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Suri Cruise: My Red Dress Rules!

Suri Cruise: My Red Dress Rules!

Katie Holmes walks back to her New York City apartment on Tuesday afternoon after grabbing a frozen treat with 2-year-old daughter Suri (in Juicy Couture’s Miniheart Print Dress).

How cute is Suri tilting her head up trying to see through her bangs?!

A bodyguard followed closely behind the adorable mother-daughter duo. He carried home Suri‘s stuffed giraffe and baby doll.

Katie‘s guest-starring role in ABC’s fanciful drama, Eli Stone, is just one week away!!! This episode airs next Tuesday, Oct. 21 on ABC. (Watch the preview video here!) However, Eli Stone premieres tonight with a new episode @ 10PM ET/PT on ABC!

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  • Rita

    Give the poor girl a trim! She can’t see through her bangs.

  • Farah derbala


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    `suri’s so fly she’s on auto-pilot.

    ..peep the look on her face.. she knows it.

    no brangie-hand-me-down rags over here. LOL

  • I agree

    Maybe it’s best if Suri can’t see the paparazzi

  • Neek

    Suri looks so cute & Im liking Katie’s shirt… but not with those boots.

  • Neek

    Suri looks so cute & Im liking Katie’s shirt… but not with those boots.

  • LolaSvelt

    Way to go Katie for making plaid look fug! God, this boring woman ruins every trend out there.

  • diana

    Suri is fierce…and she knows it. love them

  • regina

    I enjoyed not seeing this dull skánk on the site for one day…Suri is cute, though.

  • rgrega

    katie should trim suri’s bangs- no matter how stylish she think they are.
    Suri has to tilt her head up to see where shes going!

  • june bug

    A 2 year old with her nose in the air all the time, is not cute. She is going to be obnoxious.

  • the truth

    Suri is so not cute, homely in fact.

  • the truth

    she has to tilt Her effing head up because Her Brain Dead Mother won’t cut her bangs.

  • train your daughter Katie

    She is going to be obnoxious, you can see it now. That is so not cute Katie. To have a little snotty daughter. People will not like her.

  • jenny


  • Lillianne

    I’ll bet she never wears the same thing twice. Suri OR Katie.

  • Julien

    Isn’t she just the cutest!!!

  • boogie

    For heavens sake Katie- trim her bangs so that poor girl can see.

    Hair in her eyes…getting close to her nose is NOT a substitute for sunglasses!

  • Debra

    Suri is just too georgeous for words!!!

  • lisa

    headband, hairbrett???

  • Jada

    Suri’s a cutie. I always have said that this little girl looks older than her age. She looks so mature. Like you could have an intellegent conversation with her. lol. She always has that little grown up show stopper look on her face. :-)

  • ModernGearTV

    I don’t think it’s cute at all to have to peek through that fringe of bangs. Cut that hair, Mrs. Cruise!!

  • sweets

    What a beauty!!!

  • gina

    She is such a cutie!

  • katie homely

    That’s a tacky top Katie is wearing. she should have used a leather or suede belt instead the one that came with the top.

    Suri looks like she needs implants to wear that dress. Seriously, was the dress made for a short (midget) person?

  • Luke

    june bug, the truth, train your daughter:

    How pathetic are you having to post over and over using different names and just criticizing celebrities. Don’t you have a life of your own. You sound like one, miserable cow!

  • Hey jared! it’s me again!

    That little girl always looks so dirty and unkempt.
    Don’t scientologists believe in soap and water—not to mention scissors for a good trim?

  • Ingrid

    That girl is a few steps away from running into a pole with that long fringe.

  • cosabella

    Why doesn’t Katie have Suri’s dresses hemmed? Or better yet made to order? She spends so much money, get a dress that fits the kid!

  • at least

    At least Katie covered her huge hips.

    Those weird men that follow her….now what is their purpose?

    I suppose there have been alot of threats since Tom is no longer viewed as sane and rational? I guess they are paid to watch after Suri who will be Tom’s negotiating tool in the upcoming divorce.

    I thi nk Tom deserves custody. He is a much better parent. The fact that both of them are cult jerkoffs cancels each other out. He’s definitely the better parent if you leave the cult out of the equation.

  • Anne

    I 100% agreed with Rita, this little cute lady need to trim her bang..
    it will damage her eye sight, I don’t know why Tom and Kate not notice about it.. do they want her eye sight damaged???

  • ginger

    Suri’s hair looks like it hasn’t been brushed in a couple of days. She looks like a little orphan. That dress is obviously too big for her.

    I guess Katie is trying to make Suri look smaller by wearing a larger dress, hence everyone will think she is 2 instead of 3. Katie is not very bright!

