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Angelina Jolie Plans To Adopt Again... But Not Now

Angelina Jolie Plans To Adopt Again... But Not Now

Angelina Jolie apepars on the Today show where she was interviewed by Matt Lauer at NBC Studios in New York City on Thursday.

In the interview, Angelina talked about her latest movie Changeling, saying that “It’s an amazing story, because it’s a true story.”

When asked if there would ever be a place their family would settle down in, Angelina talked about how her children like moving from one place to another.

Angelina also confirmed she is planning to adopt again! Asked how soon, she said, “It depends…you can’t even start the process until any new children are six-months-old. It’s a smart thing…to understand when to bring another child in.” (Twins Knox and Vivienne are 3-months-old.)

10+ more pics inside of Angelina Jolie talking about adopting again…

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  • Amy


  • Amy


  • um

    The title of this thread should be ANGELINA TALKS CHANGELING!!!!

  • shari

    I watched the interview this morning and she was AMAZING!! So down to earth and so in love with Brad and their kids. LOVE HER! :)

  • Ade

    adopting ? again…so soon?

    Why not? But I think they should wait a little…


    I wonder which country. She said something about the new children in the family have to be six months old before they can adopt.

  • LL

    She starts filming her new film Edwina A Salt in February.

    She looks nice.

  • ???

    How much was she paid for changeling? Is she the top paid actress now?

  • Sami

    it’s cute and nice the first 3 times… but i think she should settle down a bit and take care of the kids she has now before even thinking of adopting again… the twins are just a few months old… they don’t need another sibling…

  • Huh?

    The title of this thread is misleading. Matt Lauer asked her about adopting again and she said they would–but it’s not like she was announcing they are adopting NOW.

  • brenbren

    she looks radiant….but I agree with the others that she should slow down and focus on the 6 kids she has now. I think she has the perfect family now, but I guess she’s probably looking for a girl for Zahara

  • anon

    That was not what the interview was about as we can all see. Adopting? that is SO NOT news.

  • RM

    How can she honestly take care of so many young children! She’d be better off sponsering a child so it can live in its own country with its parents instead of making it live in a strange place like LA! She has enough children already, she can’t adopt every child that needs help in the world!

  • Jane

    I like her and her family but i think she should stop adopting in the near future… she and Brad should take good care of their 6 children.

  • yvonne

    This girl is ABSOLUTELY nuts!!! They both (she and the baby daddy Brad) need to move to another country and no one to EVER see them again – they make me SICK!!!! If he had any sense he should have stayed with Jennifer Aniston – someone that has class

  • reality is this

    I watched the interview. She is very happy and loves Brad and their kids, she is just glowing.

    She said that they can’t even begin the process until the twins are 6 months old. Probably around the time the twins are a year old will see a new family member who will most likely be an older child like Pax was.

    I think they want someone with a background like Z’s. In an interview in Italian VF, Angie said that Z asked why her hair is not straight like her mom’s. So Z is noticing that she is unlike other family members and they want to make sure that there is someone else in the family that is similar to Z.

  • Andrómeda

    Adorable woman. She looks great!!.
    Thanks JJ for the new thread.

  • xena

    Is why she is famous. So, I think the title is right.. Who cares about any movie she makes.. as far as she sells the perfect family image is what is worth.

    I dont dislike her and I think she trully love the kids she has, but in my opinion the reason for all fascination she has of the media is far from being her acting skills.

  • how dare some of you

    It is not for any of you to decide when others have had enough children or not. Who the he** are you people? You should be embarrased to even post that.

  • n.o.l.a

    She was sweet and charming and is obviously very happy with Brad and her life. I hope the movie does well

  • reality is this

    yvonne @ 10/16/2008 at 10:13 am

    Angelina is CLASS personified to the max. She reaches out and helps others, she loves being a mother, and most importantly FOR BRAD, SHE LOVES EVERY INCH OF BRAD PITT AND IS TOTALLY PROUD OF HIM.

    Anybody woman who is with a man named John Mayer who publicly says he dumped her to TMZ , who braggs he likes groupie and fan hookups, who braggs he likes to douse his sexual partners with his golden showers (urinate on them), this is a woman with CLASS?



  • pinkydoo

    No question she is an interesting woman. I wish I had her nerve and did the things she has done like adopt someone from a country that doesn’t have much. Teach the children to give back and not be too greedy in life. I do think that once the kids get a bit older, they will find it a little more difficult as their personalities grow. I think she may be in for a shock later on.

  • lulu

    yvonne @ 10/16/2008 at 10:13 am

    Constantly parading those wax coochie , butt , sagging boob and erect nipples for the world to see is class.? sleeping from one guy to another within this 3 . short year is class.? If that is the case, Paris Hilton is classier than your aging idol ! Paris Hilton was with a constant companion within this three years, Paris doesn’t parade her coochie and nipple for the public.

