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Gerard Butler's Power Lunch

Gerard Butler's Power Lunch

Gerard Butler lunches at the BLD restaurant in LA with some of his friends, and then drove to Beverly Hills for a business meeting on Wednesday.

The 300 star has been rumored to be dating model/actress Shanna Moakler, after they were spotted together at his new restaurant “Shin” in Hollywood.

However, pals of Shanna and Gerard have denied anything romantic is going on between them.

“They weren’t making out,” says the source. “If you look closely at the photos, they’re really just talking closely.”

“There’s nothing salacious about it,” the pal explained to OK!, adding, “Gerard‘s upset they’re being construed as anything else.”

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  • Jess

    He sure didn’t want Jennifer Aniston’s tire douche bag behind.

  • the incredible edward!

    He is GROSS!

  • stephanie

    Does he honestly think he’s too good for Jennifer Aniston? He’s not even cute.

    And he would be lucky to even get Shanna. HA

  • t.

    He is very sexy when he’s not wearing this god-awful mess if clothes.

  • ThaĆ­s

    I would like to see Gerard and Jennifer as couple…
    They’re sooooooooooooo hot…

    Wonderful couple!

  • Just me

    Jeez you guys, it isn’t a matter of who he wanted or didn’t want all he was doing was talking to Jennifer same with Shanna and Cameron. Why does everyone assume if he is talking to a female he is dating her or ‘hooking up’ cut the guy some slack. As far as you thinking that he feels he is too good for anyone, you don’t know the man at all.

  • uhh

    everytime i see him i think of russian mafiosos, as in a mob guy who’s come to break my legs or something. oh, and no that’s not in a good way…

  • Jo Ann

    Gerard baby don’t tease me this way.

  • Aimee

    i wonder what inspired him to finally shave

  • Holly

    He is sooooo freakin sexy….this man gets better with Age! Love love love him. Love Just Jared. Best gossip site around giving us all so much GB all the time. Love you!

  • Holly

    Gerard Butler looks great and sexy – despite such an awful outfit. However, the other guy in these pics looks like a troll and is in bad need of some shampoo and lice remover.

  • Anita

    Thanks JustJared for the pics of GB. He looks like he must have been working out or is going to work out later. Those are the same pants he was wearing when he was seen jogging recently.

  • crazy4Gerard

    I LOVE Gerry so much and I know that everyone is entitled to “dress down”, but I am SO not impressed with the way he is dressed in these photos…. Come on Gerry, I know you can look alot better…!!!

  • crazy4Gerard

    Oh, and a BIG thanks to JJ, for giving us so many great Gerry photos… Keep up the good work, my friend!!

  • Anon

    Gerard Butler is sexy to look at from a distance, but then he opens his mouth. I think he is really obnoxious and full of himself. I wonder why he has such a big problem with being linked to hot women? He is old and I don’t remember him ever dating anyone for any length of time. I don’t care what he tells people, he has to be over 40.

  • Crowwoman

    Dear Gerard

    Tell me why do I have a strong impression that Hollywood atmosfere killed all your braincells?

  • Crowwoman

    Dear Gerard

    Tell me why do I have a strong impression that Hollywood atmosphere killed all your braincells?

  • whatever

    He needs a stylist or his girlfriend should be the one picking out his outfits.

  • Tintangel

    I refuse to believe this man has a girlfriend.No woman would let her boyfriend out in public looking like a slob. And that jewellery? Yuck!

  • crazy 4 u

    I see the lowlife from imdb were here. I wonder what killed their braincells??

  • Ayeoh

    OMG! ‘Uhhh’(#7) You hit the nail on the head. He does look like someone that does the dirty work for the mafia.

    Dear CrowWoman,
    Gerry, probably, doesn’t read this board. You sound bitter. Rejected, possibly?

  • crazy 4 u

    I see the lowlife from imdb were here. I wonder what killed their brain cells??

  • justafan

    Hey Crazy 4 u…..bite me!

  • Covi

    I really don’t understand this man. Okay, okay, sexy, luscious, gorgeous… But one day he looks glittering in a Vogue article and the next he looks as if he was auditioning for ‘Karate Kid’ or ‘Chip&Chop: The Musical’ (those chipmunk cheeks!) . And he had a business meeting later… OMG :-(

  • nyob

    Not his best look here. Still sexy though.

  • Covi

    Those blue pants again… Okay, okay, sexy, luscious, gorgeous… That IS a man, but one day he glitters in a Vogue article, and the next looks like as if he was auditioning for ‘Karate Kid 9′ or ‘Chip&Chop: The Musical’ (those chipmunk cheeks!). And there was business meeting later… OMG!

