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Gerard Butler & Shanna Moakler = New Couple?

Gerard Butler & Shanna Moakler = New Couple?

300 hunk Gerard Butler and model/actress Shanna Moakler create quite the kissing scene at his new restaurant ‘Shin’ in Hollywood on Monday night.

Gerard, 38, and Shanna, 33, is one bizarre pairing! Shanna is the ex-wife of Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, who is still recovering from a plane crash that left him with severe burns. (She was seen visiting him at the hospital a few weeks ago.)

WHAT DO YOU THINK of this new couple — YAY or NAY?

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Photos: INFdaily
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  • McKenzie

    NOOOO, 300 GUY…nooo!

  • Just Jared


  • gjc

    She’s hammered, and all over him – that’s all.
    Nice to see him with someone though!

  • DesireĆ©


  • mona

    Uh, he doesn’t look too interested…at least fromt these pictures. From what I’ve read, she’s kind of known to be a tramp around Hollywood, LA. I don’t like her hair short. And she’ll probably be posting on her MYSPACE in about 1 hour saying that she’s not a sluzz

  • alkimi

    I don’t think they were kissing! The picture is just blurred and she was leaning in to talk to him. Sucks for him that he even got caught talking to her skanky butt, but nah, no kissing going on… at least not in these pictures.

  • danz

    It doesn’t really look like he’s that into her. If they are together, this is one very unexpected couple.

  • Jane

    Gerard so excited. NOT.

  • dawn

    i’m jealous. he’s soooo hot.

  • t.

    Dude, even if he f*ckd her that doesn’t make them a couple. You should know by now, Jared, that one-night hookups happen plenty in Hwood. That said, he really doesn’t seem all that interested.

    I think it’s interesting that he used to be an alcoholic, stopped drinking over 10 years ago and yet still is seen frequenting bars all the time. He must have some amazing willpower.

  • Tintangel

    It looks like she’s coming on to him.And he’s staring off into space
    looking bored.His eyes are open.

  • Abdulla

    HELL NO!!!! He can do SOOOO much better!!!

  • Crystal

    NOOO not my gERRY. sTOP THE MADNESS. She will ruin him

  • alkimi

    What happened to her DEVOTION to Travis and staying by his side while he recovers???
    Damn, I knew those tears at the hospital were just another photo-op for her!
    I knew it, I knew it, I knew it…. Jebus!

  • uummm

    What ????

    He didn’t let Jennfier Aniston getting so close to him !!!

    Oh well, I guess that Shanna is hotter !

  • Apg

    She is so fuggin’ gross.

  • nikomilinko
  • postwatcher

    Don’t know why that pic is blurry. It is obvious to me that she is
    whispering something to him.

    I don’t see any kissing.

  • Anita

    1. He doesn’t look that into her. He’s not touching her at all. One hand is on the banquet behind them and the other is in front. She is leaning in to kiss or whisper to him in the one photo and he doesn’t look to be leaning in at all. If anything it appears he’s very slightly backing away. I bet there were more pictures but these 2 pics implied something so that’s what was posted. I’d guess that the others that didn’t make it into the site showed how it really went which probably was Butler graciously backing out.
    2. I don’t know who’s car she got into at the end of the night but it’s not Butler’s. He drives a small blue sports car. I think his is a BMW Z-something.

  • Mr. d

    I find it riscible that everybody thinks Gerald is hot! WTF? He isn’t that good looking with his bloated countenance and less than ideal body. He may be a decent guy, but in the looks category, give me Jude Law, Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt, etc. anyday. Sometimes I wonder what any of these women see in him. I guess beauty is indeed, in the eye of the beholder.

  • Shygirl

    He looks hammered too!!! LOL!!!
    He’s a BIG time flirt who craves the wild lifestyle and the wild girls. He’s not looking for a nice sweet girl the loose and wild ones are good enough for him. That is why he can keep a long lasting relationship.

  • trivia

    WTF!!! Gerard can do better than that.

