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Hayden and Rachel are LAX Lovers

Hayden and Rachel are LAX Lovers

Rachel Bilson and boyfriend Hayden Christensen look lovebird lovely as they depart from LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The loved-up pair seemed to cherish their time together as Rachel held Hayden close to her while waiting on the security line.

Hayden and Rachel (both 27) were seen on the set for a Lacoste commercial earlier in the week in Los Angeles. Even RB‘s dog Thurman Murmen was there!

10+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson, the LAX lovers…

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hayden christensen rachel bilson lax lovers 01
hayden christensen rachel bilson lax lovers 02
hayden christensen rachel bilson lax lovers 03
hayden christensen rachel bilson lax lovers 04
hayden christensen rachel bilson lax lovers 05
hayden christensen rachel bilson lax lovers 06
hayden christensen rachel bilson lax lovers 07
hayden christensen rachel bilson lax lovers 08
hayden christensen rachel bilson lax lovers 09
hayden christensen rachel bilson lax lovers 10

Credit: Matingas/Mo; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • lover

    they look so cute together, but i’d love to see her and adam again as a couple! even more cuteeee :)

    p.s. justjared post more about Shia LaBeouf!

  • b chick



  • lover


  • sharon

    th this is all she knows

  • Awww!

    They are so cute together! I love them!

  • SkyEatsMe

    love this dudes jeans, freakin’ awesome.

  • milking it for what its worth

    no comment

  • Irishdreams

    x17 said it best called her a BIG LOOSER..notice she grabs at him and not the other way around..gee for the couple being now coming out they still don’t want to hold hands or kiss but can have it pre-arrange for the camera for his photo shoot..looking directly in the camera and did what the camera man asked “OH give us a kiss “and SHE was the one doing all the work he just went along with it making them both pathetic..They are both the joke of hollywood

  • Nick Lachey USA

    woo. they looked good in “Jumper”

  • Smilehexe

    Totally agree to #7 – milking it for what its worth
    He doesn’t seem very much in love to me, it’s just his usual “absent minded, I live in my own world”-smile which he has long done before Bilson as well.
    She seems like in 7th heaven of course, being able finally to show him off like that. As he goes along with this, albeit by silent acceptance, he is not any better IMO. Total media sell outs, both of them. Sad to see what became of Hayden Christensen.

  • sterling

    So where is/are HayDENT passion to Midge (as in Midget) – forgotte / missing already?!

  • krista


  • Diana

    obviously, when you notice cameras flashing at you, you’re not going to act your usual self. you don’t wanna give the paparazzis a “good” shot.

    i’m just a regular person like all of you and i get weirded out everytime my friends try taking random photos of me.

    don’t hate someone you don’t even know. be more open-minded, people!

  • tcali

    love rachel…she is so cute!

  • roekeats

    @# 7


    I thought BilHo got some work shooting, just where are they now? Another FAUX or got FIRED?!

  • Smilehexe

    @#13 – Diana
    You are also a “regular” person. I don’t think you can compare that. But these two are really get used that their picture is taken, believe me. She even initializes most of the “casual” photo opportunities herself (or has it done by her PR-people).

  • sterling

    Just another paparazzi day at the airport (departure time) in the life the SMUG and the FUG – just wait for a day or two for their arrival time!

  • Pau_Gasol Fan#16

    OMG! Like OMG! Of course I’m being nothing but sarcastic. Show off your trophy g/f and she is pimping and doing all the work. He stands around smiling and looking stupid. Pathetic act! Oh GWAD!!! If, your going to play the paparazzi. Can you at least put some more A-C-T-I-O-N-….. in that.? HOW PATHETIC!!! :roll: Oh she is wearing his hat! LOVELY! BARFTASTIC ACT INDEED! :P

  • gina

    They make an adorable couple.

  • fitzroy

    @ #8

    We big loser begets another big loser like what they have become. And yes, get/step out of LA even for a very long while much better if its for good. Hollywood is too dense already to have another set of media sellout. And HW already got Speidi right?!

  • observer

    @ # 8, 10 & 18

    Whoa, it was like old times again, nothings really changing for this lame piece of entertainment.
    Anyhow, Keep on ROCKIN!

  • gina r.

    Rachel is to Hayden what that Olsen chick was to Heath (drug supplier/enabler) Gina is to Hayden what the mother of his daughter was – his true love. Always was, always will be.

    Gina and Hayden forever. We LOVE each other. Get your coke, heroin and other crap away from Hayden, if you loved him you would help him, not try to use his weakness/addictions to steal him from a woman he desperately loves and wants.

    I love him, he loves me, I will never EVER let him go! I will never give up on him! You will put him in his grave!!!


  • aberfitch

    As Ive stated before, RaTchel would maximize anything & everything right now that she’s been gullibly deprived for more than a year. And this is what she actually is everytime she got a boyfriend. Makes it easier to presume of whom bet the two make the 1st move… poor some Canadian dude!

  • wow

    anyone else notice its her paid paps who got these shots both times of her with Hayden? I smell a set up

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    I like her not him

  • csxyz

    It’s not like they’re smooching and grabbing each other in front of the cameras. They look like a normal couple at the airport. These don’t even look very different from before they “came out”, they just look a bit more at ease.

    And another point: weren’t all the haters saying that “Oh, Rachel’s just keeping people guessing so she gets the attention because once they declare if they’re a couple or not no one will care!”
    And now you’re all saying that she’s using her confirmed romance as a way to get media attention. I just don’t understand why you hate them so much that you need to make up all these excuses for hating them. It truly baffles me.

