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Jessica Simpson is a Dallas Cowgirl

Jessica Simpson is a Dallas Cowgirl

Jessica Simpson arrives at the Dallas, Texas airport on Oct. 9 after spending some time with her boyfriend, Tony Romo.

“I’d love six kids running around, but I guess I’ll have to start pretty soon,” she recently told The Daily Telegraph in an interview.

“This album has been a journey of discovery. When you go through a divorce, you become numb,” Jessica said. “This album was a therapeutic experience.”

“It’s a beautiful relationship,” Jessica said of her relationship with Tony. “He’s everything I could dream of and I really love him. I’m proud to be his girlfriend.”

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  • This is Tony’s dream girl?

    She is a mess, and desperate too. And by the way this isn’t the first album she’s had out since the divorce, so why rehash. She’s the one who wanted the divorce anyway. Funny how I always hear Carrie Underwood’s songs on the radio and never her newer releases. Probably because her songs s**k!

  • andamentothat

    What is this outfit? Six kids huh?? Its a challenge and not sure that Romo is a Brad Pitt to help u out..

  • er


  • $$$$$

    Hopefully Tony will stick around a little longer,at least til Ashlee’s baby is born. Those photos will be worth much more to People mag with Jess and Tony in the backround.

  • bejeebus

    she looks lumpy and dumpy…oh and she’s still got rediculously high heels on! are you even kidding me?…what a tacky mess.
    p.s. romo is totally sucking b@lls and now he’s out with a broken pinkie? wimp. he has no heart for the game anymore. jessica screws up everything and everyone she touches…including herself and her talentless plastic sister.

  • guest

    has she ever looked this bad?

  • casey

    ew. ugly and i hate her. not to mention she is dating tony romo? gag meee. haha

    seriously though. she’s kind of worthless.. why are there still reports on her?


  • bridget

    Omg..she looks like a mess!! Remember when she was with Nick? She was fit,took care of her appearance,and actually seemed somewhat mentally stable..its kindof sad to see her now. ( does she look really puffy/bloated to anyone else?)

  • dior

    what on earth???
    the top, the skirt, the shoes …..
    someone needs a stylist FAST!

  • real world

    Jessica simpson is nice girl But she shouldn’t be so desperated. Also need a career change in her life.That country music isn’t going anyway.Not her so – called boyfriend is helping either.Where in the world she find in him anyway?Need to do something with her hair.

  • real world

    Also she says something about her boyfriend and we know that they are together.(for real) Hayden and Rachel is not real about it Think rachel is jut using him for the moment These two are the real thing.Rachel and hayden are not.

  • whatever

    There will come a time when Tony Romo wakes up and realizes that Jessica Simpson was the worst mistake of his life. He hasn’t been the same person or football player since that idiot entered his life.

  • clarkwood

    I really liked her back in the day. I don’t know, but since she and Nick ended, she’s gone downhill. (Not that he’s done much either….) And I agree, why is she rehashing the whole divorce thing? Wasn’t that the point of A Public Affair? I just don’t buy the country thing. Yes, she’s from Texas, but so what? Her country singing sounds basically the same breathy crap…just added a couple of steel guitars. Whoopdee do!

  • gina

    Really not her best look.

  • jk


  • Tony broke his finger

    1 Jessica is just dressed in sweats , like many us wear running errands . Give her a pass.
    2-She is so very pretty BUT she does not really get it in that she does not have to try so hard. She is wearing no makeup and she looks pretty. Jessica SimpsonRomo overdoes and over says too much.
    3-Her last cd was her theraputic cd. This one too.How long is she going t o use this line? 4She wanted the divorce. Nick had no idea Jessica and her father had decided it was time to divorce Nick .5 Worst mistake of her life because her entertainment career did not go big like they thought .6-Nick was the only guy, pu*&ywhipp*d, to put up withJessica, her father, and entourage. 7 it remains to be seen if Tony Romo is going to marry her. 8 Tony Romo never talks her up
    t o the media likes she talks about him. Catch a clue and give it to Jessica . 9 You cannot force ,coral, a man. You have to a man breathing room ,even if you are married. Women need breathing room too. Remember she had t o check his phone log and he must have had to do this to reassure her he did not call Carrie Underwood, (at least that month).10 if she had wanted a family, Nick Lachey was more than ready to have a baby or two .11 Jessica is not mean ,trashy or ugly like some celebs, but she is just immature about somethings.
    12 I wish I hadjust 100,000 from her 75 million fortune.



