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Daniel Craig Gets Rugged in Russia

Daniel Craig Gets Rugged in Russia

Daniel Craig (still in an arm sling) and costar Olga Kurylenko pose during a photocall for the new James Bond film Quantum of Solace, on the roof of the Ritz-Carlton hotel on Monday in Moscow, Russia.

Pictured in the background is The Moscow Kremlin, which includes four palaces, four cathedrals, and the enclosing Kremlin Wall with Kremlin towers. The complex serves as the official residence of the President of Russia.

Also pictured: director Marc Forster and actor Anatole Taubman. The world premiere of the 22nd Bond film will take place in London on October 29.

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Photos: Oleg Nikishin/Getty
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  • Nick Lachey USA

    Looking sharp!

  • jmo

    can’t wait!

  • KittyDuran

    3rd!!! The quickest I’ve been… at least he’s out of the more bulkier sling.


  • KittyDuran

    I’d like to thank JJ for more Daniel Craig news – I was hoping for the Moscow pics and it was delivered!


  • sats

    Now for the Scandanavian ones!

  • sats
  • sats

    looks like the man had been drinking the night before????

  • sats
  • article
  • sats

    whoever did the make up on him should be made him look jaundiced

  • sats
  • Tootie Fruitie

    He’s kinda fug to the ugly. She’s pretty, though.

  • LT

    He’s not entirely handsome, but I can’t figure it out…
    why does he make me weak in the knees???
    He’s so offbeat, tough, nonchalant sexy!!! IMO.
    I’d like to kiss his boo-boo!

  • bella

    Can’t wait for the film it looks really good. Cannot stand the Bond films until Daniel Craig became bond. Love him as Bond :)

  • jonijoni

    Dear Sats,

    I really wish you wouldn’t use my photobucket link to post pictures here. I’m breaking the link just because you are to lazy to find your own photos.

    Take care,


  • to LT

    If you figure out what makes a person sexy, bottle it and sell it!

    Just shows you that a man doesn’t have to have model looks to be sexy.
    Its the way he walks, talks, smiles and looks with those eyes.

    He knows what he’s got and he works it.


  • Sickitten

    Sorry, but he ain’t cutting it…

    aw, poor Joni. Flattery, know it when you see it,dear

  • KittyDuran

    To Sats (#7) – well, he’s in a land where vodka is readily available…


  • to joni joni

    I’m sorry, I was just sharing them, didn’t realize it wasn’t allowed. Do you have exclusive rights on them? Just asking then I won’t do it.

    FYI: someone sent these to I apologize but I mean, dont you want people to see the pics?

  • KittyDuran

    To LT (#15)…

    Someone mentioned on another thread IIRC here on JJ that Daniel is a “blonde rough”. Ruggedly handsome, but not pretty.

  • KittyDuran

    To JoniJoni… I hope you’re getting on other sites too, because others on the ‘net are posting the links (unless you’ve cut them).

    Where did you get them? Are you a professional photog?

  • to 17

    agreed. share and share alike unless they are exclusives as i get sent things all the time from Cnbdrbond and d2d

    yes flattery is that you have great pics joni, maybe put a disclaimer on them then as if you post them on a public website (wherever you did) then maybe you should?

    we ALL want to see Daniel! Please share!

  • to joni joni

    that doesnt make a person lazy! they just wanted to share that’s all!

    i agree, unless you own those pics then they can be shared if not then why post them on d2d? i have seen those before they were posted here on another place

    we are all here for one thing and that is to look at Daniel, no-one has rights over him (except Sats!!!

  • sats

    i asked JJ to erase them Joni, lets see if they do

  • Defiance
  • KittyDuran

    To sats (#13)… hmmm… could be, can’t see her face (not that I’m complaining) ;)

    Actually, I wonder if you see the top of her head/forehead in the back of the elevator (behind the shorter woman’s head)

  • to kitty duran

    could be her yes..she has the skin tone

  • to kitty duran

    she is so different from his other gf’s and ex wife as they were all blonde

    i like satsuki

  • Lou Over

    I don’t go on websites and search for pics of him, I just come on here!

