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Selena Gomez is a Fierce Fairy

Selena Gomez is a Fierce Fairy

Disney starlet Selena Gomez gets fierce on the runway at the 5th Annual Runway For Life benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital presented by Disney’s Tinker Bell (on DVD and Blu-ray) on Saturday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Hilary and Haylie Duff were also in attendance at the show.

Sel, 16, sings the the track Fly to Your Heart on the Tinker Bell soundtrack.

20+ pictures inside of Selena Gomez, the fierce fairy…

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selena gomez fierce fairy 01
selena gomez fierce fairy 02
selena gomez fierce fairy 03
selena gomez fierce fairy 04
selena gomez fierce fairy 05
selena gomez fierce fairy 06
selena gomez fierce fairy 07
selena gomez fierce fairy 08
selena gomez fierce fairy 09
selena gomez fierce fairy 10
selena gomez fierce fairy 11
selena gomez fierce fairy 12
selena gomez fierce fairy 13
selena gomez fierce fairy 14
selena gomez fierce fairy 15
selena gomez fierce fairy 16
selena gomez fierce fairy 17
selena gomez fierce fairy 18
selena gomez fierce fairy 19
selena gomez fierce fairy 20

Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty
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  • selena sux!

    HATE HER!!!

  • sofiw

    OH GOSH (L)

  • sofiw

    OH GOSH (L)

  • nikki

    there is something about her that i don’t like very much but she is pretty!

  • lucia angelica nomberto torres

    She looks awesome, I love her dress.

  • filomenaa

    i hatee herr! she is soo phony! she is a wannabee of miley! and she’s going out with nick! he deserves soooo much better! besides, she’s too ugly for him!

  • lucia angelica nomberto torres

    She looks awesome, I love her dress

  • me

    gorgeous and such a good role model and not even annoying

  • mike

    im not a big fan of hers but i dnt understand how people call her a wannabe…i mean she actually IS on a tv show and such so obviously she is actually doing something…and she does actually look pretty and she’s not as annoying as miley cyrus…ugh…

  • MayleeJonas


    shes so gorgeous :]

    make as pretty as her NOWW x’]

    I love her :]

    Her and Demi couldnt get any better :]

    and Jonas x]

  • Suzanne

    I like her first dress with the gold detail but not the second one.

  • hey


  • shell

    How is selena the wannabe when she can ACTUALLY act. Miley is only where she is because of her father…whether you think it or not…her acting skills wouldn’t not of gotten her anywhere without Billy Ray.

    Selena isn’t stuck up…isn’t too good for disney and is a positive role model.

  • demi&mileyyyyyyyyyy!

    I HATE SELENA! but love Hilary!

  • maddy

    she’s talented, i will give her that. she is a better and stronger actor though…she should focus on that aspect rather than singer. demi, on the othre hand, was a disaster in camp rock but she has a nice tone to her voice when she stays in her range.

  • lola

    # 9
    i totally agree

  • bella

    Agree with #8 as well.
    I love her dress :)

  • Cynthia

    She has a gigantic water head, that’s all.

  • Liv

    Porque se cree latina esta chica?
    solo quiere a nick para ser mas famosa ¬¬

  • anonymous

    wow miley lovers don’t be too jealous now.

    I think Selena looks gorgeous! And it’s great to see her doing so many things that are for a good cause. Love her!

  • lalala

    i like her, but im not a huge mega fan of her.
    i love her and miley, as well.
    i personally think she looks so much prettier than she usually does, her make up was done very well. :’]
    & also, i don’t think people should be talking about what nick jonas deserved and what he doesn’t; he should decide that, not you.
    as long as she makes him happy, if you were a true fan of nick you would be happy too.
    AND how can you call someone annoying if you don’t know them? assumations are what you THINK about someone, not what they really are.
    i love miley alot, i’ve always been a fan of her but just because selena has a tv show&sings&is dating nick now doesn’t mean she is a miley wannabe; they are both totally different people.

  • wow


    everytime i see her i am more surprised for her look-a-like to rachel bilson

  • yulie

    wow she look very pretty…………

  • yulie

    wow she look very pretty…………

  • Kelsey

    she is so pretty not fair…. so lucky

  • Sophie

    She looks beautiful! I agree completely with #8! Wow all you people that say she is ugly and wannabe should chill out she is doing her own thing and not trying to be anything she is not! She seems to have such a sweet, genuine spirit so stop hating so much!!

  • Nick Lachey USA

    I wouldn’t say Selena is annoying. I would say Miley is most annoying of all time ;).

  • ok

    The first dress is too big for her, the second dress is too old for her. That hairstyle is getting old. That excessive make up is puffing up her face. Disney is trying way too hard in making her the perfect little good girl. Too bad she in reality is a selfish, image obsessed & fake child devoid of any personality or mind of her own.

  • csxyz

    I like how she always looks age-appropriate but still cute and stylish. I’m talking about red carpet and casual clothes. She and Emma Watson can really pull that off. As for Miley…

  • b chick

    she is gorgeous
    all the girls that call her ugly are jealous that she goes out with nick.. well and to those girls i say this :
    DEAL WITH IT . she is pretty and cool and youre not
    and she is going out with nick and you never will!


  • Rachel

    she looks so GORGEOUS!!!

