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Taylor Momsen's Got 'Sex Drive'

Taylor Momsen's Got 'Sex Drive'

Gossip Girl actress Taylor Momsen makes it to Manhattan on Saturday in a sassy black-and-white mini for a special screening of the upcoming film, Sex Drive.

The 15-year-old starlet, along with fellow costar Leighton Meester, kept it cool as they headed into the Tribeca Grand Hotel to get a glimpse of the upcoming film.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of last night’s episode of Gossip Girl???

15+ pictures of Taylor Momsen in Manhattan…

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taylor momsen sex drive 02
taylor momsen sex drive 03
taylor momsen sex drive 04
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Credit: Johns PkI, Bryan Bedder, L. Gallo; Photos: Splash News, WENN, GettyImages
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  • Kim1206

    I think Leighton’s got problems, which is why she is “keeping it cool”–book-her—e–online

  • a

    Taylor looks way too old!! The dress is cute but too old for her and I hate the hair and makeup!

  • Mehidi

    OMG She is so cute ! Thanks JJ


    15??? really??? she looks about 28!

  • Nancy

    Hm… I like Taylor’s hair and makeup much better on the show. She doesn’t look age-appropriate in any of her candid shots for some reason.

  • t

    love the show, loved tonights episode, can’t wait to see what results in this extreme makeover on the show

  • Nick Lachey USA

    That will be an interesting movie to see =).


    taylor momsen.

    i envy this friken SKINNY 15 year old!!!! :(

    she looks soooo PERFECT.

  • karina

    She looks very pretty. I like her hair and make-up and tonight’s episode was really good. Can’t wait to see next week’s episode.

  • hrhkat

    Why do all you crack heads think she looks “perfect”…Taylor must be writing them herself because she looks totally fug. Her hair is a HUGE HOT MESS. She used to be cute, now she looks like a wannabe slut, with terrible taste. Im all for being thin, but being thin with THIN hair makes for a whacked out mess.

    Taylor, I want you to go right now and get extentions on that mess of hair, find a stylist that wont make you look like Tara Reid after a night at Hyde (if she can get in), and stop it with the dark ass eye makeup, its so out its not even funny. You dont look cute, you dont look hot, you dont look punk, you dont look good. And dont have that personality like “I dont care what people think of me, I just want to wear stuff I like”, becaus that attitude is totally BULLCRAP. Your 15 to ofcourse you care what people think of you, until you 75 then you dont have to care. You are on a glamorous show, and you represent it by looking like that?….ugh and your head looks way to big for your body with that hair…

  • kelly

    she doesn’t look bad but why is she attending all these events and places that have nothing to do with her? she’s not even an adult! for god’s sake, she’s only 15!

  • emma w

    Yay! She’s looking beautiful once again! But it’s true – she does NOT look 15. I miss her with her long hair and natural make up.

    Gossip Girl episode was AWESOME. Though i must say the Jenny storyline bores me.

  • Diana

    Taylor was wearing way too much makeup on the recent episode. Her makeup artist should tone it down. Also, she needs to grow out her hair. long hair suits her better. overall, i still thinks she’s awesome though.

  • uhh

    Stop comparing her to her character! Its not her..u people r ridiculous, leave her alone. Let her wear what she wants. And #9, unless ur making millions giving advice, u don’t have control over what she should do.ur probably hideous.people who overly judge other people, are always pointing out others flaws

  • sofia

    Is it my imagination that Taylor always seems to wear short dresses?

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..she’s actually…hot.

  • Rayt

    I cant believe Selena is older than her. But oh well.. she’s looked worse.

  • MovieMadness

    Where is her chaperone?



  • banana bandana

    wow. she’s edgy. but i’m a little weirded out with the hairstyle. O_O

  • coolchik

    yes i agree with most people, taylor looks way better on the show than here. about last ngihts episode, i thought it was great and i hope than gossip girl doesnt get taken off anytime soon. i hope it goes on for as many seasons as it can. the show is great and the characters are even better!

  • Ky

    Anybody think the movie is less than appropriate for a fifteen year old?

  • my Name

    Where the hell are this CHILD’S parents?

  • Adz


  • k

    OMFG best episode ever last night!

  • julie

    if she’s only, 15…how is able to get into an R rated movie? Did Leighton have to be her guardian? Haha….thats ridiculous. She looks way older than 15.

  • JD

    love her makeup there

  • anne

    yeaaa sex drive’s for 18+ and how the heck was she able to blah xD

  • khlen

    she walks and stands weird! and that look doens’t fit her… she looked better in GG first episodes

  • omggg

    okay.she looks gorgeous, yo9u people are just jealous because yall can’t look like her. it’s extremely egdy and DEFINETELY age appropriate. omg waht does a hairstyle have to do with age. it doesn’t matter if she looks older. a fifteen year old wants to look older anyways you stupid bitches. how is that make-up too much? are you serious? there are sio many types of make-up and she wants that look so stop bitching about how stupid it looks when it looks completely beautiful and egdy. peopl have different styles and obviously yours isn’t in trend…

  • Dating Guide

    My sibling had been trying to find this kind of information. I believe I have to get her examine this on her coming Birthday.