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Spectacular! Trailer -- FIRST LOOK

Spectacular! Trailer -- FIRST LOOK

The trailer for the 2009 Nickelodeon Original Movie Spectacular! has been released!

Here’s the movie’s synopsis: Nikko (Nolan Gerard Funk) is the next rock superstar and he plans to conquer the world with his band, Alloy. Courtney’s (Tammin Sursok) world revolves around her sequin-filled show choir, Spectacular. But when Alloy kicks Nikko out of the band and Spectacular loses their best male singer to a rival choir, Courtney convinces Nikko to join Spectacular. Will Nikko be the force that Spectacular needs to finally beat their rival choir, Ta-Da? Or will Nikko’s rock edge be too much for the glittery world of the show choirs? Get your jazz hands ready because this is going to be SPECTACULAR!

Victoria Justice also plays Tammi and Simon Curtis as Royce. Watch the Spectacular! trailer below or at Also check out the movie’s official website at

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Spectacular! so far? Is it going to be the next “High School Musical“?

The Trailer For Spectacular!
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  • Adiore

    ew. Copycat. Nickelodeon just had to jump on the bandwagon.

  • jo

    OH gosh. not another high school musical copycat.

  • Jerry

    i honestly can’t wait to see this movie. more musicals!!!

  • layla

    i am not impressed. that preview was less than spectacular. the synopsis made me laugh. sorry

  • kah



    well, i should give high school musical some credit because EVERY TEEN MUSICAL that appeared after this movie was totally a copy.

  • pshah

    i love victoria!!!!!!!!!! i hope she’s in the movie a lot

  • kay


  • michelle


  • Em.

    Im sick of all these movies. No matter how hard they try it won’t be near as good as High School Musical. Camp Rock sucked too. Demi was one of the only talented people in the movie. The only reason people watched it though were because of the Jonas Brothers and their sexy looks. In reality, they can’t act. I think this movie is going to turn out horrible too.

  • disappointed

    i have no i dea why a lot of movies are trying to top hsm?? there’s only one hsm and that’s kenny ortega’s. i hate how they made camp rock! ppl thought it was gonna be really good but it didnt even made history?!?!?!?and they had to put the jonas brothers??? i know there famous but why?? i didnt like camo rock a bit. it was okay but its not my type so wtf?? and they made the mall one?? i mean wth?? and now a nick one??? watelse?? cw is gonna make one??? cummon be creative. there’s only one hsm and i would like to stay it that way. not to disrespect but i really appreciated if they werent copying or topping hsm1,2 or 3 im really disappointed.

    thx Jared!!! for posting news
    all im waiting is 4 the hsm3 premiere!!!

  • abi


  • ac

    It’s “Tammin” Sursok. She was on an Australian soap for a few years and had a couple of pop songs in the top ten charts here and in the UK. She’s on Young and the Restless now in the US.

  • Girl That’s the link if u want to know something about hsm3 L.A premiere
    And really n°11, you say it FIRST, I CAN’T SEE ALL THIS TIPES OF COPIES, I HATE THEM ALL, WHY THEY DON’T KNOW THAT THERE IS GOING TO BE ONLY ONE HSM!!! (Well 3 :p) The people love hsm, no all this kind of copies!!!!

  • tia

    it will be a hit. just look at how well HSM did

  • kris

    ah jeez. HSM wanabees.

    The movies going to suck let’s face it .
    but i will say that i think they can probably sing a lot better than Disney stars. Victoria Justice actually has a really great voice.

    and the guy is pretty cute .
    but aside from that the movie is going to suck.

  • ew

    it’s definatley NOT spectacular, not just cause their trying to top HSM or that it’s a musical,but it looks rediculous & some of what I’m seeing in this trailer is copying some of the stuff from all HSM movies(the kareeoke scene for example) just ew.

  • katy

    that movie does not look “spectacular”

  • katy

    oh btw this has almost the same plot as vanessa hudgen’s new movie ‘Bandslam

  • jo

    btw this has almost the same plot as vanessa hudgens’ new movie “Bandslam

  • nati

    GOSH! They can’t be original? NICKELODEON!! IUGH! YOU NEED IMAGINATION!!


  • marcella

    there is only one high school musical

  • lex

    and yawn to tammin sursok.. has she mastered the american accent yet?

    she is so draining on the young and the restless. and when she was on home and away as well

  • Rose

    Love Tammin Sursok :)

  • cay

    High School Musical was never good so anything will be better than it was. This doesn’t look all that bad except for the fact that the main character looks about 26? But at least it won’t be over-rated, under produced and over advertised like everything Disney does.

  • dkjf

    ILL WATCH IT, Nolan Gerard Funk IS HOTTT!!!

  • Charli

    Sorry but this isn’t the next High School Musical.. not this or any upcoming musical by Nickelodeon can take its place. And Camp Rock was a crap musical, it was only popular cuz the Jonas Brothers were in it.

