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Wentworth Miller Is Fine China

Wentworth Miller Is Fine China

Prison Break hottie Wentworth Miller causes mass hysteria amongst fans after arriving in Shanghai, China on Thursday. The 36-year-old actor is in town to do PR for Chinese clothing company Metersbonwe.

A new episode of Prison Break (“The Price”) airs this Monday @ 9PM ET/PT on FOX. In the episode, Lincoln and Sucre target Pad Man to obtain the sixth and final card key, and Gretchen gives Sarah an opportunity to settle the score. Michael and Roland each make deals with different devils, while a team member finds himself on the wrong end of a bullet.

More pictures of Wentworth‘s arrival in China can be found at

Wentworth Miller Arrives In Shangai, China
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Photos: Liu Song/ChinaFotoPress/Getty
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  • sonia

    pretty wenty


  • W


    Hottie! <3

  • Muy

    I love WENTWORTH

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    d-listers need love too.

  • wem

    Love him!!
    He looks sooo HOT!!

  • em

    Oh yes, he’s so very D list. B list yes, D list, uh no. *eye roll*

    He looks good! It’s crazy how much more famous he is overseas. I thought I heard that over 100 million people download PB every week over there.

  • loveyawenty

    omg omgooooooooooood he’s toooooooo HOT hot as hell LOVE LOVE THAT MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN and love prison break (this season is just breathtaking )

  • wentoverratedworth

    I agree with #5, Wentworth is a D-Lister. Seriously, do you honestly think that without Prison Break this guy would even be recognizable? I watch Prison Break, but only because I want to see how it ends and for the record, Season 4 sucks!!!


    wentworth is amazing ,prison break rules and you really don’t have to watch IT if it SUCKS ;SO you’re not just a hater you’re dumb and stupid
    if you don’t like him and you don’t like pb so why don’t you just GET your ass out of here and more important GET a life !!!!

  • kristan

    he’s so hot it doesnt even matter.
    obviously without prison break the guy wouldn’t be recognizable! would america ferrera if she didn’t do ugly betty, or hayden panatierre if she didn’t do heroes. obviously if they aren’t in a tv show they aren’t gonna be recgonized so its just stupid to say “do you honestly think that without prison Break this guy would even be recognizable?”

    but he’s still one of the most attractive people ive ever laid eyes on<3

  • Lost

    So glad you got some pics & stuff Jared! I love these! There are lots more pics posted on and a couple more vids too. They have been posting new stuff all night & all day! I love when Went goes abroad b/c we get to see way more photos of him! Keep it coming, Jared. Don’t forget to check out for more news, pics and vids!



  • Valerie

    I LOVE this guy! It’s crazy for someone to say “season 4 sucks but I watch it just to see how it ends”. Are you listening to the words coming out of your mouth? If I hate some shows and if I think it sucks, you bet your ass I won’t even laid eyes on the show! Not to mention watching just to see how it ends. Or perhaps you love PB but too damn stupid to admit it?

  • Valerie

    Oh, thanks Jared for posting new pics. It’s about time :-)

  • woop

    woop. the guy is fine and he doesn’t even know it. Modesty is nice. love PB best series so far.


    He’s very good looking, that’s all am saying. I love him as Wentworth and not Michael Scofield.

  • fine!

    Does anyone know why Wentworth always wears glasses? Even in the evening, inside at night… I see him with glasses all the time!

  • meemee

    Amidst all this insanity he seems to be humble and modest. He looks good! I love the glasses :o)

  • anne

    everybody talks about how hot david beckham is. but to me, wentworth is even hotter.

  • s

    ^ definitely!
    wentworth is SEXY. plus he’s smart

  • s

    i think he deserves more fame

  • zend

    oh oh oh… how could i don’t know…???

    where will he has his pers conference in shanghai? and why is he coming here for?

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..michael scofield – heterosexual.

    ..wentworth miller – homosexual.

    pbcraze, you must be a guy. LOL

    loveyawenty, ‘went’ would rather you boyfriend “love” him. lmbao


  • wow….

    It never ceases to amaze me how mean people can be on this site!! I like how anyone who doesn’t agree with what you say is a “hater” and that they must be stupid for faithfully watching a show for 4 years, even when it’s not as good as it used to be, out of loyalty for the show. Seriously, a loyal fan of the show who can be objective about it… stupid? Wow….that boggles the mind. I love Prison Break but I agree that it used to be better and as for Wentworth, he’s gay in real life so he’s not gonna be someone who I would swoon over….since I’m not another gay man.

  • masd

    This man is so gross../ communist.! JJ i don’t know why you keep advertising his show which is just awful this season and has lost all it’s cred..He’s doing all this publicity also cause his show is tanking and with good reason it stinks just like him.. communist.

