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Molly Ringwald: Vote NO to Prop 8!

Molly Ringwald: Vote NO to Prop 8!

’80s teen queen Molly Ringwald is featured in a new viral ad that skewers the proposed ban on same sex marriages in California known as Proposition 8.

Produced by a Hollywood networking group made up of gays and lesbians known as HomoTracker, the spots are the latest in efforts the group is making to mobilize and defeat Prop 8 on November 4th. The spots arrive amidst new polls that suggest support for the ban could outweigh opposition for it by eleven points.

Watch the vid below! And yes, that is Molly‘s real-life husband, writer Panio Gianopoulos, and their daughter Mathilda, who turns 5 next Wednesday. Comedian Margaret Cho also did her own video.

To find out how you can help, visit They are holding a Thursday event called FallOut in Hollywood where they’ll be raising money to fight the Prop 8 initiative in California.

Molly Ringwald: Vote NO to Prop 8!
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  • Lina

    Molly’s husband is hot!!

  • Gina

    I’m tired of Hollywood telling me how to vote. I’m done with Just Jared.

  • al;sdkjfasdf

    ugh -.-

  • qwerty

    That is really cool. Propisition 8 is LESS than great!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Oh for goodness sake Gina, no one’s telling you who to vote for or who not to vote for. Suggestions are made and YOU decide. Get a grip girl!

  • t

    go molly

  • Cheri

    I value what they’re saying in this video because I agree that same sex marriages should be legal and accepted, but I also agree that I don’t need a celebrity to tell me how to vote. At least they got some one of decency like Molly Ringwald instead of some annoying attention whore like Paris Hilton.


    who is this FAT RED HEADED PIG???


  • sweets

    I agree Gina I am tired of the celebs stepping out trying to influences peoples votes. I am not just talking about Prop 8, I’m talking about the Prez election. Let people figure it out for theirselves.

  • sweets

    I agree Gina I am tired of the celebs stepping out trying to influences peoples votes. I am not just talking about Prop 8, I’m talking about the Prez election. Let people figure it out for theirselves.

  • No on 8!

    Great ad illustrating what I’ve been thinking for years. I live in SOCAL, and I must admit, the gay marriages haven’t been affecting me at all, so if it makes people happy, let them marry.

  • LolaSvelt

    That ‘fat red headed pig’ was an 80s icon. What are you, 13?

  • heidi

    who cares about this woman?

  • anon

    OH SNAP, STFU. If you want to promote Obama, or anything, for that matter, don’t throw in an unnecessary, bitchy remark. It instantly discredits you.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Calling people names because of their weight or apperance is soooo IGNORANT!!

    Some of you are so silly. I mean you don’t want ‘Hollywood’ folks telling you what to do, but you’re here voicing your opinions on others. Get the mirros out people and take a good look.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Anon: SPOT ON!!! YOU TELL ‘EM!!!

  • Anonymous

    Homegirl put on the lbs!

  • Michelle

    She sure has a hot husband!!!

  • cAESAR

    Really? People are being negative about this ad and the stars who support it?

    Someone has to step in a say something. This is America and even stars are allowed to have an option.

    I think the message is clear and if this message is not sent out then the hateful message of “Yes on 8″ can influence votes and have negative impacts on the lives of many Californians.

  • alonganong

    Celebrities should keep their mouths shut — I’d much rather have the Mormon church tell me how to vote. The Mormon church has given over 40% of the donations to Yes on 8.

  • jane

    You mean, let the proponents of Prop 8 spread their hate and keep our mouths shut?!

    Kudos to Molly Ringwald for taking the message to the masses!

    Good riddance, Gina!

  • nikki

    No On Prop Hate!!!!


    Someday we will view not allowing gay marraige as we now view not alowing interracial marraige.

  • Sunset

    I used to love that movie Pretty in Pink so much . I can’t believe she went out with Ad Rock. Good for her !

  • Matingas

    they aren’t telling you how to vote… they are voicing their opinion

    like my opinion is .. anyone who votes for McCain is either:
    a) retarded
    b) really rich

  • WHY???

