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Selena Gomez is Whitley Kros Cute

Selena Gomez is Whitley Kros Cute

Selena Gomez sits front at the Whitley Kros fashion show during the Spring 2009 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Sunday in Culver City, Calif.

The 16-year-old Wizards of Waverly Place starlet met up with Wizards guest director Justine Bateman backstage (pictured below). Justine Bateman directed recent episode Racing, where Alex finally gets a boyfriend.

The on-screen Wizard-in-training recently gushed on how she much loves High School Musical. With a fourth film already in the beginning stages, Selena confessed that she’d love to take part in the continuing franchise: “I think that would be fun. I love singing and dancing.”

She then added, “I would have to say I’d love to play Sharpay because I just know Ashley Tisdale is not that mean girl in real life and it’s fun to see her play something she’s not.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Selena being in the fourth HSM film?

25+ pictures of Selena Gomez at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week…

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Credit: Katy Winn; Photos: Getty Images
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  • watajoy

    u ppl need 2 get a life! she doesnt even kno u!

  • kay

    I think she’sd be great!:)

  • Anna

    holy crap what the heck is she wearing!!!!!

  • skanklena sucks mieley rocks!

    OH NOOO!! stay the hell away from HSM4!
    you fucking suck at singing and dancing!
    i’m sos ick of herr! jared stop posting shit about her!


  • Anna

    plzzz dont let SLUTLENA ruin a good movie

    She may love sing and dancing but she cant sing nor dance
    she ruined ANOTHER CINDERLLA STORY with her horrible singing and dance moves

  • kelly

    selena is so gr8 shes an awesome role model

    yh it wud b interestin if she was in hsm4 but nt as sharpay cz ash is d only 1 for the job

    i dunt fink she wud make a gd gabriella as v is d best there is

    maybe a new charcter wiv a twist or sumit wud b gd 4 her

    peace out


  • CORY

    leave the friggin hsm franchise alone.

    it’s amazing the way it is the and the cast it already has.
    hsm is not hsm without the original casting.

  • shelbyjonas

    idk why yall are hatingg on selena!
    she is AWESOME
    why READ AND COMMENT this if you hate her like seriouslyy
    like Lilly B****.
    selena is like way better then MIley cyrusss.
    like WAY WAY BETTER!
    soo calm down people and if you dont like her get over it.
    you DONT KNOW HER!

  • heaven

    selena would not make a good sharpay, for she is the mean person, and selena just can’t pull that off well. sides, this is the final movie for the cast, sharpay won’t be a character anymore.

  • alyssa

    wow she is very ugly i never knew there would be a human being sooooooooooooooooo ugly and untalented thats pretty sad how ugly&stupid she is i feel sorry for her wait oh wait those are her dumb fans and she probly shouldnt expect winning Nick Jonas cause shes to ugly Miley has a chance cause shes pretty&talented and she dosent look cute either looks like she got that dress out of a trash can so hate you ugly no good selena love you Miley,Nick,Kevin,&Joe YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! once again i HATE selena :)

  • mz Sass

    If this girl actuallly DESERVED all this attention, I would be less annoyed.

  • alyssa

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh someone call the fashion police hurry & a doctor to fix her ugly face ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HAAAAAAAAA Selena haters you guys rock and you guys have brain selena lovers are brain dead mental retards how do you people like me NOW ha ha ha ha selena haters feel the good evil against her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:0 :)

  • nick jonas lover

    i think it would be nice but if vanessa and ashely want to to the fourth movie (if theres gonna be a foutht movie i think she cant

  • Lilly Bitches[;


