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Jennifer Aniston: Happy Birthday, John Mayer!

Jennifer Aniston: Happy Birthday, John Mayer!

John Mayer turns 31 today and last night, he celebrated at the Beverly Hills cigar bar Grand Havana Room with back-on girlfriend Jennifer Aniston by his side.

According to Us Weekly, Mayer affectionately stroked Aniston‘s hair while talking on a private outdoor patio.

Jen, 39, and John, 31, started dating in April, but split in August. A source says the two reunited because Aniston “can’t deny their major chemistry, similarities and ability to laugh at things.”


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126 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: Happy Birthday, John Mayer!”

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  1. 76
    Jill Says:

    JR = nobody’s sweetheart @ 10/16/2008 at 6:40 pm
    Does Angie have a movie coming out, photoshoot or is she on The Today Show?

    Yes to all three. Changeling is being released in two weeks. The photoshoot in W is officially on the newsstands on Oct. 21, but some newsstands in NYC have it now. I picked up a copy on my lunch hour today. And she was on The Today Show this morning and you can see a video of the complete interview on Jared’s Angelina thread.

  2. 77
    uummm Says:

    Jennifer Aniston is just an aging desperate cougar in heat whose hungry for the spotlight.

    Mayer is just a young gigolo who craves for attention at any costs, meaning fullfilling the desperate embarrassing stunts of a desperate pathetic ex wife humiliated by her own paid gigolo not very long ago.

  3. 78
    Aniston's_Colossal_Chin Says:

    Doesn’t anyone remember John Mayer on TMZ trying to get the right cream for ‘jock irritation?’

    This guy is a walking poster boy for STD’s.
    He just wants the freebies found in Jen’s pants and wallet.

  4. 79
    Jenjenjen? Says:

    A note to Jenn – ( because we all know she will be reading)

    Being all desperate and pathetic does not look good on you. Be a real woman. You do not need to be all whiny and clingy. You are 40 yrs old. They say 40 is the new 30, but you tired and have baked. Move on in your life and lay low. Your not Rachel anymore. Embrace something other then shopping and tanning. Others do it. Why not you?

  5. 80
    reality is this Says:

    cici @ 10/16/2008 at 6:26 pm

    Enumerate exactly what Brad did to her?

    2 people DIVORCED IN 2005.

    2 DIVORCED people moved on with their lives and DATED others IN 2005.







  6. 81
    African Girl Says:

    MELINA @ 10/16/2008 at 4:57 pm Mememe @ 10/16/2008 at 4:43 pm

    HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY NEVER BROKE UP TO BEGIN WITH. IT WAS ALL SO THEY PAPS AND THE MEDIA COULD LEAVE THEM ALONE.


    I agree I don’t think they really broke up either, Jennifer never confrimed it. I think they did it to fool the media so they can have privacy, remeber they were going out 6 months before the media found out and it was madness. OMG they have been going out close to 1 year now. Good for them

    Rotflmao! You JA fans crack me up!!

    The guy stood in the middle of the freaking street and told anyone who cared to listen that HE BROKE OFF A RELATIONSHIP THAT WASN’T GOING ANYWHERE and you still think they didn’t break up?

    What is this. . . .another round of Ross and Rachel We were on Break???!!


  7. 82
    heyjay Says:

    I also wonder why John. He does not seem to be the trustworthy type. But I think Jennifer likes the commotion that comes with the crazy John train. She needs the exposure and he loves the paps. If she wanted a down to earth type she would have one by now. oops! She already let one slip away!

  8. 83
    wake up to the truth Says:


    Brad woke up and got out of the hel* out of a miserable marriage he was in for too long with a woman who did not love him, a woman who did not want his children, a woman who did not respect anything about him.

    This whiny loser does not want human children, and anyone who still clings to her lies about wanting human children is nothing but a dam* fool. No one is in a relationship of 6+ years with a partner who desperately wants children and tells everyone that all the time, who has the means to have a child whether by birth or adoption, and does not have any children does not want children. Period.

    Also a single woman (like Sheryl Crow and Meg Ryan) can also give birth or adopt and this woman has not one human child, she prefers canine kids instead.

    Just the simple truth. She is a liar and that is easy to see. Open your eyes.

    By the way the Jolie-Pitts have the cutest little English bulldog puppy, his pix is in W with Angelina. You can have both human and canine kids, really.

  9. 84
    meangirls Says:

    why no pics so far? these 2 media ***** will do anything to keep themself in the news . I guess is just planted stories from both camp.

  10. 85
    crazyjenfans Says:


    Oh please, I’m gonna puke about these “jen is so sweet, grace , and class” blah. like a broken record repeated by her crazy lunatic fans. just like they said she’s beautiful, if she’s pretty then SJP is pretty too,

    You don’t called an almost 40 y.o woman a girl anymore, that’s middle age or Hag or old cougar running after younger prey. You don’t called a woman graceful and class, when she regularly display her aging coohie, butt, erect nipples for the public to see.,and a woman can’t be classy if she ‘s totally sleeping around or jumping from one guy to another within this 3 years, or recalling back her douche bag bf after being publicly, officially dump, that’s not grace or sweet, that’s spineless, clinging, needy, desperate and dumb.

    Well, I think even she pull a pantyless stunt like Brit. her loonie fans will still clapped and called her classy.