  • Bailey

    Thanks JJ!

    He is gorgeous :]

  • Just me

    What a superficial lot you are. Clothes DO NOT make the man. Life is short people look in the mirror and when see that there is nothing wrong with YOU… AT ALL, then take your pot shots at a great guy.

  • Hollyg

    In response to Holly at #11, the “other guy” is Mr. Butler’s Manager and other half to his “Evil Twin Productions,” Alan Siegel.

  • crazy4Gerard

    In response to #28

    Superficial??…. NOT!!!… And yes, clothes do not make the man, but he choose the career and he knows that everywhere he goes, there may be a possiblilty that someone with a camera is hiding behind every corner, waiting to take his picture…. you’d think that he would try a little harder to look good.
    While I agree that you don’t have to look like you stepped out of GQ, or Men’s Vogue every second of the day, don’t complain when someone doesn’t like what you have on, because when you are famous, you are ALWAYS being watched and if you want to look like a “slob” then maybe one should choose a new career.

  • Kimmy

    Yup~ that outfit is a train wreck and he is still the sexiest man alive.

  • Just me

    C4G…Isn’t it a bit unfair to anyone to have to be “on” all the time? This is his time off. He ALWAYS makes sure he looks good when he is on the clock. The thing is, I don’t think he cares what others think about the way he looks when he isn’t working or needs to be put together 100% He just wants to do his job and be done with it.

    He is far from looking like a slob here. I guess this is one of those instances where beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Frankly clothes are the last thing I notice especially when it comes to Gerry. The first thing I notice is if he looks happy, does that smile reach his eyes? Yeah he might look like a bit of a goober in some of his clothing choices, but you can’t deny that he is one sexy mismatched guy.
    Come on you know you can’t. Do you really want him to start a new career?

  • Noway

    Tintangel @ 10/16/2008 at 11:28 am

    “I refuse to believe this man has a girlfriend.No woman would let her boyfriend out in public looking like a slob. And that jewellery? Yuck!”


  • shygirl

    Tintangel and # 33 – Gerry’s jewelry is his personal choice and nothing wrong with that.
    Maybe the necklace was a special gift or could be something spiritual and so he loves to wear it. Same thing with his bracelets, I love the silver bracelets and curious to know where he got them.

  • postwatcher

    His outfit is fine. Jeesh what is wrong with a guy wearing track pants and a t-shirt. It is cool that his jacket doesn’t match.

    What I don’t understand is the Leonidas like necklace. What the f is that about????

  • Tintangel

    Ihave no problem with him wearing one or two bracelets,but this is overkill.As for the necklace, gift or not, it’s tacky.

  • Mr. d

    It’s my favorite bloated celebrity who looks like he hasn’t stepped foot on a treadmill for as long as Vince Vaughn. This guy is unattractive and couldn’t hold a candle to Jude Law, Mathew M., Brad Pitt, and George Clooney in the looks department. If he’s considered “sexy,” I ought to become a male model.

  • emjay

    Man I love talking about this guy. It’s just too easy. First what’s with the contract with JJ. Just saying.- this is the only blog he appears on- for good reason. He’s hot normally…that’s why I look. Ok. he is getting older and it shows. It works for me as long as I can look and I don’t need to see/hear him say a word because I dont think he is much of an actor. But, my God hanging out in public in Hollywood looking like a schlub like that. It’s really the pants…combined with the jewelry. LOL. I do like that necklace though… But seriously, bigger thighs and pants like that when not in the gym don’t work. He needs to get conscious of these little things because these photos end up in blog world – isn’t that why Depp, Clooney and Pitt look good 24-7…they know their image, even in private ,is what sells them. He needs to stop being one of those LA Brits. The horror.

  • Tracy

    #24, Having a business meeting, when you have a production company and are possibly looking for new directors for your movie, pretty much, gives you the right to wear whatever you want to. Besides he probably is going to the gym at some point, during the day, and why would he wait to get there to change, especially, if he has strange men checking him out (from a previous interview). #11, The guy with him may be Alan speigel, his partner in the production company, I have seen them together at other times as well. Have you ever heard of the “wet look” for hair, that was just a very rude comment to make about someone you don’t even know. Get some manners already! #19, If I were dating him, I would have no problem at all with the way he is dressed, and he doesn’t look like a slob. #28, I couldn’t have said it better!! #30, did it ever occur to you, that even though he is in the public eye, he doesn’t give a $%^&&*^ what the paps think about the way he looks. Why should he be “going the extra mile” to look good, this wasn’t a “red carpet affair”. He was just eating with friends, while going about his private life. Some people are so superficial!!!!!

