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Justin Gaston Models Christian Audigier

Justin Gaston Models Christian Audigier

Miley Cyrus licks her lips as she cheers on model beau Justin Gaston walking the runway at Christian Audigier‘s American Lord fashion show on Wednesday in Culver City, Calif.

Joining Miley during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios was momager Tish and big sis Brandi, both of whom hollered for their boy Justin.

When 20-year-old Justin was asked by E! if he’s dating 15-year-old Miley, he said, “We’re friends. We’re good friends [though] you never know what’s going to happen. I take it one day at a time.” Watch the video below!

Miley Cyrus Cheers On Justin Gaston

20+ pictures inside of Justin Gaston modeling for Christian Audigier…

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justin gaston christian audigier 01
justin gaston christian audigier 02
justin gaston christian audigier 03
justin gaston christian audigier 04
justin gaston christian audigier 05
justin gaston christian audigier 06
justin gaston christian audigier 07
justin gaston christian audigier 08
justin gaston christian audigier 09
justin gaston christian audigier 10
justin gaston christian audigier 11
justin gaston christian audigier 12
justin gaston christian audigier 13
justin gaston christian audigier 14
justin gaston christian audigier 15
justin gaston christian audigier 16
justin gaston christian audigier 17
justin gaston christian audigier 18
justin gaston christian audigier 19
justin gaston christian audigier 20
justin gaston christian audigier 21
justin gaston christian audigier 22
justin gaston christian audigier 23

Photos: Michael Buckner/Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for IMG
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  • andie

    disgusting …she’s 15!

  • Diana

    he’s hot.

  • DesireĆ©

    F**K she’s DISGUSTING!!!!!

  • jo

    Haha. Lucky girl.

    She was just sitting there (WITH MOM) enjoying the show, having a good time.
    She was making the silliest faces, it was cute.

    People are making WAY TOO big of a deal over this.
    A 15 year old guy can be a heck of a lot worse than a 20 year old. He seems nice. What’s the problem? Her parents are ALWAYS with her.

  • d

    Haha, I think she’s funny and cute.
    If you dont like her, then just ignore her? People are so ridiculous.

  • lol

    miley, keep your tongue in your mouth, please
    disgusting eww

  • http://justjared ninadalna

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww she is so yucky =P she is trying to replace nick Jonas with him =P

  • kate

    She looks so pretty, and it was funny-she couldnt help but laugh! She looked slightly embaressed, it was pretty cute.

  • Michelle

    He’s pretty hot and who cares that he’s 20. She can date whoever she wants

  • kate

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww she is so yucky =P she is trying to replace nick Jonas with him =P


    He was “replaced” ages ago. Plus this guy is WAY hotter. Props to her.

  • mileyandjonaslover!

    i love miley!!!!!!!!!!!! but i wish she was still going out with nick……… but i still love her!

  • jo

    Ok now she cant even be silly and stick her tongue out without getting insulted?

  • noe

    She’s so ugly… and not talented at all. Boring face, so fake. And that guy is jsut one of those random WANNABE singers like that RYAN what’s his last name? ashlee’s ex ex.

    anyways…miley sucks.


    the pics with brandi and her mom is soooooo funny lolololol

  • Ashley

    Your jealousy is pathetic girls. Miley fabulous and you know it ;)

  • Julien

    Funny pictures…isn’t she like 16 now anyway???

  • Jast jon

    um, isn’t that illegal in 48 states?

    I guess he has to wait until she turns 18.

    he better keep it in his pants until then.

  • Suhzie

    WTF is with than tongue!?!? Is she trying to turn him on?
    Stop it girl, you’re 15(!) for God’s Sake!!!
    Attention wh0re meets Attention wh0re, I guess!

    On another note, I never thought he could actually speak *shocked*

  • blairwaldorf

    can miley NOT chew gum like a cow
    she’s so immature
    & giggling over justin
    he didn’t even know they were there
    haha that was too funny
    lovee justin
    he’s HOT
    & i lovee christian audigier

  • Julian

    Oh wow! He walks for Christian Audigier. He is now a supermodel ;)
    joking apart he is a loser and Miley is a slut.

    and of course Christian Audigier is the worst designer all time.
    you must be very tasteless when you wear this ugly shit

  • girl

    He’s gross, she’s gross. Perfect couple.

  • Ha!

    I don’t find her cute. I think she’s pretty obnoxious. The licking of the lips I could have done without seeing. What a trashy family.

