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Huge Obama Misspelling On NY Absentee Ballots

Huge Obama Misspelling On NY Absentee Ballots
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  • Nick Lachey USA

    lol oh my. That’s a grand mistake.

  • sconosciuta


  • Halli

    Not a big deal, they know who they’re referring to.

  • Sickitten

    You should have just posted Jen Aniston is a dog & left it at that. Alas, takes one to know one.

    When she was younger she always had a chance to support animal charities but she was too busy being narcissistic. Just think of an extension put onto an animal shelter or fix, trap & release campaigns…

    But NOOOO! All of her cash is spent on the gym, tanning machines & plastic surgeons to try to make her what she really isn’t. I hope her new psychiatrist has her on a mood stabilizer. Nothing can be done about her boring personality & low self-esteem because she is living the life she doesn’t deserve & she KNOWS it!

    At least Anegila, for whatever reason was able to come out of herself & become a credit & international treasure for this planet. She didn’t copy anyone…she just DID it!

  • irony

    funny how we are talking about misspelling and JustJared spelled Audrina Patridge as Audrina Patrdige

  • eeeeeaaaakkk

    irony, that’s good. thanks!

  • boogie

    I bet that misspelling was NOT a mistake.


  • yeah

    This ain’t misspelling.

  • aham

    @ Sickitten @ 10/13/2008 at 4:31 pm

    You’ve 4got ur pills 2day honey?!

  • REM

    @ Sickitten @ 10/13/2008 at 4:31 pm

    u r a N*TCASE geez relax, wats wiv d epistle about JA wen d post is about OBAMA (which i believe is delibrate), u have to rant on like a m*d individual at any given opportunity

  • Ann

    That is funny!!!!!

  • ANnie

    All you folks who are anti-Obama not because of his policies but because you think he’s Muslim, the anti-Christ, etc. are going to be so disappointed when he doesn’t blow up the White House or bow down to terrorists. What will you bitch about then? How great it would’ve been with a half-wit as VP and a cranky old man as President? Good luck to you!

  • USA

    So sad not only he is a terrorist so out of whack of America’s roots but he will raise taxes even more. Now that is scary. We are burdened with the 700 billion bailout and Osama will ask for more.

    All this mess are indeed based on greed,both parties are involved but its really the Democrats behind Fannie May,Akorn etc……

    God bless McCain and Palin

  • karen

    GO MCPALIN ’2008

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    oh my gosh, that mistake is awful, still a bit funny but I really hope that it does not influence voters once way or another.

  • hahaha hehehe

    Sounds like there was no misspelling and they got that right!!!!! HAHAHAHAH


    To USA,

    Obama stated that he would raise taxes for people who make more than 250k per year; he will make exempts for the middle class. That supply-side trickle down theory is nonsense and it’s the rich people who need to pay up.

    The “mistake” is complete bullshit. Someone paid the ballot creators through the nose to make it happen. All it does is show how corrupt republicans really are.

  • boogie

    now, McCain needs to be misspelled….


  • Kitty


    You are so right!!

  • Taylor

    Aniston is a pathetic dog. No way will I bother to see her rubbish. The chick has no substance. She is sitting around waiting on a man to define her. Ho should take her money and go lay on the beach and burn up.

  • Ida

    Mayer needs to stop with that fake moping around. No body believes his fake a$$ any way. He and Aniston are probably still together because Jen has low self-esteem. The two low-life douche bags are just alike.

  • josh

    haha too funny. but im voting for him nevertheless.

    btw, he said he would raise taxes for people who make over a quarter of a million a year. so stop complaining cuz i know your ass doesn’t make that much.

  • yo yo yo

    #23…..I’m sorry..

  • hahaha

    American are really stupid if Obama is elected coz he is an idiot.

  • omg

    Osama — BinLaden 2008 ??????????

  • Layla

    Misspeling? I don’t think so, people in this country are so ignorant and stupid, they should learn about other peoples culture and respect that. The american culture of drinking under age, doing drugs and having sex at 13 , broken families, cheating husbands and wifes is not the only right and good culture in the world.
    Obama is not arabic or muslin even if he was does’t make him a bad person.
    Wake up people!

  • Obamasucks!