  11. 86
    India Says:

    sue @ 10/16/2008 at 6:38 pm # 53 elaine
    she is who she is

    I agree what Elaine. This is who Jen is. She shops, she goes on alot of vacations, she shops and tans, she hangs out at concerts, she makes a bad movie and gets paid alot of money to shop. This is her life which makes it perfect with John because he does the same thing. They are not into causes that need serious commitment other then Jens face. So let her live her shallow life. She is who she is and that is why she is not with Brad anymore.

    That’s the best description of Jen and John I have seen. She makes bad movies that people pay her too much money for. I got a feeling that’s about to change. Same thing with John. That’s why the two phonies are pulling this stunt to up their value. Sadly they have blown it.

  12. 87
    ridiculous Says:

    this chick seems to time all her public stunts with every media event that angie has.

    Is anyone picking up on that yet?

  13. 88
    say Says:

    OOOOOOOhhhhhhh, they are so cute together. Would love for him to stroke my hair. He’s yummy.

  14. 89
    breana Says:

    To Sue # 53
    she is who she is

    You are right on. I think Jenn’s life is what she wants it to be. She is paid a fortune in her bad movies and her thing is shopping and tanning. She is into herself and is very high maintainance and able to afford it. If she really wanted kids she could easily afford to adopt. She does not want kids, it is very obvious. I don’t think she would be a very good mom anyway. A child is not a possession. So she has found someone who is just like her, into themselves. When Jenn and Brad split it was because of their different goals in life. Nothing more nothing less. It’s good Brad found Angelina so he can be happy and Jenn has found John.

  15. 90
    lurking Says:

    meangirls @ 10/16/2008 at 8:39 pm

    why no pics so far? these 2 media ***** will do anything to keep themself in the news . I guess is just planted stories from both camp.
    I wonder the same thing. You would think the paps would hunt these two down and take a picture to confirm that they’re back together. My guess is they’re planning a vacation where else, Mexico for a make up session!!! You’ll wait and see!!!!!!

  16. 91
    Sickitten Says:

    I used to hate Jennifer but now I pity the poor girl. Where the hell is John Stamos? Jen & John would be perfect together! I’m praying to the Greek Gods for them to hook up & then have a perfect, plate-throwing Greek wedding!

  17. 92
    Jill Says:

    cici @ 10/16/2008 at 6:26 pm
    everytime Brad and and Angie have another baby or a movie interview is like a slap in the face for Jennifer.

    So what do you expect them to do? Stop having babies or doing movie interviews? Tell Aniston to get her own life and stop coat-tailing the Jolie-Pitts. They don’t even know she exists any more.

  18. 93
    lylian Says:

    If they are together again, then that’s good.

    BUT, as some wiser heads have stated, if they are together, where are the photos. Need to see photos or else, I think its just A S weakly planting lies.

  19. 94
    Oh damn Says:

    She is such a sucker in more ways then one.

  20. 95
    murky Says:

    Brad is a dumb mannequin controlled by the women in his life without a single brain cell of his own. I’m glad that one day he will be able to take Shiloh and the twins and hopefully build his own family away from Jolie’s craziness, amorality, and cheating ( yeah, she cheats on him, just Google Image search Wyclef Jean and Angelina Jolie and check her out at his concert, gyrating her hips with the look of pure **** in her eyes. )

    Does this mean I’m a Jennifer fan? No. She is just as desperate and empty as people say. Why do you have to pick a side? It’s like in politics — why do you have to like Obama or hate McCain, or vice versa, can’t you see that almost everyone in the media or politics is EVIL? Get a grip and learn to appreciate yourselves. Not these freaks.

  21. 96
    Carrie Says:

    Love Jennifer Aniston….they are two very talented people and look beautiful together!

  22. 97
    Oh my Says:

    Gossip: Callous John Mayer dumped Jennifer Aniston by text
    John Mayer sure knows how to treat a girl.

    We can reveal the cad singer dumped poor Jennifer Aniston by text.

    A friend told us: “She is so intent on getting married and having children, he felt hemmed in.

    After a 20-minute phone conversation, he just said, ‘I can’t take it any more,’ and hung up. Then he texted, “That’s it – the end.”

    Nice guy.

    Source: The Mirror

  23. 98
    Oh my Says:

    Saturday, August 16, 2008
    Paparazzi Photos: Leaving Nobu in NYC – 8/15
    John Mayer and his brother, Carl Mayer, were spotted out to dinner at Nobu restaurant in New York City. While outside for a cigarette break, John’s brother, Carl, laughed and joked around with the waiting paparazzi. When a paparazzi asked him, “Who’s John’s next girlfriend?” he jokingly replied, “I don’t know, he has so many!” and also said he would “Probably find his next girlfriend on CraigsList”.

  24. 99
    Truth is Says:

    She is so desperate and shallow. John treated Jen like a show dog.
    Jen fans are just like Jen. They try to cheer Jen on in this pathetic cr@p. Jen has no dignity left-Her fans even less as they try to pull comments out of their **** to cheer her on.

  25. 100
    jensawhore Says:

    Yes cici you are about as stupid as your idol jen. You both are a disgrace to women. She is really pathetic and desparated. She is a joke to everyone. John is too good for her-I think he should run and run fast! It won’t be long and he’ll dump her AGAIN, and she will once again be the victim. Poor, pitiful jenho

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