    I’ll still be watching this cuz I love Tammin Sursok :] but thats the only reason why. haha


  • lily k

    no way. tammin sursok. this will be funny.

  • kk

    so that is where Tammin Sursok) went after she left home and away

  • LolaSvelt

    What the hell is this crap? Nick has well and truly gone downhill.

  • Annette

    WHY do people keep trying to make movies like high school musical? there will only be one HSM, and they already were there, and rocked that. so stop trying :)

  • C.

    Tammin is amazing. Have loved her since Home & Away, and have all her singles and her album. I’m so glad she’s doing more work :D


    FINALLY something that’s not HSM.
    HSM S.U.C.k.S!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jono

    Spectacular looks freeeking amazing!

  • Selene

    These movies can never top High School Musical. But I think this movie can top Stupid Camp Rock Wannabe Which Is Supposingly Pop. :D

  • girl4evz

    Nickelodeon are so desperate//don’t they get it! their tv shows suck!!

  • sweetbutterflies

    The voices sound good. Nolan Gerard Funk seems like a cool guy.

    But come on, people! They’re NEVER gonna top HSM. It’s the same with CR, they’re trying to copy it and the outcome will be an okay movie, but in the end, they’ll never be as good as HSM, let alone beat it. HSM was pure magic. It brought the joy of musicals back to children. Now it’s already back, it’s not gonna be brought back AGAIN. Let’s be real.

  • mmm

    its not a copy…c´mon…its not even a movie…

    the guy only yells…haha
    im not mean its kind of the truth…

  • TOnythetiger

    Looks AMAZING!!! I love the 2 leads – Tammin and Nolan look and sound incredible!! Can’t wait!!!! :)

  • TOnythetiger

    Oh… when does the CD come out?? I soooooo excited!!!!

  • kel-b

    im actually excited…i think nolan looks like a god
    he amazingly hot

  • unkwonw

    Directors are trying to make musicals again ever since HSM!
    But nothing is compared to HSM!!

  • andrea

    NO WAY it looks stupid

  • jake

    doesnt he look a lot like cody linley??? … and i totally agree!!!! another lame HSM- type movie!!!! HELLO TV PEOPLE!!!!!

    ITS OLD!! no one cares for lame tween musicals any more!

  • pinay

    I’ m looking forward to this. At least this isn’t a musical, like Camp Rock. HSM and American Mall were musicals. This and CR are performance-based so calm down. I really like AM and CR. I don’t wanna offend anyone, but the world doesn’t need anymore HSM! As much as I’m looking forward to this, I don’t a sequel. Nick doesn’t over-promote their stuff, unlike Disney who’s gone totally dairy (if you catch my drift). I totally agree with:
    cay @ 10/17/2008 at 4:22 am

    “High School Musical was never good so anything will be better than it was. This doesn’t look all that bad except for the fact that the main character looks about 26? But at least it won’t be over-rated, under produced and over advertised like everything Disney does.”

    well said.

  • Kriscott 43ver ****

    No way can this replace HSM
    HSM is a legend for like 3 years, and will always stand to the top :)

    I think this movie is awesome ^^
    how can you honestly represents HSM / camp rock?
    totally different ppl, different personalities , opposite plots and story line that has nothing to do with troy or Gabriella, sharpay, and the rest of the EAST wild cats.

    I dont know about you guys..but this doesn’t seem similar to HSM or any other broad way musicals.

    Also besides, since HSM is a legend and will always be remembered..maybe this movie inspires in it’s footsteps, making it seem less copy cat/ wannabee ish and MORE different w’ their own ideas :)

    the whole
    love interest between a hot guy & pretty girl
    mean act by a bitch
    friends teaming up to sing & dance together
    is pretty common in other movies too, not just one

    why does one movie they put up, have to be so complicated for ppl to in joy ? it’s not like , it’s replacing HSM in any way.
    More musicals they put, more ppl who hated musicals..would never like it.
    But more ppl who do like musicals, think it’s a rip off, and don’t watch it, cuz of that reason.
    STUPID -.-

    so stop hating, and just give it a try!!!

  • Kriscott 43ver ****

    Number 2
    doesn’t anyone find NIKKO looking like Micheal Seather from Life with Derek?


  • http://wat hjhjfjryuruhghgjhfury

    u r all wrong how would u know if they r copying hsm and any way i never liked hsm its only about love that is boring this movie is different u did not watch it and u r judging it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ilis

    I don’t know why is everybody complaining about this movie.
    “High School Musical is the best”, ”everybody is copying High School Musical” blah blah blah

    I mean, WHAT??? Hello, High School Musical is not the first teen musical, is just a COPY of GREASE. OK? Same shit. Especially the first movie.
    So stop talking shit, please. HSM is not big deal.

    And I like this movie, though. Looks like a good teen movie. I said it.

  • http://none brittany

    HSM was a copy cat too, they copied the shit out of Grease and HSM sucks ass too!