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Katie Holmes' Hair Flies Away

Katie Holmes' Hair Flies Away

Katie Holmes attends to her flying hair while leaving her home for a performance of Arthur Miller’s play, All My Sons on Sunday.

The 29-year-old actress has been fully supported by her friends and family during her Broadway debut. Victoria Beckham recently said, “We can’t wait to come support Katie. Her husband Tom Cruise says she’s amazing, the reviews have been amazing! We’re so proud of her!” Opening night is days away!

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Credit: Jay Thornton; Photos: INFdaily
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  • boogie

    she needs a glass of V-8 !

  • stepho

    i am soooo SICK of this woman.
    can she please disappear!!!?

  • taylor

    Overkill on the Samantha advertising, Jared. YOu must be pulling in a mint! Hard on the eyes though, and distracting!

  • oh the banners!

    these new banners are killing us jared! one misstep with the mouse and it’s starter wife or samantha ads for days. blah. like katie overkill.

  • vanny

    geez NO MORE ADs what is up with this???!

  • Itdee

    It must be a very very very low news day. If we are posting threads about Katie’s hair blowing in the wind?!

  • Name

    Omg katies hair is flyin away !!!
    Call in the Scotland yard!
    Ahhhhhhhh. :)~

  • sharon

    i love katie but this is getting ridiculos between her rachel overexposure jared are their any other celebs out there!!!!

  • runkatierun

    Why does NOTHING she wears match or flatter her, EVER?

  • nic b.

    Wow what huge legs they look like elephant trunks. I wonder how long it takes to put those tight jeans on over those humongous legs. Probably takes about three assistants to help her put her jeans on so she didn’t have time to comb her hair.

  • jain

    i love the Beckhams, but considering , by her own admission Victoria has never read a book in her life and David spent all his school years perfecting his football skills, not his academic ones! I don’t know which is more shocking. The Beckhams at the theatre or the Beckhams at an Arthur Miller Play!Perhaps this will inspire Victoria to tread the boards!

  • funnyman
  • tania


  • mar

    # 13… hats off to you for stoping the katie haters. If you don’t want to
    see her, scroll down and get over it. I don’t know about you but i come
    here to see katie , and you just keep putting her on Jared. xo

  • the incredible edward!

    mar @ 10/13/2008 at 3:09 am
    and you just keep putting her on Jared

    So you should be glad we are here, otherwise there’d be no Katie for you to see… lol!

    When will she learn to match shoes, belt & bag?

  • m

    soooo love her

  • hayes

    I heart her and her entire family but I want to give
    them some peace…..

  • 90210

    So Jackie O

    Thanks JJ

  • ********

    Wooot woottt

  • pixie

    I enjoy it fully when haters are unhappy and jealous!

  • rachel

    I love her and her outfit

  • joe american


    We enjoy the one-liners from the scads and scads of obviously unique individuals. God bless these posters, they are classy and thanks, JJ!!

  • nikomilinko
  • lurker

    but they’re in the right place no.22 after all they are pics of their fave celebs. I dont get people that hang out on sites of celebs they loathe. Its a waste of time hating and trolling you dont know or hate.

    You bash for what? there is no gain and it shows you crave the attention or to make yourselves feel better. Its not for the better when karma always comes knocking on people that do and say bad things unto others.

  • yvonne

    I miss Katie’s long hairstyle but nonetheless she looks so pretty with this pixie cut of hers.

  • anonymous
  • spooky

    Katie is simple but her beauty is so contagious. She has that sweet face going on. Enjoy the show Jared and I wish I can tag along with you.LOL!

  • duran duran

    Truly adorable and her talent is to be reckoned with. Im excited about her Broadway and TV projects. Even idiots like Roger Friedman and Ted Casablanca are gushing about her!

  • katie homely

    Thunder Thighs and Whacko Jacko Face!!! She’s creepy

  • katie homely

    Thunder Thighs and Whacko Jacko Face!!! She’s creepy

  • manette

    chic and hot

  • Laurel

    I love it how Victoria Beckham uses that uniquely American phrasing “come support”. She is such a try-hard. She’s like Madonna in reverse. Come to think of it, why aren’t they best friends?

