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Madonna: The Queen Trumped The King Early

Madonna: The Queen Trumped The King Early

Madonna cryptically announced at her Oct. 6 concert in NYC, “In exactly 29 moves, the Queen will trump the King!”

Coincidentally – or not – she had 29 more dates on her U.S. tour, according to Star. But now it seems Madonna couldn’t wait that long!

Madonna and Guy Ritchie have agreed to divorce after 7 1/2 years of marriage,” her rep confirmed.

Madonna and Guy have one son together, Rocco, 8, as well as an adopted son David, 2. Madonna also has a daughter, Lourdes, 12, with ex, Carlos Leon.

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  • Miapocca

    Cant pretend to be someone else for TOO long…Now she can go shack her std infested baseball player and go back to being teh shocking Ho..she always was..

    Good Luck to Richie!!

  • Tilly

    Always sad to see a marriage end in divorce, especially when there are children involved.
    But, better to divorce than be miserable.

  • Miapocca

    Jho…see what happens after renewing your vows…the renewals are a desperate attempt to make the public beleive all is goign peachy keen..and ith JHO frequenting scientology center and being joined at the hip to Lean REMINI..she will be opting out of her troubles with skeletor soon!!

  • kd

    #1 Mia- I couldn’t agree more. Talk about narcisism.

  • j

    who cares? how guy lasted that long with that crazy mean bi- octh is beyond me, she is one of the worst person in the world, rude, she should be more humble, have you seen her without make up on? men run for the hill. she’s always been a low life.


    What a disgusting woman Mawhore is! Good for Guy he is much better off-don’t know how he put up with her this long. She thinks she is all that-well she is white-trash. I would never pay a penny to ever see any of her shows. She is trash. Plain and simple TRASH! A rod can’t be much better if he’s interested in her.

  • Sunset

    How Sad when it’s over. Wasn’t expecting that.

  • krung krung

    is anyone here having a problem at jjb/yuku? i can’t post a comment or something, dammit.

  • um yeah

    i have a lot of respect for madonna. i think she’s really a good person and a great mother.

  • Tealeaf

    That’s sad


    Guy can get on with his life.

    Madonna will change her image again…big whoop.

  • whatever

    how classy of her…

  • Miapocca

    WELL, NARCISSISM IS THE right word for it…Its mighty hard living with people like that and unless the man is tooooo giving and enslaved they cant go the long haul..thing is she lined up a replacement, made sure she had him and then proceeded with the divorce. I hope Guy had some peace in realising that he is BETTER off spening time with someone who can actually show him some love than this woman who is dying for attention from any and every low life on earth…

    Hopefully paltrow will also head for the hills away from her soon…ahhaha

    Talking about narcissism , I think that was the psuh behind teh latest jolie pitt family pictures..even when the paparazzi leaves them alone , they still want to splash thier SO CALLED VERY PRIVATE MOMENTS for the entire world to sonly makes for a crushing BREAK UP…hmmm…setting themselves up since almost 90% of all celeb relationships come to an end!!

  • Good Victoria

    AGREE NUMBER # 6……. A-Rod will be the next ” King “, dumped off at the heap of the Madonna trash bin…..I had read that Guy did NOT want to adopt David, and that he and Madonna argued over it up until the day Madonna left to pick David up….Whether that had anything to do with it I don’t know, but you obviously have to agree over important and life changing issues like adoption and birth……I hope Guy stays connected with his children and he and Madonna can remain friendly for their sake.

  • dana

    Richie’s scum. Maybe now we can stop seeing her walking around with bruises from all of her “falls”.

  • mavis dean

    I never thought Madonna was the marrying kind anyhow. Richie does have a hot temper I’ve read. He’s a little bit macho and it seems so, considering the types of films he makes about criminals.

    Most likely, Madonna will not marry again. She’s experienced true love now at least twice. I think she has a free spirit and gets bored easily. She needs to be on the go and experience new things. She has her beautiful kids and a great career. She should just enjoy her fame and have fun for the rest of her life.

  • Original jpf

    I’m more a fan of Guy Ritchie’s than Madonnas and so I’m a quicker to notice some things, and I’ve honestly been wondering why he’s appeared lighter, smiling, and just an aura of happy lately. Of course I had no idea they were splitting, but now I wonder if his disposition is tell tale that yeah, it’s done. I wouldn’t wish a relationship breaking apart especially if kids are involved, but also sometimes it’s the healthiest move. Madonna has always given me a strong sense that it’s hard for her not to run the entire show, and Guy has struck me as a man who is a family guy, but not someone who Madonna could control. She is a control freak, and I personally think he got fed up with life lived by her rules.


  • mavis dean

    um yeah @ 10/15/2008 at 1:30 pm i have a lot of respect for madonna. i think she’s really a good person and a great mother.

    I agree with your comment. Madonna is a very good person and a great mother. She’s very competent and able to get things done right. She’s a dynamo. It’s just too bad her marriage had to end, but she will survive, no doubt about it.

  • madonna is a rude person

    # 6 your right! everything you said is how i feel! who the hell in their right mind would pay 1,000 dollars to see that old hag thrusting her nasty privates!

  • paula

    Wow, there are so many hateful comments here.

    These two were together for 7 1/2 years. As in any marriage, they had their problems and unfortunately for their whole family, could not resolve them. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Have a little sympathy, people. Whether or not you like Madonna should have no bearing on how you feel about her divorce.

  • aska

    i wanted these two to work, but really it’s not always for the best to stay married “for the kids”. we don’t know exactly what went on in their household but if they weren’t getting along it wouldn’t be in the best interest of the children to witness any of that. keeping up appearances for anyone specially for the kids is tiring for a couple and simply put it’s “pretend”. good luck to both. hopefully it doesn’t get messy.