  • ginger

    once again, katie is neglecting her 3 year old so she’ll get publicity.

    If suri looks neat and normal, no one would even comment.

    I wonder if those men that katie are with are married? we know they are cult members, that’s a given. I wonder if they are having “relations”?

  • Vanessa

    suri is a cutie!


    katie looks like a dirt old bag lady – i hope she reads these commments and get s clue to clean her dirty skank-arse GROSS

  • defap

    Katie must have a really tough time to cut Suri’s bangs.
    :) Suri is the cutest kid. Katie never frowns to her fans or anyone. She is so sweet.
    Love Suri, Katie and the family.

  • FREE SURI – keep katie and tom

    They BOTH look homeless!! Suri is a beautiful child but in that ill fitting, messy outfit with her messy hair, she look like a little orphan child. Katie, as usual, looks unkempt and messy too, but what else is new. You would think with all their money, they could get her a better fitting dress that didn’t look so raggy.

    Seriously, that poor baby always looks like she needs a bath and a haircut. I feel so sorry for her. She deserves much better parents than she has. Katie is a fame wh*ore and Tom is a total nutcase and neither should be raising a pretty little baby like Suri.





  • Shauna

    Poor kid looks like Raggety Ann. She’s messy looking. Her bangs need to be cut too.

  • Rayt

    “Suri Cruise: My Red Dress Rules!” … are you serious? Jared?

  • Shauna

    If suri looks neat and normal, no one would even comment.



    Suri is adorable. Every child is. But she stands out because she is not normal. Every other celeb puts their kids in normal clothing and does normal things with them like go to a pumpkin patch or a park, but not Suri. She gets dragged down the street, taken shopping at Hermes, and all that when most kids are at parks and kid type events. There is nothing normal about Katie, Tom or that poor kid. She lives a freaky life with freaks for parents.

    They move her around so much that she cant have a normal life and will probably not have any friends as she grows up. They probably will send her to a Scientology cult school or homeschool her so forget the kinda lives most kids have. All they do is drag her around like a little doll. Nothing normal about that.

    Poor kid is stuck with lunatics for parents.

  • mary-anne

    I agree that Suri needs a haircut, but who cares if she has stains on her dress. She looks like a normal kid who just ate ice cream. When Suri looks perfect, people complain that that her parents are treating her like a little model instead of real kid. Then when she looks a little messy, her parents are neglecting her. People will always criticize the Cruises no matter what they do.

  • Megan fox rocks

    Katie is so Beautiful

  • sad, sad, sad, sad

    I’m so sad for Suri. She looks like she needs a bath and she badly needs a haircut. Even her shoes are too large. It looks as if Katie shopped at a thrift store for her clothing. I’m sure it cost a fortune, but the kid looks like a little ragamuffin. It looks to me like all Katie cares about is dragging her out for the paps to take pictures and taking her shopping. They use her for publicity cause without Suri very few people would give a crap about Katie or Tom. Katie is a nothing actress and Tom is O V E R. Poor Suri is carrying the load for her families fame. Without her no one would look at anything that had to do with Katie or Tom.

  • mary-anne

    #41, We’ve seen tons of photos of Suri doing normal child things like going to the park, Alice’s teacup, Build-A-Bear etc. In these very photos she is leaving an ice cream shop which is very “normal”. People just don’t like her parents and thus create drama where there is none.

  • adam

    Well, I`m surprised that she is a Live and show off herself after Eli Stone Disaster .NO sex appeal,no musical talent at all That was truly craptastic.she totally sucks! Someone needs to sit Katie down and tell her the truth ! sorry katie fans but it is what it is


    Tom PLEASE get Suri AWAY FROM KATIE!!! Let her live with your sisters and their children. She would be so much happier than with Katie

  • Amanda

    What the hell kinda dress is that on a little girl? Its too big for her! She needs her hair combed and trimmed too! Can’t those two poor excuses for parents do anything right? I don’t think so!

    Forget about all that. Raising their kid in a cult should be qualification enough to have her removed from their custody. Tom has been in the cult a long time but whats Katie’s excuse? I blame her more than anything. She married Tom for money and fame and didn’t think twice about signing up for a cult and raising her kid in cult. Thats pretty disgusting…..and for what? A Black AMEX and a few parts in some bad movies and a play. Disgusting.

    Tom is a has been freak but Katie is even worse. She’s a golddigging peice of trash who rented out her womb to the highest bidder. I can’t stand Tom but Katie is even worse.

  • ?

    why are Suri’s dresses alway so long?

  • tom c

    Cut the poor girl’s bangs or use a hair clip for heaven’s sake! How would you like to view the world through strands of hair everywhere??