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Zac & Vanessa: Life in Plastic, It's Fantastic

Zac & Vanessa: Life in Plastic, It's Fantastic

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens look fantastically plastic on the new cover of OK! thanks for the mag’s Photoshop experts.

The on-and-off-screen couple have been gearing up for the High School Musical 3: Senior Year premiere this Thursday at the Galen Center on the USC Campus in L.A.

Zac, who turns 21 this Saturday, and Vanessa, 19, declined to be interviewed together this week during press promotions in Beverly Hills and fended off questions about their future together.

Zac said, “It’s just so much easier not talking about it. I told myself that a long time ago. Troy and Gabriella are very much like real high school kids. It’s what high school romance should be like – not too lustful. I’ve always said that Troy and Gabriella were best friends before being boyfriend and girlfriend.”

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  • SaRAH

    She’s pretty fake…

  • andie

    It’s frightening…
    OMG I’m shivering

  • kathastic

    i actually like the original version of the pic,
    but now its ruined… man that photoshopper needs to be fired!

  • Matt

    i love them ,

  • floor

    i don’t like the photoshoop
    the original photo it’s so much beautiful than that

  • baby v rox!!!

    but the photographer just ruined the photo!!
    but still loving them!!!

  • may

    they are the best

    i love them…vanessa is so pretty she is my idol

  • go sox

    And why did that picture need to be photoshopped? It was perfect the way it was. I never buy that rag anyway.

  • JJ

    yup thats plastic

  • jen

    why not use the original
    love that pic they ruined it
    well awsome Zac its ur love not the worlds
    they r private and respectfuly so well done Zac

  • Brooke

    I really like Vanessa Hudgens. I think shes gorgeous but here they both like absolutely ridiculous.

  • emilie

    wtf did they do to their faces?!?!?!
    couldnt they have put the original picture?

  • SaRAH


  • toofatforjonas

    grrrr that photo was awesome before this!

  • http://justjared zanessalover

    well zac is actually talking about troy and gabriella. and we all want to know his relationship with vanessa….. anyways i think they’re cut together. ZAC IS HOT! and VANESSA IS PRETTY!

  • Ailis

    they look terribly plastic! that mag seems so not credible

  • abcde

    ew it’s horrible

  • danz

    Not only do they look plastic, they also look 20 years older. Awful photoshopping.

  • go sox

    They probably photoshopped it, because they were annoyed they would not agree to be interviewed by that rag.

  • Boji

    Looks like another piece of Waxwork gone awry.Sheesh, what’s with OK Magazine anyway?. Another gossip tabloid always printing heresays and rumours. I don’t recall them retracting any of their false reporting.

    This aside, so looking forward to their premiere appearance.

  • amanda

    his birthday is saturday, jj. not sunday.

  • jo

    WTF did they do to their faces?? i’m not buying OK mag’s BS. we fans know more than they do. LOL they’re writers probably go on justjared.

  • go sox

    Another thing, there were not “scandals”; there was one. I would be suing this rag for slander. I’m so sickened by what these creeps get away with.


    <33 zanessa! Holla.

  • Samantha

    Vanessa looks how she looks every day
    they only changed zac’s face
    vanessa’s face is the original in the pic
    sheee is so fakeeeeeeee
    im so glad that magazine shows her like she really is!!!!

  • AHH!

    Cool! :]

  • kristi

    they totally ruined that picture! grrrrrrrrrrr!

  • r


  • zanessa4ever!

    I want this magazine!!

  • mike

    love them both… :)

  • yets

    i love zanessa
    but hate OK mag for this picture.
    im more people mag. supporter

  • angelica

    I love Zanessa ..but LMFAO I was dying when I saw this I can`t stop laughing.

  • Michelle

    they ruined the picture.

  • mhay

    zanessa rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

  • um

    There was only one scandal. OK magazine does not know sh*it about them, especially about them decorating anything. The only people who go to OK magazine to reveal anything is the Spears family.

    And then WTF is wrong with their editors and sh*it. Way to make it look like they came out of a video game. Fuc*king assholes., everyone involved in that magazine should be thrown down a well.

  • POP86

    The article is probably full quotes from “Zanessa insiders” which are nothing more than rumors because none of Zac and Vanessa friends and family wouldn’t speak to OK about Z&V relationship.

    I not going to buy this rag or even read it at the check-out line.

  • kriz

    Actually, Zac’s birthday is the 18th of October. That makes it this Saturday.

  • vannie

    we love zanessa but what they to the picture shame to OK MAG.
    More power Zanessa God Bless.

  • eas

    i think they look radiculous in this picture. the original is amazing. now zac looks like his face is about 6 inches wider and their hat ir looks too good. but i still love zac xoxox

  • Kay

    so.. when Zac says “I’ve always said that Troy and Gabriella were best friends before being boyfriend and girlfriend.”.. he’s talking about himself? not to sound like an HSM nerd BUT Troy and Gabriella were never best friends. lol. they were pretty much boyfriend and girlfriend from the scene they met. right?

  • boooohooooo

    this picture makes vanessa look even moreee fake!

  • bettybaby


    they took a perfectly gorgeous pic and ruined it!!!!!

    maybe they refused to pay the rights for it or something? and that’s why they photoshopped it????????

    i can’t think of any other reason. but aside from that, you’re right POP86, i’m sure the article is full of quotes from “an insider,” none of what they are reporting on is stuff ZV would discuss with the media, nor would their friends!

  • lingling

    omg they totally butchered his face like he doesnt even look like himself

  • ..
  • gina
  • zanessaluv

    wow. i love zanessa, but WTF happenend? they look like plastic and its horrible. the picture was lovely as it was, they didn’t need to touch it up like that. OK magazine is not a reliable magazine anyway, they make up most of the trash in there.

  • bee

    why did they even feel the need to touch that picture?

    that candid was fine the way it was, they ruined that shot from the playoff game. ew.

  • a&a=)

    they are hot.. but in this cover their uuugh .. jajaj

  • Trina

    That was a beautiful picture. Why would the idiots photoshop it? OK, I know. The magazine is run by idiots.

  • Alliee

    i love zac and neesssaaa ALOT! but i dont luike them plastic??? it makes them lllooook fakee but I LOVE THEM3