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TV Guide Gets 'Fringe' Benefits

TV Guide Gets 'Fringe' Benefits

Fringe stars Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv take the latest cover of TV Guide. Their spooky skein from the mind of J.J. Abrams airs on Tuesdays @ 9PM ET/PT on FOX.

Here’s a snippet from the cover story:

As Fox’s big-ticket item this season, Fringe, J.J. Abrams’ new head-scratcher about FBI special agent Olivia Dunham (Torv) and her quest to crack a series of bizarre mysteries known as the Pattern, has been grabbing the attention of conspiracy fanatics jonesing for a juicy new mythology series to dissect. Mind readers, psychic artists, reanimated Feds. This one even comes with its own mad scientist.

“He’s literally been pulled out of a cell where he’s been sedated, subjected to shock therapy – all the things that happen in an institution,” says Aussie actor John Noble, who plays gum-chewing doctor Walter Bishop. And while Walter may be the brilliant, damaged Wizard to Olivia’s Dorothy, this all-knowing Oz is so fried from his 17-year stint in the rubber room, it’s still not clear if he’s part of the solution or the man who created the problems in the first place.

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TV Guide Gets ‘Fringe’ Benefits

“Walter’s always remembering things, so he doesn’t really know how much he’s got to do with the Pattern,” Noble tells TV Guide. “That gets revealed in bits and pieces, some that are wonderful and others that are horrific.”

An Aussie like Noble, Torv was building a respectable rep as an actress Down Under before Abrams saw her test reel and threw her right into the madness. “I came in and read, [the producers] had a few little notes, and then we had a few phone conversations,” she tells TV Guide. “I flew to Los Angeles and met with the guys, and then flew to Toronto in, like, a day to film the pilot. It was all very, very fast.”

Dawson’s Creek graduate Joshua Jackson, who has been “socially friendly” with Abrams since they were both working at the WB, says he wasn’t so hot about returning to the grind. “TV is a major bear,” he says. “That’s what kept me away for the past five years.” Still, he admits that the Bishop family’s plot-rich backstory, combined with his boss’ resume, convinced him to give TV another try. “The thing I learned the last time – and what is so hard about television – is that you have to tell compelling stories well, over a long period of time. J.J. and his Bad Robot crew have a pretty good track record of being able to do that. As an actor, it has to stay fun and, hopefully, it stays fun for the audience.”

To that end, the powers-that-be are determined to avoid going so far out there with the Pattern mythology that fans get, well, lost. “We want to make sure that we’re telling stories that aren’t too simplistic or too complicated because we don’t want to exclude the casual viewers,” Abrams tells TV Guide. “We also don’t want to use the deus ex machina of crazy-insane invention all the time, and yet part of the fun is watching these characters play with the idea of where science could go, not where it is already.”

Adds executive producer Jeff Pinkner, “One of the things The X-Files did the very best was that there was a controlling mythology to the entire series, but most of the episodes you could watch at any time, in any order, and you knew enough to enjoy the episode. One of the mistakes we made in Alias is that the mythology overwhelmed the storytelling.”

So ease up on the theories, kids.

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  • Elza

    Joshua Jackson is GORGEOUS! I love him.

  • iminlovewithjoejonas

    yeah he´s cute

    but still I LOVE JOE JONAS

  • cooney

    That show sucked. Watching it last night. Better then a sleeping pill….

  • batteris


    Loooove lost so hoping this is just as good! :D:D:D

  • Maaal.

    BEST SHOWWW, after gossip girl that is.
    bhutt still this showss thaa bommmb! :)♥

  • jorja

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!

  • gina

    This show was a bit shaky for me at first this season, but last night won me over some. I’ll keep watching!

  • kathastic

    i actually really like this show!
    glad to see theyre on the cover

  • Morgan

    What a boring show. Anna Torv is an emotionless ice queen who sucks the life out of the show and Joshua, oh how I loved you in Dawson’s Creek. Unfortunately, you still act like you’re in the Creek.

    At least the crazy guy is interesting. However wiith the two duds as leads, and the Lost-like format of this show this show is an incredible waste of time. Just tune in a couple of years when it’s ending to get all your answers. I’m sure there are polar bears and black smoke already waiting in the wings.

  • Rosie

    Joshua Jackson is still as GORGEOUS as ever. Fringe is the best show there is. Wow Jared you actually feature Josh on your site…you’ve been sorely lacking in stories/pics of him. Guess TC doesn’t want you to feature stories on friends of the Mrs.

  • Natalie

    i hate the girl, but i love the show! joshua jackson has been growing on me all season, he’s so hot! and i love the fact that hes a nerd on the show, lol. mit drop out! haha

  • Sebastian

    someone is always HOT!!…

  • Nummy

    …………….. most excellent TV show in years :)

  • fuuugz

    joshua jackson is yummy







  • kath

    she did not make a rep in oz. she was on maybe 2 shows for a few eps each. she has a crap american accent too.

  • jASON

    Dawson’s Creek n Gossip Girl are the worst shows ever…I dont care How huge is there fan following..
    Fringe..I have seen just one episode yet But its great and better that X-Files..
    Gossip Girl is a no brain series with that blonde who looks like a drag!..Seriously remove her long hain n man she is a MAN!

  • about fringe

    Anna Torv is intriguing, she does not have the usual cookie cutter
    look and seems to bring a lot more depth to her character….still waters run deep……I find her interesting and want to see more!

  • nic b.

    Suri’s father is hot!!!!!!!Thanks JJ for giving him some space on your site. I’m sure TC did not approve and Katie will have to sneak around to see this article. Bet she misses him.

  • jess

    the girl is pretty but i dont like her smile…a bit weird

  • becca

    fringe is pretty good. i was pretty upset they didn’t show an episode last week… but the vp debate was awesome, so… it was ok. lol

  • sniffles

    I’m a huge Josh fan, but I’m not sure about the show yet. The best part of the show is Walter, the father character. I’ll keep watching in hopes that it gets better. I do love all the scenes where Josh isn’t wearing a shirt!

  • James Mckneely

    Anna Torv is a ridiculously horrible actress. GET HER OFF THE SHOW!

  • Kent J

    I just don’t see how ANYONE can think anna t is doing a good job in this showl.
    Have you listened to her voice.. it has ONE LEVEL ALL THE TIME (just like all caps all the time… get it?)
    I see this a LOT in women actresses. Several of the CSI women.. one NOTE..
    god… where is the passion!
    Where is the INTERESTING.

    Forget believable. I no longer care about ‘believable acting’.

    I DEMAND Interesting.


    But i watch the show cause there is so little on at all sci fi wise… and don’t get me started on the plot of Warehouse 13. Screw the writers of that show.. my GOD.

  • u2

    After i finished season 3 i must say that Anna Torv is a TERRIFIC actress.