  • gina

    Really looks like she couldn’t wait!

  • KR

    I think it’s a little sad that she felt the need to be publicly (although cryptically) bitchy about it. Robyn, who supported her on tour said that once she had agreed to be her support act in Europe she was given a lists of do’s and don’ts… don’t approach Madonna, don’t talk to Madonna, don’t ask Madonna for her autograph..

    I would hope after all this time and trips to visit people less fortunate that this is her staff rather than her, and that in reality she is more humbled. I also hope that the stories of her going to the gym for four hours the day she got David home are untrue, and the stories about her absence as a mother for most of the time are untrue…

  • dialectic

    madonna sucks at chess…..marriages end all the time fact is half of all them fail,is it any surprise? you just have to accept that there is far more to life and happiness than being in an institution.

  • bae

    We can speculate all we want but no one know’s the exact truth to the split or the announcement. I feel badly for both Madonna and Guy, but especially the children.

  • boo

    madonna shouldn’t have married a younger man who was less of an icon than she was. he punished her for her success by beating until she broke. she probably adopted a black child in hopes that it would grow up stronger than guy & protect her. they are both stupid people annd they deserve this fate

  • Miapocca

    Its seems there are those on here who dont remember madonna is her disgusting look at me and my private and my sex life ..I will thrust in your face pornography days…she just got old and her libido lowered…but I am sure she still goes back to those videos of hers to see her days of pronographic glory..I hope Lourdes gets a tape in teh mail for christmas..ahahahh

  • Jo-jo

    Blaah Blaah Blaah

  • Payton

    I read recently that Lordes wanted to move to New York and live there with her dad Carlos. That could have been a big factor-geography. Madonna may have been worried that Carlos would get full custody if Lordes lived mostly with her dad. I had to decide between my daughter and getting married to a man out of town, and I chose my daughter. Also, Madonna is much too powerful to be married to anyone. I always thought she never got over her divorce from Sean Penn-he was Madonna’s true love.

  • chase

    glad im not the only one having a bad day…..fired and dumped all in one day….blah

  • Stephy

    Madonna is is an evil self-centered BIITCH!!

    Guy Ritchie will be so much happier without her.

    Oh and Madonna, please, please wax your FUGLY face!

  • diobella

    It could also be that she was talking about the US election which was 29 days away at the time of her statement. Or that she’ll be moving back to the states after the tour. I’m not a Madonna fan, but she may not have been trying to be “*itchy” in the statement.

    Just an alternate viewpoint.

  • luka

    Miapocca @ 10/15/2008 at 3:38 pm

    Miapocca, people make mistakes. Young people make many. People change and learn better, which Madonna has done. Madonna’s mistakes make her a much more interesting person. She’s had a fab life so far.

  • Katrina

    Madonna’s faults, and I admit she has them, are one of the many reasons I love her. I totally embrace her trashy, in-your-face, ways. I’m sure that says something about ME, but I really don’t care. I totally embrace my flaws too!

  • midlifecrisis

    Good for Guy Richie! Good for Madonna! If it’s not right, it’s not right….one can only imagine the impact on their children over the years since their personalities and cultural backgrounds are so different. He was probably intrigued with her wild ways and she was probably intrigued with his traditional British background.

  • Upskt Celebs

    No offense to Madonna – she’s gone from the poorest of the poor to having a lot of money. But what guy would want a girl that’s had sex with about 5,000 guys before?

  • Dani

    Madonna is too much for guy ritch. Game is over, Guy.

  • ou now who

    Madonna has always been a total control freak so this behavior shouldn’t have been a surprise to Guy Ritchie. Problem is when things start going wrong a control freak tries to put a stronger grip on those around her. I guess after a while Guy wasn’t having it. He is famously homophobic and I’m guessing color predjudice as well. Her bringing home an africian baby was the last straw. Believe me. when Queen Vadge doesn’t get her way she gets mean and nasty. I remember her from back at the Rtiz in NYC when she was only known for giving head to the boys in the band and she acted like Queen of the Mean back then. She also wanted Ritchie to help make her a big movie star. Not even if they resurected C.B. Demille from the dead could Madonna make it in the movies. She cannot act.

    Seven and a half years is a long time married in celebland. Guy is well rid of her and A-Rod should stack up on some extra strength Tylenol for the royal headache this woman will bring him. Yeah, stock up on the prep H as well!

  • h

    its bad karma when Madonna cussed out McCain and Palin on her concert

  • tina

    dana @ 10/15/2008 at 1:47 pm Richie’s scum. Maybe now we can stop seeing her walking around with bruises from all of her “falls”.

    oh please, she is built like a tank. My money is on her beating him up. Linebacker Madge can take care of herself in a scuffle.

  • Poor guy


    Sad but true..they were never equals..NEVER..he should have been lucky that she stayed with him and plucked him out of obscurity from being a indie director
    She got the last laugh because on the dawn of his biggest film venture, the movie that he has been waiting his whole career for, she divorced him.. it was pre-meditated but a smart girl always leaves before she gets left and in this case… she made sure that this would be a “memorable” event in his life for many reasons…

  • madge fan

    Number 39, Guy Richie loves little David. If he was that racist and against kids, Madonna would not have adopted the boy or had children with Richie. Guy is a good father… look at how well he has been with Lourdes. The children are not the problem. They will continue to be loved by their parents and will continue to be close siblings. Madonna will not allow her family to go haywire. She has good sense about children.

  • 29moves

    29 moves = 29 moons from 16 august 2008. What are they planning?
    21 dec 2010 summer solistice. total lunar eclipse.