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Blake Lively & Penn Badgley: Vote Obama!

Blake Lively & Penn Badgley: Vote Obama! is a new site that has been launched encouraging young people to warn their parents about John McCain and to persuade them to vote for Barack Obama.

The site just posted a video featuring Gossip Girl stars (and real-life couple) Blake Lively and Penn Badgley. And I’m pretty sure that’s American Teen‘s Hannah Bailey! Anybody recognize anyone else? Watch the vid below! The narration goes:

Talk to your parents about John McCain.
For my sake? Please?
Vote for Barack Obama.
Before it’s too late.

The ad, brought to you by, was helmed by director Doug Liman (Bourne Identity, Mr. and Mrs. Smith).

Blake Lively & Penn Badgley: Vote Obama!
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  • Ha!

    Dear God. Shut up. Seriously? People are supposed to listen to a couple of nobodies playing spoiled teenagers on Gossip Girl about who they’re going to vote for?

  • namewithheld

    I am so sick of these celebrities thinking that they are so important, that who they are voting for matters to anybody else, and that they have a “duty” to tell everyone else who to vote for. I have done my own research, by going to Obama’s and McCain’s websites, reading the newspapers and watching the news….I don’t need a bunch of self-inflated egos telling me who to vote for. I come to these sights for entertainment….not for political advise!

  • maria

    Couldn’t agree more, Ha! I CAN”T STAND CELEBRITIES TELLING ME WHO TO VOTE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHen are they going to get that??????

    Frankly, I could NEVER vote for someone who has surrounded himself with the prejudiced white and Jew hating individuals Obama has. And only in office for like 200 days…….I shudder to think of what this man would do…..and OMG, I wish he’d STOP SHOUTING ALL THE TIME. He sounds like the typical preaching Rev. Jackson or Al Sharpton. He needs to GO AWAY!!! SIck of him and his rhetoric. ……just saying what he thinks will get him elected. Sick…..sick…..sick

  • namewithheld

    …..excuse my spelling errors, but I was aggravated when I typed my first comment!

  • Liana

    Shouldn’t this be illegal?

  • Gracie

    Not only is the whole policy of this ad annoying and bordering on childish it’s just plain lame. Talking about voting like it’s sex? Get a grip!

  • Geez

    unbelievable. yeah, why do celebrities think we should care who they’re voting for?? seriously, take this video and switch it … warn people about obama!!!

  • jrd

    celebs need to STOP endorsing this. just because they want me to vote for obama? ahhahaha why not actually read his policis & see what a wack job he is! obama has been in office for like what. 200 days? & he has like TWO memoirs out?!?!? wtf is in his memoirs??? oh yeah so i woke up this morning & ate cereal… yeah what a good book!!!!!! mccain has experience. he’s been in office. he’s been in the war. he knows what america needs. so no thanks blake & penn. i am NOT going to vote for obama. but you are more than welcome to leave america when mccain wins =]

  • go sox

    Why can’t celebrities have the same attitude as Zac Efron?

    Zac told us, “I’m registered to vote and I’m gonna encourage voting, but I’m not gonna encourage anyone to vote for a particular candidate.”

    THAT, is so much more respectful to us. If anyone thinks to themselves, “Oh, Penn and BLake are voting for Obama, Oh,,,,,I have to too!”, then they are pathetic. People have to truly educate themselves on the candidates and the issues, or they have no business voting AT ALL.

  • Victoria

    I actually think this is a funny, well done ad. And maria, why don’t you go seclude yourself in some racist, xenophobic bunker where the scary “loud” black men don’t have to bother you? Douchebag.

  • Rach

    I guess i’m not the only one who see’s McCain as a grave danger to America. I encourage any and all celebs to voice who they’re voting ESPECIALLY if it sways votes and/or makes people vote. Having McCain as president will so totally f*ck America up!

  • alllthegossip
  • Cindie

    This Democrat is voting MCCAIN in Nov.
    I’m not willing to take a CHANCE on this man o’ change. (obot)

  • sTEPHI

    adversiting and the media play such a big role in our life.
    if we need celebrities to get kids to vote, so i’m all for it. and let’s face it, with obama – america has a chance, with mccain – let’s say goodbye.

  • maria

    If I’m a douchebag for not liking racist people or having people shout rhetoric at me, then I guess I proudly am!! :o)

  • qwerty

    lol that is a bit much but it is hilarious…
    McCain… Marijuana
    Palin… Crack

  • time for change

    I see all the Republican staffers are out in force whining about
    the ad, get over it, they have every right to express their opinion,
    just like the hate filled mobs who attend the McCain/Palin rallies.

    Most young people will vote for Obama because they know it’s time for an intelligent, articulate and inspiring leader, unlike the same old McCain/Bush and the ignorant, redneck, racist Palin!!!!