    OMG that is Molly Ringwald??? What happened to her.
    I have to agree it a personal decision on who you vote for.
    I am sorry both candidates are annoying and it is just a popularity race and less to do with policies.

  • gina

    I have always loved her. Brings me back to the 80s when I see her on something.

  • Jo Ann

    Matingas, so is Obama going to vote for McCain? Obama is rich.

  • mike

    I am so sick of politics…lol

  • mary

    i don’t hate gays, but i’m against gay marriage. i think it’s annoying when celebs tell you how to vote. it’s sad they have that much influence. people can make up their own mind and don’t need celebrities who aren’t that intelligent anyways telling them why they should vote for this or that.

  • Bill

    Molly Ringwald gain a LOT of weight! She looks really heavy…
    Oh, BTW people will vote their conscience on Prop 8. Her video has no bearing whatsoever.

  • qbOY

    vote no to prop8

    this is regression, come on it’s 2008, why world is ruled by middle age minded people ????


    How many young gays are really going to get married? Zilch. They are having too much fun.

    It’s usually the old gay farts that get married. ha ha

  • NancI Black

    U cant evev tell thats her …. totally different

  • Alan gay and straight

    I think it’s good that she shows some support

  • jesse

    YES ON 8!!!!

    And vote mccain/palin in november!!!!

    I’m soooo sick of obama and his hollywood liberal freak supporters !

  • meow3cjc

    First of all, Molly Ringwald is not fat. She looks NORMAL. That is what normal people look like. Just because she isn’t a size zero like she was in the Breakfast Club doesn’t mean she’s fat. And even if she was fat-WHO CARES! That wasn’t the point of the AD.

    As far as the AD, I agree. It doesn’t affect married people one damn bit. This isn’t a religious debate. This is a state law where discrimination is being proposed. That is wrong. You can “disagree with gay marriage” all you want, but voting yes on 8 is a vote for discrimination against legal, tax paying citizens, over the age of 18. plain and simple.

  • Good Victoria


  • Concernedincalifornia

    Proposition 8 is tolerant! If you are undecided, click here…

  • Fairness and equality

    Thanks Molly and Husband :)

    Fairness and Equality rules!

  • Todd

    Last Sunday upon arriving home from church at 5:00 I put out my Prop 8 sign on my front lawn. After having dinner with my family I left at 5:50 for a meeting and discovered that my sign was gone. I live at the end of a cul-de-sac so someone would have had to drive down, take the sign and drive away. I have put up other signs on busy roads and the signs are always missing by the next day. Obviously, the supporters of Prop 8 are not taking them down. So I have to ask: “Where is the tolerance?” “Why do those with opposing views feel my expression must be silenced?” I have no problem with the opposing view expressing their opinions. It does not threaten me nor make me feel as if my view is less important. It is just a view different view. That is what freedom of speech is all about. Simply put, if you see a Prop 8 sign up one day and missing the next, the only person who could have taken it is one who is intolerant of the views of others.


  • Kat

    Please consider another perspective! Same-sex marriage WILL change things… it already has in Massachusetts. Please visit

  • Sharon

    A “yes vote on prop 8″ is a vote to change the state constitution to legally define marriage based on a group’s religious beliefs and/or prejudices. The ad with the little girl with the book the “King and King” should be followed with her at 16 depressed and self loathing because she grew up in a family and society who did not except her for who she was. And we wonder why suicide rates and Hate crimes are so high among gay teenagers. The Mormon and Catholic church consider homosexuality a sin and Prop 8 is just one more tool to regulate and promote their agenda. No one will be “TURNED GAY” because same sex marriage is legal. Just as no one is turned gay from watching the “ELLEN” show. Do people really believe that children who are exposed to homosexuality will become gay when they get older? “Keep Your Child From Becoming GAY, Vote yes on prop 8″. How ignorant!!! If that isn’t the core belief of proponents of Prop 8 then discrimination is the only other explanation. The same arguments were made decades ago about interracial marriages. The roots of Prop 8 are intolerance, ignorance and prejudice.

  • Brandon

    Hey all –
    Causecast has created an amazingly inspirational video in support of No on PROP 8 based on Harvey Milk’s “You Cannot Live On Hope Alone” speech.

    Check it out!

  • Oliver