  • Wentworth Miller

    Wentworth Miller is amazing, I love him.

  • fine!

    Love ya Wentworth! Keep up the good looks and good work

  • brown eyes

    @ IN FAMOUS,

    YOU’RE AN IDIOT and a LOSER!!!! Your parents must be so proud………NOT!!! They are ashamed of you!!! Wentworth is NOT gay so get over yourself!!! Only losers take pleasure in criticizing people they don’t know.


    If you are a guy, you’re just jealous of him because no woman looks at you!!!

    If you are a woman, you must be a lesbian!!!

  • Buzza

    Masd what do you expect the man to do has no real mad acting talent so this is his he’s getting as much money now as possible look at him his looks are fading and he has no acting talent so he’s saving up for the future.But going to a mean place like China pheeew.

  • brown eyes


    I can’t believe the LOSERS that frequent this site!!! And you are the most pathetic one by far!!! Another jealous IDIOT!!!

    YOU are a communist………NOT Went! Go back to school you dumb jerk!!!

  • Mary

    i’ve been to that airport! yay!!!

    wentworth miller is sooooo hot!!!!!!!

  • maldita

    Wentworth looked like he just got off a shoot for GQ! So hot! and are those American bodyguards I see keeping him safe from the mad crowd? wow!


    #16 woop

    do you really think he doesn’t realise how fine he is?
    he’s not completely stupid, of course he knows
    he knows his good looks sells clothes, his good looks get people watching prison break, his good looks have girls screaming after him at airports.
    you don’t see that happening to Dom Purcell and you know why? that guy looks like a frog

  • i lov wentworth miller

    wowww he isss soo cute.awezome wow no wordsss i lov him nd i also lov da show

    i lov u michael<3 sara

  • Jessie

    It’s so sweet of him when he told the fans there to “take care” in soft tone as he always say this to sara in the PB. He’s so nice~

  • sherry

    Went is sooooooooooooooo cute and hot .I have seen him in other roles like human stain movie and in first episode of ghost whisperer,his acting was great. I hope anyone doesnt like him or doesnt like his acting ,wont write any comments and just let his fans do that.All his fans adore him in PB or any other role

  • Pageus

    Mr Gayness, Miller looks as fruity as a basket full of fruits very feminine man.

  • Shanghai Surprise

    I’ve been noticing that Wentworth looks very fat and happy these days

    Do we think he’s found a new girlfriend/boyfriend who likes to cook?

  • Marcie

    ^ He doesn’t look that feminine he’s not Rambo or macho either but he does have that fake smile he does.

  • SUN

    Shanghai Surprise he was getting fat already in the end of season 3.If you check out the episodes when they escape and hes running with Linc/Dominic he looked like he was getting big and had a big fat belly and was out of air when he ran.He clearly is a junk food and sugar addict and he doesn’t work out so he lets himself go.



    be proud of what was given to you :P

    JJ got it right this time…you are as fine as china…

    How much is that Wenty in the window..the one w the waggy tail :P

    LUV YA!

  • realdeb

    Wentworth is hottt!
    Case Closed!

  • sisiLIU

    Welcome to China!永远支持wentworth!

  • C1

    I agree with what someone said here.. the man is sure not a humanitarian at all he loves going to communist bad places.As long as he gets publicity and gets paid he doesn’t care, IMO what a shameful PIG this man is. I won’t be watching his crappy show anymore sick.

  • Carla

    I know for a fact that Wentworth is gay. Both my brother and my sister knew Wentworth when he was younger and they both knew about his homosexuality, it was no big deal back then. Then he became famous and had to pretend to be straight. I feel sorry for him having to lie about his sexuality. :(

  • outoftheblue

    @ Shanghai Surprise

    you said ”

    I’ve been noticing that Wentworth looks very fat and happy these days

    Do we think he’s found a new girlfriend/boyfriend who likes to cook?”

    You know what is funny? I read on a site that the girl that gave him handcuffs is a chef! he keeps mentioning her in many interviews. maybe that encounter wasnt a bad idea. it just paints a picture in my head… just saying…

  • notthatbad

    Carla, quit saying lies!!!! there is always somebody that “knew” Wentworth before he was famous or somebody claiming they “know” somebody that knew Wentworth before he was famous saying that Wentworth is gay. All of the people that say this are stupid delusional morons that have nothing better to do but to make up a fantasy past involving themselves and Wentworth!!! This gay thing is already dead so please drop it!!! don’t dig it out of its grave!!!

  • Su!!

    Sexy men…!!


    Wait for the sickenly sweet answers he’ll give soon how he loves China and how he’s soooo happy to be there blah,blah.Unfortunately in some parts of that country they still cats and dogs terrible.