  • do the right thing

    This really makes me sad. To think young people out there are TELLING children to go to their parents and question why they would vote for someone is just RIDICULUS!!! Children have a right to know what’s going on and how it will impact them, but to say that my 12 year old should come to me and question my political views based on what some no talent actor on some teeny bopper television show is telling them, is just outright wrong! Blake Lively & Penn Badgley couldn’t tell you one thing about Obama beyond what their script and teleprompter is telling them to say. Voting for someone is not to be “cool” it’s to make an educated decision based on facts and reputation. I’ll stick to reputable news sites and publications for that.

  • xtina

    wow this is HOT! i love penn and blake in this vid! :)

  • joy

    All these people who want to keep complaining how celebrities are endorsing certain candidates need to stop logging on to just jared. THIS is a website that follows what celebrities do on a daily basis. If they are actively doing something to encourge people to vote or who to vote, that is their buisness. You can agree or disagree. But you don’t have a right to complain about them for doing so. Why is it okay for YOU to click on here and follow every other part of their lives (pics of them walking down the street, buying groceries, etc.) but when it’s something you don’t approve of, they should shut up or stay out of it?
    Maybe you should stay out of their lives.
    This is actually one of the few places I get information about who celebrities are endorsing. I think it’s great!!

  • sillyme

    Right, like I’m going to listen to someone who’s still living off their parents, has never had to pay a mortgage, has no kids, and no bills. Of course kids like Barack Obama. He’s fun, he tells jokes, he’s cool, he’s hip, he likes rap, he promises everyone money if he wins…he’s the New Black. If I were a teenager I’d be telling my parents to vote for him, too.

  • Ha!

    Geez Joy. Thanks, but your comment is the EXACT reason that celebrity endorsements frighten me. I haven’t decided who I’m going to vote for in November, it will likely be who scares me less going into this downturned economy (btw, increased taxes a la Obama, doesn’t appeal to me). You actively seek who celebrities are endorsing?? God, grow up.

    BTW, complaining and talking about what Jared posts here is the POINT of these threads. Just sayin…

  • anna

    Ok . . . like I’m going to take the advice of some one who reads lines for a living. Just the fact that some twenty year olds think they know what’s best for this country is disturbing.

  • ???

    Celebrities need to stop telling people who to vote for. Its almost like infringing on democracy because they have alot of influence, people like to blindly follow whatever they say. Be classy, keep your mouth shut and let people decide for themselves. Im all about freedom of speech but these celebrities are abusing it and abusing their influence to get what they want. And just so you dont think i have an agenda in that comment, i am anti mcain as well. But i made that decision on my own.

  • mo

    if obama wins, i’m looking forward to 4 years of liberals and hollywood shutting the eff up!

  • zzzzzzzzzz

    Their names sound like a brand of tennis balls


    haha they have been celebs for like a nano second! if they were just normal people you republicans would STILL be hating on them! but i guarantee that if they were up there saying ‘please warn your family about obama. vote mccain!’ EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU would be praising them! saying ‘finally someone with sense!’ god you all are such a bunch of hypocrites. seriously.


    @Maria: only scared people scream so loud. Don’t use the 200 days in office excuse, because Palin is even less qualified. The only difference is: Obama is kind spirited and has my best interest in mind!

    Bottom line is: if this video bothers you so much you are either a) Republican and worried shitless that the old man is behind in all the polls with more margin than ever seen before or b) jealous of celebrities. Don’t watch it or suck it up, it’s not worth your negative attention.


  • Meredith

    Shut up Maria why are you worried. who cares what these two think>Obama has no experience. Less then sara palin. This democrat is voting for McCAIN!

  • trish.

    honestly, i dont give a flying F who wins. i’m not an american citizen so idc.
    but watching the presidential debate. i CAN say that MCcain is a dumbass. he doesnt answer questions properly. And Obama does. He’s eloquent and he knows what hes doing and saying.

    i UNDERSTAND why blake and penn are doing this. they’re not necessarily saying VOTE FOR OBAMA OR DIE. but they’re saying to get YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU VOTE FOR MCCAIN.

    just like what anyone else should be doing if they were voting for obama.

    you people are so technical with it. if you dont wanna see people wanting to vote for certain president dont come on here duh.

  • kiki

    Sorry but i’m voting McCain and i’m not old! But i agree that John McCain is old but old is better than stupid!

  • trish.

    It’s not the fact that McCain is old. that’s already a total give me by just one stare.

    It’s the fact that when’ he dies, I HOPE NOT. but just saying. Palin would replace him……then what? Palin doesnt know wtf she’s saying how do you people expect what she’s doing?

  • Ann

    Obama come on now he acts like he’s god and he thinks he can fix everything. All I hear about Obama is he’s a rock star lmfao. But McCain has my vote you don’t see him using celebrities. Oh yeah polls don’t matter anyway and if you look back when John Kerry and Bush were trying to win the presidency Kerry was way ahead in the polls and guess who won Bush did.

