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Leonardo DiCaprio Living The Thigh Life

Leonardo DiCaprio Living The Thigh Life

Leonardo DiCaprio keeps hold of girlfriend Bar Refaeli while vacationing together on Saturday in Cancun, Mexico. The couple was visited on the beach by her parents.

Late last week, Leo and Bar were seen visiting the historic ruins in Tulum, Mexico. (Again, with her parents.)

A few weeks ago, DiCaprio told Parade, “I want to get married and have children.” Could Bar be the one?? All signs (and hands) point to yes!

10+ pictures inside of Leo DiCaprio living the thigh life…

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leonardo dicaprio thigh bar refaeli 01
leonardo dicaprio thigh bar refaeli 02
leonardo dicaprio thigh bar refaeli 03
leonardo dicaprio thigh bar refaeli 04
leonardo dicaprio thigh bar refaeli 05
leonardo dicaprio thigh bar refaeli 06
leonardo dicaprio thigh bar refaeli 07
leonardo dicaprio thigh bar refaeli 08
leonardo dicaprio thigh bar refaeli 09
leonardo dicaprio thigh bar refaeli 10

Credit: Clasos; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • LolaSvelt

    So cute.

  • katie

    ooh lala (:

    what a lovely couple [=

  • rebel

    ahh i can’t believe Titanic is already something like 10 years ago haha
    anyway leonardo looks greattt!

  • British Latin American


  • Ingrid

    People say that they never touch each other and they always look unhappy…these pictures prove otherwise. It’s not like it’s any of your business anyway.

  • anonymousdiva

    Great pics of ‘em both, but chemistry? No way.

    He might want marriage, but I can’t believe she’s the one he’d choose – there’s absolutely no affection between them in the earlier pictures.

    And I really hate to sound nasty, but what we see above isn’t really affection – it’s termed booty call.

  • http://http//whatwehaveseen.blogspotclom FromMyEyesToYours

    They seem to have a happy and healthy relationship. Everyone deserves that. Why not just wish them well. Wishing ill on their relationship won’t make your life better in any way

  • gina

    If he had just moved his hand a little higher, we’d have people outraged by the picture. Instead, its cute.

  • neil

    Think he needs to visit the gym again.

  • British Latin American


  • Janie

    Leo looks really relaxed in my opinion. Maybe he needs to go to the gym, maybe not. They both look happy and healthy! I hate when people say they don’t belong together. They have been together for three years so I am sure they have had their ups and downs. Plus Bar, was only 20 when she started dating him. It’s wrong when people say she used him to help her career. People first knew her as his girlfriend because she was young. But she has done a lot to get her name out, and I have a respect for that. They both seem like good people, and Leo is the best actor these days. :)

  • french

    You make a whole story for a hand, completely stupid, they love each other and it ‘s not because once he puts hands on her that they are going to get married, bar is not the one for Leo

  • ihb

    Dating on and off for three years is a `healthy relationship`? Give me a break.
    `…she has done a lot to get her name out…` yeah, she had a lot of jobs thanks to Leo.

  • ihb

    Dating on and off for three years is considered a `healthy relationship`? Give me a break.
    …she has done a lot to get her name out,` Right, too bad that in order to do that Bar needed ( and still needs ) Leo.

  • ihb

    Jared, that`s still Leo`s father on the picture. If Bar`s parents were there why cannot we see any pictures of them? I`m sure Bar`s mother would have use the photo op.

  • who am i?

    ihb, i don’t think Bar’s parents are there. All the photos show Leo’s dad and stepmom with them. I think sites are just copying from each other this misinformation about whose parents they are instead of doing their own research!

  • http://deleted ihb

    The bottom line is that Leo should be there ONLY with his dad and his stepmother…

  • Mike

    He looks good here, he’s de-puffed and relaxed. I’d say that he looked miserable with Bar in the past because he was trying to sustain a relationship while still chasing tail on the side. Now he has made a decision to stick with Bar and he’s being more affectionate. Unfortunately, after a year at home with this money-grubbing cold fish he’ll change his mind.

  • bridget

    Leo is so not hot..gag.

  • regina


    He’s an actor, not a model.