    Shut Yo Mouth Bitch, I’ll Put You down with The Rest Of ‘em.
    WTF!? In What World Is Selena Better Than Miley? Miley Doesn’t Steal Her Bff’s boyfriends & most of all She Doesn’t Try 2 Be Something She’s Not. See Miley Knows She’s a S.L.U.T & That’s What Makes Her Real. Selena In The Other Hand Is a Bitch But She Doesn’t Know It, She Hided the fact that she is, By Being All Sweet & Innocent, When You Know Damm right She Isn’t All Those Things. She’s Just a BITCH! x] Miley Isn’t Afraid 2 be Herself & That’s what makes her ‘Better’ Bitch. So that’s y I always Say Its better 2 Be Hated For what You are (Miley) Then 2 be loved for what You’re Not (Selena) Now Go Continue Masturbating 2 Wizards of Waverly Place Biotch! xD

  • urgrl

    stankelena wat ever is sooo corny

  • massie

    I like her better then miley and I’d love to see her in high school musical4

  • kay

    Lilly Bitches # 63. Can you just shut up? go suck Miley’s cock if you love her so much. I understnad you mentally hate Selena. We get it. You think miley’s God. Selena is a beautiful, smart, and talented girl so just buzz off!

  • aly

    She finally didn’t do her make up like a tramp. What a disgusting *****. No one who sells their soul to Disney, and only does the “good” events & **** they tell her to is classy. A hypocritical brat with no mind of her own.

    Also monkeys can sing & dance better than her.


    monkeys can make a better statement than you, too =]

  • Zanessafan

    slutelena go away already!

  • Lilly Bitches[;

    #66 Kay…

    Listen Bitch You don’t Tell me what To do, Its My Life Whore Not Yours. And Yeah I love Miley, But Not romantically, she’s a Great Actress, Singer, Has a Very Great personality & She’s not afraid 2 be herself & I look up 2 her for that Got a Problem with That? And Excuse me 1st of all lmao You’re The one Who’s Shoving a Fake Harry Potter wand up your pussy, inside & out & sucking The wand. Sick Bitch, so Don’t Tell me 2 Go Lick Miley’s Pussy Kauze We all Know The Lesbian Here is you Jackass. And Yeah I Hate Selena, She’s a Faggot ;D & No I don’t Think Miley Is God Kay? God Is God Idiot. And Pfft What World Is Selena All Those Things? She’s Not. But I’ll Tell You What Selena Is, she’s A Bitch, A Boyfriend Stealer & a Fake. Now You can’t Change The Fact That I Hate Selena like I can’t Change The Fact That You Like Her. And I’m Not gonna Go away just yet, I’m Gonna Voice My Opinion For as Long as I can, Until Selena’s Done & Over with & That Is My Goal for 2009. So Goodnight & Goodbye Biotch! xoxoxo

  • Lilly Bitches[;

    Oh, Kay #66 You said Dick Instead Of Pussy? I’m sorry. Well You Must Have Gotten Miley Confused with Selena. Selenas The One Who Has a Dick, Pfft She even looks like a Man! Oh wait That’s Cuz She is! She had The Sex change Operation when she was Young xDD And Guess what Slutina? It didn’t Work kauze You Still Look like a Man lmfaoo[;

  • i hate selena

    NO WAY!!
    i hate her. and if she’s in HSM 4, it will spoil everything!!
    she is nothing compared zac efron, vanessa hudgens!!

  • vanessamileyashdemilover

    OMJ, where did she got that f**king ugly outfit?!?!??!

    ‘Selena, did u get that from the garbage truck?’



  • http://none Someone

    I think all she wants is attention. What a skank. Yeah ashley isnt really mean and bratty in real life but you are. Which means its perfect for selena. Attention whore

  • http://none Someone

    isnt it funny how Miley was in it now she wants to? wow all she wants is money and fame. she doesnt realize the great necessites of life.