  • anon

    Angelina is just an all around cool person that is a non conformist. She marches to the beat of her own drummer and has always been like for that. She hasn’t changed at all. That’s why Brad fell for her and why she continues to get film offers.

  • No longer lurking

    Jared I love your site and all but exploitive much? I just want to know why everyone is acting like what she said is brand new. How many times has she been asked this question? Brad already told the world not too long ago that they would have more children. I also believe she said they couldn’t even start the process until the twins are six months old. If she has 7 or 10 kids so the hell what. When did it become a bad thing to have children especially when you have the time and resources to allow you to do so. Brad & Angie have said repeatedly that they want a LARGE family. I don’t think any of these kids are going to be neglected or starved for attention.

  • Love

    she is so stupid and so insane.
    she looks like michael jackson.

    why nobody forbid her to buy and use kids?

  • http://x x

    oh my god! did she botox her forehead??? something’s off

  • mslewis

    So, was that an interview done while they were in NY a few weeks ago or is Angelina in NY today??? She looks wonderful, so radiant and happy and I love that dress!!

    I don’t understand why some of you are freaking out about adoption. Both Angie and Brad have said they want more children. I would imagine they would want more children sooner rather than later so all the children can grow up together. I don’t see a problem. Big families are wonderful. I grew up with 8 brothers and 4 sisters. We had an amazing childhood and we had no money!!!

    There will be a very nice interview in the NYTimes this coming Sunday (or you can read it now on Huffington Post). Angelina says that the Salt movie will begin filming in February and that is the ONLY movie she has lined up in 2009, except for voice work in the sequel to Panda. She then said she will take ANOTHER year off. She said going back to work was VERY HARD because she and Brad had such a great time this past year being with the kids everyday, every meal and just being Mommy and Daddy. It’s a really good interview. I highly recommend reading it.

    I think there will eventually be a sequel to Wanted but I don’t think a time has been set. Angie said she will work “less and less” in the future.

    Anyway, thanks JJ for the interview. I’m never up early enough to watch the Today Show!!!

  • Passing Through

    Nice job by Matt Lauer. I would like to thank the Today Show producers for sparing us Ann Curry’s giggling.

  • fyi2

    yvonne @ 10/16/2008 at 10:13 am

    Please live in the present and accept reality. Move on, it it amost 2009. Stop this insane ranting.

    Brad has SIX kids with Angelina. Brad is happy with his family. He is a grown man who knows who he loves and who he wants in his life. He most clearly loves and respects Angelina, she is his choice.

    You have a real problem as you want to dictate what someone else does with their own lives. Neither Brad nor Angelina try to tell others how to live their lives, this is somethng you need to practice as well.

  • Shut up

    Look at the hater’s comments. Jealous much.Frickin trolls.
    Chinifer Maniston is totally classless. Fugly dog always needs to show her saggy body to get attention. No one cares about that fugly hag face bitach.


    (((JARED CHANGE THIS THREAD TITLE NOW PLEASE — PUT ANGELINA TALKS CHANGELING…OR WORKING WITH CLINT…OR ACTING….- anything but this damned simple non-news item, that’s only being used so the haters and others will misconstrue, think they are adopting a kid next week, and paint her as crazy. GEE Jared – thanks a million!!!)))))


    I’ll save my thanks for a ‘new thread’ — and leave you what I just posted THIS on the older thread, because someone posted the People Mag website link with this exact same title ‘Angelina Plans to Adopt Again’ — uh we KNOW…she and Brad have only been saying this over and over again for the last 4 years:

    This was for people mag, but sadly, and very disappointedly, it will suffice for JJ, since he just copied their same header…I guess the ol’ ploy of setting Angelina up as fresh meat for haters is prevailing….so we don’t get Changeling, and her discussion about the film with Matt…we get crazy haters wanting to beat her up because JJ and People are MISCONSTRUING old news, and crapping on a wonderful interview:

    # 1036 CLINIQUA @ 10/16/2008 at 9:53 am You know, f*ck People magazine (’Angelina Already Thinking of Another Adoption’)…the interview was about THE MOVIE, why for the love of God, do they ALWAYS have to scan through her entire interviews about her films and pick out the same sh*t..I’m f**king FED UP…they have told people for the past 4 years they want a lot of kids, and they said they will have them bio and adopt – angie has even specifically stated WHY she wanted to adopt and what parts of the world they may come from – she has said the same thing when asked for the past 4 years. STOP asking. More importantly, stop making that the focus, when you know it’s not news. they’re such idiots.


    I am done, I’m TIRED of peope sabatoging her, and trying to get HITS by roasting her alive, and encouraging haters to BEAT HER UP. I guess Jared is Ted now?? She has a great filom and a stellar performance that she’s talked about – why are they asking her things which they ALREADY know the answer too. It’s like they are lying in wait to comb through her interviews, pull out ambiguous, same old stuff and then – beat her up with it.

