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Miranda Kerr is Horse Race Ready

Miranda Kerr is Horse Race Ready

Miranda Kerr looks very bohemian chic as she arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Friday.

Next weekend, the 25-year-old Victoria’s Secret angel will be flying in to Melbourne, Australia to attend the Melbourne Racing Club’s Caufield Cup horse race. Boyfriend Orlando Bloom was invited, but apparently has acting commitments to attend to.

“I’ve never been to Caulfield before, but I did make it to the Autumn Racing Carnival in Sydney this year with David Jones,” Miranda said. “If Caulfield Cup is half as fun then it will be such a great day out and I’m really looking forward to it.”

10+ pictures inside of horse race-ready Miranda Kerr

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miranda kerr horse race 01
miranda kerr horse race 02
miranda kerr horse race 03
miranda kerr horse race 04
miranda kerr horse race 05
miranda kerr horse race 06
miranda kerr horse race 07
miranda kerr horse race 08
miranda kerr horse race 09
miranda kerr horse race 10

Credit: MO; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • anhjbdsn



    ummm. wtf is she wearing?!

  • looks comfy ….

    bet that is easy to travel in. I hope we gets pics of her and Orlando together while in la. I miss seeing them together.

  • sherlock

    what a frickin mess! sorry but she looks as scruffy has hell!

  • b chick

    wow.her dress look like my gradma’s bed cover.


  • mayfrayn

    There once was a lady called Miranda
    Who looked as cute as a panda
    I want to kiss her sexy a$$
    And shag her in the grass
    While filming her and Orlanda


  • lola

    miranda is ugly, i cant believe she is a VS model.
    adriana lima and alessandra ambrosio are much more beautiful

  • LolaSvelt

    Bohemian chic? Yeah, for the elderly.

  • Betina

    so ugly dress, what mess..

    I agree, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio are much more beautiful than Miranda.

    And Gisele Bundchen too.

    I prefer Orlando with Kate Bosworth, so cute couple..

  • Matt Kerr Esq

    You are all fat and ugly!! My sister is so sexy you can only cry about how hot she is!! LOOK AT HER AND WEEP!

  • mayfrayn

    Please, do not use my nickname. If you want to bash Miranda, use your own nick, don’t be coward.

  • yuk

    I can’t stand this smug wh0re. She is straight up trash.

  • Ingrid

    Matronly and fug.

  • mayfrayn

    whose bashing? :/

  • http://justjared here we go

    the obsessed haters are always here first they bash her for wanting attention but are here every freaking time there is thread about her to talk non sense because they are OBSESSED and sad people

  • http://justjared a fan

    she looks cute hope there will be pictures of her and orlando love them together they are a beautiful couple haters are already in pain so funny

  • OMG

    Wow she looks horrible in these pics.

  • mayfrayn

    don’t try to make the innocent with me. I know that you are trying to make fun of me, well, do you know the news? I’m tired of every haters, that hasn’t nothing better to do that writing a large amount of vulgarity in every website or forum. I’m mayfrayn, I am a fan of actor Orlando Bloom, who is a very good actor and enthusiastic man, and I like Miranda Kerr too…if you can’t stand this, it’s your problem.

  • Kev

    She’s gorgeous

  • blueperson

    if u look at the comments you will see a shipper, very much like yourself was one of the first people here. in pain? i see no one in pain! people predicted this as it always happens every so often. look how much in pain you are, you have been squirting in anticipation over pics of them together. how sad.

  • Jason L

    Urgh! FUG FUG FUG FUG FUG!! Ugly moo!

  • ,ayfrayn

    why arent you out nursing, doing your job? isnt that what nurses do? or do they spend every waking moment on the internet or making graphics of a panty model and chubby cheex? u can be a fan of whom ever you want my dear just like i can poke fun out of whom ever i like. dont like? tough nuts! its the internet, not real life!

  • mayfrayn

    my work is not your business, stupid person.
    You don’t know where I am, what time is it in my place, so worry about your life, and not the life of other persons, that you don’t know at all.
    Orlando is a lovely person, he doesn’t deserve sort of “fans” like you

  • Nick Lachey USA

    The outfit is a little odd but she looks gorgeous. I’m not sure what’s with all the criticism.

