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Miley's Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard

Miley's Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard

Justin Gaston spoon-feeds ice cream to girlfriend Miley Cyrus at Hollywood’s Funkiest Milkshake bar, Millions of Milkshakes, on Tuesday in West Hollywood.

The 15-year-old Hannah Montana star created her own shake flavor and had it named after her. Miley, 15, and Justin, 20, were also joined by her maltipoo Sophie, Nashville BFF Lesley, momager Tish, country superstar father Billy Ray and older sister Brandi.

Watch the video of Miley‘s milkshake craziness below…

Miley’s Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard

40+ pictures inside of Miley‘s milkshake bringing all the boys to the yard…

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miley cyrus milkshake 01
miley cyrus milkshake 02
miley cyrus milkshake 03
miley cyrus milkshake 04
miley cyrus milkshake 05
miley cyrus milkshake 06
miley cyrus milkshake 07
miley cyrus milkshake 08
miley cyrus milkshake 09
miley cyrus milkshake 10
miley cyrus milkshake 11
miley cyrus milkshake 12
miley cyrus milkshake 13
miley cyrus milkshake 14
miley cyrus milkshake 15
miley cyrus milkshake 16
miley cyrus milkshake 17
miley cyrus milkshake 18
miley cyrus milkshake 19
miley cyrus milkshake 20
miley cyrus milkshake 21
miley cyrus milkshake 22
miley cyrus milkshake 23
miley cyrus milkshake 24
miley cyrus milkshake 25
miley cyrus milkshake 26
miley cyrus milkshake 27
miley cyrus milkshake 28
miley cyrus milkshake 29
miley cyrus milkshake 30
miley cyrus milkshake 31
miley cyrus milkshake 32
miley cyrus milkshake 33
miley cyrus milkshake 34
miley cyrus milkshake 35
miley cyrus milkshake 36
miley cyrus milkshake 37
miley cyrus milkshake 38
miley cyrus milkshake 39
miley cyrus milkshake 40

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  • drew

    i wish he would stop wearing muscle shirts

  • michelle

    She makes me sick.

  • Tealeaf

    I hope this brings him all the PR he wants

  • courtney

    oh miley..

  • Guga18

    wat is a 20 year old doing with a 15 year old??????? honestly wtf shes just a train wreck waiting to happen. and as for him how desperate is he that he has to date a 15 year old i mean really hes hot enough he can get anyone

  • Name

    I don’t understand how they know that she’d be there. I never get it.

  • kate

    UGH she is the next Lindsay Lohan

  • naty

    Guga 18 I agree with you when you say that what is a 20 years old men doing with a 15 years old girls, that is just gross. I think that she doesn’t know better I mean she i just a girl. But a 20 years old, he can easily take advantage of her.

  • mandy

    Is he living at the cyrus’s house?
    Where does he live? I always see them together!

  • buckley

    does this girl ever close her mouth?

  • lolia

    seriously this video is crazy !!! there is like a thousand people for a 15 years old star !!



  • alyssa

    he is waaaay too hot for her ^^ just as nick… actually.. EVERYBODY is too hot for her ^^ i mean, c’mon look at her face when she’s wearing only little make up, she isnt pretty AT ALL without all this bling bling on her. gosh she is 15 and acts like an 25 year old.
    she feels just too confident about herself and her ‘prettiness’

  • t

    that poor girl. if i were her i wouldnt have posed for those freaks. i would have gotten my ice cream then ran to the car. and to answer # 6′s question. they probably followed her there from her house.

  • uhh

    If u see these 2 out in real life, not in pictures or tv, as in walking around..and passing you by..its totally disturbing to see!


    i mean now millions of milkshakes should have a millions of client lol

  • antonella


  • sarah

    ugly girl
    she can never have a better bf than nick.
    I’m glad he dumped that slut.

  • u know

    I love that place! But thanks to her, now, I’d see tweens running around trying to get what she got, or just trying to be where she was..urgh

  • carolinagirl

    who thinks miley is just scarey? not just pysically, but the things she does and gets away with? do we really want the children of our country looking up to her? get real.

  • mccain palin 08

    that girl is on the serious path to Slutsville, if she hasnt already arrived

  • alyssa

    #21 yeah and the best thing is that daddy is supporting her all the way :)

  • Marina

    This is so wrong on sooo many levels.

  • mccain palin 08

    what the hell is wrong with young hollywood these days? and those purity rings.?.?…bullshit! im sure all of them are all screwing eachother, jamie lynn, miley, the jobros and everyone else in their little entourage. im sure its like one big orgy or evryone doing everyone

  • wtf?

    is so obvious that he is with her for the money.

  • ewok

    just serve her up like….well ice cream. she will be having sex soon on one of those unsupervised dates…if she hasn’t already. i don’ care how famous my daughter gets (keep your fingers crossed…LOL!) my foot will always be close to her a$$…..kurt said it best…..”i smell sex and candy”

  • ashleYtisdaleLOVER1905

    Stupid !!

  • Michelle

    I don’t think its that bad thats she’s dating a 20 year old. It’s he life, she can do whatever she wants to do. I still support Miley!

  • Liv

    Michelle; It’s illegal!

  • Sunny

    I think it’s disgusting her parents allow this. So wrong.

