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Jennifer Lopez 'Believes' in Criss Angel

Jennifer Lopez 'Believes' in Criss Angel

Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony check out magic man Criss Angel‘s “Believe” show in Las Vegas over the weekend.

After the show, the parents of newborn twins shared a VIP table with Criss at club LAX. Marc turned 40 last month.

Jennifer recently appeared in a new ad campaign for Japanese fashion house Samantha Thavasa. She promoted a “baby friendly” bag. See pictures from her billboards in Japan here.

UPDATE: More than four years after tying the knot, Jennifer and Marc “secretly” renewed their vows in front of two friends at Caesars Palace’s Forum Tower Penthouse in Las Vegas at 3:15 a.m. on Sunday.

“It was totally a spur of the moment thing,” a source told People. “They decided around 12:30 in the morning that they wanted to do it and started calling for ministers.” (Rev. Steven Smith officiated the service.)

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Credit: etonline; Photos: LAX Nightclub via ET
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  • karla


  • chloe

    jen looks gr8

  • sarah

    My prayer is that JLO reads this and realizes that no one wants to see her around anymore. She’s washed up and someone PLEASE tell her that the look she’s making in this photo doesn’t make her look good. Oh please go away, Jennifer Lopez! Go take care of those babies that you so stragically had.


    Does Marc think he is very cool?….He looks stupid making that gesture and trying to fit in ” the scene of the moment…And Jennifer looks like she is trying to be ” all bad “, as the kids today say…It dosen’t work and makes her look foolish!

  • diana

    well i love to see her. she looks great. go JLo


    Doesn’t Jlo get it Criss Angel isn’t cool anymore.. !! Just because last week you were with your friend Leah Remini.. Hanging out with loser
    like Criss Angel Way to go Jlo… Tacky belt.. Seeing how is has changed her ways.. No one is seen with Criss Angel.. By the way she is the NEW SPOKESWOMAN FOR THE PURSE CAMPAIGN IN JAPAN..

  • Nick Lachey USA

    I hear bad things about Criss Angel (on how he’s not respectable/legit anymore).

  • http://JUSTJAred vicky b.h.




    damn they all ugly esp. JHO and her skeleton/rat looking husband

  • lola

    if they were 25 years younger, they could take this picture like this… but they are all way too old to do this….


    Jlo is the SPOKESPERSON FOR THE PURSES.. THERE IS ONE WITH HER AND TWO BABIES … Why not make your own line Jlo…!!

    Instead she hangs with Criss Angel.. who hasn’t had any publicity for
    awhile.. Last week we saw her at a event with Leah Rimini.. and now this?? NIce belt haven’t seen that since the 70′s..

  • Mark

    Criss angel is such a Douche and always will be no matter what he does…just look at him! lololol

  • gina

    Jennifer is looking hot here.

  • Brittany

    I’m sure they loved the show!! I saw it on Wednesday night,, it was fantastic!! I don’t understand why people are saying otherwise. Jen looks gorgeous! =)

  • may

    jennifer looks gorgeous!
    3# Speak for yourself. I´m glad to see her,specially if she looks so pretty. Some people hate her deeply and they don´t realize this woman has a lot of fans and people who follows her and are glad to see her pictures. That´s why she is so famous; if you hate her, nobody forces you to enter here and to talk bulllshit.

  • hotbitch

    Some of you are complete idiots to be saying they need to be at home with their kids. They are entitled to have a night out if they so choose. Besides they renewed their vows later in the night which is very romantic. Always a hater……

  • sewgirly

    Unless you’re a teen, stop making these foolish faces and gestures. Can’t anyone just smile please?

  • jk

    For someone who says she spends all her time with her kids and does not have a nannys how is she photographed everywhere with her husband.

  • sara

    Good for Jlo and Marc

    they look happy!!!

    I uv both of them!!

  • jaime

    sarah @ 10/12/2008 at 12:58 pm

    My prayer is that JLO reads this and realizes that no one wants to see her around anymore. She’s washed up and someone PLEASE tell her that the look she’s making in this photo doesn’t make her look good. Oh please go away, Jennifer Lopez! Go take care of those babies that you so stragically had.

    Amen, sistah. I can’t stand this chick either. Go away JLo!

