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Katie Holmes Filled With Jumpsuit Joy

Katie Holmes Filled With Jumpsuit Joy

Katie Holmes wears her own design at the after-party celebrating the opening night of her Broadway play, All My Sons, on Thursday night at New York City’s E-Space. The 29-year-old actress wore a unique strapless jumpsuit over her lace top.

Entertainment Weekly have All My Sons a B-. Read the review at USA Today gives it 2.5 stars out of 4, calling Katie’s debut a little off-key.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Katie’s after-party look — HOT or NOT?

20+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and her fancy jumpsuit…

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katie holmes jumpsuit 01
katie holmes jumpsuit 02
katie holmes jumpsuit 03
katie holmes jumpsuit 04
katie holmes jumpsuit 05
katie holmes jumpsuit 06
katie holmes jumpsuit 07
katie holmes jumpsuit 08
katie holmes jumpsuit 09
katie holmes jumpsuit 10
katie holmes jumpsuit 11
katie holmes jumpsuit 12
katie holmes jumpsuit 13
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katie holmes jumpsuit 19
katie holmes jumpsuit 20

Photos: Joseph Marzullo/WENN
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  • amanda

    that is fugly

  • hm.. not her best look;

  • j

    wow. what’s happened to her? she used to be so hot.

  • fashion don’t

    it’s a miss
    she really has zero sense of style

  • stella

    Holy crap! She looks ridiculous! Did she make that in her Home Ec class 12 years ago?

    Well, the official reviews for Katie’s performance are in and guess what folks? She doesn’t embarrass herself! Yep, she’s that good. Talk about damning with faint praise. I guess it’s similar to the low expectations Sarah Palin had prior to her debate. As long as Holmes didn’t vomit on stage or run away screaming it’s all good.

  • huh

    Old lady in an ill-fitting outfit.

    looks awful!

  • Gunn Fan

    Damn, that’s fugly.

  • boogie

    omg! Hideous and the color and desigh is so out of wrack.

    Plus, she really looks like she is shrinking!

    Poor Katie…..what is happening to her?

  • pr person


    whew…. needed a good laugh…….. that thing she is calling a jumpsuit is uber shitious!!!! … Hair, makeup…..hee hee…. The entire “look” is completely wrong on so many levels …. oh my goodness… did she not have a mirror when she walked out the door?

  • jadedgal

    she looks old and sickly. she’s fading away into nothingness…

  • roflmao!

    was the play a comedy?

  • li

    just plain awful!!!

  • b chick


  • b chick


  • omg NO

    What has Tom done to her? This is the ugliest getup ever and her hair looks terrible. Where is Katie? This is just terrible. Suri has a better fashion sense at age 2.

  • Red ball

    What up?

  • kelly

    what’s up with the armpit thing? it looks like someone sewed this in the dark….out of scraps…with a 3 minute time limit…

    is this another one of her “designs” or what?

  • S

    HIDEOUS!! It looks like something you make with toilet paper at a bridal shower.

  • LT

    She was looking so good awhile back…like a style icon and everything…wtf happened! Recently she has been withering away into fugville! She really appears to have had a style lobotomy!

  • roni

    my aunt elna used to have this exact outfit…or something very close to it. She wore mostly to funerals and church, but once she wore it to Black Angus to celebrate my cousins birthday. that was back in the 80′s….LOL

  • Sandra

    Classy and beautiful!!
    Go Katie!!! Ignore haters and bigots!

  • Kitty Kat

    This get-up is something Katie designed? It looks like something SURI designed!!

    I watched Batman Begins the other day, and I really can’t believe how much Katie has aged in just three short years. In the film she looked like a kid and now she looks matronly by comparison.

  • vivi

    be a CLOWN be a CLOWN…!

    oh my, i worried that if the girls over at left her alone for too long that something like this might happen.

    a tragedy!

  • Fantasyisland

    She has a pretty face and smile, and the outfit isn’t so bad, but the cream part of the top has to go. If she had done the pants with a camisole with the see through part with a black bra area, she would look beautiful.

  • Anon

    My eyes! Dear God, my eyes!

    She really has no clue how ridiculous she looks, does she? Katie, the people out there pointing their cameras at you are not there because they love you and want to see you, they are there to chronicle your descent into oblivion. Stop smiling, the best review you got was “good stage presence”, “she didn’t embarrass herself”, these are not reviews to be showing all your teeth for.

  • Daniee

    I think that if the jumpsuit were black too, it would have worked out. Too bad.

  • NancI Black

    Did she really sew this herself ? Its different ….One wrong move and the seams look like they are gonna come open. Kate is pretty …. Looks sooo much like Suri …

  • Anon

    I see that your friends who promised to be there on opening night are washing their hair.

