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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's Double Duty

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's Double Duty

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are on school duty as the couple went to pick up daughter Violet in Santa Monica on Tuesday.

Jennifer‘s former Alias co-star Victor Garber recently said that, “She’s with child and she’s never been more beautiful.”

“She’s wonderful. She’s probably the best mother I’ve ever witnessed,” he said this past weekend.

Back in July, Garber spilled the beans on Jen‘s pregnancy, which the couple later confirmed.

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jennifer garner violet affleck school 02
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  • real world

    Great couple!

  • SIlvina

    love jennifer

  • kanna

    yup yup
    love themmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • -alias-

    I LOVE this family!!!

  • Mediterranean

    Nothing can make her look beautiful. After all the make-up, hairdo, she is able to look only pretty.

    Almost all Jen and her namesakes have same destiny but JLo!

  • sweets

    True beauty, I love them.

  • hate to say it, but…

    Fug, fug, FUG family!

  • Love Jen :)

    Them :)

  • More interesting (and more honest) set of pics of them here… Affleck is still a douche…

  • Chantal

    Seeing pics of this couple taking their kid to daycare, park, ect. is getting so old (starting to wonder if there is truth that JG calls the paps, likes the attention). Jennifer likely needs the mom image to stay relevant, she has a lot of competion in her age bracket and many much more talented and let’s face it…when you think A-list actress, you don’t think of JG. She’s BORING. But mommyhood has kept her in the spotlight. Seeing pics of this family is about exciting as…oh seeing my neighbors loading up their kids for school this morning *yawn*. And my neighbor-mummy looks MUCH better than frumpy Jennifer, yikes without professional help, she looks so superplain. They are boring JJ, enough!

  • Anoan

    Ben always looks so unhappy, like a real grump. I just get the feeling that he is not sweetness and light with Jennnifer, he looks miserable ALWAYS.

  • loyal

    Did anyone see Jennifer last night on the Rachel Zoe Project. She was adorable, just a stitch. Have always liked her but now I think she is just a 10. Lovely family.

  • Sarah May

    She is such a pretty gal because she is closer to a normal folk than some of the othe Jennifers. I think she carries herself well.

  • mimi

    Pssssss, has anyone told this couple that they are done!!!!

  • shammy


    Thanks for the photos of the Affleck/Garner familia. Wow! I’m totally blown away by the sign language Ben is giving. Hopefully, Violet does not see this and ask what that means and why? Be careful Ben. Also, my views on this family are in complete question by continuous actions they present out and about. ???

    Benny had me at HELLO, and now it may be GOODBYE.


  • mary

    I don’t see why people have to comment on the physical aspect of an actress or an actor. That’s ridiculous. Of course, they’re normal people like us it’s just they earn more $$$$ than you. Jennifer G is really pretty and charming. Ben A is sincere towards his affectionate for JG. Don’t you know that if your husband or boyfriend is super “sweet” and too “showy” of his affection towards you that means…”you have to watch out!” …He’s not a good lover and he’s a lot of skeletons in his closet. Sure I know..very sure!

  • Adoring Fan

    Beautiful family. Can’t wait to see the new addition. Love them as a couple. So low key and real.

  • Flora

    To the user named” hate to say it, but…

    You’re the one who is fug, fug and FUG. Jen, Ben and Violet are a cute family. Only a fug person like you would talk about their looks on the internet, especially a baby.

  • Flora

    And to Mediterranean. Enough with bringing up that pathetic has-been J-HO in every Garner post. There is no connection between them, except that Ben dumped her. Garner is way more beautiful than J-HO could ever be.

  • Jada

    Chantal rather than complaining, simply don’t look at photos of them. Nobody cares what you think or about your neighbor. The paps are the ones the follow them around when they’re dropping Violet off. Jen isn’t frumpy, either. She looks fine and probably a lot better than the haters commenting.

    Mimi who are you? Nobody. Just because you’re not interested doesn’t been they are “finished”. They obviously aren’t or they wouldn’t get posted.

  • Jada

    How is Ben a douche? He doesn’t want the paps taking photos of him and his family at their home. He just wants privacy.

  • Ally

    Adoring Fan and her alternate personalities have struck again, posting #17-21.

    So obvious and pathetic.

    Even Bar and Speidi got more comments! (And probably without one obsessed fan posting multiple times).


  • Jen

    You all bitch if an actor/actress and their kids are too fancy all the time (i.e. Suri, Victoria Beck) but if they dress like “normal” people, you bitch about how “plain” or “boring” they are! What do you people want??

  • Adoring Fan

    Ally # 22 why do you persist in thinking that I would post under difference names. I am not like you. Don’t acccuse others of doing what it is that you are doing.

    Anywho, the Garner-Afflecks are and will remain cool throughout it all. They are the real celebs. Not whoever it is you admire. Wise up kiddo.

  • Flora

    Ally, I’m not Adoring Fan or Jada. You on the other hand are the same person typing other accounts under the same user name. You are so crazy and pathetic that you think every person commenting is the same person.