  • SaRAH

    She looks too old for her age…
    Too much make-up.
    Gosh, what are these teens thinking?!


    anyone who says shes ugly is obviously blind or just a ridiculous hater! i mean, doesnt matter if you like her or not, the girl is CLEARLY stunning! get over your jealosy

  • mz Sass

    I knew they were going to do a separate post!

    It’s a great cause, there should’ve been more real celebrities there. The A-listers all did the St. Jude commercials, but none showed up for this.

    She has too much make-up on. The Duff sisters who are older aren’t wearing as much.

  • vanessa


  • :P

    Too bad Miley wasn’t able to come to this considering she was in London for the weekend. Miley would have look 10x more prettier and cuter. But I have to admit, Selena looks amazing.

  • katie n

    She looks very cute and elegant. Excellent dress choices.

  • mika

    everyone that says nick is too good for selena. shut ur ugly face. nick really likes selena and he would bash you if u said that in front of him. also selena is probably way prettier than all you haters.


    GOOD FOR SELENA !!!!….That is the second time she has given her time for St. Jude Children’s research Hospital !!!……..And, what a worthy cause…I had a son who was a patient there for 6 years in the 1980′s, and they pay for EVERYTHING !!!!….Hotel room for however long you need it……airplane fare…….gas money….meal tickets for several nice restaurants….and if you run out of money they give you some……a van will take you anywhere….if the parents get sick, they find a Dr. for you ASAP…..And most of the time, these Dr.’s will NOT charge the parent….if you get stuck there during the change of seasons and can’t leave, they provide money for you and your child to go get appropiate clothes..( free )…..They give all children FREE movie tickets, circus tickets, free haircuts, toys ( unlimited as is hats ), and ALL families are assigned a family counsler and a guardian for talking things out and to help you…These people ( angels ) are beautiful, caring, unselfish, and loving…The Dr’.s and nurses and other staff are so involved in your life, and they cut up with the children all day…next time anyone is in Memphis, Tn., take a free tour. …. You will never be the same again…..SORRY FOR THE RAMBLING…PROBABLY WAS NOT THE TIME, BUT I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS HOSPITAL……THANK YOU FOR LISTENING !!!!!!!

  • Anna

    the first dress is just hideous and makes her look very FAT.
    the second is very pretty but it makes her look 25-30 years old
    the makeup is nice????
    she really needs a new stylists.
    i dont get why she sang a song for tinkerbell. im sorry but she killed/ ruined it. somesone that can sing like demi or miley should have sang it.

  • Anna


  • Anna


  • mz Sass

    No need to apologize GOOD VICTORIA #38.
    People need to hear this. I didn’t know EVERYTHING was free.

    Like I said, this is a great cause. There should’ve been more coverage and bigger celebrities at this event!

  • michelle

    gosh, she is so dayum beautifullllll:)
    i love herrrrr<3
    and people shes not annoying!!!!!!
    no, that would be miley cyrus!!! ugh hate her:)
    selena you rock<333
    and of courseeee the jonas brothers are totally awsome!!!!<3:)

  • sarah

    what is this justselena? gosh i’m getting annoyed of seeing her big head all over. i admit she looks pretty in the default on the right if you were 19 years old. going on to miley’s idol, she seems to be like miley each day

  • katie

    you say that she’s dating nick, look what happened to taylor


    she looks gorg!!

  • Lilly Bitches[; Ps- EWW WTF!?

    Jared, Cmon! Stop Posting This Whore!
    She’s Annoying The Shit Outta Me, I Hope She Dies Of A Painful Death! She Doesn’t Even Deserve To Be Alive! Whoever Is Her Mother Needs To Go Die As Well. Ugh!
    She’s A Bad Singer, Bad Actress, She’s Ugly! She Doesn’t Even Deserve To Be Famous, Pfft & That’s a Fact. And Also She’s A Bitch And Don’t You Fucking Dare Ask Me “Oh why Is She A Bitch? You’re Just Jealous” Oh Shut The Fuck Up, Oh She’s Not a Bitch, Then Why Would She Backstab Miley & Go Out With Nick? Fucking Dipshits. And Omg I’m Not Jealous! Why Would I Be Jealous!? I’m more Prettier Than Her & I Hate Nick Jonas! Fricken Retards. The Fans Need To Go Die Also! Yall are All Crap! And Don’t Tell me To “Get a life” Kauze I’m alive Dumbasses Why Don’t Yall Get a Life, Instead Of Worshipping a Faggot Who Doesn’t Even Deserve To be Called a “Good Role Model” Bkauze A Good Role Model DOES NOT BACKSTAB THEIR BFF’S!!!!!!! And Yes I Like Miley But At least I don’t masturbate 2 her On Hannah Montana! lmfao like Yall do With WOWP! You Bitches are Lame As Fuck! Go look up To Someone Who Has real Talent :)

    Jared! More Miley Plz!? xD

  • tiah

    Gotta admit, cute dress but


  • Lilly Bitches[; Ps- EWW WTF!?

    And I Must Admit & I can’t Believe I’m actually Saying This But she Does Look Pretty In these Pix But That’s Only Kause She’s Wearing Makeup! Fucking fake Bitch! That’s Y I say Its Better 2 be hated for what You are (Miley) Then 2 be loved for what You’re Not. (Selena)

    Bye Whores! xxxxx