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Halle Berry Has Target in Sight

Halle Berry Has Target in Sight

Halle Berry does a little shopping at Target for some cards and baby toys in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The 42-year-old was recently named the sexiest woman alive by the readers of Esquire magazine. Halle gave birth to her daughter Nahla back in March and commented, “I like being a mother. I like my body better since I became a mother. I feel sexier as a result of becoming a mother!”

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry and her target in sight…

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halle berry target 01
halle berry target 02
halle berry target 03
halle berry target 04
halle berry target 05
halle berry target 06
halle berry target 07
halle berry target 08
halle berry target 09
halle berry target 10

Credit: PR; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Zach

    I agree. Halle Barry is sexy!

  • jack

    I adore her

  • dave1

    She is plain and average looking. Looks like crap with no make-up

  • yuck

    She looks weird w/o makeup. The look on the Target employee says it all.

  • Travis

    Looking good Halle

  • eww

    enough with the effing ‘samantha who’ ads!!!!!!


    CONGRATS. now shut up about it

  • nikomilinko
  • Erin

    She is annoying as hell. Look for her appearing on every talk show on the planet to discuss how she’s the first woman to ever become a mother…geez

  • uummm

    She is stunning but i never ever liked her legs. There are short with big thighs and she is bowlegged. It makes her kinda stocky when she has no high heels on.

    When in Boomerang, the best bod was ‘Robin’ s ! Great shapely long legs, perfect round little booty, tiny waist line and great poise. She was the one who screams SEXINESS. Halle had the prettier face but Robin has the best leggy body from neck to toe !

  • lips,tits and smack that ass.


  • Nina

    Halle, you’re a natural beauty and a great person.
    Don’t let the haters put you down girl !

  • Nina101

    She is pretty and a gr8 actress!!
    Love U halle!

  • oh come on I repeat

    OH COME ON dont get carried away she has stretch marks on her booobs BIGTIME she has a very different nose to the one she was born with..All her life and her other pics before this baby she was anorexic borderline UGLY…her ass is genuine huge thats the black negro side and her hair is woeful unlike the other ladies you numbskulls refer to…Drongo Halle has to fake the hair bigtime the lips ,the pumped cheekbones and the all dentist out capped teeth
    and ignores the fact she cannot do shite about it and the photos you people go on about re the 42 esquire blahhh they are PHOTOSHOP TO THE MAX and goofball of a boyfriend knows that bigitme LOLOLOL…halle
    is SHALLOW and she even admits it if you hear her talk,,,if she ever found herself that is… SHE HAS NO SUBSTANCE…I too am older than her have dark skin AM EURO ASIAN and everyone thinks I am very much younger…but believe me I do not ever want to see myself remotely compared to Halle dingle donkey

  • dee

    oh come on I repeat@ Stop hatin’ your jealousy is showing. And yes you’re jealous! Because who sits down and writers a long a** hateful letter about someone they don’t like?! If you’re not jealous you wouldn’t waste you’re time posting anything about her. But you feel the need to list all her faults (as you see them). People like you are sad. You tear people down so you can feel better about yourself. Go work on being a better person… you need it!

    BTW: You don’t have to kiss Halle’s butt. But you don’t have to put hateful vibes out there too.

  • Bill

    the sexiest woman alive!

  • oh come on

    oh so why the hell are you on here then madam…you are dead wrong dear…if anything there is pity for the mess of a woman…

    .go read

    if anything what i have said is kind compared to whats said on DLISTED…she really has made her mark that sorry ass…it’s called what i see as karma..been comming for a long time…and her attitude stinks…she is self centred hypocrite and a bad liar…


  • Dee

    Halle is FABULOUS!!!

    T.I. wrote a song for all you HATERS out there:

    ***** fakin’ only gonna inspire (Motivation)
    All yo hatin’ in fuel to my fire (It’s motivation)
    ****** plottin’ on the crown ??? (It’s motivation)
    Hey but I ain’t slowin’ down and I ain’t stoppin’ (Motivation)
    Now ***** don’t stop my show (Motivation)
    You ain’t know I don’t stop, I go (It’s motivation)
    Sucka ****** can’t make me suffer
    Just make me stronger and make me tougher (It’s motivation)

    Haters better get on yo job, tell’em, haters get on yo job, (It’s motivation)
    -T. I.

  • hmmm

    hey dee go take a chill pill or some meds will ya

  • Dee

    The people who post on “D-listed” are JACKA**ES!! And most are just trying to be funny… in a hateful way! Even in an email Micheal K said sometimes they get a little carried away.

    The day I go to D-listed and let them influence any of my opinions. Is the day I’ll go play in traffic.

  • Sorella

    I love how she always seems to look pissed in pictures, but you know she’s loving the attention. Let’s face it, gorgeous as she can be, she needs Hollywood to remember her, she doesn’t exactly get the choice roles still and 40 something and getting on, it gets harder. Her mother image was a good career move too.

    But I always feel like shaking her he and say smile for cripe’s sake, your life is pretty darn good! Why does she always look so miserable sheesh.

  • Olivia

    i bet that she is pregnant.
    look at her holding those bags like that.

  • Zoe Moon

    Diito # 11! Love ya, Halle!!

    #13, Thank you for proving just how ignorant you really are!

  • Zoe Moon

    Ditto #11

  • Zoe Moon


    I do not feel pity for Halle at all. She is a strong black woman who has been to hell and back. Now she has finally found happiness, love, the baby of her dreams, and her place in the world. There is absolutely no reason to pity her at all. I greatly admire her and her strengths. As Dee, #14, said, you don’t have to put your hateful vibes out there.

    You have way too much time on your hands to insult Halle on her fantastic body.

  • Kimberly

    You know, it’s really sad that so many come on here and make horrible comments about a woman’s body after she becomes a mother. You people are ridiculous. This woman looks beautiful, especially after having a child. Have some respect! Would you talk about your mothers that way?


    number 13 really has issues, if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. some of you people need to get a lift and not take yourselves too seriously. you don’t know halle or anyone else in the public eye so just use your negative vibes for saying and doing something positive, like helping the needy.

  • Marla

    She is beautiful. Absolutely stunning. I love her.

  • Lisa

    I love that she had the courage to have a child and not worry about her figure. So glad it all worked out for her. She is beautiful inside and out.
    She truely deserve sexiest woman alive.

  • yuck

    Did you guys forget that she was involved in a hit and run, drove away and claimed anemia? Bitch please! No one buys that BS.

  • yuck

    What about her ever changing “suicide” story that seems to be different every time she tells it. Is it the amnesia affecting her memory?

  • sleepy time tea

    she is BORING.


    she is fake. an stupid. and over-rated badly.