    She looks like an old woman. I bet if she was standing near Diane Wiest, she would pass for Diane Wiest’s mother.

  • Ninasimone

    The Fug Girls are going to have a field day with this one. It looks like she sewed it 10 minutes before arriving. FAIL.

  • Just my opinion

    This was an important night in Katie’s career and she wore the
    ugliest outfit she could find or design? Why? She should have
    worn something by Armani but maybe she was upset because
    he was not coming to her opening night and she didn’t want to
    give him anymore publicity. Still she should have worn something
    nicer, more elegant. This doesn’t even go together (the blouse
    and the I Dream of Jeannie pants).

    So far no pictures of Katie and Cruise photographed together.

  • Sandra

    Hot and talented!!!

  • Zoe Moon

    Yikes, Katie!! That outfit does not look good at all.

  • Zoe Moon

    Thank you, Jared! I didn’t think I was going to get my Katie Holmes fix today.

  • my Name

    What’s sad is that no one in her life, either in the design world, or family friends told her that her look is crap. Besides the craptastic outfit, her necklace doesn’t go with the neckline of the shirt either. She should have just stayed in costume.

  • NancI Black

    As of 12 midnight EST Time .. ItS my Birthday … I work until 10 Pm at a college as a cashier . I love to read JJ after work.

  • joss

    wearing that makes her age like 20 years…

  • Tim Gunn

    Badly executed, poor mix of fabrics, unbalanced shape, and the pants are an awkward length.

    Concrete proof, this woman has horrible taste.

    IF one were to be able to save this mess, which would be an impossible task, the necklace and shoes don’t match each other, the “jumpsuit” or the event for which it was intended, e.g, the necklace and shoes are casual, while “the mess” seems to be intended as evening wear?

    Katie, you’re out, you may leave the runway!

  • Just my opinion

    Nancl Black – Happy birthday! Be careful out there.

  • Just my opinion

    Nancl Black – Happy birthday! Be careful out there.

  • Rosie

    The whole outfit is hideously ugly!! And she designed it herself…did someone hold a gun to her head to design something around a bed sheet?!? YUCK!

  • WTF???

    omgno- I thought exactly the same thing-what has Tom the midget done to her? I would not wear that to clean my house! She looks like crap ( never really knew her before she married the midget which is a big joke anyway) but she looks awful. She’s too young to look so old. Get away from that control freak and run for your life. You and your daughter seem to just be for publicity-doesn’t look like your match made in heaven-more like a cover-up.

  • Just my opinion

    #34 – My name: How do you know she has no one to tell her the truth?
    Maybe she’s one of those persons that can’t hear the truth or she’ll
    bite you head off (tell you off and delete you from her life).

    I find it incredibly hard to believe that Katie has worn Lanvin, Armani,
    and other designers and tonight of all nights she wears this mess?

    This night was an important night in her career. I bet if anyone is writing an autobiography of her life pictures of her in this outfit will
    be included in the book. The outfit she wore tonight should have been
    special. But who knows why she didn’t wear a designer outfit and so
    far I see NO PICTURES of Katie with Cruise.

  • Captain Stubing

    The Love Boat……. soon willbe making it’s final run………..The Love Boat……………….guests of the Captain’s table will be meeting in cocktail attaire on the Lido Deck….

    Who are these freaks that are lying to her and telling her she looks good?!!!!!

    Can we buy this woman a mirror aned a BRUSH?!!!!

  • stella

    Tim Gunn, I always wait impatiently for your very wise words. As usual, you’re absolutely correct. Katie should leave the runway indeed.

  • Tilly

    Did Suri help her make this outfit?
    So wrong in lots of ways……..

  • Neil Simon

    The REAL reviews are in and they are BAD! ( don’t bother with EW and USA today, they are soft serve ice cream for the masses)

    Example No.1:

    The New York City Theatre Review:

    “But we know what you want to hear: can Katie Holmes (aka Mrs. Tom Cruise) act in an intense Broadway play?

    And here’s our answer: No! Well, at least not very well. In the supporting role of Ann Deever, Holmes shows spunk and a radiating stage presence, but absolutely no nuance or control of her voice. She performs all her lines in a broad, wooden and non-specific manner.”

  • ae

    WHAT A COLD MESS! Why isn’t Tommy boy by her side? Oh yeh, he’s with his mistress.

  • woodsy

    Why does she look way older than her age? Someone give her a KFC bucket…she needs some meat on them bones!!

  • gina

    My God. Wow. Definitely not a good look for her.

  • oo hell no.

    wow she usually wears pretty casual/chic clothes but wth happened?

    the lace detail isn’t even seamed/finished at the ends…

    and what’s up w/ the aladdin cuffs?

    hell to the no.