    HAHAHA That’s Hilarious! STupid OBAMA! Stupid Niggers only liike him because he is a NIgger!!!!!!!!! And everyone feels bad cuz they use to be slaves but, FUCKEN NIGGER OBAMA OSAMa! HAHAHA


  • AMEN #25

    I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tt

    #26 Are you fucking kidding me….he is to!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU RESEARCH!!!!!!!! GO TO YOUTUBE AND SEE VISUAL FACTS……..GOOGLE IT!!!!!!!!! HE HAS SLIPPED UP AND SAID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE IS A GREAT YOUTUBE VIDEO WITH FACTS THAT HE IS. HIS BROTHER TOLD THE NEWS THAT….JESUS PEOPLE….You people dig and dig to get crap that isn’t even true about McCain and Palin but don’t even know this shady character you are voting for….damn…….

  • tt

    #27………that is pure ignorance. I can’t even imagine how ignorant you are. Leave that shit outta hear.

  • tt


  • Katherine

    Misspelling? As if. That was definitely done on purpose. It’s unbelivable what Republicans in this country will sink to in order to make a point. Calling Obama a “terrorist”, and claiming that we should “kill him” is only the beginning I assume. It’s bad enough that some people aren’t going to vote for Obama because of his color, but now it’s also come down to lies about his “ties with terrorists” and his “Islamic roots” (anyone who has done their research knows he’s a Christian man).

    What I don’t understand though, is when we decided that being a Muslim was a bad thing. Last time I checked, Christianity was NOT the official religion of the United States. And just because a few sickos attacked our country under the pretense of a certain religion, does not at all mean that anyone of that religion is the enemy.

  • Canadakicka$$

    Okay I disagree with people that find it right! It’s funny to a certain extend but #13 use your brain and stop hating!

  • Peter

    Igree with Katherine#

    Americans are well know around the globe for they ignorance about other cultures.

  • ron

    all nations have stupid people……….

    my vote goes to McCain and Palin

  • marisa

    they didn’t spell it wrong…..


  • boogie

    katherine- #32…


  • katie n

    Republicans are back to their dirty tricks. It is not a simple misspelling like writing Barak as Carak or something. This is subtly tellin the less educated people to fear Obama by reminding them of Osama.

  • scott

    I live in Rensselaer County and this WAS a mistake. It was done by Mr. McDonough who is a big DEMOCRAT! You people read things and think it is true or people are out to get obama. Get a clue. The man was embarrassed to make the mistake it was proof read by three other democrats. Maybe they are just not smart enough.

  • scott

    Katie N. you are stupid. Mr. McDonough is a DEMOCRAT. It was NOT done by republicans. It was proof read by three other democrats. It has nothing to do with republicans and their dirty tricks. If you are upset about dirty tricks then focus on obama’s giving $800,000 to Acorn to get people to register 72 times each. I don’t think that would upset you though.

  • martha

    katie n. – talk about less educated – you misspelled telling. I wouldn’t talk if I were you.

  • mike

    Star jones is a fat has been….she had her chance and she blew it…she got fired from E! because of how rude and arrogant she was to the crew…

  • eddie jones

    awwwwwwwwwwww it’s real huge eh jared, i guess having snl skits that say a presidential vp’s husband is involved with incest in his family is ok when it’s talking about a republican but oh my you spelled husseins name wrong, get out the spell-check police, good to see who jared is voting for.

  • xenu

    some call it misspelling
    some mistake

    and some call it deliberate sabotage

  • Kim

    just when i gave up on conspiracy theories


    Paris Hilton and Benji will wed in late December!

    Barack Hussein Obama will win the presidency but…

    And Mariah and NIck will be parents of a little girl in late June….

    Come check out my other celebrity predictions at!!!!!

  • Jess

    All of the anti-Obama garbage prove racist people still exist in America. US is cripled and weaken by these kind of people.

  • Cassie

    It’s shocking to note the smaller percentage of truly ignorant white trash in our society during this election cycle and, obviously, they have found their way here.

    It should be easy to trace the culprit printer of these ballots and somebody has lost their job

  • Mara

    For those of us who have lived, worked, or travelled abroad, we are ashamed of the ignorant sector of our population!

  • boogie

    Mara- #49- you are so correct.