  • Lalaland

    Jaja lmao with the haters comments :D they ar so jealous cuz sel is too perfect :D and she pones miley obviously and the reason why jared doesn’t post miley pix if she doesn’t exist.. she don’t do anything uuu

  • ana

    Selena Gomez in HSM4 NO


    she is pretty but the dress is kinda ugly :S

  • mileysaslut

    pissed off

    #1 your so right selena is innocent
    #4 im sure the world hates you.
    #9 your right, =]
    #16 uhm go do all of us a favor, and shoot yourself
    #21 uhm no one rally cares if your not going to watch it im sick of you everywher your annoying really annoying. she is doing something useful helping people out so i think you need to do something useful in your life
    #22 theres something wrong with you
    #26 you guys want miley to make it sluttier right?
    #28 your really annoying, the world would be better without yu SLUT.
    #29 get your brian checked
    #33 did your mom teach you any manners? bad parenting skills these days…
    #40 yeah she has cute lcothes i love it! probably forever 21, H&M, and american eagles ah i love her
    #42 ew why are you always on here
    #53 i dont egt how shes a slut miley a slut so stop just stop.
    #59 actually there is omeone that ugly its you
    #61 did your mom like drop your head on the cement like 10 times or something? i think so
    #63 i think your mom dropped you 24/7
    #65 I AGREE
    #66 =D
    #68 HWO IS SHE A SLUT?
    #69 hey whore you know what my goal is for you to go away which i doubt you ever you need to like shut the fuck up right now or i’ll do it for you im not even kidding your annoying!
    #70 lily bitches stfuu already your freaken pissing me off. no she didnt get miley confused
    #74 wow for like 3 seconds oh em gee wow.

  • Lilly Bitches[;

    Whore Above me!

    Bitch You don’t Tell me what To do Ok? And I can Be here if I want, You don’t Own Justjared WTF is Wrong with You Lesbian Selena Fans? Why can’t Yall just Face The truth? She’s a Bitch. And I Have Problems? Ok well U have even Bigger ones, Fucking Masturbating 2 Wizards Of Waverly Place! :P You have 2 Understand Just Like You don’t Like Miley, we don’t like Selena Not everyone Has 2 like a Certain Somebody Dumbass, everyone Has Their Opinions. Oh & I wantch You 2 Make Me Shut Up, I’ll shove That Pussy Juice Filled Fake Harry Potter Wand Down yur Throat, You don’t wanna mess with me. So I suggest You shut The Fuck Up. And I don’t give a shit, If I’m Pissing You off, more Power 2 me! xD Yay :D So Really Get Over It, Selena’s a Fake! Miley’s Real! x] And If You don’t like me, There’s Nothing I can do, Newsflash Bitch I don’t live to please You :)

    Peace Out You Worthless Piece Of Shit xDD

  • Angie & Toni

    Hey #78 Mileysaslut

    ‘You guys want miley to make it sluttier right?”

    Toni: Well Selena’s Doing That Herself, Moron.

    Angie: lmao Yesh. What She said ;D

  • Amber

    She does not deserve a roll in High School Musical. & I have realized her & Nick Jonas would be perfect for each other, she dress like an old women and he acts like he is 30 lmfao.

  • Lilly Bitches[;

    #81 Amber….

    lmfaoo[; I Agree!! :D

  • Lea

    She’s so Cute ;] I like her!! (:

  • yo

    haha toni and angie tell me show shesa slut

  • Angie & Toni =]

    Hey #85 Yo

    “haha toni and angie tell me show shesa slut”

    Toni: Well 1st off How isn’t she a slut? She Stole Miley’s man. And that’s all there really is, that pretty much makes u a slut. stealing your friends boyfriend. and she acts all sweet and innocent like it never happened, when she knows full well it happened. she lies just 2 protect her own image. she’s a slut. but if you like her, we won’t judge that. :)

    Angie: yup :P

  • Zoe

    I hate her she a bighead boyfriend stealer!
    go get a life bighead!

    Miley rox my sox!:)

  • Selena Gomez

    The people I know do not you admit it!
    What more do I diva and Ashley Tisdale crazy!
    I know that you do not like she does not know more counter-SENAR.
    and also a secret.
    She has a huge fall by Zac Efron (My friend who always help me).
    I am the best who want it in High School Musical 4, will only be sorry.
    voice when she sings, it is someone else, but the Jemma!
    Bye, Bye people and this only beginning of many things that will come!
    BY: Selena Gomez