  • zzzzzzzzzz

    She looks really nice. It’s good to see her taking pride in her appearance. I know what Tony and her dad must see in her.

  • Billie

    She’s a pig!

  • haters

    OMG GIVE HER A BREAK…. so what shes dresses casually one in a while? shes at a fing airport… u all are so hypricritical… i bet u all look put together every hour of the day hey HAHAHAHA. as if. u wear sweats sometimes too. you all are jealous she has more money then u all combined. haters

  • Lillianne

    She’s letting herself go like she’s already married. She’ll end up having an “oopsie” pregnancy any day now.

  • loly

    Romo better think twice before buying THAT particular cow…MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • cpa

    What…no Romo jersey? What if there was someone in that airport that wasn’t aware that she’s dating Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo who also happens to be the love of her life.

    I feel sorry for whoever got stuck sitting next to her on the plane. Her endless Romo ramblings and flatulence problems (made worse by cabin pressure changes, no doubt) would make for a very unpleasant trip.

  • anony

    She looks like she has completely given up. Is she even still with Romo? I almost feel bad for her. Everything she touches these days seems to turn to dust. Maybe she should pull a Pam Anderson and try to get a gig in Vegas.

  • K

    She’s already pregnant. Why do you think Romo has been so miserable for the past several weeks.

  • nuckingfats

    If she is truly with RomoHomo, why isn’t Tony taking her to the airport. Granted he maybe be busy, but he could always take a little time off his schedule to take Jessica to the airport, without getting out of the car.

    Another thing is, if she took off to Dallas airport on October 9th, which is a Thursday, could she have waited another 3 days to personally watch Romo play football and got beaten by the Cardinals???

    I still think the Romo/Simpson affair is a staged one by Jessica’s father. You don’t see a lot of photo-ops lately of Tony and Jessica. Jessica needs to stop showing the world how much she loves Tony, as it gets the opposite reaction. It shows how much desperate she is for a man’s attention, which may or may not be reciprocated. I do feel sorry for her in a way, but there’s no one to blame but her and her father.

  • AmBeR

    “He’s everything I could dream of and I really love him. I’m proud to be his girlfriend.”

    …Who is she trying to convince? Us or herself???

  • k

    i have been to that airport, oh only about 300 times. haha. because i like 2 hours away from Dallas.

    oh, and i heard about Tony’s finger. poor baby :)
    and he can’t play the next 4 more games. it sucks!
    and they’re gonna have to put in their back up quarterback.
    now, the Cowboys are REALLY gonna lose.

  • k

    i mean “i live”

  • Janie

    She looks TERRIBLE!

    She has NO talent and she is a HORRIBLE singer!

  • Manhattaniterbiter


  • GoCowboys!!!

    You dumba$$ who said go to dallas 3 days later for the game – the game was in arizona, stupid, so it wouldn’t have really helped her to see romo play by going to dallas 3 days later now would it?? If you’re gonna try to hate and say something smart-a$$ed, do your fking homework and at least try to sound HALF way intelligent. LOSER.

  • JANE

    must say she looks pretty bad……..fat and unhappy…..wonder what’s up???? anyone know???

  • jenny

    Maybe she is hoping to be the next spokesperson for Jenny Craig and that’s the outfit she wore for her “before” picture…

  • Silo

    If she was pregnant she wouldn’t be getting thrown out of parties for being an embarrasing drunk. Just goes to show being a cheap skank doesn’t make you happy. She deserves all her fat misery.

  • Cynthia

    Why don’t this brain dead idiot take her fat ass to the gym, and hire rachel zoe or somebody because this bullfrog has no fashion sense! She should be ashamed of herself, she’s a MESS, SHE MAKES ME SICK!!!

  • Upskt Celebs

    Dallas Cowgirl? I would prefer Jessica Reverse Cowgirl myself.

  • Bossy

    Whoever said that she’s just in sweats, like everyone else when they’re running errands…um, no. I don’t go out looking like that even if it’s to go from my house to the ATM. I’m always put together and I assure you that nowhere outside of the U.S. would going out in sweats in public seem acceptable.