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David Cook Laces Up With Skechers

David Cook Laces Up With Skechers

David Cook smirks at the cameras as he arrives at LAX on Wednesday with a skateboard in hand and mystery woman by his side.

The 25-year-old American Idol Winner recently scored a shoe endorsement deal with Skechers. The shoe brand company will use David‘s tousled image to sell it’s casual footwear line. He said of the company, “I have always viewed Skechers as a cool company, so I am excited to be a part of their campaign.”

David will be appearing on billboards and print ads for the shoe brand through December 2009. His debut album cover and track listing was announced earlier today.

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david cook skateboard 01
david cook skateboard 02
david cook skateboard 03
david cook skateboard 04
david cook skateboard 05
david cook skateboard 06
david cook skateboard 07
david cook skateboard 08

Credit: Gaz Shirley; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • alanna

    Love David! Can’t wait for his cd!!!
    Wonder who the lady is. She looks too old to be his girlfriend…

  • Matingas

    goddammit JARED .. u should have waited for my pictures to upload!!!

    and that’s no mystery women … they were just talkin on the plane.. they parted ways right after

  • rokin cok


  • garnet

    He is so freakin adorkable. Sweet ride. LOL Can’t wait to see him on SNL on Nov. 1st.

  • carl

    Ain’t he so cute?
    Why the skate though? LOL

  • XX

    to the right!

  • mccain palin 08

    david has a very large fanbase. i think it will help him get very high album sales ;)

  • Gwen

    That “mystery woman” is David’s publicist. LOL.

  • jenny

    He is the sexiest,the hottest,the cuttest,the most adorable ever.I love him.I can’t wait till November 1 to have his album.

  • San

    IS HE GAY?

  • syd

    He’s going home to see his hot gorgeous sexy girlfriend that he loves… so I think he’s very hetero at the moment.

  • Ali

    XX-OMG, I say that ALL the time~haha!! to the right, to the right

  • cougarslovecook

    New hat! Love him! Can’t wait to see him on SNL and the rest of the press he is doing. He looks good & not too tired.

  • Ashley

    He is CUTE! I likey! :)

  • meg

    I can’t wait for the album to drop. It’s gonna be amazing!

  • fuuugz

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Zanessafan


  • barf

    moobs, short legs, big ass, gut, pearshaped, ugly shoes, no shoulders, craft project necklace…

  • georgia

    He looks so happy in the pictures. The woman is not a “mystery woman” because she’s not with him in the outside photos. She just happened to be riding down the escalator with him – lucky her! I wonder if she knows who he is??

  • nita

    love him any ways…!! thanks Jared for posting all about Cook..!

  • Noelle

    He’s a cute guy, I’m a big fan. Keep up the Cook posts, JJ!

  • CC

    His man-titties are disgusting and Skechers are the fugliest shoes known to man. He’s such a sell-out.

  • Havana club

    Why aren’t there more gay rumors surrounding this guy? He is SO obviously gay. He should just pull an Aiken and get it over with.

  • Awwww

    To the haters: yes! How dare he ride an escalator! And walk! And smile with his big smiley mouth!! Sell out! Poser!

    He is silly and yet charming. What they say, adorkable!

    Hey Cook, I will ride your board anytime. I do not care if you goes not to the gym, you sing really pretty.

  • digginoncookie

    UUmmm…excuse me? All you haters need to shut the hell up. David is a very talented musician & songwriter and an extremely nice guy! And the “mystery woman” IS HIS PUBLISIST!! And NO they are not dating and NO he is NOT gay (not that there is anything wrong with it if he was!!!). He has a very pretty girlfriend named Kimberly Caldwell! Get the facts before you say things you have no clue about! I myself am very happy to see him so cheerful and well rested. Nov 18th cannot come fast enough. Thanks Jared for sharing these pics!

    PS-And YES his fanbase is presented very nicely in these photos! It made my day!! ;p

  • missy

    sorry but his girlfriend is the biggest slut that ever came off american Idol. She boinks a new idol every season, get with the program people.

    His fans can’t stand Caldwell…he is a bit naive and has lost some credibility with DJ’s and fans for dating her, or should I say living with her now.

  • Awwww

    Hmmmmmm. Hang with hot chick who digs me or …worry I might “lose my credibility” with some complete stranger on da Internet! SUCH A HARD CHOiCE!!!!! Excuse me. Gots to go boink while I thinks this one ovah.

  • digginoncookie

    Yeah she is known to have a bad reputation BUT they make each other happy. Is there something wrong with someone being happy? NO I cannot stand her BUT whatever makes him happy is good enough for me (and YES I AM A HUGE FAN OF HIS). Obviously she has a good heart or he would not be with her. They get along great and in today’s society, that is almost impossible to find. Now whether or not it will be long lasting who knows. Oh and as far as him living with her…umm…I don’t believe that is the case seeing she lives with her mother and sister! I don’t think he needs to shack up with her seeing he has his own money. He is living with his band mates in LA last I heard.

    Oh and PS-if you stop being a fan of someone just because of who they date, you aren’t a true fan to begin with!!!!

    Peace, Love & Cookies! :)

  • whatever

    Anyone who thinks David lost any credibility by who he is dating is mentally challenged. Maybe he lost a few unbalanced, fairweather fans who were bitter & jealous over him boinking someone other than them but overall, I’m pretty sure it won’t, and hasn’t, affected his career one bit. The dude is playing on SNL in a few weeks. Most normal people are able to separate a person’s talent from their personal life so who cares who he’s dating.

    And from what I’ve heard about Kimberly Caldwell, she’s a sweet girl. Obviously, there’s something there that works cause they’ve been dating for how long now? Christ, get over it. It’s annoying to see this girl trash talked by sad David fans anytime she is brought up. Totally undeserving, IMO. She obviously makes David happy and she doesn’t seem to be using the relationship for her own gain since she’s made zero comments to the press about it. I genuinely feel bad for her for the **** that has been thrown her way during this whole thing.

    Good luck to them both. I’m definitely looking forward to his album!

  • me like


  • Sharibaby

    What a hot guy, and talented as they come. I am so glad to see him smiling and relaxed and really wish i would be lucky enough to be riding on the same plain with him sometime. Can’t wait for his cd to come out and to see him on SNL. Isn’t it funny that the people jealous of his success feel the need to make ridiculous statements. if you don’t like him, stay off of the media pages devoted to him. Why waste your time? I love him. I look for any bit of information about him. I can’t get enough of him. Thanks for the great photographs.

  • girl4evz

    gross! he’s ugly and disgusting!

  • Pam Stewart

    Thanx for the great pics. These and the radio interviews and the Vlogs in Time Square and the news abt his upcoming TV appearances are all so welcome b/c for a time, when he was working on his record, there was not much communication.
    And as for all the other superficial comments abt his looks and his personal life, all I can say is that if you are a fan, you have got to have faith in David’s choices. Don’t second guess him. That’s what Simon Cowell did on AI and he was sooooo WRONG.
    David knows who he is and he is true to himself. What’s that he said?
    “If you’re making some people happy and pissing off some others, then you know that you’re always doing something wrong.” He is so not trying to please everyone.
    Why don’t we just enjoy the experience – the soaring vocals, the new music, the humor, the sensitivity, the family ties, the twinkle-toed boots, the bling. I met him twice and he is such a nice guy who’s trying to make sense out of this new lifestyle.
    “We are all innocent” So be positive and wait for the miracle to happen on SNL and Nov 18th.