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Jennifer Aniston: Happy Birthday, John Mayer!

Jennifer Aniston: Happy Birthday, John Mayer!

John Mayer turns 31 today and last night, he celebrated at the Beverly Hills cigar bar Grand Havana Room with back-on girlfriend Jennifer Aniston by his side.

According to Us Weekly, Mayer affectionately stroked Aniston‘s hair while talking on a private outdoor patio.

Jen, 39, and John, 31, started dating in April, but split in August. A source says the two reunited because Aniston “can’t deny their major chemistry, similarities and ability to laugh at things.”


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126 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: Happy Birthday, John Mayer!”

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  1. 26
    tobey Says:

    These two are soooo transparent. OMG, they do deserve each other. What a loser Jen is to go back to that!

  2. 27
    Eric Says:

    Aniston is soo hot, if this story is true, john you are so lucky. I would give up my left arm for her.

  3. 28
    Maggie Says:

    People, they have fun together, so what’s the problem? There’s nothing wrong with hanging out with someone you find funny and attractive. Geez, not every relationship has to be entered into with the express purpose of eventually committing your life to the other person. But maybe they’ll want that. What’s it to you? A lot of you seem to be losers who hate this woman because in your eyes she’s not pretty enough, or maternally inclined enough, or she’s desperate, or she was mean to Brad, or because she’s doing her thing and not the thing you think she should do. Good lord, move on.

  4. 29
    sayitaintso Says:

    Is Maniston so insecure that she needs to run back to loser John for more attention and headlines. Way to go Jen. Mission accomplished. Except now your even more a loser then John boy. I cannot believe you are that desperate. I have lost all respect for you and think you are going down fast. But maybe that is what you want. The public to once again feel sorry for you. So sad.

  5. 30
    whatever Says:

    Whatever. John and Maniston together again. How predictable. Boy, John must be desperate or he is in on the joke that is Jen. Hes a smart one that John. Jen is the anytime anywhere girl you do not bring home to mom.

  6. 31
    Carrie Says:

    Jennifer Aniston is a loser and John Mayer is a fu*king douche bag. These two media hungry desperate attention seeking whores deserve each other. I can’t wait until he dumps her desperate man hungry ass again and dishes their entire relationship to TMZ.

  7. 32
    Axxul Says:

    she must be really desperate and lonely…..she’s finally lost the little self dignity she had left after Brad left her

  8. 33
    sowhat Says:

    MEMEME – # 31
    They never broke up

    I think your right about them not breaking up. It was all a sham just like Jen is. Jen is such a fake and a phony. No matter what she does it’s all about the spotlight. SO she has a bad movie coming out and now it’s time again to out the romance. Please. Jen just screams out – I’m a pathetic loser – look at meeeee!!!! Run John Run.

  9. 34
    sowhat Says:

    Jennifer Aniston trying to pull one over on the paps and public by NOT REALLY breaking up with John. Do you really think she is that smart. John is but Jen? And why would anyone ever believe anything she has to say. She reminds me of the desparate girl in high scholl that would do anything to be popular.
    What a loser!

  10. 35
    Ter Says:

    Douche bag played this mentally retarded fool and got his name back in the media. Thank you dumbass Jen. She is a pathetic desperate loser.

  11. 36
    Eric Says:

    Jen is such a loser. The man dumped her in front of the camera. Still the desperate old lounge lizzard still come crawling back.

  12. 37
    CelebrityFanChat Rap Says:

    Happy Birthday John Mayer

  13. 38
    mame Says:

    Jen has a movie coming out. She needs press. John LOVES press. What the heck. Lets get together and create a freak show again. Oh and dosent brad have a movie coming out, too. Or maybe it was a magazine cover. Jen wants a magazine cover – call John quick!!!
    Jen is such a pathetic loser. It cracks me up.
    I guess we will see har again when the next BAD movie comes out.

  14. 39
    Tony Says:

    It’s so funny to see the PR team on here trying to drum up fans into believe this is a good thing. The PR team don’t want John to see what a big mistake this is for him. Every one hate him more than every since he hooked up with Jen. Now they hate him even more. Mayer was screwed big time.

  15. 40



  16. 41
    ELLLLES Says:

    Does this mean she is happy being Johns sugar mummy again and pay for him?
    she did after all that moths would fly out of he wallet when he opened it!

    He said they had different chemistry as well, I suppose their love and desperate need for publicity wins over any need for chemistry between them.

  17. 42
    Cindy Says:

    MELINA and Mememe

    If they never broke up. That makes Jen even more stupid. To sit there and let John ramble in front of the media saying he dumped her-made her look like a desperate stupid *****. So what you are saying makes Jen look retarded. When he put on that desperate “I didn’t cheat on Jen, I dumped her.” If it was staged I think Jen is more pathetic than I thought. That makes Jen Jessica Simpson dumb for sure. What about when he was out with the waitress after his concert.
    You sound like her desperate media team trying to turn this pathetic mess around.

  18. 43
    nic b. Says:

    Desperate Manniston……..nobody else but sleazer John Mayer can take your crap. You are a controlling, boring, narcisstic cougar and John, for the right price, can fulfill your needs. After all he missed the cameras, your credit cards, your vacations, your buying his meals. You know John is cheap he knows how to save a buck and he really needs a mother figure in his life.

  19. 44
    emo Says:

    Jennifer Aniston will never learn. She just wants a man. Any man will do. So she does the same pathetic thing over and over again. She is her own worst enemy. NOT the men in her life. They all go running for the hills as they should. John is just playing the game. He knows exactly what hes doing. You know I think Jen does, too. Jen wants headlines!!!

  20. 45
    Jas Says:


    here is a video to remind you all how john mayer loves jennifer aniston

  21. 46
    TXsweetie Says:

    I think this just seems too “timely” as one of her movies is coming out and John is not releasing a new album. I think he realized how he received negative press and lost fans from his “womanizing” ways.

    He lost a fan – me. Anyway, with this economy, who can afford to go see her horrible movies or buy any of his music…it all sounds the same and her movies are blah. I’d rather save what little money I have for something worthwhile.

  22. 47
    Shari Says:

    MEMEME – # 31

    If they never broke up. Jen was stupid for letting John make her the loser in them scam. What you are saying makes Jen look like she has esteem issues. A lady will not allow a man to make her look bad in public like that. A stunt like that certainly makes John out to be a serious creep to put his lady in that position. If they faked the break up both are real douche bags and the scam is backfiring on both.
    The more you say that MEMEME the more both look very bad.

  23. 48
    tessla Says:

    Boring……Maniston is past news I think she’s trying to drum up business by hooking up with John Mayer doubt it will work he’s boring too. Boring and ugly.

  24. 49
    Mary Says:

    Thank you Jas for that clip. I am still amazed at Jen ignorance and desperation. She can forget a big turn out for her movie. I don’t care if they got married both are toast. It would have been better if they both went their separate ways.

  25. 50
    andamentothat Says:


    You should have waited a little, just this week we have two new men in the dating scene – Guy ritchie and David Duchovny.. Now Guy, would be a prized catch.

    good luck with Mayer and the dog movie and all the tabloid covers. no really..

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