  • real world

    what happen to a friendly kiss between two people.Don’t mean that they are a couple.You said that about hayden and rachel when pictures of them surface last week.Gerard and shanne just having a good time.You won’t even see them together again.

  • alllthegossip
  • Shygirl

    Sorry, edit my previous post. # 21

    I meant to say, that is why he CAN”T keep a long lasting relationship.

  • pani.smith

    oh my god! noooooo!!
    Gerry you deserve better than that!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • crazy 4 u

    This wasn’t a bar it was the opening of a restaraunt he is backing. It looks like a kiss to me but only on her part.

  • MovieMadness

    You Girls Are SO JEALOUS I can’t believe it. Amazing the things you guys interpret from a picture. If he likes her, he likes her if he doesn’t then he doesn’t, who cares…

  • Tintangel

    I just noticed that INF is responsible for the photos. The razzi that Gerry allegedly punched works for them. I think that Gerry now has a bullseye on his back.

  • nyob

    Two whores hooking up – what is so shocking here? This is about as earthshattering as a Heidi and Spencer photo op.

  • ayeoh

    I don’t think they are. She’s a one night stand (if anything).

  • blabla

    NOOOOOOO, anyone but her (well maybe not anyone)

  • just me

    Looks like Gerry is showing her the direction of the door. That isn’t him going to the car. Gerry was in grey leather and a blue shirt this is a grey suit and grey T shirt. Most importantly, GERRY DOESN’T HIDE.

  • snickers

    who is the brunette getting into the car?

  • phoebe

    she is kissing him and he is totally uninterested. hia exes are open and he gazes past her…..nothing romantic going on – she should worry more about her exhusband in the hospital.

  • http://gerardbutlergerrylicious Hotlips

    I don’t think the two of them talking and her nuzzling up to him constitutes them being “together” and I’m sure she would love to sink her claws into him. I think Gerry is smarter than that. He’ll be seen with someone else in a week or two and it’ll be the same thing.

  • crazy4Gerard

    I have been a huge fan of Gerard for a long time, but I honestly have to say that I am losing interest in and respect for him…. he is going down hill fast!!!

  • Victoria

    She is the biggest starfucker in Los Angeles. She’d still be married to Travis if she weren’t such a lazy mother and wife.

  • gina

    Wow. I know they aren’t together anymore, but Travis has just been through hell. Total lack of respect here.

  • Marina

    Oh come on:
    Shanna: “Awesome restaurant man!!”
    Gerry: “Gee thanks. Hey I see someone i know, bye bye”

    I’ll bet my left arm that was what it was all about

  • Angela

    I thought he is gay. Isn’t his boyfriend an Israeli director? Ariel something…

  • snickers

    Does anyone know who the brunette is getting into the car?

  • Gerry’s finger nail

    nyob #30

    Two whores hooking up – what is so shocking here?
    Ha, ha, ha …. :)

    Well, he’s gone down on just about everything else but the Titanic!!!!

  • t.

    NO NO NO Back away from the slut!!!!!!!!!!

  • Josie

    NOOO! Here’s hoping this isn’t true. He doesn’t look that into her, anyways.

  • Josie

    NOOO! Here’s hoping this isn’t true. He doesn’t look that into her, anyways.

  • maria

    I think he is still playing the field or they are just doing it for publicity – if he has opened a new restaurant he can sure use this type of publicity better than the other one with the pap. I think Gerry is headed for some troubles in life.

  • S

    I’ve never liked her since seeing that reality show she did. She is lazy and ditches her kids whenever possible. She was always drunk or sleeping. She does appear to be a starf&^%er. Travis recently dissed her on his blog and said he hasn’t seen her since his first week in the LA hospital.

  • Tintangel

    This is an incredibly stupid way to get publicity. How does he expect to be taken seriously as a producer?

  • maria

    This is just publicity – Gerry is all messed up these days – thats my take. At least this takes everyone’s minds off his pap problem.