  • deborah

    I’m not old and voting for McCain also. Obama is inexperienced. He is not the best man for the job……

  • obamaaaaaaaaa

    i think obama is great!!!! i will vote him

  • teresa

    This has nothing to do with democrat or republican, this has to do with Obama and his scary brainwashing tactics of trying to win this election by spending gazillions of dollars ( half of it coming for foreigners), by using every form of media to carry his water and protect him from people looking to closely at his record and associations, it feels like he trying to take over a society not just win an election, if you live in a battle ground state you see his ads everywhere all the time and then you have these celebrities who are like a cult when half the country is kinda evenly divided and celebrities were brought up from all around the country all say one thing vote one way you know it has nothing to do with what’s best of America or issues it has to do with doing what’s cool like drinking/drugs and wearing the latest fashion, celebrities are the most insecure people in society, a bunch of sheep who just follow the latest fad most of them barely even have any education but they want to tell Americans who and how to vote and have you noticed this year how many of these stupid celebrities endorsements for NObama are from the under 30 crowd, NObama doesn’t want people voting on the issues or on his record and who he aligned himself while rising in politics, no they want a bunch of college students and that age group going to vote for him because it’s the in thing to do and cool and NObama wants to reenforce that message everywhere they look. If a candidate has to spend almost a billion dollars to convince people to for vote for him and he has every form of media already carrying his water maybe people should stop and ask themselves if he was really right for this country would he really did to do all this to convince people to vote for him and if this is how he operates running to be President what will he do once he is in power.

  • trish.

    He’s not using celebrities.
    He’s not saying, hey you penn do this, hey you blake do this.
    hey you gossip girl clan use your powers to make other people vote for me.

    No, the actors do that because they have a voice. and they’re gonna use it regardless of what it will do to their careers.

  • shell

    Wait wait wait…so this site is telling young americans to persuade their parents to vote Obama? That is tooo funny. Yes let’s let the uneducated young immature people of today persuade the older, intellegent, paying people to vote for Obama…and here I thought the world couldn’t get any dumber…please tell me this is a joke.

  • trish.

    you cant even spell experienced.
    that’s more of a joke than blake and penn saying GET INFORMATION BEFORE YOU VOTE.

  • Matingas

    people… you follow your celebrities everyday and keep ignorance in the rest of the world.. then they speak up against your beliefs and you hate them….

    McCain is a threat to the world … and its scary to see that people still support him and will vote for him…
    I still trust that Obama is going to win no matter what… but seeing some comments here everyday scare me.. that McCain actually has a chance .. I forgot about the ignorant lot that will vote for him

  • AMEN #2…..I just cant stand celeberities these days, They really have crossed the line by telling the public who to vote for, this is truely disgusting.

  • tt

    GO McCAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brooke


    McCain/ Palin ’08!!!

  • Brigette

    silly. MCAIN/PALIN 08.

  • jish

    Finally a bandwagon I can hop on this in room……..


  • Ha!

    I don’t want a rockstar in office and I’m not jumping on a bandwagon because it’s the cool thing to do. Obama is a charismatic and likeable guy, but he has no track record and if you really listen to what he says, there isn’t much substance behind his eloquence. Both of these men will say whatever they have to during the election to win. Please remember that. Also, think about the fact that if it weren’t Obama he was running against, many of you would be thinking about John McCain.

    I am registered independent and have voted democrat in every presidential election I’ve take part in (that would be 4), but four and eight years ago, if John McCain had won the nomination I would gladly have voted for him. He is NOT George Bush – take a look for yourself and stop listening to political ads. It’s time to really think while you’re making your decision.

  • maria

    I agree, sillyme………young people who don’t have a FREAKIN’ clue, about what it’s like to work hard, and who just want someone because they’re charismatic or speak “eloquently” are the ones who will vote for Obama. These are NOT the reasons to vote for someone…’s sad.

  • teri

    This democrat is voting for McCain/Palin.

  • jm

    Its fantastic that celebrities encourage people to vote but to tell me to vote for a certain candidate?? That’s crossing the line. And for what it’s worth, I would rather warn my parents about Barack Obama and tell them to vote for John McCain. Just because someone is an “intelligent, articulate, and aspiring leader”, as another commentor said, does NOT mean they would make a good president. I bet Obama would make a great motivational speaker, though!

  • shell

    At trish….Do you think I really care? All Im saying is how are young Americans more informed than Adults? Sorry I mispelled…I was a little bewildered in the fact this video and site are actually real. If you buy into this then I can’t wait to see everyones reaction when Obama raises taxes and hurts our economy more. Btw I am a young American, I attend college, and I’m sick people my age so blindly following someone they nothing about but because he’s the cool thing….Just look at this site Jared has made it very clear who’s the cooler candidate.

    McCain/Palin 08

    Don’t Hope for change vote for it.