also agree with ANNA, NUMBER # 16 and ” OBSERVER ” AND ” MATT “…I had liked her in the past, but lately she has gotten a little trashy and arrogant, as one site called her…..If that is true, she needs to change her behavior…No wonder she looks bad…I would too, if I stayed up all night having sex and drinking, then sleeping in until the mid-afternoon….I would not have told that to ANY paparazzi….sounds like she was proud of it!!!

  • Emelyn

    She is not pregnant I saw her at an Obama event 2 weeks ago and she drank alcohol (and more than just a glass of champagne)… so if she’s pregnant it’s not even a 2 weeks pregnancy and I don’t think that she knows it herself…

  • laura

    She is not pregnant….she can`t be pregnant of tha felon ewwwwwwwwww!!

  • creek

    Ellen I love YOU!

  • Trista

    like others have asked, what baby? did she say “a” baby or “the” baby because they imply different things.

  • Jen hags of the world unite!

    Hey Trista, how’s Ryan?

  • Mary

    Thanks jj
    Love Ellen she rocks!
    great show this week. Ellen was amazing.

  • mandy

    just jared she didn’t said “when i have the baby”, she said “when i have a baby”

  • Alex

    She is white trash. Sex with her felon at 5am. TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

  • XxX

    The fact that people still bring up stuff about her husband from 20 years ago just proves how racist people are. I think if her husband were white or famous nobody would say anything. The fact that she didnt go the hollywood route and seems like she actually married someone for love and didnt seek any media attention for it makes me think she’s alot more down to earth than most of posers out there.

  • Ashley Roberts

    what baby!!!

  • Gracie

    She is the ugliest celebrity ever.

  • Daisyduke

    Ellen looks good, but she needs to hire a seamstress. Her pants are way tooooooooooo long. It’s not expensive to have jeans shortened.

  • christine

    lately she’s been looking considerably older.

  • Tara

    OOOOH I love Ellen
    I met her a few weeks ago, now I’m in love with her :)
    she is one of the most gorgeous people ever, and such a wonderful sweet person. took time for everyone who was there. she blew me away… thank you jared.

    Ellen is gorgeous.

  • Trista

    Jen hags of the world unite!, was that supposed to be a crack about Trista and Ryan Sutter? i get them all the time since it’s not a common name.

  • Cynthia

    She looks like Renee Zellweger. She’s preggers?

  • Victoria

    She needs to lay off the facial fillers asap.

  • Merisi

    Now that Grey’s is back, I can get my weekly fix of the lovely Ellen but I’m greedy, so thank you JJ !

    About Ellen’s quote : it is extracted from the recent interview she did for Allure, for their october issue I think. I don’t know when she was interviewed but the photoshoot she also did for the same magazine took place last June (beautiful photoshoot, by the way). She never said she was pregnant, just that her “clock is ticking” when she was asked about having a baby.

  • Ann

    She’s lovely.
    has a gorgeous smile

  • Andrew March

    Thank you Jared.
    This is a great actress and a lovely person. the show is back strong. and she’s doing a stellar job on it. Great work.
    She looks amazing here. Nice!

  • GG

    Nice indeed!!

  • Nancy

    The show is back strong?? Didn’t they lose 30 percent of their viewers??? Greys sucks. Its the same whiney, indecisive Meredith every year.


    She looks really good in there. I love her shoes :)

  • Ted

    Just adorable, as always. A natural beauty.

  • Kim

    She’s common trash. Who wants to know that she sleeps with her drug dealer ?

    And she looks old and haggard. Like Victoria said, the face fillers are not helping. Disgusting.

  • i

    lol ok for all of you that think she looks like shit, i’d like to see you. more than likely you’re all just saying things because you aren’t attractive yourself. as for her comment about the baby, she did say THE baby and it was in her Allure article. Her and her husband seem to be talking about babies and it’s probably soon and that’s why she said THE.
    as for her husband, yeah, he has a past but honestly, who doesn’t? cut him some slack.


    She’s a good looking girl
    and a great actress

  • haha yuck

    her face looks really weird.
    it’s all fat and.. it’s just weird.

  • Mary

    Love Ellen
    she is amazing.
    can’t wait for the show tonight
    She always looks great.