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Bar Refaeli's Art Chest

Bar Refaeli's Art Chest

Bar Refaeli is all smiles at the 2008 Hurley Art Chest Silent auction and Art Show in West Hollywood on Tuesday.

The Hurley Art Chest was an event to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research, featuring custom designed corsets and t-shirts.

“Hurley does everything with a lot of genuine heart,” Bar said in July, “and I love that Hurley’s beach culture lifestyle incorporates fashion and makes it look and feel sexy and effortless. Every time I travel, I pack their pieces so I have the Hurley culture with me wherever I go.”

10+ more pics inside of Bar Refaeli‘s Art Chest…

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bar refaeli hurley art chest 01
bar refaeli hurley art chest 02
bar refaeli hurley art chest 03
bar refaeli hurley art chest 04
bar refaeli hurley art chest 05
bar refaeli hurley art chest 06
bar refaeli hurley art chest 07
bar refaeli hurley art chest 08
bar refaeli hurley art chest 09
bar refaeli hurley art chest 10
bar refaeli hurley art chest 11
bar refaeli hurley art chest 12
bar refaeli hurley art chest 13

Photos: Dimitri Halkidis/WENN
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  • clive


  • 90kol


    She looks hot!!! Don’t like her face but she is hot. Where is LEO=??

  • enrico

    sigh…. good lord, she looks AWESOME. what a bombshell *droooool*

  • french

    why you talk about her ? she’s not a star (she’s ugly , i hope Leo dump her)

  • ANonymousdiva

    French, it’s childish to dump on her just because she dates Leo.

    She’s not ugly, but it’s about time she smiled more. When she doesn’t, she looks boring.

  • lilly

    23 or 32? Her smile is a little weird…

  • laura

    That outfit is hideous and makes her look terrible. Her smiles always look so fake and overdone.

  • Roisin

    She looks great, don’t hate on her!

  • ihb

    That skirt is hideous, makes her look cheap. Her smile is forced as usual.

  • LA

    Some of you are so obviously jealous.. get a life.

  • Ava

    Wow!! she looks stunning??!!

    I dont see why everyone has a problem with her

  • inet_freak

    gisele wannabe…

  • Darko

    @ #13- you are so right!!!

  • Jaredsucks

    What a phony ass smile! Bar is plastic. She’s had a boob job, nose job. It also looks like she got some work done around her eyes to get rid of premature wrinkles. Bar’s eyelids were real swollen in Mexico and that is a sure sign of plastic surgery.

    Bar should bask in the press attention now because fickle Leo will dump her ass again soon. And maybe this time it will hopefully be final. Their relationship is based on sex. Bar is an idiot who has the depth of a wall. The messy haired guy is surfer Rob Macado whose a good friend of Kelley Slater. He’s probably thinking ” Yeah I heard she was a good bang.” LOL.

  • french

    #15 : you are right Bar is totally plastic

  • Jezebel

    Bar looks like a hooker in that outfit. And her hair is always so 1980′s looking. I suppose Leo was mia again at this event, he only seems to see her once in a while, I guess when he’s horny.

  • Janie

    She looks like white trash in that outfit!!

    What’s up with the fake plastic smile???

  • who am i?

    WTF is she wearing?
    She looks like a hooker!

  • jsy

    there is one thing more fake than her smile and that is her quote on Hurley.

  • Naima

    Eww just eww, she does look like a hooker but then again she’s dating Leo so she can actually sell herself so I guess its not too far off.

  • who am i?

    You are sooooo right #15 (jaredsucks)!

  • wooaahhh

    why is it that everything she wears looks cheap on her? Really white trash! She is pretty just not beautiful that would require some personality, so she has the body to wear pretty things but this is just rediculous looking.

  • R

    OMG…you’re all just jeal. She’s gorgeous!

  • kelly

    I saw a picture of her before she has FAKE BOOBS

  • fuuugz


  • katie

    #25 : where have you saw this picture?

  • revolutionary girl
  • Jaredsucks

    Of course Bar’s had a boob job! It’s so obvious. Bar’s making all kinds of mean faces in the Mexico photos. There’s one where’s she pointing a finger at Leo like she’s mad about something. The sex must be really good for Leo for him to go back to this annoying woman.