  • MolLIE

    if she wasn’t famous no one would care she is just a normal girl who happens to be in the public eye ……

  • Sara

    I think that she does good at what she does however I don’t think that she should date him (if they are dating) because it doesn’t look good when a 15 year old is with a 20 year old, even though that there probably are some people that are dating that are at that age. I think she suited Nick Jonas more because they both were different from each other in a way, she was all crazy, while he was the calm and shy one. Like they were the opposite of each other and as they say opposites attract, dispite the fact that it ended which I thought was bad because now there are rumors going on that he is with Selena and she is like him calm and quiet so why does he want to be with someone that is similar to him? that would be boring in the long run? :/

  • jen

    isnt she always making faces with her tongue . Why are people even making a big deal? Its not like shes gonna read the hate comments and be like bye justin come back when im 18 if theyre even dating. I dont think they expected people to make such a big deal when they first went out, i mean would anyone have even noticed justin in this show if she wasnt there

  • candy

    Bhabhabaha.What a loser.And that guy pretending to be a model?

  • AishaLovesJustJared

    Awful parenting. Absolutely disgusting!

  • zv

    love miley but she just looks trashy in this vid!!

    and can’t she and her family chew properly it was disgusting to watch so unmannered!!!!
    plus he is far tooo old for her bad message to be sending ouot to her fans!!

    still love her work though!!!!!!

  • amyy

    shes so pretty and shes really lucky,
    she looks so cute making the little faces :)
    bless :D

  • .

    i used to love miley but now shes like trashy does he not realize hes 20????? i hate her now hes trashing her image oh well her career’s over anyway

  • http://justjared danielle

    i think miley is really pretty and her and justin look really
    cute together. there is only a 5 year age gap however hayden and
    milo have a 12 year age gap.
    just get off her back

    it looks so funny

  • Ha!

    What? Another Hollywood mom that tries to be her daughter’s best friend rather than her parent? Shocking. They even chomp their gum in the same trashy way. Gross.

  • Ha!

    What? Another Hollywood mom that tries to be her daughter’s best friend rather than her parent? Shocking. They even chomp their gum in the same trashy way. Gross.

  • yasmeen

    i love miley i think she rocks,i love niley but justion is hot he hotter then nick props to miley getting a hotter boyfriend
    nick hot to so ya and justion seem really really nice so cuite couple

  • ………

    She’s a wh*re and her parents have NO common sense……they are all completely trashy, tasteless, and dumb. =)

  • Mary

    ewwwwwww!!!!!! shes disgusting!!!!! uuggggggggggh i cant even stand to look at her!! shes like 15 right??

  • boogie

    ugh! now she is doing the disgusting tongue thing.

    big old turn off and not attractive at all

  • boogie

    take a look at the row of non-attractive bimbos in photo #7

  • qwerty

    yah, uh huh… i saw that HEUGE smile on his face when he walked by her, i dont believe NUTHIN he says!

  • ambienannie

    her mom has METHFACE, trailer trash

  • Angie

    I swaer I want to shoot the next person who makes a comment about FAGGOT Jonas! Get over it! Nick Jonas is FUGLY FUGLY FUGLY along with his DOME HEAD Girlfiriend! GET A LIFE JONAS FANS SHE IS OVER NICK!


    Justin is so hot!
    Miley go!

  • kirsten

    If all of you people hate her so much then why are you spending your time looking at pictures of her and commenting them
    you do realize that thats just giving her more publisity.

    Shes Gorgeous,everyones just jealous.she can do whatever she wants.

  • jkjgjfdk

    She looks slUtty in the vid, no surprise there

  • Rochel

    Dont any of you guys read other articles beside this one? Please people if you did you would all know that Miley is not dating him. Miley dad told US Magazine that Miley is not dating him that they are friends and he is good friends with his family. Please do you really think that Miley mom and dad would let her date a 20yr old. Especially after the Vanity Pictures. Dont you think that if Miley was dating a man way older then her would hurt her role model image with the tweens. I think people should give them a break and give them credit that they are not that dumb that their not going to let Miey date an older man to ruin her image. I think they are not saying anything much on the subject cause her real fans know the truth plus i think their having fun with you negative people and laughing at your dumb comments

  • jennifer

    he is soooooooo hot! i love his accent too!

  • mina

    She’s a disgusting S-L-U-T!!!!

  • nothanks


  • jessica


  • .

    danielle the difference is that miley is a minor!!!!!!!!!!