  • Mr. horse

    Quit comparing babies, that’s mean. #13

  • comment

    28- what talent? aren´t you supposed to sing on broadway? acting department is pretty poor as well.

  • Grace amazing

    Can Tom and Katie use any other word than “Amazing!”

  • Chloe

    I like the outfit today.

  • Sorella

    She’s just so average and plain. I just can’t think why anybody is fascinated with her. Boring.

  • Zoe Moon

    She looks great in these photos. The jeans are tight showing off her legs. I love this outfit, especially the shoes, love the shoes. She is stunning!

  • Stop with the katie posts

    You know Mr. Horse, after reading dozens of your posts, just what are you going to do if they do divorce? Ignore it? Deny it? Try and marry Katie yourself?
    You have to be the most close-minded person around except for some of the most vociferous haters.
    This woman has small screen talent and no big screen charisma. She has chosen lousy big screen parts. She can’t dress worth crap. Appears to be a very self-absorbed mother ignoring her daughter’s distress at the paps (and you appear to be the only one that can’t see that Suri is distressed). And the woman appears to have no brain since all she makes are inane comments. Probably one of the reasons Tom divorced Nicole is that Nicole has a very high IQ and he couldn’t fool her with his idiotic musings. Katie obviously has a low IQ.
    If Tom does divorce her, you two would make a good pair. Both of you are in denial, appear to have low IQ’s (unable to process higher levels of information), and have very small vocabularies. While hers is limited to awesome, magical, wonderful–you spout tirelessly the same old clap-trap.
    Just thought I’d be proactive before you came on the board since I live in a country with a huge time difference!

  • aw

    Classy lady as always….thank you Jared

  • :)

    Katie is so lovely and talented.

    Most of all so enigmatic and likeable.

  • sibi

    Good luck on Broadway Katie and Im so excited about Eli Stone. Tivo night for me!

  • ha ha

    She walks like she’s got something up her butt!

  • Mr. Horse

    ‘Come support’ is an American phrasing, #32?

    Supposed to sing on Broadway, #34? That’s nuts.

    If they divorce, they divorce, #39. What can I do about it but hope for the best.

    I disagree that Holmes can’t act or dress or chose lousy big screen parts but to each their own. She’s a good mother and I do think that her daughter is sometimes in distress when the paparazzi bug her but why should I blame the MOTHER for that?

    What inane comments? She’s never said or done anything wrong. What idiotic musing was Cruise trying use to fool Kidman into doing what?

    I’m not in denial about anything. I’m just not gullible. What do you mean by I can’t process higher forms of information. My vocabulary is quite good but what would it matter if it wasn’t?

  • thunderthighs

    How many people did it take to pour her in those jeans? You know, those jeans are so tight they could cause an embolism. You can’t cut off circulation in your arteries like she’s doing. Sooner or later, she could have a stroke.

    Sad what some people will do trying to look fashionable. The problem with Katie is she never looks fashionable….she’s always the fashion “don’t”.

  • pr person

    I don’t think that she is attending to fly away hair… I think that maybe the chip that Crazy had installed was starting to buzz and she was trying to get to it so she could rip it out….. ??? hee, hee… I kid……

  • angel


  • me

    those jeans are actually boot cut. Her thighs and calves are so huge, it makes her jeans look like skinny jeans. yikes!

  • Chris

    Is there anyone else in this play seems we only hear about Ms Holmes……when I see her with that creepy little man she is married to it makes me feel ill…..I don’t know how she ever got involved with him in the first place. All I can say is good luck at some point you are going to need it.

  • me

    one more observation. she doesn’t need to wear a short jacket (above the hip). Her hips and thighs are entirely too big.

    Katie should always wear a jacket that hits just below the hip. I hate to say it but she’s inherited those big hips. Just wait till she’s 40. She probably already has to buy separates anyway. Her upper body is a size medium (8-10). Her hips must be about large (12-14) to xlarge (16). Most likely somewhere between a 14 and 16.