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Hugh Jackman Sells His Six-Pack Stomach

Hugh Jackman Sells His Six-Pack Stomach

Hugh Jackman shows off his rippling torso as he takes an afternoon dip in the sea with friends on Monday at Bronte Beach in his native Sydney, Australia.

The Aussie actor later joined actress wife Deborra-Lee Furness. The couple returned to the Royal Motor Yacht Club for brunch by the pool.

Hugh celebrated his 40th birthday yesterday (Sunday). On Saturday, a big birthday bash was thrown for him at the Royal Motorboat Club at Point Piper.

10+ pictures inside of Hugh Jackman‘s six-pack stomach…

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hugh jackman six pack stomach 01
hugh jackman six pack stomach 02
hugh jackman six pack stomach 03
hugh jackman six pack stomach 04
hugh jackman six pack stomach 05
hugh jackman six pack stomach 06
hugh jackman six pack stomach 07
hugh jackman six pack stomach 08
hugh jackman six pack stomach 09
hugh jackman six pack stomach 10

Credit: Carlos Costa; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
Posted to: Deborra Lee Furness, Hugh Jackman, Shirtless

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  • bella

    God he is HOT :)

  • Sami

    darn HOT :D

  • Marina

    holy mother of jesus, i nearly fell of my chair.

  • mike

    :) I wish I had abs like those!!! lol

  • Fruit Loop

    it…kinda isn’t hot.

  • anna


  • marthix

    God and Lord!!!! How much I love this man!!!! I fall in love with him more and more, day by day these last five years that I’ve been a huge fan of him (Oh, not just a huge fan, the greatest fan ever!!!!!!!) Only one word can describe Hugh Jackman: PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for Australia… Can’t wait for X-Men Origins: Wolverine…

    and… Hey, FRUIT LOOP! You definetely have some kind of problem with your eyes!!! Check it out !



  • Maria (Shorty)


  • flower

    wow!! my god!! his body is perfect!! hugh is hottt!!!!:P

  • nikki



  • mARKO
  • gina

    My God. That man has a body on him. Hot.

  • mememeoopsa

    His lady is a lucky woman :-)


    perfect ¡¡¡¡ WOW :)

  • Angela

    So not into lumpy abs. Does nothing for me. Obviously he’s spent a lot of time working on them. Not to say he’s not a handsome man, though, because he is. I just don’t go ga-ga over lumps, even if they are muscle.

  • Halli

    His wife is so lucky. Not just because he’s a freakin Adonis, but that he’s seems to be a sweetheart if you read about him.

  • Maytook

    Il est magnifique ce mec, par contre sa femme….
    Hugh je t’aimeeeeee
    I love you Hugh !

  • dee

    He’s cute and has a good body, but he’s much more attractive with his clothes on.

  • Anita

    Perfect? Hmm, not quite. He looks better than most but even though I LOVE muscles his don’t turn me on so much. His pecs are too low and broad and there is no symmetry on his abs. I much prefer Butler’s torso to Jackman’s.

  • becca

    he’s a GREAT looking man… I can’t believe is only a few years younger than my DAD…. that’s gross.

  • so in love

    Great actor, person, and oh SOOOO YUMMY!!! I agree with the above comment, I SO need a cold shower :)

  • ELizabeth

    Hugh just keeps getting HOTTER! Holy hell. He is just a great person, good father, good husband, terrific actor. How can you NOT love him?

  • sienna

    He is PERFECT!!! He looks like a greek god! Yummmmmmmy!

  • dee


    does this guy want us to go insaneeeeeeeeeeee??????

    o m g !!

    DAMN his wife is luckyyyyyyyyyyyy and i feel very awkward saying this because he’s old enough to be my dad and she’s old enough to be my

  • FromMyEyesToYours

    Takes good care of himself

  • jess

    He’s too muscular. It detracts from his otherwise good looks.

  • Janeway

    Thank you Jared! You just made my day. Nothing picks me up like the incredibly gorgeous hot Hugh- shirtless! To all you naysayers sorry you can’t appreciate this man who is as beautiful inside as he is outside.

  • fuuugz

    even with that big dopey grin on his face he is a lovely piece of ass…

  • LOL

    No Marthix, they don’t have a problem with their eyes. It’s called an opinion. You definitely have some kind of problem with your brain!!! Check it out ! You creepy stalker. All you do is argue with everyone on here, get a life!

  • CelebrityFanChat Rap


  • flora

    LOL, your comment is 100% right!

  • mz Sass

    # 4 Marina @ 10/13/2008 at 10:10 am holy mother of jesus, i nearly fell of my chair.

    LOL Me too!!
    And he’s 6’2….tall and with a body like that…………SIGH!!

  • veronica

    Awesome! I love Hugh!

  • carla


  • Aneboleyn


  • jvon

    Damn you Hugh Jackman. Damn you to hell. ;)

  • Meghan

    To Janeway (#29):
    It isn’t being a naysayer to have a different opinion than yours.
    It is possible to think he’s beautiful inside and out without publicly drooling over him being shirtless like he’s the latest teen pin-up. I find that degrading to him, but I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. We all have the right to appreciate him in different ways.