  • Just me


  • Sandy

    I think it is refreshing that a STAR like Gerry can be himself off camera and let’s the world see the MAN and not the actor. He’s the first actor I’ve ever known that had enough self confidence to be REAL outside of the confines of his home. I think it is absolutely WONDERFUL. As for his choice of clothes, I suggest those criticizing take another look at the labels. Everything he is wearing is name brand, and guess what, he is only out for the day, quite possibly to the gym. Anyone not jealous of this man has to admit he is GORGEOUS, in ANYTHING. I can see the men responding are TOTALLY JEALOUS. All men are like that with TOTALLY CHARISMATIC men, because they know they can never stand a candle light to them, and it comes out in criticism.
    The problem is that they don’t realize that everyone knows it is just jealously. They think they can effect someone else’s opinion of the man they are critical of, when all people do is realize their problem and laugh at them. As for the jewelry, Scots wear different jewelry than Americans. It is very stylish in Europe, again we face ignorance of worldly fashion. If you see pics of any European male stars dressed casually you will see the “jewellery” as it is called in Britain.
    The man looks magnificient, is dressed appropriately and should not be criticized anyway. It’s no one’s business the way the man dresses on his time off. His friends appreciate him for who he is and the kind spirited person hs is. People who don’t know him should just do the world a favor and keep their mouths shut. How would you guys like it if he made fun of you. In the South we were always told that if you didn’t have something kind to say about someone, say nothing at all. I guess manors has gone out of style worse than clothing styles.

  • Anonymouse

    Tracy, have you ever heard the phrase ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’ or know what a hypocrite is? So it is okay for you to be rude and call people superficial and tell people to get manners, but not okay for someone to offer an opinion about some pictures on a gossip blog unless the opinion is in line with yours.

  • Noway

    I think when you dress like a slob when you are having a meeting, it shows disrespect for the other people. He doesn’t have to be in a suit, but you can see his manager at least has a sports jacket on. Gerry could have at least worn his usual jeans and leather jacket or jeans and a sports jacket. He needs to lose the cheesy jewelry already.


    I hate to say this but if there is any truth to him dating that air head, I will lose ALL respect for him!

  • justafan

    Business is business in Hollywood, DC or NY. You should dress professionally no matter what….workout gear? Not professional no mater what. BUT>>>how do we even know that is where he was going? Did HE say that? Who told JJ he was going to a business meeting?

  • m


    No men in Europe and especially not Scoland really go all out with jewellery like this I’m afraid. Yes some like their bling but If its what floats his boat then that is up to him and what makes Gerry Gerry

  • Gerry Phan

    Yeah Gerrry doesn’t look like he cares a rats a** about his clothing. The jewlrey is a bit much!! But at least he looks like he has had a bath or shower in the past 24 hours. Perhap befor the other meeting he went home to change. A lot of manley men could care less what he wears. Would I like to be Gerry’s wardrobe consultant and valet any day. I could make him hotter than ever.
    If that is Alan Seigl I am so concerned about evil twins. He looks like he is Greasy slimy and been on a 5 day bender of some sort. Look at his eyes…red nose etc.

  • Gerry Phan

    Yeah not the best I’ve seen Gerry Dress but if he was with super close friends who gives a rats a**. Jewlrey over the top but I have heard that the bracelets each have a significance. Some guys could just care less what they wear. If he dosen’t why should we. Now would I love to be his wardrobe consultant or valet OH YEAH. Make him look hotter than ever. Now if that is Alan Seigl he looks like a sleasy bas**** who has been on a bender for the last 5 days. the red eyes etc. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. At least Gerry looks clean and might smell good. Any body ever think he might be going to work out then home to change for his other meeting?

  • Swansong

    Gerry, honey…. remember to take off your sunglasses BEFORE hitting the shower!

  • Lily

    Gerry looks great…so he’s wearing track pants and a jacket…He’s not on the red carpet and is going about having lunch etc…Some that have to rip everything that he ever wears…I wonder….How do they dress when they are going about town and want to be comfortable? As for the jewerly….more power to him…SO he loves bracelets etc…good for him…Let him have his space..Let him be who he is…How would anyone else like to be judged by the clothes they wear etc…Alittle bit of empathy can go a long way..More power to you Gerry!!! You’re gorgeous inside and out!! oxox