    It doesn’t seem like Leo’s mother or friends like Bar. The mother and Bar are rarely seen together. I wouldn’t blame Leo’s mother for not liking the phony Bar. Leo’s friends also don’t seem to like Bar. They chose Gisele over her to appear in their video because they know what a biotch Bar is. I don’ think Leo will ever marry Bar because their relationship is based on sex and his mother wouldn’t want her as a daughter-in-law.

  • who am i?

    you know, for someone who is supposed to be a “model”, her poses looks so awkward. It’s like she doesn’t know how to pose for a camera or something. ICK!

  • ava

    Who comes to this site Gisele’s best friends, all these comments are stupid and silly , if she isn’t beautiful then who is, she has one of the most amazing bodies were she is thin but not a stick and her boobs and a$$ are to die for , dimples, beautiful eyes, pretty mouth, pretty hair even cute toes not those toes that models usually have wear the second and third toe is twice as long as the big toe and all nasty and knobby looking. It’s not just jealousy you people are weird, it’s as thou you know her personally and have an axe to grind.

  • F


  • murky

    She has no soul. Leo is a tormented soul. This is not a good match, soulfully speaking.

    Leo might as well just rent a little room somewhere and fill it with jars of his pee like Howard Hughes in The Aviator, because you know that’s where his life will end up. He is just one of those guys who feels like he has a curse on him. Like he has to pay for all his good luck as a youth with horrible luck as he ages.

  • dre

    PLEASE someone tell me HOW is SHE UGLY???????? she is NOT ugly…. if shes ugly then everyone else is HIDEOUS….. come on!!!!!! she iS NOT UGLY!!!

    what is ugly about her??? holy shit people are soooo jealous!!! go look at yourselves in the mirror and put on a bikini and tell me then if shes ugly… whores

  • ihb

    I cannot stand her ( and that`s an understatement ) but I don`t think she is ugly.

  • Michelle

    Whoa she is totally gorgeous! Unlike manly looking Gisele.

  • F


  • Bucky

    She’s ugly on the inside. She reminds me of the witch in Snow White and she’s giving Leo( who’s too dumb to see) apples(her body) for him to eat. He’s poisoning himself.

    Murky I dont know if Leo’s going to get as bad as Howard Hughes but his life will go down the drain if he doesnt wake up soon!!

    His movies are starting to suck, he looks like trash and he’s sticking it to his own very white trash everyday. So much trash around him what do you expect?

  • french

    #28 : it was me who was created this assembly of pics , There is still full other pics where we can see the difference

  • ANonymousdiva

    GIsele is manly looking?!? In what world???

    Open your eyes, honey. Gisele Bundchen is the quintessential supermodel. And with good reason.

  • F


  • K

    Love her eyes

  • I find it funny

    That you people can have such harsh opinions on someone who you have never even met, and be so protective over somebody (Leo) who DOESN’T EVEN KNOW THAT YOU EXIST. Bar and him are dating, get the fuck over it and get on with your pathetic lives.

  • http://deleted ihb

    huh/I find it funny, chill and don`t read blogs if you can`t handle it.

  • huh

    thank you number 43 couldnt have said it better myself.

  • huh

    gone quite all of a sudden ihb?? or have ypu run out of hateful comments?? you just know im right so suck it!!!!

  • I find it funny

    Ihb, where do you get off telling me not to read blogs if I can’t handle it? I’m handling it quite fine thanks :) Maybe you shouldn’t read blogs if all you can do is make rude comments on a beautiful girl. If you don’t like Bar then why waste your time writing about her? Obviously you have some kind of an infatuation with her.

  • huh

    you rock “i find it funny”!!!!!

    just for all you pathetic haters out there (ihb, anti-bar, anonymus diva….to name a few)<<<<<<losers………… is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i might even name my kid bar….:-)

  • Jezebel

    How do you know whether or not people on here know Bar? Maybe some do, and don’t like her for good reason. I’m sure when Bar needs to rely on her own talent (or lack thereof) to get in the news she will be a big flop. Right now we just get to see her big fake smile because she’s dating a famous actor, who is also known to be a big womanizer.

  • F


  • ihb

    WHATEVER! I absolutely don`t care what you think of me or my comments but I FIND IT FUNNY that you call people rude after your `shut the f…k up` comment.