  • k

    do i see a baby bump?? hmm…

  • no

    She wants you to think it was a baby bump.
    She just came back from a photo shoot with swim suits so I’m sure it’s not.

    If that girl gets pregnant no telling who the daddy is. It sure wouldn’t be assumed it was the buddha boy’s.

    This slu has been around the block a few times.

  • Twifanatic Amanda



    what is Miranda wearing?
    Did you know she is dating Orlando Bloom? I didn’t!

  • @orli

    She’s arrived, hope you made it out safe!!!


    Hi Mayfrayn, I don’t belong to OL and I think I have an LJ account but have never posted, but anyway, I just wanted to thank you for all the pics you post and all the articals you find. I think you seem like a warm and wonderful person and I’m sorry for the hateful, mean spirited people out there. I’m an Orlando fan and I like Miranda and I like them together! I know not a popular opinion, but who cares, right? Right
    Keep up the good work and know that there are those of us out here who look forward to your posts.
    ok, I’m back to just lurking.

  • @28

    I hope so too but I doubt it.
    She had to make a showing before Sydney didn’t she?

  • something smells

    Yep, here she is, right on time. So predictable, so desperate. So on the way out.

  • @31

    …on the way out to Orlando’s house – lucky girl!!

  • @32

    I’m sure she’s on a mission to get some pictures of her at Orlando’s house. Wouldn’t that help since last time in New York the paps had to snap him picking her up everyday while she stayed with her mother? HAHA. Where was Orli staying? HAHAHA

    That might also make up for the time he dumped her and she was crying in front of her apartment. HAHAHA.

    Maybe it will make up for the time she made him meet at the Motor bike store and she catwalked in and out while he wouldn’t be in the same frame. HAHAHA. Poor cry baby.

    HAHAHAHA. She is such a dumb fool running after this the way she does.

    The list goes on and on and on with her.

    Hurry Miranda, go get those set ups quickly. You only have a few days before you have to leave again. HAHAHAHA. She has so much to prove and it’s so funny to watch her in action. Run randa run.

  • something smells

    @31, nope. She’s on her way to Brandon Davis’s — you know — her go to breakup guy.

  • miranda and orlando

    … have an account with bauer griffin

  • @mayfrayn

    if a sex tape came out of orlando and her that she had sold to the press what would you think?

    also dont you find him dating a panty model rather makes him shallow, sexist and a chauvanistic pig??

    he may as well be dating a stripper or a p0rno star- close to what this girlie already is!!

    jay lyon (the thinking girls man)

  • carly

    LOL This girl has s!ut running thru her like rok, why do you think orli boy is with her- sex plain and simple- see orli boy isnt different from the scuzzy men you know he is the same, you “shippers” should be seeing that- you support a man who likes a sl1utty woman?who goes from one man to another in a heartbeat? Fault here isnt with miranda- she sells sex- men like orli boy take it supply and demand– and my doesnt he go for the pre pubescent type= seems he has pedo tendancies and likes em young- 2 girlfreinds both look like young boys bodies and the exact same age- you must be proud of the guy you thought was deep and different to the usual guy- seriously this guy is such a letch… you may as well fancy any sleazeball than him.

    you will see

  • OMG

    Did her mom take down the kitchen curtains and make that dress? And it looks as though the wrap was cut from an old blanket. No makeup, oily face, oily hair, and she should get her very own shopping cart, she would fit right in with the homeless people, except of course they have more class than she does. I swear I have a friend who has the same fabric in her bedspread. Isn’t she supposed to be some kind of model, one who knows about clothes? No, guess not.

  • kerr!!!

    I LOVE miranda and she is the nicest girl in the world i have meet her and i love her. her and her brother are the nicest people in the world. i adorethis family.
    they are all beautiful people


  • lol

    actually I think the wrap is the blanket for the horse she is backing in the race she is going to. Maybe she is breaking it in by wearing it. There is something about her that makes me want to run fast.

  • @39

    Hey you don’t happen to know “Tim” do you? You know the other guy that came here to say how nice she was but turned out he said he worked for the vogue photographer but we found out he was dead years ago. ROFLMAO! She always keeps it so entertaining. Sure I bet they are the nicest people in the whole wide world.

    Say hi to poostain for us will you? I hope he can get his night shift off so he can make it out for the show.

