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Anderson Cooper Has The 'Best Life'

Anderson Cooper Has The 'Best Life'

CNN’s dreamy host Anderson Cooper (in Ralph Lauren Black Label) is the latest cover boy for Best Life magazine, out Oct. 21. Here are some great quotes from the 41-year-old via USA Today:

Best way to prepare for a trip: “I pack virtually nothing.”

Best place to carry a passport: “My passport is a mess. I carry it in my front pocket, so it’s all bent. But I know where it is at all times. I find those pouches ridiculous.”

Best DVD for a long flight: “The Professional is one of my favorite movies. Gary Oldman is so great in it. I watch and rewatch it.”

Best cure for jet lag: “Whenever you have free time, sleep. I’ve found you can usually work round the clock for four or five days, and then you collapse in a pool of your own filth. But for five days, you can do anything.”

Best food for the road: “I travel with a lot of PowerBars and foil packs of crackers and tuna. They get better the farther you are from other food sources.”

Best rule to eat safely: “I hate being sick overseas, so I’m very careful. I stick with chicken, rice, and beans. I don’t get very adventurous.”

Best writers for a journey: “David Sedaris. Augusten Burroughs. Cormac McCarthy. I really liked The Road. I tend to read something that’s a complete diversion from what I’m doing.”

Best way to relax: “No TV, no radio, no iPod…just sit in a place without any external stimulant, have a cold drink, and be calm. Be present where you are.”

Best drink for that: “Nothing beats an ice-cold Coke in a glass bottle.”

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# 1

First. He is so handsome

# 2
Cooperfan @ 10/15/2008 at 2:03 pm

he is very good-looking! how old is he?

# 3
Vbecksaholic @ 10/15/2008 at 2:05 pm

I love him, he is so hot and I love that interview, I might have to pick up that mag, even though I never heard of it. He’ s the only reason I watch CNN.

# 4

Cooperfan , he’s 41. I just added this to the entry –

# 5

augusten burroughs? david sedaris?
well thats sealed the deal for me, our little anderson is a big mo.
welcome to the club.
woot woot!

# 6

Oh my god he is so handsome :) And smart!

# 7

He’s a rich kid who gets to travel to do stuff. Fascinating! Tell me more! I have no life!

# 9

uhhhhh…was he always this cute, or have i been in my boyfriend’s crotch for too long?

i met him when i worked on the hill in DC and i’ll tell you guys something…he is even hotter in person. his eyes are sooo blue. but i was in line in front of him (we worked in the same building) and i turned around for some odd reason. well there he was and all i could say was i know you…i know you and he just smiled really big.

>gushes< he was just so nice and sweet, i’ll never forget it. he used to wave at me and smile whenever i saw him. and then i quit my job. man do i miss seeing him.

Mediterranean @ 10/15/2008 at 3:54 pm


He is just perfect to be true…

I love Anderson Cooper but I refuse to watch any news show so I mostly see him when he subs on Regis and Kelli!!! He’s funny, smart and beautiful. The perfect man!!! Too bad he’s gay!! (Too bad for me. Being gay is just fine. Don’t want to offend anybody.) sheep's wool @ 10/15/2008 at 4:28 pm

I remember Anderson when he was on “Channel 1 News” when I was in high school. He was hot then and he’s hot now, but as #12 said, too bad he’s gay…..Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it merely means that as a women, I’m not his type. :(

Just love him- thanks JJ

My god, this is one hell of a MAN. What a fantastic package! Handsome, intelligent, educated, adventurous, a sense of humor, and has a job he loves.

Sexy, smart, and rich. 3 qualities I look for in a man.

It’s too bad he’s gay. Drat, some of the handsomest, richest, smartest, cleanest (yay for good grooming) men turn out to be gay. It doesn’t detract from Cooper in any way — it’s just that I can’t fantasize about a gay man. Bad for me.

I was seated across from him in Midtown Hotlanta at the Hard Rock Cafe at lunch a couple of years ago. He is a nice looking man… Is he really gay? What a waste if that rumor is true.

andamentothat @ 10/15/2008 at 6:19 pm

he was so good on live with regis and kelly today and yesterday.. very witty and cool.. Love him!!

so true about the glass bottle coke…nothing like the pop bottle or can

I’m with him on the ice cold Coke in a glass bottle. Nothing beats that.

Stone cold fox.

I am jealous of the guy who gets to sleep with Anderson Cooper every night!

aww man he is soo damn sexxy

ok soo he is relllly hottt =]

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