    Struck again? No, we have a reason to be here, we are fans. You aren’t, yet you come here more than anyone else. It’s so obvious that you are obsessed with this woman. You even compare her comment amounts to others and read all the comments she gets. You are the only one who is pathetic! Comments doesn’t equal popularity and no matter what you say Jen will be relevant and posted and you will be nothing. Good for you, for adding to the hits, though. The only obsessed one here is you. You would die without Jen posts. Nobody has posted multiple times except probably you.


  • Flora

    Oh.. and I’m reporting your comment, just like all your other annoying spam ones and it will get deleted like all the other ones. So, don’t waste people’s time anymore because your comments just get deleted. Ha Ha!

  • Flora

    Obviously those people would get more comments. They are currently on television shows and in the spotlight. Jen and Ben haven’t been in the spotlight as much as them and the only photos posted are of them dropping off their daughter. Most of their comments are negative, anyways. You fail as usual, Ally. But you most likely fail at everything and that’s why all you ever do it post bitter comments about successful people.

  • teacup

    I don”t think ally is bitter. She just tells it like it is. You just hate to hear the truth about garner and ben.

    By the way he’s finally carrying that child, everytime they call the paps that they’re leaving there house to go anywhere, which I truly believe that’s what they’re doing. She seems to be the one holding the load and pregnant at that. What a guy he sure loves her…. oh and if some of you feel that it’s okay to carry her while pregnant it is, but damn all the time… Not Good.

  • dORA

    Today Guy and Madonna….soon Ben and Jen! Pathetic how this woman gets former co-stars and employees to put out statements about how wonderful she is and what a perfect mother, etc. etc. etc. I’m astonished at Victor Garber for buying into this whole PR charade. Ditto Bradley Cooper. Employees not so much, that’s what they’re paid to do, ie build up the boss. It’s no wonder Ben always looks so sour in these photos, he is being trotted out and paraded around town to show how he and the missus are a solid couple. Jennifer is shameless in her determination to prove to the world how down to earth and normal she is, and playing at happy families. Poor Ben…

  • teacup

    I just noticed one of the pictures of Ben, I don’t know if any of you ever saw a movie called the shining – where he’s banging

  • teacup

    didn’t finish that comment – where he’s banging on the door and says here’s Johnny with an evil look- Ben looks just like that.

  • Jada

    Teacup, your opinion is irrelevant because you’re a J-LO fan and all the J-LO fans always type nasty things about Garner because they’re bitter that Ben dumped J-LO.

    Telling it like it is? All she ever does is talk about people and compare comments. You’re probably one of her personalities. The truth? No, she doesn’t know Garner or Ben so she wouldn’t know and I don’t hate to hear the truth when it is in fact the truth. Obviously you hate the fact that J-LO is irrelevant since Ben dumped her.

    Calling the paps? No the paps are always waiting to take photos of them when they are dropping of Vi. They’re relevant enough that they don’t have to do that, unlike J-LO. As for criticizing their parenting, at least they’re actually with their child unlike your idol.

    Also Dora = Ally. It’s so obvious and pathetic. You wish Jen and Ben would break-up. Too bad for you, you’ll just have to continue to be bitter. Ha! Everything you’re typing is lies because you don’t even know her. Gets her former employees and people to make comments? No, they don’t have to say anything they’re not working with her anymore. Maybe she is down to earth. You don’t know her. The only thing that is pathetic and shameless is your constant comments. Also, poor Ben? Ha! He married her and is having her second child. He’s only bitter because of the paps following them around.

  • Jada

    No, poor you for being such a pathetic, obsessive loser. Actually typing about these people like they know or give a rat’s ass about you.

    Teacup, obviously Ben loves Garner that’s why he married her and are having their second child. He didn’t love your idol that’s why he dumped her. Get over it. Ben isn’t the one who looks like something out of the Shinning, Marc Skeletor does. Ha!

  • Jada

    Ally = Dora = Teacup. Talk about obvious and pathetic. Ha! Go back to defending your precious J-LO like you always do. She always gets nasty comments, so you try to type nasty comments about Garner because you’re a bitter hag.

  • aardvark

    For somebody so “down to earth” as everyone calls it, girlfriend spends an awful lot of time and money trying to convince everyone that she’s just folks when she’s anything but. It’s not so much that she has money and a certain status–she’s worked (and played!!) hard to get where she is and left some corpses in her wake, like any other ambitious, successful starlet in Hollywood–it’s her hypocracy. Say what you will about Madonna, but she can never be accused of being a hypocrite. Jen Garner can hardly be accused of being sincere when she courts all this attention with her daughter and now seems to be pulling Ben into the picture by his ear if she has to in order to keep the image of the perfect, normal American family going.

  • Adoring Fan

    I see Ally and her many aliases have conjured up another name. Can we say aardvard #35? Don’t you have homework to do? Does your parents know that you are playing on the internet when you have not finished your homework? Better get on it kiddo, you don’t want to have to repeat another semester of “understanding human nature 101″

    Please tell me how is dropping your child off at nursery school courting attention? That’s all the pics the paps can produce of theses people. You don’t see them out partying and attending fashion shows and the like. Now that is considered “courting attention”..