    I think they look cute. And they look happy for two people going through security at an airport.

    So guess who the joke’s on?

  • JD

    they make a cute couple :)

  • Darko

    Mybe they really gonna marry; she has a ring on her finger.

  • crapshack

    Great “disparity” in height , features, skin tone etc.
    They looked like Zac Efron & Vanessa SLUTgens – sheeesh!

  • Darko

    She always seems to know where the phptographers/cameras are. In a particular photo she is looking straight in the direction of the photographer and is smiling.

  • True love

    Hayden is in love with another woman, Gina Riedel, he’s wanted to marry her for over three years, but she refused until he went to rehab, so instead of going to rehab starlet junkies like Rachel Bilson, Sienna Miller would jump into their relationship and ply him with drugs and Gina would leave him – each and every time – and he would turn to starletts who have him drugs and told him he was fine and did not need help.

    But he does need help. Please, if you fans love Hayden tell him that you love him, tell him you don’t want him to end up like Heath Ledger.

    If you fans love Hayden, tell him to leave Rachel and get help once and for all before it’s too late!

    Hayden, Gina loves you!!! She loves you enough to give you tough love, her wanting you to go to rehab before marrying is her not a rejection! She LOVES YOU!!!! Wake up man!

  • Jen hags of the world unite!

    Does Hayden usually do PDAs? Just curious.

  • Smilehexe

    @#30 – Darko
    And this astounds you? She is playing this media game for years, it’s probably the only “talent” she has. ;-) (In case one sees that as a talent. I surely don’t.) As we all know she can neither act nor create fashion, just steal the ideas of other designers. Hayden can really be proud of this girlfriend, wow! With his usual lack of taste and perspective he chose one of the worst people out there to be with. Congratulations really.

  • sidony

    Oh and DOUChel is at the airport once again (along w/ the conniving boy-dog). Thinking of “hibernating” for awhile?! Good thinking, JJ will be a midget-doggie-free even for awhile, so take a very (10x) long time and much better it’ll be up for good!

  • observer

    @ #32 – Does Hayden usually do PDAs?

    You or even most of his fanatics wont probably know how much or less he’s doing it coz he’s been a like-a-hermit for the longest time but at the rate things are going, he’s turning up to be a “Fast Rising Media Sell Out”. Its really inevitable w/ the company that he (nauseatingly) keeps tsk…

  • Girl

    You guys must be confusing them Spencer and Heidi –> they hire photographers to walk around and take pictures of them.

    Paparazzis are everywhere in LA! You guys who live in the area like me should know that! I see them around when I walk around Hollywood. If you don’t wanna see certain people (Hayden and Rachel) in gossip websites and magazines, then stop being interested w/ there lives. These paps and gossip sites just give people what they want. Stop judging Hayden and Rachel. It’s either these celebrities lock themselves in their house forever or they go out and live their live as best as they can.

  • Cali


  • sharon
  • lauren

    They are too cute! Love them sooooo much. (you haters here are so pointless) I’m happy when they are happy :) Love Rachel’s shirt&scarf. They starting filming now … hm I’m waiting for setpictures!

  • lauren

    btw: thanks JJ for all Rachel&Hayden news :)

  • a friend

    I always knew it!!!!!
    As soon as he has a girl his (always the same) so called “fans” will drag her through the dirt. No matter what and who it is. And exactly that is what is happening right now. He could date like wonderwoman…

    Can’t you just let them be?! You don’t know them in person and so is your knowledge of their relationship.
    It’s so stupid and pathetic to say they are just playing for the flashing cameras.
    Your problem is your lack of acceptance of the fact that they are dating! Leave them alone, god damned! And get a life!

  • blairite

    @ 28: Mybe they really gonna marry; she has a ring on her finger…

    Tsk… if things would come seriously-worst, the Poor Christensen Family’s exquisite height & flaxen lineage would now “mixed-up” w/ some gnomish & homely features!

  • Darko

    Maybe they went to Toronto, Canada; maybe he will show her his farm and introduce her to his entire family; it seems that they are getting serious and will marry. Just a thought of mine.

  • lauren

    no they going to her film set.
    I can’t understand, some of you think: celebs should smile and be nice to the paps or you just be bitchy to them. so what’s better!?!
    I think Rachel and Hayden are just friendly person and are doing their thing with or without the paps.(and they are no mediafreaks)

  • monreal

    @ #15 – I thought BilHo got some work shooting, just where are they now? Another FAUX or got FIRED?!

    It wont make me NO wonder actually if “Waiting For Forever” had been already “SHELVED For Forever” – lol!

  • Cali

    where is my comment???????

  • Darko

    @ 44 – lauren; thanks for the info!

  • sharon

    @ 42 if they where going to get married wouldnt hayden be wearing one too look at pic 9 and 10 no ring and like before its an old ring god give it a break they have been dating?? for two yrs and now showing some affection and everyone is planning their marriage ,babies just GIVE IT A BREAK

  • omg
  • Laurel

    Interesting all the hate towards Bilson. I actually am a fan of both Hayden and Rachel, and don’t mind them as a couple. Maybe they are a LITTLE ill-matched…but nothing like Reese Witherspoon Vs Jake Gyllenhaal proportions. I guess though, like others, I am a bit of an O.C tragic and forever see Rachel with Adam Brody. And somehow, I always thought Hayden would be good with Natalie Portman. But I guess that never panned out. Rachel may be a little bit of a fame whore, but as fame whores go, I think she’s sweet. And she can’t be all bad to pick a guy like Hayden.