  • llucya73

    In my opinion this man is definitively, unbeliavably hot and sexy!
    Furthermore, I love his down to earth attitude, his polite smile, his being a lovely father, his perfect profile (My God, I have to confess his nose drives me crazy!!! ^^) his wonderfuk eyebrows and, well, his abs.

    Plus, he’s not only handosme, but also a very very very good actor.
    A kind of prince charming, in my mind!!!
    Ok, I know, I’ve a crush on him!!!!

  • marthix

    to LOL & FLORA: you two that can’t stop dealing all time with me, you talk about the right of a person to feel free to express any kind of opinion. Well my opinion is THAT and if you disagree with that it’s your problem! I won’t stop posting my views, whether you agree with them or not (I don’t give a shit if you do or if you don’t) You both believe that I don’t have a life. How can you tell? Do you know me? Have you ever talk to me? Oh, and if YOU two have a life, why can’t you stop posting comments about me and pretend to be phycologists, trying to understand and analyze my personality? I guess your lives too are not so interesting and full as you want them to be. If they were, you wouldn’t spend time visiting all Hugh Jackman posts, checking if I have made a comment and then start you ”lecture” on it. SPARE ME THE LECTURE YOU SILLY PEOPLE!!! I have a life, I love it, I have my friends, my job, my hobbies and I just spend some fun time in jared pissing of pathetic, indifferenet human beings like you! And I think I really pissed you off!! HA HA, LOSERS!!!!!!!

    lol / flora today must list:

    1. Wake up at 8.00am
    2. Have a breakfast
    3. Take care of the garbage
    4. Reply to marthix’s comments etc, etc…

    Ooooh, what an interesting life….

  • marthix

    Of course I don’t visit jared to piss off people as these two believe. I don’t have problem with my brain and I’m not a psycho. I am a normal person with just an exagerrated appreciation for this specific star. I don’t disagree with everyone, well, when I do, perhaps I am a little bit more quarrelsome than what I should be…

  • flora

    Marthix, we’ve only commented on two posts on Hugh, idiot. However you post on EVERY post. That is not dealing with you all the time. We’re only typing our opinions of your own, hypocrite. Well our opinions is THAT and if you disagree with that it’s your problem. I won’t stop posting my views, whether you agree with them or not (I don’t give a **** if you do or if you don’t). We do have lives we have only commented on two posts, unlike YOU, you creepy stalker. You’re the one acting like a psychologist criticizing everyone for their opinion. Pot. Kettle Black. Your comments are enough prove that you don’t have a life. Our lives are fine unlike you. We don’t go on every post arguing with everyone because they’re not an obsessive stalker like YOU. You obviously can’t judge us or our lives as you don’t even know us. We haven’t visited all Hugh Jackman posts, that’s your job. Nobody is typing lectures only sharing their opinions or your comments are considered lectures too. YOU SILLY PERSON!!! LOL you think anyone is dumb enough to believe what you type about your life. None of that stuff could be true, and judging by the time you spend here it probably isn’t. You aren’t pissing off anyone. Obviously you are since you bothered to respond. The only pathetic, indifferent human being here is you, with your pathetic obsessive comments. You wish you pissed us of! HA HA, LOSER!!!!!!!!! The only LOSER here is you and Hugh would probably think so to with your creepy, stalking posts. No that must be your today must list, unlike you I have a life. It only takes seconds to type. I don’t study the comments like you. All you do is comment on this site like the pathetic LOSER you are. We have interesting lives, you obviously don’t. HA!

  • flora

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  • marthix – to flora

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    I keep wondering who finaly got a nerve with whom, you silly!
    (Oh, and it’s ‘enough proof’, not ‘prove’. You could also say ‘enough to prove that etc’ … Learn first how to spell English, idiot! )

  • mukini

    To Marthix AND Flora,
    what’s the problem with you both???
    This is a NOT a Boxing Ring for you to insult each other.
    If you have a problem with each other, than solve this out privatly and NOT at this site.
    I think I’m not the only person, who don’t want to read about whose so ever boring live.
    The subject of this side is Hugh Jackman and NOT Marthix and Flora.
    So please calm down or “discuss” at other sites.
    P.S. Hugh Jackman is a great actor and an adorable husband and dad and I like the way he looks. ;-))))

  • 007

    Mukini you are so right! I totally agree with you! Definetely you are not the only one who is bored with these two! I just checked two or three previous Hugh Jackman posts and they curse one another there too. Apparently they both don’t have something better to do than insult each other. To me, they look exactly the same! Maybe they do all this to get their moment of fame, gain some kind of pointless reputation in this site but WAKE UP GIRLS!! Nobody cares about you, your lives and your problem! People here care more about HUGH rather than you two!

    By the way, Hugh is an amazing actor with really dashing good looks. He also seems to be a very good and generous person. HUGH YOU ROCK!

  • Flora

    Ha! Pot. Kettle. Black. You checked the site again, obsessive one. You were the one to respond to me in the first place. You’re doing exactly what you’re blaming me for, too. You are the loser, silly woman!! You are the one to argue with anyone that doesn’t agree with you and people are sick of it.

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  • Flora

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  • catwoman

    Hugh is so handsome!

    Flora and Marthix are going to stop?!!! At last!!!!!!!!