    JARED, you need to treat the fans better than this, and you need to treat Angelina better than this. Lauer ask her what she was HAMPERED by?? It’s this SH*T it’s like people are GAGGING her, and REFUSING to here anything ELSE but that which THEY CAN MISCONSTRUE and TWIST…while leaving her hard work, her beautiful performance, bound and gagged along with her in a corner.

    Thanks for doing THE HATERS job for them JARED!! I’ll be back when this title is changed.

    I suggest every fan here contact Jared – send emails or hit the report abuse button and tell him in the comments to CHANGE THIS F*CKING THREAD TITLE.

    You owe it to the fans who support you Jared, and you owe it to ANGELINA!! CHANGE THE TITLE JARED!!!


  • Nina

    She is RADIANT ! She really has the prettiest face and is a nice person too.
    She really seems perfect! …good for her, Brad, the kids and those who benefit from her generosity!

  • Peaches

    Sami @ 10/16/2008 at 10:05 am it’s cute and nice the first 3 times… but i think she should settle down a bit and take care of the kids she has now before even thinking of adopting again… the twins are just a few months old… they don’t need another sibling…


    The title to this post is misleading. If you take the time tgo liksten to the audio she never said anyhting about adopting soon. She did say you can’t even start the process until the twins are 6 months old. Even then she didn’t say they would start the process then. When she said she has somethign in mind she has always said they wanted a child where Zee could see herself in so it isn’t a far stretch to think the next adoption WHENEVER that maybe will be a child of african decent.

  • lalalove

    she’s such a beautiful person. Inside out!

  • Tilly

    Thank goodness it was Matt interviewing her instead of sickly sweet Ann Curry………
    Angelina has a beautiful glow about her.
    She looks so happy with her life now.
    Long may it continue!

  • it’s their kids

    They can have as many kids as they decide to have and can take care of. They appear to be great parents and people who just love kids and both have always said over and over they want a big family. Their kids are always well mannered even with the constant harrassment of paps and sometimes the public. They raise their kids themselves and do not go off for weeks at a time and let staff raise their kids like many do.

    Other people have big families and the critics do not climb out of their holes like they do to Brad and Angelina. Kevin Costner and his wife are about to have his 6th kid. Julio Iglasias has 6 kids. Clint Eastwood has 7 kids. Steven Spielberg has 7 kids.


  • mslewis

    Cliniqua, I know how you feel but this is what ALWAYS HAPPENS to Angelina’s interviews. It’s not going to change any time soon, honey, so just relax!! Go to the Huffington Post and read that interview. It’s amazing and insightful.

    I wish Jared would change this thead title but he won’t. At least I got to see the interview and see how amazing Angelina looks. She’s a very happy and content woman!! And, as someone else said, thank God it wasn’t that insipid Ann Curry doing the interview!!!

  • lol

    all the faniston psycho are on loss. The faniston are in great pain no wonder the rushed to first page with fake concern under different names. LOL

  • Peaches

    Passing Through @ 10/16/2008 at 10:27 am Nice job by Matt Lauer. I would like to thank the Today Show producers for sparing us Ann Curry’s giggling.

    I like Ann but he did a much better job than Ann. Matt seems to be a little taken with Angie.

  • http://yahoo Krissy219

    Great interview . Does anyone here knew what happened to Mega 6 at JJB. Did they create another Mega. Thanks in advance.

  • Original jpf

    After I saw Angelina on the TS, I got interested in reading more about the case etc, and here is a link with photos from the investation, and ones of the real Christine, her son, the fake son etc. I won’t say more about the case since I dont know how the movie preceeds, but I will say that the photo’s may be considered spoilers, and so just a fair warning.


  • non

    oh common. she should go in therapy for all her issues, not adopt another child.

  • anna

    She starts the next time her new film, she has 6 children, want adopting again…- when has she time to spend some minutes alone with her big love Brad Pitt? I ‘ll think she has him only for her ego,- psycho mother,
    He knows, that he can’t leave her anymore. Look all the last pics, he looks old and wrecked, he lost his laugh, what a pitty

  • sweets

    Looks like the tabloids are right, they said they was going adopt again last month. You all told me I was crazy. All I have to say they better have some help.

    I am glad to see her in white and not black. She looks good.

  • fresh

    gorgeous—–great interview

    haters be gone.

  • anustin

    the pycho must be ur idol maniston,she got dumped. by peeboy then him again.

  • Original jpf

    Forgot to say how much I loved when she said she didn’t like being without him (Brad). It was just sweet how she said it.


  • anna

    x @ 10/16/2008 at 10:26 am oh my god! did she botox her forehead??? something’s off

    I’m sure she did

  • Havana club

    “I don’t like being without him.” Awwww