    I guess that does make me lazy but I appreciate the pics whoever they come from. :)

    I have to agree though the man looks rough, I read somewhere that he has been ordered to take it easy by the doctors. The Sun I think posted a story.

    How is this resting? Strange time to get an operation done.

    Poor bloke.

    Hi Kitty, where’s Tiger?

    That’s my prate.

  • Lou lOver

    I forgot the ‘L” on Lover……lol.

    She will never forgive me. ;)

  • phtos

    saw other photos of him on another sites and they all apart from one or two, look not so good of him

    he look so bad and hurting he looks better when he smiles

  • to Lou lover
  • Halli

    She’s stunning and he’s very handsome. He has a gentleman/roughneck quality that I like. I don’t like pretty boys :)

  • KittyDuran

    Hmmm… I read all along that the EON Production people said that the injury was not QOS related. A few articles IIRC. So now it is? Interesting…

  • KittyDuran

    Welcome back, Lou! :D !!!

  • Dan in stockholm

    Daniels in Stockholm and there are some great pics of him and Olga in front of the royal palace.

    He arrived wearing the same suit as in Moscow but then he put on a long grey overcoat.

    Dont want to post any pics but they are visible on other websites.

    Maybe JJ might get them.

  • Dan In Moscow

    Dan quoted at the
    Moscow conference

    “I have very good relationship with alcohol. Vodka is wonderful”

    1 video

    The Moscow pics are all over the other websites as well as the Stockholm ones, none of the the gf

  • moscow getty pics of dan
  • moscow getty pics of dan

    nice to see pics of just him for a change and olga

    this is what it should be about, just the cast not anyone else!

  • Lou lOver

    I’m sure Craig is just living on adrenalin at the moment, he looks like it!

    That shoulder must be a b**ch to travel around with, I did with an injury once and asperin and adrenaline got me through (not that I was giving press conferences or anything).

    Where’s Mathieu though? Shouldn’t he be there?

    That’s my prate for today and probably for the week.


  • no gf

    nice to see a beautiful woman on his arm for a change

    but Halloween candy will be out soon

  • dan in stockholm
  • tigerlily

    Lou Over ..i mean Lou lOver nice to hear from you!! I thought you’re girlfriend banned you from coming on here till you found her that handbag!! lol! ;)

    Daniel looks as gorgeous as ever on the Stockholm pics!! I can’t seem to stop drooling…no wait maybe that’s my age!! lol!

  • daniel lover

    I agree, Daniel looks gorgeous in Stockholm and so nice to see him alone or with the crew instead of Sats. But I am sorry to see he still must be in pain. Get well Daniel.

  • KittyDuran

    The pics in Stockholm look much better probably because it’s sunny. Olga still looks incredible! :D

    Yeah, get a bib, Tiger! (we need to keep the JJ website neat and tidy)


  • tigerlily

    Sorry Kitty, i’ll clean up my drool i promise!! ;)

    Olga looks great, i love her clothes, very stylish. Any clues to who the designer is??

  • mary

    olga is a beautiful girl; even more so than eva. then there’s satsuki. compared to these women, olga and eva, daniel’s girlfriend is plain jane ordinary. hate to say it but that’s how i see it.

  • lou lover

    To Tiger:

    No she hasnt banned me (yet!), no luck on the bag so bought her a nice bracelet instead. ;)

    I think Olga and Eva are equally gorgeous, strange to see the body language of Dan with these women be more open than with the gf.

    But that’s my view, maybe no-one else’s.


    End of prattle.

  • tigerlily

    I wouldn’t call Satsuki a plain jane at all. She has a very unique look which i think is quite striking. I think Satsuki would turn heads as she walked in a room, she’s the sort of girl you wouldn’t be able to stop looking at, in a good way if you know what i mean!! And she has a fantastic pair of legs on her too!!

  • tigerlily

    lou lover…you old romantic you!! lol! Lucky girlfriend.
    I myself am holding out for another expensive designer handbag!! ;)

    Not too sure about the body language, i’m not good with all that sort of stuff. I just get the feeling people want Daniel and Satsuki to split up so much, that they look for and see things that aren’t there.( Not meaning you lou lover)