  • kattie

    If magazines are interested in her it is only thanks to Leo (at the end of 3 years some sites always say that her name is rafaeli while it is refaeli)

  • Layla

    He is not that cute, just famous, Giselle was too mutch for him, Bar fits him better

  • Mike

    WONDERFUL PICTURES!!!! How cool to see them relaxing together ! BTW, that’s Leo’s dad …. not Bar’s.

    Thanks for the great pictures. They make a gorgeous couple.

  • mike

    WONDERFUL PICTURES!!! How cool to see them relaxing together. BTW, this is Leo’s dad…… not Bar’s.

    Thanks for the great pictures. They make a gorgeous couple!

  • eddie jones

    it’ll be an interesting divorce, let’s see the pre-nup.

  • Julien

    Why isn’t there a better picture of her on here??????? Arghh….


  • ihb

    mike ( #23 & 24 ) Can you come up with something different next time? Always the same comment, BORING!!!

  • anonymousdiva

    Eddie, Bar’s family is wealthy; she has no need for Leo’s money. It’s his fame that’s been necessary for her career.

    I wouldn’t bet the house on his marrying her…if he really wanted to, they’d be seen together a lot more often.

  • jamie lynn

    bulldog chewing on a wasp looking faced bar using leo for citzenship, money and modeling work. ugly leo using bar for sex with gisele lookalike

  • Lilly

    These pictures ( after the break up ) will definitely help Bar to get some new modeling contracts so she can put her name out there even more…

  • Erika

    Lol Mike :D

    Bar is to young and to pretty for Leo, she needs to live the life and be singel.

    Leo need someone at his age and he needs to settle down and have a family! He is 34! HELLO??

  • Susie

    As usual the haters can’t see any signs of affection or love. Yeah, right! Jealous much?

  • http://deleted ihb

    No, I can`t see any sign of affection or love even when Leo is touching Bar. And quite honestly Bar was more affectionate with her ex, David Charvet than with Leo.

  • Wtf

    This is cute, but his wtf?

  • wooaahhh

    you know, Leo should ask himself some questions sometimes:
    Is my girlfriend a money grabbing wh*re, is Bar a mess, is she an as*hole? You know, these are questions…

  • soph

    Bar is so blaaah and boring.
    i want Gisele with him again. they were a nice cand beautiful couple.

  • Sickitten

    At least he’s not w/Butterface Gisele. Leo’s head is too big for his face now that he’s aging.

    @#7…your comments are boring & so is your blog. You are so ethnocentric. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Sickitten

    @#26. Man, what a boring ass blog you have.!

  • Sickitten

    @ #3, Rebel…

    Now that is a cute blog & done well!

  • Naima

    Leo cheats on her this I know for a fact, he was blowing up my friends phone just two weeks ago and a week before that he was seen in LA with Bar. I don’t know how pathetic he wants to make himself look, but he cheats on her and makes serious attempts at dating other girls. It must be the convinience factor.

  • m

    He always looks sad to me. :(

  • ANonymousdiva

    Sweetie, if he’s cheating on her, then SHE’S the one who looks pathetic.

  • ThaĆ­s

    I don’t like her, Gisele is hotter!

  • Ihb

    # 41, 42 and 43, you are all RIGHT.

  • F

    So what happened with your friend and Leo?? It didnt work out? Leo isnt your friends type???

  • Jaredsucks

    IT’S ALL ABOUT SEX! Bar is good in bed and Leo knows he can get it any time he wants it. There is no affection between or love between them, it’s all about doing the wild thing. Leo has been sleeping with girls from all over the world the last two months, probably the last three years, and he won’t stop.

    Leo getting married to Bar is a rumour that her ugly fat mother started. Who do you guys think tipped the paps as to the location of Leo and Bar. This is just another way for Bar to get more attention. Leo is a playa and he won’t get married until he founds a real women and not a little soiled girl.

  • Jaredsucks

    I meant to write “spoiled” but Bar is definately soiled. LOL

  • F

    hahaha Jaredsucks…. Naima please tell us why your friend and Leo didnt work out? Does Leo have B O? She had the chance of a lifetime to date a movie star and she ignored him?????????????????????????

  • F

    I should probably have just said f**k cause Leo is f**cking all over the place it seems…he has one main f**k and that is Bar…She’s his main f**ker, but I think he needs to get a new f**ker….one that doesnt want the lime light.

  • typical

    Oh, how nice the anti-semite, Naima, is here to trash Bar/Leo relationship. What a shock!