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Harper & Finley Lockwood = Lisa Marie Presley's Twins!

Harper & Finley Lockwood = Lisa Marie Presley's Twins!

Lisa Marie Presley and her husband Michael Lockwood named their new twin girls Harper and Finley, reports Star.

The 40-year-old daughter of Elvis Presley gave birth to the newborn babies on Tuesday, Oct. 7, at Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, Calif. They arrived via C-section and weighed 5 lbs., 15oz. and 5 lbs., 2 oz.

“The babies and mom are happy and healthy and resting at home,” Lisa Marie‘s rep said in a statement over the weekend.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Lisa Marie’s new babies’ names — HOT or NOT?

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  • bella

    First :)
    Congrats to them :)


    Names are cute !!


    Names are cute !!

  • Betina

    good for her! I love Elvis

  • zzzz

    Why are people so mesmerized by this woman? Yeah, her dad was Elvis but that doe’sn’t make her newsworthy. Boring. Give us real celebs,please Jared.

  • Fantasyisland

    Harper is tolerable on a girl, but Finley?!?!!!!?! I think Elvis is rolling over in his grave.

  • Jill

    At least someone in the public light names their children normally

  • Lia

    Oh jesus fantasyisland, like you haven’t heard waaay worse babynames? I thought they were cute and original.

  • Annie

    I really do do do do do like Harper for a girl! Finley not so much (prefer it on a boy) but it’s OK. Congratulations!

  • ldawn

    Both names are more for boys but to each their own!!! Congrats to Lisa & her husband on the baby girls!!!

  • Ann John Jane

    Normal names. Notsogirly. Great names forboys.
    Still , normal names. the new trend is giving girls names forboys: Rowen ,Whitney ,Sidney, Taylor ,Kennedy, Harper, etc.

  • EM

    Both names are great : unique but not too odd!

  • booo

    *eye roll* to both names.
    dumb scientology twat.

  • karla

    congrats to lisa marie but sorry i dont like the names but hey to each his own
    ps, i do agree with earlier comments at least they do sound a bit more normal than other celeberty baby names like apple and zuma

  • wonderleia

    they are nice names, but much more suited for boys. i actually thought that by the names she had boys until i read further into the post.

  • Jill

    There’s a precedent for Harper. Harper Lee is a woman. Finley? I don’t know…

    Anyway, it beats Apple and Sunday Rose.

  • boogie

    not sure about Harper. Kids could tease her and call her Harpie.

    Finley- kind of unique.

    Congrats Lisa and hubby!

  • Halli

    I like the name Harper. Like Harper Lee.

  • lala

    Finley is a boy’s name!

    Ugh, she did the same thing as Gwen Stefani, gave her kid a name of the opposite sex!

  • kaicee

    their diffrent names alright!
    i hope they look at lot like elvis

  • lala


    finley is a boys name.

  • Hmmm

    very strong names, kinda cute though. Congrats to the new parents.

  • Hmmm

    very strong names, kinda cute though. Congrats to the new parents.

  • boogie

    I just found out that she had fraternal twins, not identical twins.

    will be interesting if they will look like her and Elvis.

  • phyllis

    ok names for boys but girls no way i would name them that. So glad she is ok and her babies are healthy.

  • Julie

    Well Done, To the Perants, Who are We To Judge, as long as Lisa and Babies are Well and Hethy, that is all i Care about Well Done Lisa, Girl Your Dad will Be Smilling,

  • Millierose

    Harper & Finley. Sounds a little like a law firm. What happened to Gladys and Love? I even like Jessie for a girl’s name But that’s not for us to decide.. What’s important is they get lots of love and grow up happy. My best to Lisa Marie (I’m sure it was a long, long nine months) and Michael who will be a wonderful daddy. We all wish Elvis could have been here to enjoy his Grand Children. Enjoy them for him.

  • Lindz lynn

    i actually don’t mind these names considering what other people are naming kids

  • good Victoria

    TO ” MILLIEROSE ” NUMBER # 27….”"” HARPER & FINLEY LAW FIRM “”"” ( LOL )…Does sound a little important…..My nephew has two little girls in his class name ” finley “…I thought it was odd then, but now the names are sinking in..they are ” finn “, by their classmates…Like one poster said, I would rather name her Finley, than Apple or Sunday Rose…Maybe it is a special family name or something. ( one could hope )

  • Sickitten

    The names are kinda working. Congrats!

  • Lenny

    Who cares what LMP named those beautiful babies, They are going to be beautiful girls, they are the grandchildren of the most beautiful man I have ever seen…ELVIS PRESLEY…….

  • rosalind

    What gorgeous names! I plan on naming my next daughter Finley, such a pretty girl’s name!

  • sarah may

    The names are good ok. At least they aren’t THAT weird. They flow nicely.

  • sarah may

    The names are good ok. At least they aren’t THAT weird. They flow nicely.

  • erin

    harper is gorgeous!!! it was my name whenever i played pretend with friends when we were younger.

    finley is cute, but for a girl? more like a nickname, but this is the 21st century…

  • mary

    horrible names like her mother: one girl name like a cleaner (Harper) and other name like a dog (Finley): I want the dna for the horrible lisa

  • mary

    harper is the name of a publisher and the firm of a law. And surnames saunds Harper. Thank of God did not name Gladys for one of the girls because gladys wa a wonderful name that they never deserver….

  • mary

    Plase remember when lisa as ever lied and said that one of the girl will named Gladys…

  • amy

    LOL theres people whinging about these names??

    when theres Apple ,sunday ,zuma ,pilot ,cruz,moxie crimefighter out there?! please people Harper and Finley are “normal names”

  • Casey

    Like Harper; Finley is okay! Just glad mom & baby are fine.

  • mary

    Just clik in google for finley you will find only dogs. Is a nme for dogs! =D

  • mary

    Maybe she is evious of the name about the name of the son of her ex-hubby Nic

  • mary

    Maybe she is evious about the name of the son of her ex-hubby Nic

  • Ha!

    Yo, to “zzzzz” at 2:20: For your information, Lisa Marie Presley is the Suri Cruise or Shiloh Jolie-Pitt of her generation. People were and are fascinated by her because she is the daughter of an incredibly famous couple. I imagine that in 40 years, people will be asking the same question ["why are people so mesmerized"] about the children in the tabloids today who are being hounded by paps for the exact same superficial reason.

  • Celebrity one

    Is Lisa Marie Presley the Suri Cruise or Shiloh Jolie-Pitt of her generation? Ha! This menopausic old woman? Then I am the Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton of my generation =D

    The next names: lassie, garfield, pookie, laika

  • Celebrity one

    Yess zzzz !!!! and even lisa is not the daughter of elvis is the daughter of vernon if is the live image of the woman that said that is daughter od Vernon. I want the dna. Or the daughter of gene smith because her mother was so promiscuous like lisa
    Elvis Presley is one and only no fakes like this menopausic old woman

  • Nicole

    Go back to school Julie

  • sally

    I love the names, it makes them special & unique just like their mother & grandfather..well done lisa marie, congrats to you both…

  • sally

    I think the names are great, they make the girls more special & unique…just like their mother & grandfather..congrats to you both xx

  • celebrity one

    The next beautiful names: lassie, garfield, pookie, laika, chester cheetos