  • bella

    Jennifer looks beautiful in that pic.


    JLo’s judgment is a bit questionable at this moment. After all that noise about silent births, she denies that she is into scientology:—kinda-

  • sara

    jaime @ 10/12/2008 at 5:08 pm

    Just sayin what I think, I like Jlo and Marc I am a fan! Didnt come here to grip you are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine.

    again to me they look happy if you dont like them well thats your right just like when I see an artist that I dont care for I just don’t post.

  • zzzzzzzzzz

    “spur of the moment” a.k.a. a drunk thing….

  • zzzzzzzzzz

    oh yeah and are they playing rock, paper, scissors in that pic?

  • babytee

    Is J-Lo trying to get loser Criss Angel to join up the scientology cult?
    They need a fresh injection of cash.

  • Bella Luna

    Yeah, what is left out of this happy little story is , New York Mets player Carlos Beltran and his wife Jessica were in Vegas when HOpez ambushed their card table. Jessica wanted to renew HER wedding vows and not to be outdone or because she has her own ideas (Just recall how many times J.Lo has been sued for STEALING material) HOpez called a minister…Beltran and his wife renewed their vows first; then, at about 3:30 a.m., Lopez and Anthony had their own ceremony.

  • Sorella

    JLO is starring to look rough. I wonder if she’s a major partier, she just seems “off” more and more. Renewing her vows sounds like a desperate attempt to stay in the spotlight, she’s determined, I’ll give her that. And I find it weird they go out as much as they do with kids, why they heck did she have kids, they are like accessories for her and Posh, can’t stand either, full of themselves and their own importance. Sure, sure, all parents need and should go out, but she’s so not maternal AT ALL, it’s like her life is exactly what it was before she had them, don’t respect her for that.

  • Laura

    It’s just a picture. Stop being so harsh. Let them do whatever they want. God..

  • Debra77

    Where did J LO go. Mark Anthony has sucked the life out of her. She has lost her sexiness, her edge. Don’t say its because she is a Mom, Angie is still HOT as hell. Lets run it down… Her movie career is on hold, her music career is in slow drive. Kim K is eating her drama on the as* front. Again what has happened to J Lo. Was this Mark’s ultimate plan. To keep her out of the spot light for so long, it would take the brightness of the sun to get her back to the status she was. Just think.. This used to be one of the most talked about women in media history. Now it feels as if she is on the verge of begging for some attention and press.

    Well all you Disney darlings, Reality TV drama queens, and the new TV “it” crowd. Interest is fleeting. Look at Jennifer… Media death comes to all.

  • yadelis

    yadelis from puerto rico
    its just a photo let them do whatever they want please
    criss angel look great

  • liliana araya muga

    jenifer lopez tiene mucha suerte al salir al medio de dos guapisimos hombres pero entre los dos me quedo con criss angel porque esta demasiado buenisimoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • samantha


  • GABy chile

    no chicas y chicos la cara de cris es asombrosa me encantan sus ojos, jennifer lopez tiene cara de xica hot playboy . y marcccccckkkkk noooo sin comentarios cara de homosexula……… pero me gustan sus canciones eso sip…….. me encanta ver cirs angel me muero de la risa , lo encuentro muy sensual y sus trucos me dejan con la boca abierta es terrible ……. siempre lo veo por A&E es muy bueno .. peo eso si xicas cris la cago cn haberse dejado la barba larga es terrible es cmo un naufrago ediondo !!!!!!! no barbies eso noooooooo…… heaviiiiii adios xicos los quiero paz y buenas noxes…………..

  • jlo FAN

    Jennifer loooks great and if you don’t like her then read about her the people how are putting all this hatful Bull sh*t about her are just haters and if they hate dont leave a comment.Let her live her live as Jennifer said “I’m real” and I beleave that to the for all the haters F*CK YOU

  • silverdragon

    To all those who have not seen the things Criss dose live then you do not have a right to say a word. he lives up to all his says. he is a true guy anda sweet and understanding guy at that too.

  • Hi_Hater

    I think support from stars like J-Lo and Marc Anthony really show that Criss’ show is worth the money. Not only does he perform in it, he co-wrote it too! I work with Cirque, so checkit out…

  • BB

    Congrats to them!