  • mrs smith

    the paps are always were they know stars will go,plus miley gave them the heads up to were shes going because its all about being seen,the paps take the pictures then they have to hurry an get them to the sites to buy them,so thats why their like hungry dogs thats hopw they make their living.miley has been looking like a 12 year old lately.and eww she let that god eat out of her spoon and then she ate it and gave her lover some too…thats disgusting,that dog licks his a++.great miley

  • xxxxxxxx


  • dialectic

    ummm if a 20 yr old man was feeding my 15 yr old daughter a milkshake i would kick his ass

  • me

    there’s nothing wrong, you morons. they can date. it’s not illegal. leave her alone.

  • dialectic

    just wait… as you get older you will understand , i know how 20 yr old guys think, trust me its not all holding hands and eating milkshakes..

  • rhoniluv

    20-YEAR-OLD BOYFRIEND!!! Way to go, Billy-Ray…what a f#%king dumb-a@# move Chief! She’ll be joinin Jamie-Lynn in no time. At least you and your dingbat wife’ll be the youngest looking grandparents in the Maternity ward. Doh!

  • alllthegossip
  • margarita

    Liv: it’s only illegal if they have sex and her purity ring clearly shows shes waiting for marriage. yeah we dont know if she’ll stick to that but it’s what she’s saying to the public so until we have further evidence we have to believe it.

    i still support miley, shes an amazing performer

  • Lilly Bitches[;

    Yay! Miley Again! :P

    She’s The Best! :D Haters Like I Said Hate On Her All You want, But It Means She’s Doing something right :P Not only That, But Its Better To Be Hated For what You Are (Miley) Then 2 be loved For what Your Not (Selena) And You Guys Are Hating Miley for The Wrong reason, Kauze All she’s Doing Is Being Herself, Which Is More Than You Can be In This World & She Is My Role Model for that :) So Fuckoff & Kiss My ass Bitches xD

    Love You Miley! [; And I’ll always support You!! ;D
    Don’t Listen 2 The Haters, They’re just Jealous Obviously! xD Keep On Being Yourself Kauze You’re Doing The Right Thing! Rock On! xoxoxoxoxoxox

  • a name

    OMG the freaking ass hole cant eat the food her self? she needs a underwear model to feed her what a spoiled brat!! rot in hell miley…please for the sake of all of us.

  • gg_lover

    ugh! I can’t stand Miley Cyrus.
    She acts so immature.
    I feel sorry for that guy that’s supposidly dating her.
    He looks so bored/annoyed,
    He must be getting paid alot though :)
    & I can’t stand everytime she’s like “I’m a fatty”
    Grow up & go eat something

    *I never realized that’s how crazy the paparrazi is!
    How can you live like that?
    You must be really desperate if you have to take photos of some slutty 16 year old :(
    & why is Miley ALWAYS with her family;
    & EWW when she fed her dog some ice cream,
    Like it could die from that!

  • Terumi

    You act as if Miley only shared ice cream with Justin when really they were like all sharing ice cream/ milk shakes….But whatever.

    Oh and Miley and her puppy look really cute!…and Tish looks really pretty in these pictures!

  • georgia

    Oh wow, she can sing. So can a million other people in the world that haven’t been discovered.
    Do you see them creating their own milkshakes and hanging out with guys nearly 5 years older than them? NO.
    I cannot stand this kid.
    She’s a Vanessa in the making.

  • marissa

    anyone else thinks its really weird thats she’s dating a 20 year old not to mention ILLEGAL!

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    I think she’s just doing this for publicity :p
    Dating a 20 year old and she’s supposed to be a role model for her DISNYE CHANNEL fans! There relationship is illegal.

  • SMiley

    They are so cute!! :)

  • Tina

    It’s not illegal for a 15yr old and a 20y old to hang out. They do stuff all normal teenagers do, go to dinner, go to theme parks and hang out. The only reason its such a big deal is because her life is under a microscope. What’ the big deal with 5yrs, the mentality of a 15yr old girl and a 20yr old boy is like the same thing! Everyone needs to stop overreacting over a 5yr difference.

  • manu

    OMG. u guys r so immature. just let her do watever the fuck she wants. when i was younger i loved lindsay lohan. and she didnt end up being a bad influence. just because your kids watch hannah montana it doesnt mean theyre gonna smoke pot if miley smokes pot(which i dont think she does).
    and u know sometimes desperate stars call paparazi to take their pics. but shes not doing that.
    SHES NOT A SLUT. SHES A 15 YEAR OLD. go to my school and find out all 15 year olds rnt virgins and they drink and shit. well…. at least my old schools. my friends from coombia started drinking at 13. and some people in florida (so not just colombia is messed up) already werent virgins in 7th grade. so its not just miley and the rest of teen starts. but i do agree the purity ring is total crap. immean the jonas brothers r lik 20 or w.e. theyr probably not virgins.

  • nhoho

    you’re all jealous cause she’s soooo nice and mature that she can date a 20 year old and you can not. every hot bf that she’ll have you’ll keep being jealous and saying that things. oh it’s normal.
    you see her with Nick Jonas and Justin and it proves how much she’s nice. sorry, but you haters are ALL jealous.
    and why do you think she need to be PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL everytime? ARE YOU? I guess not. She can’t do perfect poses and faces all the time, the paparazzis are taking pics of her EVERY SECOND, you’d look worst than her.

  • lala

    her milkshakes would make my brother sick!