  • @carly

    She does look like she would suck coq for a quater.
    She can’t wipe that cheap look off her face no matter how hard she tries.

  • Holy Sheep dip!

    So, the haters have stepped it up a notch. They stalk the web, looking for new pics or info on someone that they supposedly can’t stand, just to be the first to post. Then hide behind other’s names just to insult them. How sad, shallow, and horible must their real lives be to do this? PATHETIC LOSERS!
    I had stayed out of the bashing that the Delphi girls had been getting. But now I am beginning to believe that they deserve everything that has ever been said about them. You just can’t stand the fact that people disagree with you, can you? You don’t debate, you fling mud and spout vulgarities. How can you justify your behavior? Just because posting here is anonymous doesn’t make you any less accountable for your words. Karma is a b*tch.
    I’m sure that FroFro, or someone else from that awful board will come to their defense. But unless they come forward and condemn this latest behavior, they have no ground to stand on. They will have proved that they ARE a forum run by, and inhabited by, haters. Nothing more.

  • victoria

    So, you are saying that when anyone ever says something foul about her they must be someone from Delphi. That logic won’t hunt. That is saying that one black person speaks for them all, or one hispanic speaks for them all. Or what is even worse blaming a whole group of people if one of them did something horrid. I remember my Mom saying when Kennedy was shot, people were ashamed they were from Texas, as if every Texan was to blame.
    Not to even mention that because this board is anon. anyone can say anything, and there is no way to tell who or where they post. But people who think with the kind of logic you display are the ones who create a spirit of suspicion and hatred. Just because someone disagrees with me doesn’t make them my enemy, it simply means they think differently than I do. The people at Delphi are of like mind for the most part, it is not as though we are proposing violence against anyone, we simply express our opinons, and very contrary to the tripe that some people post here it is done in a friendly fun manner.

  • rujci

    She is well dressed ONLY when working and when some other people are making the combinations. She has no stile at all. She has no ideas how to make a good combination. Look at her- bag, cap, dress, shoes. Ugly, very ugly.

  • @44

    Very true. Number 43 posted on Jared so she is now a Jared poster. Does that make her in the same league as everyone who has ever posted here ever? See how your logic works #43.
    Get over yourself.

    So what if some of them are. Not all are and people are free to express themselves however they want.
    Miranda Kerr is an innocent little girl that needs your protecting.
    She knows how to give it out and has time and again.

  • @44

    The latest posts on Delphi have been nothing but sarcastic silliness. That sarcastic phase is why I have to agree with #43. This reeks of Delphi. Or at least a Delphi member who is known to have verbally attacked May in the past.
    So, Victoria, are you saying that this behavior is foul? Or are you giving it your blessing by not condemning it? This goes against all statements of “respecting all sides of the argument” that Delphi members keep insisting is their motto. Or is that all just talk?
    C’mon Delhi girls. You can’t justify what happened here, can you? Stand up and prove that you are above this type of attack.
    Or are you?

  • @47

    WTF are you going on about? Because to YOU it reeks of delpi that means it must be? dream on. Assume away.

    Why should Victoria have to respond about an anon post that she knows nothing about?

  • victoria

    @46 &47
    I am not going to spend a great deal of time by discussing this with all and sundry. @46 yes she is now a JJ poster, and you proved my point you can’t lump one persons post in with everyone who posts here and say they are all the same. Either you didn’t read what I said, or you didn’t understand it. You can’t lump all Delphi posters together either or even decide that if someone posts here who is not a fan of Miranda they must be a Delphi posters, there are others in the world who aren’t that keen on her.

    @47 No, I don’t think it is very nice for someone to make fun of Mayfran in such a manner, I wouldn’t like someone using my user name and saying things I would hate. While I personally do not believe that Mayfran is as innocent as she pretends to be, I would not hassle her in such a manner. And even though most on Delphi, get impatient with her, and the way she trashes the posters there at other sites, she has been treated with respect. Although that respect does not extend to pretending to agree with her.

    As far as telling someone to get over themselves, it seems a childish way to insult a person. So I will refrain from commenting to you in kind

    I don’t hate people here who post about how much they like Miranda, I just disagree, my God an out of work actor and a underwear model are not worth getting that worked up over. Fun to watch, but not worth such violent emotions as hate.