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Tea Leoni: Billy Bob Thorton is "My New Favorite Person In The World”

Tea Leoni: Billy Bob Thorton is

Tea Leoni joins Sharon Stone and Jane Fonda on the November 2008 cover of More‘s “Breaking the Age Barrier” issue, on newsstands October 28th.

Tea, who split with husband David Duchovny a few months ago, reportedly broke up her marriage because she had an illicit affair with Billy Bob Thorton. (Lea supposedly had “explicit text messages” on her cell phone from Billy Bob.) Here’s what Tea told More:

About her upcoming flick, Manure: “I’m basically made to look like Tippi Hedren. Hitchcock blonde is what we’re going for. The entire movie is brown. Everything. The sets, the props, the wardrobe, the cars. And I’m the only thing in cream. It’s funny, it’s a very simple thread but at the same time it’s all about our relationship to s—. Our own, others’, selling it, making it, smelling it, being offended by it, reveling in it, getting hit with it when it hits the fan. But at the same time, we have this incredible cast with Billy Bob Thornton, who is maybe my new favorite person in the world.

About being thrilled not to be cast as “the chick of the flick”: “That’s where your skirts are up to here and you’re blissfully 20 years younger than your co-star – and that would be his bliss and not necessarily my own. It simply becomes a different movie if you’re 10 years older.”

About paparazzi events: “The red carpet makes me feel like a bulls— artist. I don’t hang with anybody who stalks press.”

About aging gracefully: “My mom bites life in the ass. Aging gracefully to me isn’t about accepting it or doing only a bit of Botox. I think it’s a spark – a way of being.”

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  • depeche

    Billy Bob looks much better then David Duchovny, who is just like Randy Marsh in South Park

  • Good Victoria

    Who had the ” llicit affair with Billy Bob Thorton “.?….She or David ?…The article reads funny…I’m glad she is going on her own now…David sounds really messed up right now, with being addicted to bad VIDEOS and prostitutes….A counsler said that was very hard to ” keep on track and cure “…( not talking about david…Just general )..The magazine cover is great, but I can’t stand Jane Fonda ! ( JARED WON’T LET ME USE THE WORD P–N, SO I HAD TO SAY BAD VIDEOS )

  • LolaSvelt

    Billy Bob hotter than David Duchovny? HAHAHAHAH. If you say so…

  • Original jpf



  • Lebanon

    If Tea had an affair withBilly Crazy Thronton, fine. she deserves it.
    Sharon Stone is trying to be a signifcant actress and hang onto the 1908′s. She should have hung onto her eldest son and kept her mouth closed saying stupid stuff.
    Jane has aged gracefully. She made one or two bad mistakes in life, but has redeemed herself from Hanoi Jane and she does not evenkeep up tryingto jane Fonda Excercise of the 1980′s.
    Better covergirls would have been:
    Valerie Bertinneli
    Halle Berry
    Jaime Lee Curtis
    Kathy Bates
    Marie Osmond
    Brooke Shileds
    Cynthia Nixon
    Tea Leoni
    Gayle Bumpus King
    Maria Shriver
    Cindy McCain
    Michelle Obama
    Laur Bush

  • http://yahoo Krissy219

    Eww…..wonder what he sees in Thorton :(

  • Tealeaf

    Billy Bob Thornton has a power over women

  • JACK

    Lebanon #6

    Sharon Stone didn’t lose her son, she lost domiciliary custody.

    They adopted in San Francisco and she moved to LA. The judge is keeping the child’s main domicile in San Francisco. Sharon has the same rights to her son. They were fighting over primary location. The San Francisco judge ruled the San Francisco parent keeps primary custody. The rest was tabloid fodder.

    That is the difference between reading tabloids and law books.

    As for Tea, to quote my lady friends, who dumps Mulder? !!!!

  • HAhah

    Tealeaf @ 10/16/2008 at 2:22 pm

    Billy Bob Thornton has a power over women


    Billy Bob Mojo

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • Jast jon



  • Ace

    Does anyone remember the movie “Pret-Porter” or “ready to wear”? In it there was a ***hole photographer who would hook up with the women in the fashion industry, sleep with them, then take horrible, unflattering and humiliating pictures of them naked in his room.

    Each one that got involved with him sneered and snickered at the pictures of the last victim, and thought it would never happen to her because she was in on the joke. And then he did it to her, too.

    I swear, that’s the Billy Bob karma. How do so many fabulous women fall for him, sleep with him and then never see it coming when he gets bored and sleeps around?

    He must have some magic chant or voodoo secret. Whatever it is he has, it doesn’t translate into print or film. Acting? Sure, he’s a great actor – but irresistible sex start? Uh. No.

  • lovewanga

    She’s an idiot!!

  • karla

    Wait,,, isnt Billy Bob married too?????

  • Paris

    TEAM DAVID!!!! I luv him!

  • hmm

    Why is the comment that she broke up the marriage because of her relationship with BBT? If Duchovny is a sex addict who was screwing around big time, why is she being criticized?


    Watch out Tea, I hear Skankie’s coming after YOU!!

  • Nanea

    I don’t get the people who are bashing Téa.

    So it’s ok for men to have affairs at all times – but as soon as a woman does it, especially after her husband has been screwing around her back for a decade – she’s a skank, a slut, a homewrecker?

    It’s about time, this being the 21st century, to stop applying double standards, and to stop judging people based on what tabs and gossip mags report.

  • andamentothat

    Jared.. spell Thornton correctly.. Then its Tea, not Lea..

    what the heck, is there no proofreading before putting an article out?

  • babytee

    Tea is an adultress and a fornicator. Surely she will burn in Hell for all of eternity for her sins.

  • Dan

    karla asked, ” Wait,,, isnt Billy Bob married too?????”

    He WAS…to Angelina Jolie.

  • brooke

    Okay first of all leaving David for Billy Bob? What? David is HOTT! I can understand trying to get revenge by sleeping with someone else, but Billy Bob? I am not blaming Tea for cheating on David since he was doing it for probably their entire marriage, it’s just who she cheated with. She could of at least traded up and not down. Not only is David hotter than Billy Bob, but did everyone not hear about BBT rant on that Canadian radio show. Talk about a jerk.