  • Adoring Fan

    Teacup at #28, why do you concern yourself with who carries Violet, Jen or Ben? Why is that an issue for you. She is their child and which ever one of them opts to carry her at any given time should be the least of your concerns.

    Wouldn’t you agree that they make a very handsome little family. Can’t wait for the new little Affleck.

  • michelle

    victor garber’s comments are creepy to me…i think he’s secretly in love with her. yucko. i don’t know why fans keep saying she’s “so real”, if i keep hearing that it makes me wonder what kind of insecurity issues you might have. she’s a celeb first and foremost! not like you and i. ppl say that about idiot sarah palin as well…’she’s so real.”…she’s a politician for goodness sake! stop saying that. just say that you like her or that you like her work. sheesh. i think madonna/guy is just the beginning, gwyneth and ben next…maybe they’ll get back together for a short after marriage hookup with old ex thing. both of them are never with their spouses much…makes you wonder.

  • ???

    Isn’t Victor Garber gay?

  • Indonesian Girl

    let this child walking….. :-D
    kidding :-P

  • darkfallenangel

    Great couple… But what’s up with the shaving Ben ^^

  • darkfallenangel

    I wanted just to add that some people are pathetic, it’s not because Jen and Ben are not everyday under the flashes of camera that it makes them less than the other celebrity. I even think that the fact their are not all over the paper is even better.

    Because everybody even celebrities deserve a private life!

  • e

    Agreed with #29 and #30 which is very true

  • Flora

    e = Ally. No, none of your comments are true. Nobody thinks so except you, which is why you agree with yourself. Sad.

  • Flora

    aardvark, oh please. You sound like one of those obsessive Madonna fans. She’s like any other celeb and yes she has proven herself to be a hypocrite and not sincere.

    Michelle, no the fans don’t come off as the insecure ones. It’s the haters that insult a complete stranger for no reason what-so-ever. That’s being insecure. Why would you wish divorce on people anyways? It’s none of anyone’s business.

  • Mimi

    People saying that Ben always looks like a grump are wrong. There are many photos of Jen, Ben & Violet all together smiling, when they don’t notice the paps following them around. It’s when they see the paps when they don’t look too happy. And the people saying Jen “forces” Ben out are ridiculous. There are many photos of them out and about.

  • aardvark

    Fascinating….for the record, I am not Ally, Dora, e, Teacup or any of the other posters who just happen to feel that the Garner-Afflecks are not the paragons of virtue that the sycophants would have everyone believe. Just as there are many fans who (inexplicably) worship the ground these people walk on and make it their mission to defend (also inexplicably) the honor of celebrities they don’t even know, it should come as no surprise that there are many other posters who are not quite as enthusiastic about these same celebrities despite not knowing them, either. It is kind of amusing–albeit somewhat disturbing–to see how rabid some fans get when they perceive that the object(s) of their bald adoration is(are) being attacked. These people are paid obscene amounts of money to play make-believe. They are not curing cancer, putting their lives on the line in Iraq or Afghanistan, or sheltering the homeless. Find some real heroes to look up to…

  • Jane

    Fascinating, indeed…. Aardvark way to contradict yourself when you were the one doing just that with Madonna. The reason people accused you of being another poster is because Ally has a reputation of making other user names.

    Nobody thinks they are the “paragons of virtue”. The fans actually have reason to look up these people rather than the obsessive haters who come here all the time typing the same things. Being a fan doesn’t make one a sycophant nor are the fans trying to have people believe things.

    It’s the haters typing lies that they are trying to make people believe. Nobody worships the ground they walk on because the fans post as much as the haters. It goes both ways. The haters, who (inexplicably) hate these strangers, make it their missions to type nasty comments (inexplicably) about celebrities they don’t even know. It’s better to be positive than negative.

    What is disturbing and albeit is how rabid some haters go out there way to attack people they don’t even know. It’s nothing to do with “bald adoration”. Nobody sees these celebrities as “heroes”. You make it sound like you have no interest in celebs, if you don’t you’re at the wrong place. Not all “celebs” are the same, just like not everyone of any profession is the same.

    Save your advice for someone who cares and fine something useful to do with your time…

  • Jane

    I meant to put “find” not fine. And I don’t want this to turn into an argument either, I’m just stating my opinion and the fact that what you’re saying goes both ways.

  • Heather Angel

    I agree with you Jane. It goes both ways and it’s not like aadvark is adding anything constructive and just being another person adding negative comments. It’s funny how it’s them that are always complaining, when there really is no reason to look up someone they’re not a fan of in the first place. It’s also humorous how they get mad when you question them on what they type. Nothing they type is true because they don’t even know these people and are only their opinions. They’re guilty of what they’re accusing others of. Hypocrites. It takes more energy to type negative lies about people than it is to be a fan of the person’s work and type nice things about them.